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Cp , level and AV’s


New Member
Hi all , I’m really excited about the newest Pokémon game but since the latest games on 3ds I’m breaking my head about getting the best Pokémon now things in lgpe things are going way too complicated for me .

I know getting a high Pokemon chain results in a good AV Pokémon but what about the level vs cp factor? I just caught approximately 10 plus Pokémon’s and only keeping the highest cp valued one and releasing the others is this the right way to find a good Pokemon for just now battle a few trainers and get trough the game?

Or should I grind 30+ to find the best AV or CP Pokémon and train that monster?


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Getting a combo of 31+ guarantees a Pokemon will have 31 IVs in at least 4 stats (aka 4 perfect stats). Candy is the thing that increases AV, and catching small or large Pokemon will give you a better chance to obtain that species candy, which gives +1 AV in all stats, which is better than a candy that only increases in 1 particular stat. Example giving 200 Caterpie Candy to Caterpie will increase all of its stats by 200. So if you want the best Pokemon, keep catching after 31, use the IV checker to see which one has the best stats.


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Ok then what about CP, i farmed a few now and kept the highest cp / lvl ratio because I thought it was good for “now”