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Cram-o-matic Recipes Thread


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Over the last 2 days, I tried getting star sweets and ribbon sweets which I needed to evolve Milcery in all its unique forms (I missed the raid event in January). I made 100 attempts and documented them all in excel.
If anyone is interested in the excel sheet itself I can provide it (It is in german though, but I could translate it if necessary). It also contains a rudimentary calculator to reach the value of 111-120 and a list of Fairy-type items and good value items.

My test results are as follows:
Strawberry sweets: 75/100
Star sweets: 11/100
Ribbon sweets: 14/100

Which means, that the probability to get either a star- or a ribbon sweet is 25%. I wouldn't conclude that the probability for star sweets is 11% and for ribbon sweets 14%, it might also be equal at 12.5% each or maybe even 10% for star sweets and 15% for ribbon sweets.

I also documented for most attempts the used items, but as expected, there seems to be no influence on the outcome.

Edit: I now also made 68 attempts to get "normal" sweets (Fairy type, level 91-100). My results are as follows:
Strawberry sweets: 34/68 -> 50%
Flower sweats: 11/68 -> 16,18%
Berry sweats: 11/68 -> 16,18%
Love sweats: 3/68 -> 4,41%
Clover sweats: 9/68 -> 13,24%

My feeling tells me the true percentage are:
Strawberry sweats: 50%
Flower sweats: 15%
Berry sweats: 15%
Clover sweats: 15%
Love sweats: 5%

I think it's a valuable information to have on the official page, so I suggest someone adds it there.

Manual to get Star- and Ribbon Sweets easy

For people who also want to get star- and ribbon sweets I strongly recommend to use the following recipe:
1 x Strawberry sweet and 3 x Wishing pieces.

Wishingpieces can be obtained very easily in the Isle of Armor by getting a lot of Watt from Digging Pa and using that Watt to buy Whishing pieces. You can also use your Big Nuggets, PP-UP, Rare Candies and other good items with high values.
If the attempt is not successful, you get your strawberry sweet "back". Which means you need around 18 (more likely 20) strawberry pieces in total to get all your star- and ribbon sweets.
If you need strawberry sweets you can combine items as you wish and get a high probability on strawberry sweets.
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too bad the game doesn't memorize your recipes you discovered so you can just do em if the ingredients are available in your bag?