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Crash Start the drawings

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ManiaCrasH, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member

    This is my first paint drawings .......

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2008
  2. Amazing Red

    Amazing Red Well-Known Member

    These aren't great. The Bulbasaur evolution line looks badly drawned and the eyes are messed up in Venusaur and Bulbasaur. Ivysaurs are all right.

    That blastoise/empoleon fusion isn't good either because the head looks dis located, and the colors don't blend with each other.

    Marowak/charmander one is good. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  3. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member

    Ok.Thanks ...
  4. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    About Charowak, the head is slightly too big to be proportionate, since, from what we can see, the head is more or less the same size as the body. Even Marowak's head isn't as big and disproportionate as that.
  5. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    I'm no good with sprites myself so it'd feel wrong to try and critisice you on them, and I wouldn't know how to improve on them either. But I can help with the Paint drawings!

    I was once at the stage you are at now, so I think I can help. I apologize in advance if I sound mean. First, and this is what I think you did, don't try to draw exactly what you see, it ends up odd-looking and disproportionate. Instead, try to draw circles, squares, or triangles for the head, body, legs, (bulb as well in this case), or other apendages. Yes, it sounds like some art-draging book technique that doesn't really work, but it actually helps, even experianced artists use them. In basis, the skeleton of the art. You can look at the other sprite or art work as reference for the pose and details, but try to draw as much on your own as you can. Also, try drawing a curved cross on the head (and other parts if needed) as the basic layout so that the intersection of the two lines is about where the nose would be and one line continues vertically around the head and the other horizantally. After that, connect amd edit the shapes to form to the creature's more unique aspects and create a basic outline of the creature. Draw in a few small details like the outline of the eyes (placed at or just above the horizantal line on the head) before erasing the un-needed lines. Now you can add details based on their position on the body and form the creatures aspects to the fullest of your abilities such as spots, claws, teeth, and the details of the eyes. Yeah, I ended up giving you a basic "How to Draw" tutorial, but I hope this helped some. You already seem good with colors, but Bulbasaur's bulb looks a bit too yellow. I'd recommend downloading Paint.net. It's just like Paint, but with more tools. It's free, too.

  6. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member

    Woows!You lighting me!Very thanks
  7. Master Marc Spirt

    Master Marc Spirt Poké Master de 3rd

    Art judge

    I know its your first work so i'll say its good for a beginner.But remember,pratice makes perfect.
  8. Pearl's Perap

    Pearl's Perap Well-Known Member

    Not the best, but keep at it, the more you do things like this, the better you'll get, the Charowak sprite is the best one, but even then, it's head is a little too large for it's body

    But like I say, practising more and more will help you get it down to a tee :]

  9. Mewmie the shiny Mew

    Mewmie the shiny Mew =Cute+Power+Smart

    Hehe, you're welcome. I'm glad I didn't come off as too strict. And I'm glad I could help. :D
  10. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Your paint drawings aren't terrible, but there is much that can be improved on. Venusaur's right eye looks lopsided, Ivysaur looks crosseyed and Bulbasaur... well, I'd just scrap it and draw him all over again =\

    About your fusions;

    Blaseon's head is extremely copy-pasteish; try blending in the neck, or making everything look in-proportion. Charowak is probably your best work, though the head still looks too copy-pasteish for my tastes.

    Keep working and you're bound to improve :)
  11. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member


    Your answer is to give hope to me.......
  12. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member


    I added new pictures
  13. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    The Charmader one is okay, lines look a bit scruffy but it's still okay.

    The Shinup looks quite bad, not very well scratched but the Hell Prinplup looks quite good. The flames look too unrealistic however, I'd work on that.
  14. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member

  15. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    I like your Bulbasuar line ^_^
    the Charmander is good too, the sprites need a little change..but its
    great for a beginner hope you make more =)
  16. uae-palkia

    uae-palkia betweeen dimensions

    :3 i think they are good but here is my helpful criticism

    1.Add a third shade for there bulba/char line to give it a better effect
    2.for Shinplup the right hand side must be like the left
    3.i'm in love with hell prinplup <3 (but the outline of the horns can be slimmer

    overall 8/10
    Good good keep going

    Yours sincerely U.A.E.-Palkia
  17. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Blaseon's head looks... odd.
  18. ManiaCrasH

    ManiaCrasH Well-Known Member

    Squirtle Family coming soon!
  19. mangaeyes

    mangaeyes Well-Known Member

    They are mediocre at the best.

    For startes the art is totally ruined by having those tacky little fushions on there. Get rid of them. On the Bulbasaur line you do some lines in a spriting way and then some just plain black and the 2 don't mix well imo. The Charmander line is the best although the charmander looks very out of place and kinda scruffy. I would suggest downloading GIMP and using that or just use the Paint tools carefully and don't rush it. If you're not happy with something then change it down just let is by.
  20. pika3

    pika3 Snowball attack, go!

    I love the Hell Prinplup. Other than him though, they are just okay. If you can get a better program than paint, get it. I think you need to work on ur spriting somemore and then I think they will be better.
    (p.s. when I rated I meant to hit 4....but with a little work the 5 will suit the thread just fine)

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