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Crazy As A Lunatone! (363)

I feel like the Lunatone episode was a lot like Lunatones relevance to the rest of pokemon. Meh.. 2/10.

Mrs. Oreo

Ha ha I liked seeing Ken and Mary from Johto once again and Lunatone was really strong. I liked how Ash's group hid Lunatone in the cart and how the town here had an old western feel to it.
Lol, it was funny when TR asked Ash & co. about Lunatone and they didn't know what they were talking about. I like Lunatone better than Solrock tbh. And the PMC was definitely very weird: their capture attempts were bad. :p


I had seriously forgotten that Ken and Mary even existed until I saw them again in this episode. Frankly, Lunatone has never been very interesting in the games, so I was wondering how the anime would treat it. Involving Ken and Mary made sense however, and I loved the Rocket-dan's rivalry with those two eccentrics.


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It was an interesting episode, I enjoyed seeing the PMC again and it was cool when Lunatone hypnotised people. It is great that they managed to help it by the end.


Given Ken and Mary's return and the whole space theme in this episode, I'm slightly surprised that we didn't see those space-loving Pippi show up again. They would've fit in just fine.


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Okay so I know that Lunatone was low on power but it was still a wild Pokemon, so Team Rocket had just as much of a right to catch it as any other trainer would. I wish Ash hadn't meddled.
I thought Ash deserved to catch the Lunatone.
LMAO Jessie got roasted "When you look up the word weird in the dictionary it's a picture of you!"