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Crazy evolutions


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dont you find it wierd that like these Super weak pokemon such as Magikarp evolve into these strong cool looking pokemon.

i think there is more name them. and list why they are from super weak to powerful.


Gyrados is huge and powerful


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Feebas to Milotic. Ugly fishy into "beautiful" sea serpent.
Joltik to Galvantula. Tiniest pokemon to gigundus creepy-crawly.


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Magikarp > Gyarados is based on Japanese folklore. Look it up on Bulbapedia, smart one.

As for Remoraid > Octillery, the basis of design makes sense, but not the execution. Obviously many people are confused by the fish > octopus evolution, but I personally like it.


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Snorunt to Glalie / Froslass. All three look like completely different pokemon, and have nothing in common except for the main typing.


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^That confuses me aswell.

I'm also confused by Smoochum and Jynx, same personality but they look nothing alike.
Magikarp -> Gyarados is based on a Chinese legend that a carp leaped over a waterfall and became a dragon.


Draco rex
Trapinch-Vibrava-Flygon has never made the most sense to me. Trapinch has a massive head with a big mouth, then evolves into a pretty dragonfly-like animal with a much smaller head and mouth, before then evolving into a large bug-dragon.

It's based on a family of insects called antlions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antlion ...the larval stage (trapinch) has a stocky body and large jaws while living under the sand...they then pupate and turn into adults (vibrava and flygon) which look like dragonflies...

It doesn't change at all

It gets arms and legs, doesn't it?

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It doesn't change at all
I would've said Tynamo>Eelektrik, personally. Even if it's possibly based on an eel's larval stage, it goes from cute fish>ugly fish IMO. The same goes for Remoraid>Octillery.

I also don't like a lot of the new Sinnoh evolutions, especially Rhyperior, which shouldn't have evolved at all, and Magnezone, whose name created a much more awesome picture when I heard it. Like a large Magnemite/Magneton bunch with a ring of little Magnemite spinning around it or something. Magmortar is cool, though.

EDIT: I take it back, Eelektrik isn't that bad. I still don't like Eelektross and Octillery. Also Dusknoir is win.
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Oshawott (It's kinda cute, I guess, but it's pretty obvious why people are calling it "derpderp".)
Dewott (Hey, it looks cooler now, I guess this Pokémon isn't hopeless after all. Can't wait to see the next evolution.)
Samurott (What the hell is that thing?!!?)

It's even worse for the Snivy family, sadly Snivy is the coolest looking Pokémon in its family. Goes downhill from there.

And while we're on Pokémon that experience a downgrade in awesome-lookingness post-evolution, while Gengar looks pretty cool, I maintain that Haunter looks way cooler than Gengar.