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Crazy school things.

Flame Mistress

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I just remembered, in my primary school, the year 6s had a great big water fight at the end of the year. Once, someone threw a water balloon at someone, missed, and it came charging straight into our classroom (the door was open...) so the unlucky ones at the side and some in the middle, including me, got drenched. Oops.


We (the seniors) welded the gates to our school parking lot shut so nobody could get in. That was an interesting day at school...


On the road to Johto
Every year on the Older Boys leaving days it'd be crazy, they TP'd the school, sprayed people with water as they went past, sent off a rape alarm in the library attached to a helium balloon and they've also put a cow on the top floor of the highest building.


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I go to a boarding school in England, and traditionally, the oldest grade takes part in 'Fun week' after exams are over. However, last year, some people in my grade helped the older kids too :p

Some pranks included:

-Bringing live chickens into the dining hall
-Filling a boy's room with balloons from ceiling to floor (He had a phobia of balloons)
-Filling another boy's room with half-full paper cups all across the floor
-'Flatpacking' another boy's room i.e taking out all of the furniture
-Sticking a young boy to a wall with extra-strong tape :D
-Antiquing, i.e covering people in flour when walking past

And some ideas for this year include swapping everything within two boys' rooms, a massive nerf gun fight, and making our own artificial beach for a hawaiian party!! :D

But of course, the teachers are not told before hand ;)


Well, our principle retired this year so on his last day he decided to come to school in a flashy way: by helicopter! He landed on our sport field xD

The senior students also turned school WCs into drugholes. They were preps of course but they still looked scary with all the bloody needles and stuff like that x)


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When I was a sophomore in high school, the seniors parked around the high school so no staff could get into the parking lot.

And, an assistant principal in 11th grade got fired for having an affair with the softball coach.

12th grade was kinda boring though.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
We all pick on the supernerds in my school. Like, one of my friends (I do believe he's bi) stuffed p**no magazines in this nerd's locker on the day we had a locker check from the officers. He got ISS and OSS. Afterwards, my druggy friend hid his dope in another nerd's locker and he got arrested. But got off the hook cuz he probably passed the polygraph test.
Oh, yeah, and I wrote a letter to some freakishly weird Pokénerd in N's name congratulating him on completing Pokémon Black.
"Zekrom and I are in a faraway region, but here is some info about the Unova region that you may not know."
The letter involved some Team Plasma symbols and a piece of green-dyed dog hair (it was supposedly N's). The nerds all sat around him at lunch.
My friends and I discovered people who didn't act like Pokéfans, but WERE. All of those guys took out their DSs to catch Kyurem and explore the Abyssal Ruins under the Undella Bay.
The principals confiscated their devices and my friends, some jocks, stars, and geeks (there IS a difference), and I were all LOLing at this.

Seriously, there were 8 jocks and 3 stars that had DSs.
Hate if you wanna.


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Currently, my school is the craziest in the town, there is a suspension every week and me and my friends set off stink bombs occasionally, they are planning something for my birthday..


At the summer of 4th grade, my elementary school burned down


Who the heck are u?
My mom once showed up to school

Though i could swear that I heard a symphony of Dat *** being broadcasted by almost everyone she passed

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
At my school There's a kid called Marshall and he basically doesn't do anything but mess around and disobey teachers all the time and his favourite word to shout out loud is 'nipples'

Flame Mistress

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My friend's old primary school got burnt down when she was 6... she was trapped in the toilets with a few other girls as they knew there was a fire outside, and they all screamed until someone finally got to them. They were all safe, and they were pretty brave too for kids so young.


Damn you, CHILLI!!!
Well, someone broke a urinal and someone got thown down a hill on school property. And that's about it.


Well, someone broke a urinal and someone got thown down a hill on school property. And that's about it.
Sklob, lots of people get lobbed down hills. Mostly me and Fin.

Someone pooped in the urinals once and I needed to go but they closed the toilets.


8th Grade a kid went insane and bit a teacher, the principle, and the vice principle.
9th Grade the Jr. High I went to had a rule you couldn't wear jeans apart from on Friday since some kids could afford to buyer nicer ones than others, so Monday-Thursday was dress pants.

10th grade the school cop was a real asshole towards everyone, and during a locker search his son was found with cocaine.

In 11th Grade somebody would place their shit on top of the bathroom stalls so it would fall on you as you walked in.

During my senior year they had to get rid of the vending machines so to make up for the money they lost by this they started to hand out $5 tickets for anyone not in class right as the bell rang. So in place of being 10 seconds late you could be up to 20 minutes late waiting for them to get your ticker written up and finding out who you are.

This has become a big issue with students protesting it at least once a year since. The school keeps it since they say it earns them at least $5000 a year, but they pay three people to walk around all day looking for kids.

My seventy-something year old teacher went on a vulgar rant about how kids who don't pay attention during Government classes are what's wrong with this country. I think someone managed to record it, too. I have pictured him as a flamboyant gay man ever since. Maybe that's unrelated, but I don't think so.

Also a few kids played strip poker on the bus while we were driving back to Florida from Washington D.C. Also a kid punched out another kid on the same trip back.

Private schools be crazy.

Metagross Guy

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One of my teacher got a nipple transplant and it was like soo awkward i mean that thing could have popped a balloon, i dont know if it was still numb but..