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Crazy school things.


Shelgon Rocks
Somebody wrote "I jacked off in here" on the bathroom wall.


Some freshmen kids started a fire in one of the locker rooms on Thursday. Weapons were also found in their bags.

Manafi's Dream

This senior girl who acts super self-righteous gives speeches during my French class and says how we freshmen are ruining her senior year as well as everyone else's and how we're destroying the school's reputation. Meanwhile, she's a slacker girl who always causes trouble and uses her laptop during lessons, which drives my teacher insane. She's the reason my French class isn't perfect!

Shiny Mew2

Sometimes on my bus, I scream things. Certain things. That I would get banned for.


Shade of Blue
Well not much massive stuff happens in my school, but our chemistry lessons are so funny cos I'm with the lads then. They do so much funny stuff. XD

Well, not exactly hilarious, but just small things like writing 'I am moist' and a downwards arrow on a piece of paper and putting it on the projector screen above the teacher's head. It's funniest when you're actually there, tbh.


always find coins in the drain. yeah~ i have weird behaviour.


Certified Trainer
my school is pretty normal. I guess the most interesting thing that happened would be the time the fire alarm was pulled and we had to stand outside for twenty minutes. It was fun though. (gotta love getting out of geometry)


Who dun dug diglett?
Somebody wrote "I jacked off in here" on the bathroom wall.
I'm in Junior High, but at my sister's high school someone brought a gun. Probably just to show off, but it's so scary to think about. Also, this one girl at my school is in A school because she brought weed to school. I'm like wtf your 13, what are you doing with weed? Haha.
I don't know if this should go here, but me and my friends gathered like four/five trash cans and put them in the middle of the hall. I don't know what the point was but it was funny. And my brother's friend, when they were in Junior High, walked down the hall with his pants around his ankles. He got like 3 weeks of ISS.


peepee ding dong
Nothing crazy here, but in geometry we'll play invisible catch.

Sometimes we'll act like the thrower missed and walk over to the other side of the room to get it. Or it hits our face and we fall out of our desks.

Pansy :]

Not to odd... but once I wrote "Flush Twice For Ministry of Magic" in a bathroom stall :)
I hope I made some harry potter fans day :)

Shiny Mew2

They closed the bathrooms before break. People drew
on the walls.

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
Back to school today... Nothing major, except one of the school buses was late about an hour because apparently it was involved in some sort of accident. Thank god I wasn't on there.


Certified Trainer
the fire alarm got pulled again today, and my geometry teacher was not happy. I'm pretty sure that if he was the hulk he would have ripped the door down and killed someone.


some kids were smokin the weed in the locker rooms during PE my freshman and sophomore year
****in dumbasses, most of them have dropped out by now

if you're gonna smoke the weeds don't do it inside a public institution


My school's pretty normal... I do remember in 3rd grade, some juniors came to the recess park at midnight and somehow "blew up" our twisty slide... I remeber the next day there were a bunch of kindergarten and 1st graders cying at recess... the stupid juniors stole our tetherball too.


-As kids, we had green soap, and we called it Flubber. We used to empty the hell out of the dispenser, and slide around on it. Whoever slipped and cracked their head on the sink last is the winner.
- The locker rooms had a wall that didn't touch the ceiling, so we used to start wars with the girls throwing erasers at em.
- Every time SAT time arrived at the end of the year, classes ceased to exist and we would spend the last week watching VHS', DVD's, and occasionally played Gamecube on the class TV's. God I miss the melee tourneys.
-A teacher was fired cause the senior trip involved her being covered in chocolate syrup after students ganged up on her and rolled her in it, including themselves. Yes, she was relatively hot.
-Her replacement was death incarnate, everybody she dreamed about either died or got injured.
- Our Social Studies teacher in 5th grade was awesome, he gave us Blow Pops for the student of the week. And he was completely insane, in the good way.