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Cream of the Croagunk Crop (550)

Did anyone else like the animation of this episode? I thought it was very well done.

Yes, it had a more "cartoony" vibe to it. I quite like this style, who is the animation director?

Team Rocket especially look different in this style, and Wake was more comedic because of it.


*swoons for Noland*
It reminded me of "Exploud and Clear" (when Treecko evolved) with the thick outlines. I also really liked the dusk setting with the very colorful sky.


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I believe Natsume did this one.

Y'know, I don't think PUSA changed Hamilton's appearence. I read that the japaneese animators changed it when it reran there.

Yeah, we've established this.


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Besides Jason Griffith who did Hamilton, there was also (I don't know if this mentioned or not) David Brimmer who did Crasher Wake in this episode. He did Victor and Doctor Proctor in the first season. The epidode was decent and funny when Meowth tried to smash the bricks only to hurt his paw. OUCH!


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A Croagunk Festival in Pastoria City I caught in this episode, and Crasher Wake was there to lead the festivities. How those people were able to tell all those Croagunk apart is beyond me, but Meowth's Croagunk disguise became painfully (pun intended) obvious when he tried to Brick Break all those bricks. At least Ash, Dawn, and Brock had fun during the festival, especially once Nurse Joy's Croagunk rescued the others. Overall, it was Croagunk all the way here, perhaps appropriate for Crasher Wake -- and yours truly.


I didn't like so much this episode, don't know why...
But Croagunk was great. that's all.



I really liked it.

I liked meeting Crasher Wake at the Croagunk festival, although he didn't get much character development. Funny how all the Croagunk looked the same and acted pretty much the same too.

A good way to start off the Pastoria arc. 7/10


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Bear with me while I catch up on more than a year's worth of reviews here, folks.

I really enjoyed this episode. I was never big on Crasher Wake in either the game or the anime, but I love all the croagunks in this episode. Meowth didn't do half as bad a job at impersonating a Croagunk either, even though I had to wince when he broke his arm trying to split the bricks. Ow. I liked the hayseed announcer too, he cracks me up every time he appears in the episode. The music for this episode is great too.

Overall, a pretty good episode.


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This episode was alright, not too much happened. I did enjoy the festival and seeing Meowth try to use Brick Break but failing miserably. Nice episode.

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Team Rocket was catching bunches of Croagunk.... It looked as if Croagunk were more numerous than the people of Pastoria City


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Wake for the 1st time. It made a lot of sense for their to be a Croagunk Festival for this episode. It was interesting how Nurse Joy won, and Brock lost. Considering that the prize was only a crown, I'm not surprised. It was cool to find out that James caught Carnivine in the Great Marsh awhile back. The contest itself didn't make much sense to me... I still don't get how it worked.



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This episode was hilarious! I thought the Croagunk beauty contest was funny because of how the real Croagunk all looked the same and I liked how Dawn had trouble telling them apart. I laughed when I saw Meowth in his Croagunk costume and then again when he failed to break the bricks.

Loved Crasher Wake's personality and his reaction when he realized that he left his Pokemon at the Gym.

The only part I didn't really care for was Nurse Joy's Croagunk winning the crown. I understand why she won, but I was rooting for Brock's Croagunk.
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It did surprised me when Takeshi's Gureggru did not win the Festival since he could break ten bricks in one go. I love these type of fillers in general where usual battles is not heavily involved. It is kind of funny when Nyrath did nise Gureggru and he could not break any of the bricks.


I liked how Ash and friends rode on the train through the Great Marsh like in the games. Nurse Joy's female Croagunk was adorable tbh, and I loathed Hamilton's arrogance as well as his regal Croagunk. Anyway, Carny creeped me out since he looked like a Carnivine, but I cackled when Meowth was forced to dress up as a Croagunk under Jessie's orders.
In this saga, I love it when Brock makes his 'Nurse Joy, I...' face. :)


Crasher Wake was more muscular than I expected and the Croagunk festival was lackluster up until we saw Meowth disguised a Croagunk himself. 7.5/10

Mrs. Oreo

I liked seeing Crasher Wake and the Great Marsh in the anime finally, plus Meowth looked funny as a Croagunk. I felt bad for him when he had to break bricks tho, plus Hamilton was a jerk. ^^