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Cream of the Croagunk Crop (550)

Crasher Wake sure is huge. Also, you need to have a trained eye in order to spot the specifics on each Croagunk, which is something that Dawn doesn't have. Finally, the fact that Nurse Joy's Croagunk has won the crown sure does qualify as a twist.


Crasher Wake is hilarious. This was such a cool episode. Croagunk have to be one of the coolest Pokemon in the anime. The whole thing was just so crazy and bizarre that you can't not like it.

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That Carny guy's head looked like a Carnivine and I felt bad for Brock losing. :(

I'm sure his features were meant to resemble a Carnivine on purpose given his name and all hee hee. This episode had odd character designs in general, like Hamilton's original face design from the Japanese version.
This episode had odd character designs in general, like Hamilton's original face design from the Japanese version.

I've seen screen-shots of what Hamilton looked like in this episode in Japan, and it's a shame how the dubbed episode changed him to look so ordinary and basic...


So we got a glimpse of Nomose City when Satoshi visited the Gym, yet the main plot of this episode happened at the Great Marsh, which was great. Maxi was bulkier than I thought he'd be, and Hiroki's arrogance was irritating. I didn't understand how anyone could tell the difference between the Gureggru in the festival, but Joi's Gureggru was cute.

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I did remember watching this episode a long time back and I personally liked the idea of a Croagunk festival at the Great Marsh so that Brock's Croagunk and at least do something other than pulling Brock away from the women he has shown interest into. Team Rocket entering Meowth disguised as a Croagunk was quite hilarious and Nurse Joy's Croagunk, Chrissy, at least saved the day after Team Rocket's Croagunk robot stole a lot of Croagunk and the crown and it was surprising but nice to see Chrissy win the crown for saving the Croagunk.


In hindsight, I wish that the producers had gotten permission for the basis of Hiroki's initial design so that he wouldn't have had to be redesigned. He was a bit of a jerk, yet he looked so much cooler with turquoise hair and sunglasses.


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The episode is very funnier than I first anticipated. I liked Crasher Wake, he gave me several laughs especially when he forgotten his Pokemon. But wow he is huge. I loved how Nurse Joy was still wearing a nurse's hat in Brock's dream fantasy.


Takeshi's Gureggru probably should've evolved here since he was surrounded by so many of his own kind, but I guess he was considered to be a "cute" Shinou mascot much like Pochama, and thereby cursed to never evolve.


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This was a really cool episode. I enjoyed seeing all the Croagunk and it was nice to see the characters having a good time. The dancing at the end was awesome.

Meowth as a Croagunk waas cool, although I would have liked to have seen his true identity revealed in the episode.

All in all a very enjoyable episode, I liked the James flashback too.