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Creamery Command

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Rehab, no. Dead.
RIP CC We had a good run </3
Alright, guys, it's time for an announcement.

As many of you have noticed, activity in the clan has dropped off quite a bit recently. To put it simply, Creamery Command is not what it used to be. This being the case, Puretrainer, Mr. amazing400, and I have reached a decision.

Creamery Command will be closing. To put it simply, Pure and I just don't have much of an interest in leading anymore, and Andy doesn't want to lead on his own. We feel it is for the best to just close down the clan now, and let it go out on a good note.

Now, some of you who remember what happened with Operation Obliviate are probably thinking "Why not just let somebody else lead?" My reasoning is this: If I let somebody else run the clan, I have absolutely no idea what will happen to it. This clan is my brainchild, and I would hate to see something bad happen to it. By closing it down now, I can reopen it in the future (should I choose to do so) and return it to its former glory.

Anyway, your next question is probably what will we do instead. Well, I can't speak for pure or andy, but I will be retiring from serebii for the time being. I was never fond of just being in clans, as I am not the greatest battler and hate not having something to do that makes me useful. Instead I'll probably just float around the PO servers should I decide to battle. But yea, that's it for me.

It's been a fun ride, everybody. I hope you guys had a good time with us, as we lasted nearly 6 months, which is well outside the lifespan of most clans, and is longer than OO lived. Should you guys wish to continue the tournament you are free to do so, as I will leave the xat and the challonge bracket up. Who know's, maybe I'll even pop in every so often. But yea, that wraps things up.

R. I. P. Creamery Command, 6/9/11 - 12/1/11

All things considered, you guys had a great run.
Not open for further replies.