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Create a Dub Title

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Anti Drew & paul fan
Got ideas for punny dub titles? Bring em here! All I've got so far is "The Ugly Ducklett and The Beautiful Swanna" and "I Never Seismitoad a Lie". (how does 4Kids come up with these puns???)

They don't have to have Pokemon in the title, or be based on a real episode.

Champion Cynthia108

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"I Pikachu in the Shower"

"The Mew Kids on the Block"

That's all I have.


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Seriously whats with people saying the "Peek At Chu" pun so much? It shocks me how much it's said

It's hard to think of something on the spot that wasn't already done. Even in the current dub there's titles without puns!


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You left Abra in my car!

You made me think of that movie "Dude, where's my car?" So now I present what will
be Brock's special, "Geodude, Where's My Car?"


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"It's the beginning, not the N'd"
"Zweilous on the ZWEIloose!"
"I'll be Gloom when it rains!"
"Cofagrigus, don't you cough, agree, Gus?" (you know where this is from...)


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This is probably gonna be moved into Polls to prevent this from turning this thread into a +1 I think.

Axew brand? And Body Slam spray?
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