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Create a Dungeon! V.1

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Welcome to the Create a Dungeon Thread!
How to create a dungeon:
Number of floors:
Pokemon that appear there:
Unlock Criteria:

Heres Mine:
Mt. Pokemon
99 Floors
Pokemon appear in numerical order, Bulbasaur to Arceus
To unlock, must get highest rank possible
Lava, Water, and Air
Boss: Arceus, lvl 100

Your Turn!


Who reads this is...

Name: Mt. Shine
Number of floors: 99
Pokemon: All fully evolved pokemon, spread based on power.
Unlock criteria: Being able to evolve your starter and partner, having at least 3 pokemon at lvl100.
Lava/Water/Air: Water at the 1st 33 floors, Lava at 34-66, Air at 64-98.
Boss: A random legend, but you can only have every legend once, so only Arceus and Mewtwo/Celebi are recruitable.
Reward: Shining Band(raises all the stats by 2 stages, speed by 1, multiplies HP recovery by 10, and Tight Belt effect).

Darkrai's Nightmare

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(For darkness)

Name: Time Forest
Number of floors: 75
Pokemon that appear there: All Grass and Psychic types,no legends
Unlock Criteria: Unlock marine Resort,reach Hyper Rank
Lava/Water/Air?: None
Boss: Celebi

(For time)

Name: Darkness Fissure
Number of floors: 75
Pokemon that appear there: Dark/Fire types,no legends
Unlock Criteria: Unlock marine Resort,reach Hyper Rank
Lava/Water/Air?: Lava
Boss: Mewtwo

Latias 24

Alt.name : Latiwings
For both time and darkness.
Name: Eon Ozone
Number of floors: 20
Pokemon that appear there: Dragons that could fly, and Flying types.
Unlock Criteria: You must have Latias and Latios
Lava/Water/Air?: Air
Boss:None {Just a treasure dungeon}


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Name: Twilight Cave
Number of floors: 40
Pokemon that appear there: All Normal, Ghost and Dark pokemon
Unlock Criteria: Must have recruited Shuppet, Munchlax and Sneasel.
Lava/Water/Air?: None
Boss: Team Twilight (Snorlax, Banette and Weavile)


no promises

Name: Flower Paradise
Number of floors: 99
Pokemon that appear there: All grass pokemon and eevee
Unlock Criteria: Must have recruited mew
Lava/Water/Air?: none
Boss: Shaymin


The First Princess
Name: Hero's Playfield
Number of floors: 32
Pokemon that appear there: the 16 starter pokemon, randomly spread out
Unlock Criteria: Evolved both your starter and partner to final forms
Lava/Water/Air?: One on each floor
Boss: Final form of your starter and partner

Herr Rotom

Disgruntled Rotom
Name: The Ending Dimension
Floors: 50
Foes: Generally Ghost and Dark types.
To unlock: Have recruited Arceus (but there is no Arceus...)
Hazards: Lava
Floor 25: Shadow Lugia
Floor 50: Darkrai & Giratina


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Name: Sea of Tranquility
Number of floors: 49+Deepest Point
Pokemon that appear there: Water, Dark, and Ghost types
Unlock Criteria: Have recruited all Pokemon (excluding legendaries) at least twice
Lava/Water/Air?: Water of course x-x
Boss: Kyogre (First visit), Suicune (2nd visit), Mew (3rd visit), all 3 on any other visits

- BabyLugia


Name:Aqua Flames Cave
Floors: 32
Pokemon that appear: All Fire And Water Starters
Unlock Criteria:Have two of all fire and water starters, all forms, and each at lv.100
Lava/Water/Air:Lava 1-10, Water 11-20, Lava 21-25, Water 27-31
Boss: Ho-oh Floor 26;250;
Lugia Floor 32;249;


Fear the Deer
Legendary Cavern
Floors: 99 + 4 Mid points
Pokemon That appear: All fully Evolved Pokemon
Unlock Criteria: Have recruited all non-legendary pokemon(Male and Female)
Water/Lava/Air: Water
Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres: 10F
Mewtwo: 15F
Mew(Mid point after this): 20F
Raikou/Entei/Suicune: 30F
Lugia: 35F
Ho-oh: 40F
Celebi(Mid point after this): 45F
Regirock/Regice/Registeel: 55F
Latias/Latios: 60F
Groudon: 65F
Kyogre: 70F
Rayquaza: 75F
Jirachi: 77F
Deoxys: 80F
Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf: 82F
Dialga: 85F
Palkia: 87F
Heatran: 90F
Regigigas: 92F
Giratina: 95F
Cresselia: 96F
Phione/Manaphy(mid Point after this): 98F
Darkrai/Shaymin/Arceus: 99F
Restrictions: Pokemon cannot be recruited(Except for Legendaries), No Items allowed.
All 37 Legendaries in one Dugeon(Hence the name).
Name: Rainbow Forest
Number of floors: 20, kangaskhan rock, 5, deepest part
Pokemon that appear there: Smeargle, Mr. Mime, Mime Jr., Kingdra, Seadra,Aipom.
Unlock Criteria:Must have beaten Regigigas, graduated.
Lava/Water/Air?:Random on every floor
Boss: Dusknoir (different one) and 5 Garchomp.
Restrictions: No Dark types


Mystic Cave
Number of floors- 52(?)
Pokemon that appear there- seviper, flygon, vibrava, houndoom, shiftry, lapras, espeon, lucario, ninetales, magmar, jolteon, luxray, manectric, persian, altaria, milotic and golduck
Unlock Criteria- have beaten the guild and have your partner evolved to its highest form
Lava/Water/Air?- water and as you get higher lava and then air
Boss- 1st time latios and latias, 2nd time lugia and ho-oh


Shining Ninetales
Name: Destiny Clouds
Number of floors: Random
Pokemon that appear there: Flying types, but mostly ones bound to a trio's type. (Fire, Electric, Water, & Ice)
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Every Pokemon (Except Celebi/Mewtwo depending on the game)
Lava/Water/Air?: Large gaps of air, making each floor a maze.
Boss: Shiny Arceus
Reward: Brilliant Gem: Allows one to have both Dialga/Palkia on his/her team with enhanced powers, along with the ability to create one's own dungeon. (which he/she can share on wi-fi)


Training Sceptile...
Name: Wormhole
Number of floors: F17, BF15
Pokemon that appear there: Depending on your starter's type.
Unlock Criteria:Rescue Shaymin and talk to Corphish in Treasure Town.
Lava/Water/Air?:Holes. (Like in Spacial Rift)

Name:The Dimensional Stairs
Number of floors:F5(Battle Magcargo), F10(Battle Arbok), F15(Battle Mismagious), F20(Battle Magmortar), F25(Battle Aggron), F30(Battle Rhyperier), F35(Battle Darkrai's clone).
Pokemon that appear there: Depending on your Partner's Type.
Unlock Criteria:See "Help Shaymin!" in outlaw board.
Boss: Darkrai's clone


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Cant think of a good name ^_^'

floors: 99
pokemon: completely random, legendarys included.
hazards: none
on floor 97 you are surounded by the 3 legendary birds and must defeat them all to proceed. On floor 98 u must defeat the 3 legendery dogs (again, surounding you). And floor 99 is the uxie, azelf,mespruit trio.

At the end if you defeat them all you get the escape sphere which lets u escape from a dungeon whenever you want. ie: An unlimited use escape orb.


Totally not gay!
Name:Final Demension
Pokemon:Random pokemon every time.
Hazards:Demensional worm holes might take to any spot in the dungeon even floor 99
Boss: Giratina Origin Form

If you beat this dungeon you get to go to Sky paradise were Shaymin/Regigigas Sky form well be waiting there.
For both time and darkness
Name: Death
Number of floors: 99
Pokemon that appear there: Fully Evolved MAX STATS Pokemon (not Recruitable) Plus Kecleon on EVERY floor that thinks you robbed
his/her store but you didn't :p
Unlock Criteria: Beat every dungeon (Have 50 Lv100 Pokemon)
Lava/Water/Air?: All 3 on all floors
Boss: All legendaries with Max stats (not recruitable)
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Name: Hall of Corruption
Number of floors: 66 floors + 6 Deeper sub-floors
Pokemon that appear there: Porygon family, Electrode, Snorlax, Rotom, Gastly, Nidoran (male), Cubone, Ditto
Unlock Criteria: Complete Zero Isle (all four) with all 490+ pokemon
Lava/Water/Air?: Void/Water
Boss: MISSINGNO. (cannot be recruited), rewards you with 6 RARE item treasure chests upon your victory
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