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Create a Dungeon! V.1

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Name:Victory Plains
Number of floors:15+5(Deep Victory Plains)
Pokemon:Fire,psychic types.some electric types.
Unlock Criteria: Defeat Sky Peak-ALL THE WAY-with you,your partner,a Dusknoir,and a Grovyle.You must have recruited Dialga.Then Dialga will tell you about this place.
Lava/Water/Air:Some air.
Boss:Victini.100% recruit rate.


Name: Mt. Shadow
Floors: 20+5(Rise)+1(Pinnacle)
Pokemon: Dark, Psychic, & Ghost
Unlock Criteria: Pass Miracle Sea
Lava/Water/Air: None
Boss: Hydreigon ( Lv. 70) if Male hero and Purrloin ( Lv. 70) if Female hero

On second visit, the opposite will appear

On third visit, Zoroark ( Lv. 80) will appear with 4 Zorua ( Lv. 40)


All Gravy
Name: Crater Basin
Number of floors: 29+9(Basin Depths)
Pokemon that appear there: Fire, Dark and Ground types
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Landorus
Lava/Water/Air?: Lava
Boss: Volcarona/Hydreigon (Lvl. 80)(Depending on version)

Name: Mt. Dignity
Number of floors: 40+5(Digity Staircase)
Pokemon that appear there: Ghost, Psychic, Steel, Dark types
Unlock Criteria: Complete Crater Basin
Lava/Water/Air?: Air
Boss: Reshiram/Zekrom (Lvl. 85) depending on version.
If in possession of the 'Divine Tablet' the other version appears on Second visit. If in possession of the 'Frozen Tablet', Kyurem will appear on any visit.
Towers of Malice and Justice
99 Floors+boss room(Malice tower) 99 Floors+boss room(Justice tower)
Malice tower

Justice tower

Plasmatic Chamber
99 Floors+boss room
Pokemon All 3 stage steel types and Skarmory
Unlock Criteria: Defeat Hydreigon, Scrafty and Bisharp with a Three Attack total(tower of Malice And Justice)
Lava Water Air
Boss: Genesect level 100:649:
:567::565:;411;;409;;139;;141;;142;;344;;346;;348;(all lv 75)
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Name: Woody Marsh
Number of floors: 35
Pokemon that appear there: Water & Grass types
Unlock Criteria: Obtained at a point in game
Lava/Water/Air?: Water
Boss: 1 Ludicolo 2 Lombre 3 Lotad


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this one is with MD 2 in mind, dealing with alternate universes

Name: Mirror Hall
# of floors: 50
Pokemon encountered: any pokemon relevant to the story (whether it's bidoof or dusknoir)
Unlock Criteria: wait one day after recuiting all legendaries and be fully evolved.
Lava/Water/Air?: none
Boss: Mirror Chamber:
1st visit- shadow version of you and your partner, plus darkrai. same stats as your version of those pokemon.
every other visit: random choice of a team of pokemon a "champion/hero" from another world used (champion or hero team from another pokemon series)
Reward: (only once) Universe Key- gives the holder ability to ignore any IQ skill the opponent may have.
Serpent cave
# of floors: 6=4+ waypoint+2+pit
Pokemon that appear there: Floors 1 to 4:Milotic,gyrados,dratini and servine.
Dratini and servine are level 29 and the other two are level 64
Deep serpent cave pokemon:milotic,gyrados,Dragonair and serperior
All are lvl.70 exept for dragonair which is lvl.54.
unlock criteria:Beat darkrai
Water on 5th floor.
hazards all traps exept for grudge traps
Monster house rate 12%.


Name: Enigma Temple
Number of floors: 99
Pokemon that appear there: Ledyba family, Yanma family, Castform, Unown, Baltoy family, Bronzor family, Natu family, Hoppip family
Unlock Criteria: Beat all other dungeons
Lava/Water/Air?: Large gaps of air
Boss: Mew

Easter Egg

i haz gud grammer
Name: Bubble Hills
Number of floors: 50+10
Pokemon that appear there: Golduck, Vaporeon, Azumarill, Castform, Octillery, Politoed, Kingler, Floatzel, Lumineon, Shiftry, Wormadam, and Vespiquen
Unlock Criteria: Complete the story
Lava/Water/Air?: Water
Boss: Kyogre

Trickster Zorua

Name: Forgotten Land
Number of floors: 99+1 (Boss Room)
Pokemon that appear there: Smeargle, Snorlax, Munchlax, Fake Latios (Time)/ Fake Latias (Darkness) and Ditto
Unlock Criteria: Complete the story and Zero Island All versions.
Lava/Water/Air?: No. (Ground)
Boss: Arceus (Recruitable)


Name: MoonFang Cave
Nuber of Floors: 19F, Kangaskan Rock, 19F, Boss Floor
Pokemon that appear there: All normal Types(1-19), Delcatty (17-19),
all Dark Types(1-19), Feraligater(17-19)
Unlock Criteria: Must complete game and recruit 6 Skitties, Evolve 3 Skitties,
recruit 9 Totodiles, evolve 3 totodiles, completely evolve 3 Totodiles, and raise them all to Lvl 100.
Lava/Water/Air: Lava(1-16) Air(17-19), Water(1-16) Air(17-19)
Boss: Team Lunar Fang (Lvl 60 Delcatty and Lvl 60 Feraligater)
Restrictions: No lvl 100's
Reward for beating Boss: 5 EXTREMELY RARE items that aren't available anywhere else
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All Gravy
Name: Flying Fortress
Number of floors: 25 + 7 (Fortress Top)
Pokemon that appear there: Abra Family, Golett Family, Roggenrola Family, Duskull Family, Ghastly Family, Mienfoo Family, Sableye, Druddigon
Unlock Criteria: Recruit Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus
Lava/Water/Air?: Air
Boss: Hydreigon


not bad
Sandstorm Pit
Number of Floors: 25 + 10(Sandstorm Cavern)
Pokemon that appear: Nosepass, Cacturne Family, Aron Family, Golett Family, Trapinch Family, Sandile Family
Unlock Criteria: Beat Tornadus and Thundurus
Lava/Water/Air: Quicksand
Boss: Landorus


Name: Forbidden Woods
Floors: 30
Unlock Criteria: Complete main story, will be revealed on some special mission in the beginning of the second story
Pokemon: Some ghost types, dark types, grass types, and flying types
Water/Air/Lava: Tall trees, some dead, some alive
Boss: Team ???, an evil exploration team that appeared once or twice in the main story, hassling a young Victini. Leader: Lv.50 Partners: Lv.49 and Lv.48. Victini and its parents will thank you and reward you. Later, after the second story, it'll ask to join your team at Lv. 30. There are no bosses afterwards.

Name: Forgotten Temple
Floors: 55
Unlock Criteria: In second story
Pokemon: Some steel types, ground types, ghost types, dark types, and dragon types
Water/Air/Lava: None
Boss: Meloetta, at Lv. 65 and there are no bosses afterwards, just treasure chests that contain either wonder gummis, golden seeds, anything like those items


name:Heavens Gate
number of floors:97-1-1
pokemon that appear there:Every non legendary pokemon. Especially sabeleye.
requirments:recruited every pokemon except arceus.
boss:monster house with a clone of every legendary in it. (except arceus)
reward:get to battle and recruit arceus.
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Name: Ghoul Land
Number of floors: 30
Pokemon to appear there: All the ghost types and several Dark types
Unlock Criteria: complete Worlds Abyss
Lava/water/air: Water the first 15 floors, and then Lava the rest
Boss: None. Room filled up with Ghost and Dark type last evolutions and treassure chests.

And the weather there would beee... Cloudy. or that weather that weakens all types of attacks except Normal types


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Name: Bubble Hills
Number of floors: 50+10
Pokemon that appear there: Golduck, Vaporeon, Azumarill, Castform, Octillery, Politoed, Kingler, Floatzel, Lumineon, Shiftry, Wormadam, and Vespiquen
Unlock Criteria: Complete the story
Lava/Water/Air?: Water
Boss: Kyogre

Bubble Hills sounded insainly cute :3
It has to rain there :D


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Name: Trollzone
Floors: 5 (Each floor is a monster house dB)
Pokemon that appear: Torchic,Crobat,and Magikarp(Every pokemon are set to Lv.100)
Unlock criteria: Earn Master rank
Lava and air.
Boss: (no boss)
Treasure floor: Plain seed. :D
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