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Create a Dungeon! V.1

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On my own here we go
Dungoen~ Lunar Biomes (Has Forest Floors 1-5, Cave Floors 6-9, Sea Floors 10-12, Volcano Floors 13-14, and Electric Void Floors 15. Boss/Treasure Room is 16.

Floors~ 16 (Major Props to anybody who gets this)

Pokemon~ Umbreon, Absol, and Bisharp (All Floors) Vileplume, Yanmega, and Ursaring (Forest Floors) Crobat, Aerodactyl, and Sableye (Cave Floors) Basculin, Tentacruel, and Sharpedo (Sea Floors) Typhlosion, Camerupt, and Arcanine (Volcano Floors) Rotom, Electivire, and Electross (Electric Void Floors)

Water in Forest and Sea Floors, Lava in Cave and Volcano Floors, and Air in Electric Void Floors

Boss- Team Zero- Tyranitar, Nidoking, Metagross, and Stoutland
(Not my team, just a made up one.)

Treasure: 10,000 Poke, 4 Nectar and an IQ Booster


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Name: Pokemon Masscre

Floors: 99

Pokemon: Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Gyarados, Pikachu, Meowth, Onix.

Walls: 24 Fire, 25 Water, 20 Air, 20 Pass Through, 10 Air.

Boss: Mew and Mewtwo.

Treasure: Level Lamp (Levels one pokemon up to level 100)


Psychic Master
Name:Dark Forest
Music:sinister woods
dark, ghost, some pshychic, and some grass type.
unlock critera: event
lava/water/air: none


Use Razor Shell!
Here goes...

Game: Explorers of Sky
Name: Creation Temple
# of floors: 50+9(Temple Depths)+1(Temple Shrine)
Pokemon that appear: ;037;line,;058;line,;081;line,;155;line,;163;line,;196;,;197;,;228;line,;255;line, ;359;,;371;line,;403;line,;436;line,;447;line.
Unlock criteria: Clear Destiny Tower
Requirements: Must Bring the Space Globe
Boss: ;493;Arceus
Game: Whatever the heck the Gen. 5 Mystery Dungeon games are called
Name: Moonlight Tower
Floors: 49+Moonlight Spire
Pokemon: Smoochum, Gothita, Zubat, Ralts, Cleffa (first 19 floors) Jynx, Gothorita, Golbat, Kirlia, Clefairy, Umbreon, Espeon (21-39) Jynx, Gothitelle, Crobat, Gardevoir, Gallade, Zoroark, Lucario, Clefable (41-49) Lunatone, Solrock (all floors)
Terrain: Water for first 25 floors, then air.
Requirements: Beat the main story and go on 30 rescue missions post-game.
Restrictions: None
Boss: At 20F you fight three Clefable. At 40F, you fight three Crobat. At Moonlight Spire you fight Jirachi, four Lunatone, and four Solrock.
Reward: Cosmic Key. It opens the Cosmic Gate, where you can go through the Cosmic Quarry and fight Deoxys. More on that later.
Other: After every boss there is a Kangaskhan Statue where you can save your game.
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Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Game: Whatever the heck the Gen. 5 Mystery Dungeon games are called
Name: Moonlight Tower
Floors: 49+Moonlight Spire
Pokemon: Smoochum, Gothita, Zubat, Ralts, Cleffa (first 19 floors) Jynx, Gothorita, Golbat, Kirlia, Clefairy, Umbreon, Espeon (21-39) Jynx, Gothitelle, Crobat, Gardevoir, Gallade, Zoroark, Lucario, Clefable (41-49) Lunatone, Solrock (all floors)
Terrain: Water for first 25 floors, then air.
Requirements: Beat the main story and go on 30 rescue missions post-game.
Restrictions: None
Boss: At 20F you fight three Clefable. At 40F, you fight three Crobat. At Moonlight Spire you fight Jirachi, four Lunatone, and four Solrock.
Reward: Cosmic Key. It opens the Cosmic Gate, where you can go through the Cosmic Quarry and fight Deoxys. More on that later.
Other: After every boss there is a Kangaskhan Statue where you can save your game.

Well thought out.
Well thought out.

Thank you.

Game: PMDGen. 5
Name: Cosmic Quarry
Floors: 25 (including Cosmic Pit)
Pokemon: The same Pokemon that appear on floors 41-49 of Moonlight Tower appear on all floors of this place. Also, Golem, Rhydon, Rhyperior, and Tyranitar appear.
Terrain: Lava
Requirements: You must have gotten the Cosmic Key from Moonlight Tower.
Restrictions: None.
Boss: Deoxys-N, Deoxys-A, Deoxys-D, and Deoxys-S in B25F, the Cosmic Pit.
Reward: Cosmic Stone (allows you to recruit Jirachi and Deoxys-N) and an IQ Booster if you successfully manage to recruit Deoxys-N and Jirachi and then head to Cosmic Pit. Defeat the Deoxys formes and you will be rewarded with it.


Gamer Extrodinare
Game: Gen 5 PMD (With unova pokémon)
Name: Illusion Crater
Floors: 50 for Illusion Crater, and another 50 for Illusion Crater Highlands. Add another one for Illusion Crater Shrine.
Pokemon: Normally dragon,ice,dark,and ghost. Sometimes a legend will appear every so often.
Terrain: Illusion Crater is air, while Illusion Crater Highlands is lava.
Requirements: You must have the secret slab and the mysterious part in your bag to enter, otherwise it will say- "You must need the twosome that make mewtwo appear...Come back once you have completed that task."
Restrictions: You have to have recruited dialga and palkia.
Boss: Zoroark
Reward: Zoroark, If you manage to get the last hit, are the master *** rank or higher, and this is your second time going through the dungeon. If this is your first time going through, Zoroark will struggle in pain, faint, and the hero will notice the secret slab and mysterious part are glowing. they will merge and become- "The Legendary Slab", and you will have been granted the access to Final Destination. (I will add more later)
Gen 5 PMD Dungeon
Appears after defeating Palkia (goodbye dark crater boss battle:D)

You pass through Dark Crater to find a warp panel at the end instead of Darkrai and his evil minions
- Steps on Warp Panel -

Warped to Distortion Land

Distortion Valley - Music of Spacial Cliffs
Floors: 20+Distortion Valley Limits
Unlock Criteria: Finish Dark Crater
Terrain: Just like Chasm Cave (no walls, only walkway)
Chandelure F1-20 Lv53-57
Dusknoir F1-20 Lv53-55
Mawile F1-15 Lv52-56
Excadrill F1-20 Lv50-55
Deino, Bagon, Axew, Dratini, Gible F1-6 Lv49
Zweillous, Shelgon, Fraxure, Dragonair, Gabite F7-13 Lv52
Hydreigon, Salamence, Haxorus, Dragonite, Garchomp F14-20 Lv58
Piloswine F1-10 Lv56
Mamoswine F11-20 Lv59

Distortion Hill - Music of Dark Hill
Floors: 10+Relay Point
Unlock Criteria: Finish Distortion Valley
Terrain: No liquids, just solid walls and walkways.
Gengar F1-10 Lv56-60
Porygon2 F1-3 Lv53
Porygon-Z F4-10 Lv55-58
Golurk F1-9 Lv57
Medicham F1-10 Lv59
Unown F1-10 Lv60

Distortion Hill Summit - Music of Dark Ice Mountain
Floors: 6+Distortion Hill Peak
Unlock Criteria: Go on after Relay point of Distortion Hill
Terrain: Lava.
Gengar F1-6 Lv57-61
Porygon-Z F1-6 Lv55-60
Camerupt F1-6 Lv59
Diglett F1 Lv53
Dugtrio F2-5 Lv57
Golurk F1-5 Lv58-60
Emboar F1-6 Lv57-62
Houndoom F1-6 Lv55-61

Distortion Ruins - Dusknoir Boss Battle Music
Boss Battle to pass through space istortion portal to reach next dungeon:

1 Porygon-Z Lv58
6 Porygon2 Lv48

After Winning: 2 Umbreon drag Cresselia and Your partner into a darkness portal, while you attack the umbreon that tries to drag you. Partner and Cresselia get sent to Darkrai's Lair, while 3 other Pokemon (The ones from Special Episode "In the Future of Darkness") come out: Grovyle, Celebi, Dusknoir.

Revised Team after Distortion Ruins boss battle:
(Insert yourself here)
Grovyle Lv59
Celebi Lv56
Dusknoir Lv58

Distortion Tower - Temporal Tower Music
Floors: 25+Relay Point
Terrain: Very Little Water.
Unlock Criteria: Defeat the Distortion Ruins battle.
Lampent F1-10 Lv56-59
Porygon-Z F1-25 Lv60-62
Chandelure F11-25 Lv58-63
Salamence F1-25 Lv60-63
Dragonite F1-25 Lv60-63
Bronzor F1-25 Lv56-60
Alakazam F1-25 Lv56-60
Solrock, Lunatone F1-25 Lv60-62

Distortion Spire - Temporal Spire Music
Floors: 25+Distorion Tower Pinnacle
Terrain: Same as Distortion Tower
Unlock Criteria: Go on after Relay point of Distortion Tower
Chandelure F1-25 Lv60-68
Salamence F1-12 Lv60-66
Dragonite F1-12 Lv60-66
Haxorus F13-25 Lv60-66
Hydreigon F13-25 Lv60-66
Porygon-Z F1-25 Lv60-67
Alakazam F1-25 Lv62-66
Solrock, Lunatone F1-25 Lv62-67
Bronzong F1-25 Lv60-68
Umbreon F1-25 Lv60-68
Golbat F1-5 Lv56-59
Crobat F6-25 Lv60-68
Banette F1-25 Lv60-67
Mismagius F1-25 Lv60-67
Rotom F1-25 Lv65-70

Distortion Tower Pinnacle - You get to select what music from the Jukebox (yes, you can play wigglytuff's theme while you battle them)
Boss Battle (Final Boss Battle of the Game! I altered the storyline :p)

Rayquaza Lv75(hey, he's the only dragon whos not part of a trio or something, b/c deoxys aint a dragon) 800 HP

Latios: All Level 70 with 280 ish HP

Salamence: All Level 65 with 190 ish HP

All the Bosses of this dragon-clashing battle have MAX IQ (including the non-legendaries, as well as the legendaries, and ESPECIALLY Rayquaza)

So its 14 enemies vs:

Grovyle Lv75 179 HP
Celebi Lv73 177 HP
Dusknoir Lv74 180 HP

After beating them, a dimensional hole pops up and Cresselia and your partner comes back. You can recruit Grovyle, Celebi, Dusknoir, and Cresselia at their levels (Cresselia is level 68)

If you win, congrats, you just beat the storyline of this game!

2nd Visit:
All Pokemon are Lv 90 in dungeons,
Porygon2 in 1st boss is lv 95
Porygon-Z in 1st boss is lv 97
Rayquaza is lv 100
legendary dragons are lv 99
non-legendary dragons are lv 98

You can recruit all the boss pokemon (all six porygon :D) and they will be recruited at their max iq levels :D

Reward for 2nd Visit: Partner Chime (Triples recruit rate. If negative recruit rate, remove the negative sign and triple it. E.g. 10% into 30% and -10% into 30%), 4 Golden Seeds, 4 Life Seeds, 3 Supporter's Bows (cannot be held by leader, +20 to all stats) and 4 wonder gummis as well as Blazing Poke Bag (Can be sold for 100,000 Poke, as that's the amount inside. Kecleon keeps the fancy golden bag tho xD)
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Name:Mossy Swamp
Number of floors:30
Pokemon that appear there:Ground and Water types. (Rayquaza with Secret Slab)
Unlock Criteria:Ruin Darkrai's plans. Get the "Mossy Rock" item(double use yay)
Lava/Water/Air?:Muddy Water
Boss:Kyogre and Groudon
Game: Gen 5 PMD dungeon
Name: Secret Factory/Secret Factory Depths(Kangaskhan Rock in between)
Floors: Secret Factory: 21 and Factory Depths: 13
Magneton(Secret Factory)
Voltorb(Secret Factory)
Electrode(Secret Factory Depths)
Electabuzz(Secret Factory)
Jolteon(Secret Factory Depths)
Porygon(Secret Factory)
Ampharos(Secret Factory Depths)
Aipom(Secret Factory)
Porygon2(Secret Factory Depths)
Electrike(Secret Factory)
Manetric(Secret Factory Depths)
Whynaut(Sercret Factory)
Beldum(Secret Factory)
Metang(Secret Factory Depths)
Metagross(Secret Factory Depths)
Registeel(Secret Factory B11F with Secret Slab/Mystery Part)
Luxio(Secret Factory)
Luxray(Secret Factory Depths)
Cranidos(Secret Factory)
Ramparados(Secret Factory Depths)
Shieldon(Secret Factory)
Bastiodon(Secret Factory Depths)
Ambipom(Secret Factory Depths)
Bronzor(Secret Factory)
Bronzong(Secret Factory Depths)
Riolu(Secret Factory)
Lucario(Secret Factory Depths)
Magnezone(Secret Factory Depths)
Electivire(Secret Factory Depths)
Porygon-Z(Secret Factory Depths)
Blitzle(Secret Factory)
Zebstrika(Secret Factory Depths)
Joltik(Secret Factory)
Galvantula(Secret Factory Depths)
Ferroseed(Secret Factory)
Ferrothorn(Secret Factory Depths)
Klang(Secret Factory)
Klinklang(Secret Factory Depths)
Eelektrik(Secret Factory)
Eelektross(Secret Factory Depths)
Mienfoo(Secret Factory)
Mienshao(Secret Factory Depths)
Terrain: Steel
Requirments: None
Boss: Genosect
Reward: Golden Gear and Energy Battery


not bad
Dungeon: Golden Grotto
Floors: 30 (20 Golden Grotto, 9 Golden Depths, 1 Golden Abyss)
Pokemon: Magnezone, Mamoswine, Leafeon, Espeon, Klinklang, Rhyperior, Garchomp, Froslass, Jellicent (Golden Grotto, all level 80-86) Samurott, Emboar, Serperior, Meloetta (Secret Slab), Tangrowth, Ursaring, Salamence, Glalie, Garbodor (Golden Depths, all 91-95) Hydregon (Golden Abyss, level 99).
Treasure: When Hydreigon is defeated, the player drops down into a room full of various golden items, from seeds to ribbons, along with a warp out.
Unlock Requirements: Must have recruited Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom, achieved 5th highest rank and saved Keldeo from Giratina
Restrictions: 2 Pokemon, 16 items max.
Dungeon: Mystery Dungeon
Floors: 100 (99 Mystery Dungeon, 1 Mystery Dungeon End)
Pokemon: All but legendaries. Pokémon levels start at 30 and build up as you go on
Treasure: When you reach the end, you battle your own team, and regardless of what level you are, they'll be level 100. When you win, they'll drop 10 random TMs, 3 of every Seed, 10 Lost Loot, 500,000 Poké and 100 Rare Fossils.
Unlock Requirements: Find it as a random mission on the Bulletin Board. That's it.
Restrictions: Same as a regular dungeon
Other: All Pokémon are recruit-able.

Dungeon: Kecleon Island
Floors: 30 (29 Keclon Island and 1 Kecleon Room)
Pokemon: Kecleon. They're at levels 70 - 100
Treasure: 999,999 Poké, a Kecleon, and you will earn a new rank that allows you to rob Kecleon Shops anytime. You cannot steal from the one in Treasure Town, however
Unlock Requirements: Must have defeated at least 10 Kecleon in the whole game
Restrictions: Same as regular dungeon
Other: Yes, these ones are as strong as the ones you rob. There'll also be a shop on every floor. On the final floor, it is simply a single room with a Monster House of Kecleon


Imma effing LANDORUS
Name:Rainbow Cave
Number of floors:50
Pokemon that appear there:pokemon from 152 to 251
Unlock Criteria:Get Master Rank
Boss:Team Rainbow (Raichu,Empoleon,Swalot)
When you get to floor 50,Team Rainbow is seen making a wall of rainbow colors.When they see you,they will say they will give you a rainbow if you defeat them.
When you win,they will make a rainbow by shooting light and water into Swalot's mouth.He will spit out a rainbow,then the cave will appear to be melting.
The cave is revealed to be a murky swamp and Team Rainbow an illusion created by Mew.
Mew will give you the Rainbow Jar,which turns all Pokemon on your team shiny.
Name: Dark Tower Ruins
Number of floors:66
Pokemon that appear there:
Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Every starter's final evolution, Dragonite, Flygon, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Bliisey, Alakazam, Aggron, Dusknoir, Breloom, Gengar
Floors 11,22,33,44,55 are monster houses floor 66 is a monster house with every legendary.
Unlock Criteria:Beat every dungeon, obtain highest rank, recruit 100 pokemon, and evolve at least 30 pokemon.
Lava/Water/Air?:All three
Boss:Every legendary
Hardest dungeon of the game where there is a dark version of all of the legendary pokemon, and they can't be recruited.


Back in the meantime
Ok here goes...

Name: Cave of the Blazing Prison
Number of Floors: 75 - Monster houses on floors 10, 25, 40, 65 and 70
Pokemon that Appear: All the fire starter lines, Salamence-line, Arcanine, Ninetales, Magmar, Magmortar, Rapidash, Houndoom, Torkoal, Flareon, Macargo, Aggron, Rhyperior, Nidoking, Nidoqueen. Levels 50 - 70
Unlock Criteria: After finishing the main storyline and must recruit at least 150 different Pokemon.
Terrain: Lava, lots of it (Duh)
Boss: Moltres (Floor 15), Entei (Floor 30), Heatran (Floor 45), Groudon (Floor 60), and Ho-oh (Floor 75) - They are level 75
Rewards: After defeating/recruiting the bosses, there will be 5 wonderchests. If they're recruited, only 5 wonderchests are in their chambers.

Once you meet the requirements above, the next day, there will be a commotion in town about lots of Fire Pokemon going rampant and several wildfires are taking place everywhere. Then you will be called by your friends. They will tell you what is happening and then suddenly, several explorer teams enter the scene and tell you where they're coming from, then they collapse. You said you will accept the challenge and go to the dungeon and upon clearing, the commotion is over.


Self explanatory.
I'll try.

Gen 5 PMD
Millennial Tower
95 floors. 1-30 Millennial Tower, 31-60, Millennial Heights, 61-90 Millennial Ruins, 91-92 Millennial Shrine
All floors with a number ending with the digit 3 are monster houses(where trio legends may appear. 91 is a floor full of all other legends, & 92 is of All legends with a BST of 660 or higher.
[All Floors]Unknown, All rotom Forms, Smeargle(already with random moves), Victini(Wonder Slab)Kecleon(those same ones that you rob).[1-30]All Starter Pokemon, Lucario, Phione, Rotom.[1-60]All Pseudo Legends, All 4th gen evos.[1-90]All Fossil Pokemon, Steelix, Gyrados, & Milotic. Sturdy Shedinja's may also appear, in which case you just run.
Unlock criteria recruit all forms of unknown as well a 2 Kecleon.
Reward: Gensect & an Arceus, along with a golden everything.


Herp a derpy gurl
Wow, interesting. Here mine goes.
Gen 5 PMD
Name: Slate Temple
Number of floors: 150
Pokemon that appear there: All of the pokemon from Unova, half of the pokemon from each of the other regions
Unlock Criteria: Beat the game, allow your pokemon to evolve, and get the highest rank.
Lava/Water/Air?: Lava-1 through 50, Water-51 through 100, Air- 101 through 149
Boss: (FYI, there is a mini boss every 10 floors until floor 100, that is the last MINI BOSS floor, not last boss floor.)
Boss of floor 10- Mew
Boss of floor 20- Mewtwo
Boss of floor 30- Ho-Oh
Boss of floor 40- Lugia
Boss of floor 50- Celebi
Boss of floor 60- Raquaza
Boss of floor 70-Dialga
Boss of floor 80- Palkia
Boss of floor 90- Giratina
Boss of floor 100- Shaymin (sky form)

Final boss of dungeon- Arceus

Story line ahead!

After you meet the requierments, the day after you do, your partner will wake you up, and a Liepard will be with him. They will lead you to town, and there you will meet Team Invincable, made up of a Hydregion, a Haxorus, and a Zoroark. They tell you that now their name means nothing now, as they were defeated in a strange dungeon that recently appeared. When they were thrown out after being defeated, however, they saw an image of a huge pokemon that had what looked like steel nets that were spiky on its sides. Liepard claims that this pokemon is Arceus, and a commotion rises. The dojo master then wonders if there could be any pokemon that could gain Arceus's trust, and Liepard suggests you and your partner. Dispite many protests by Team Invincable, them saying you are too weak, you are sent to the dungeon to try and gain Arceus's trust. However, as you are about to leave for the dungeon, Liepard stops you and gives you plates that match the type of you and your partner, so you are more powerful than before.
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well, here goes nothing!

PMD 5th gen

Name: Legandary Mountain

Number of floors: 99 (the boss is a special 100th floor)

Pokemon that appear there: all fully evolved Pokemon

Unlock Criteria: you must have defeated all the other duengons and special episodes, be at the highest rank, be at level 100, and have all non-legandery Pokemon join your team

Pokemon aloud in: only you and your original partner

Lava/Water/Air: all depending on what floor you are on, there are some one room floors that are monster houses

Boss: at the top, it is set up in a throne room kind of way, the legandary Pokemon sit in decening order (Arceus in the center, the others faned out around him) you will battle all of the legandarys from weakest to strongest, each will join your team when you defeat them, they will stay on your team untill you defeat Arceus, you will not be aloud any breaks from when you start, and if you faint, the ones you have defeated will still be with you, but you will have to climb all the way back up to resume the challenge

Where you find out about it: well, did you ever wonder what the secret second dojo duegon if for, once you are worthy Arceus will visit Marorak and give him the map telling you where it is, you will then have to go through the duegon once more to get the map

Well, that's it!
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