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Create and/or change anything & everything Competitve edition! (Generation VI, ORAS)

Discussion in '6th Gen' started by Orithan, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    As it says on the tin, create and/or change anything regarding competitive pokemon in Generation VI.

    I should say that one basic rule applies:
    Make the additions/changes logical. Don't just slap Tail Glow on Gardevior for example.

    And to start things off:

  2. ModelT

    ModelT The Normal Trainer

    Assault Plate would be WAY too useful... especially with Mons like Azumarill running around and a generally large population of bulky, strong, pokemon like Skarmory and Furfrou...

    My additions:

    Delphox learns Fling. (That's it.) Makes sense, because IT HAS HANDS.

    Raticite: Mega evolves Raticate into a Ghost/Normal pokemon with Scrappy. Bonus Stats: +0/+30/+20/+0/+20/+30. Yes, Ghost Normal, immune to Normal, Fighting, Ghost. Weak to Dark. Resist Poison and Bug. I feel Ghost is very powerful in this gen (Gengar... Aegislash...) and this guy would be a really useful check, but not completely broken because Raticate doesn't have the greatest move set over all, and because he gets hit neutrally by so many other things.
  3. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    I'll create this new ability for Arceus.

    Holy Shield - My name for his movie ability.

    When the opponent uses an attack, change arceus to the type of the attack before it hits. Arceus is immune to damage and effects from moves with the same type as arceus. This ability cannot be negated or swapped.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
  4. ghost_dog97

    ghost_dog97 the sweeper

    Mega Slaking
    Ability: Enragement
    when hit with a sound move, its attack will skyrocket (+6)

    this can easily be OP if you have a pokemon teamed up with it that has sonicboom (I can tell you know where im going with this)
  5. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Master of the freak show

    New hold item.

    Battle Armour
    Flavour text: "A heavy suit of armour that increases the holders Sp. Def and Defence, while cutting its attacks' damage in half."
    Effect: Increases Sp. Def and Defence like an eviolite, but causes all the user's attacks to do half damage. This includes attacks with set damage like Seismic Toss, so you can't get around it by giving it to your Blissey.
  6. alejandrawr

    alejandrawr Active Member

    I'd tweak Magician so that it CAN steal items on the same turn a consumable item (gem/herb) was used. (As far as I know this isn't the case, so a promising albeit gimmicky ability is nearly worthless >_>)
  7. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    Some new Mega Evolutions of some of my pokemon from the old thread:


    Mega Ferrant:

    Item required: Ferranite

    Type: Normal/Steel

    Ability Rock Head

    Base stats:
    • HP: 90 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 150 (+ 20)
    • Defense: 130 (+40)
    • Special Attack: 40 (+/- 0)
    • Special Defense: 80 (+ 30)
    • Speed: 110 (+ 10)
    • BST: 600 (+ 100)

    Comments: Ferrant is back, stronger than ever! At first glance, this looks to be more ridiculously powerful than regular Ferrant, but it lacks two crucial elements that makes the original so deadly: Reckless and ability to hold items. CB Ferrant has nearly twice the power as Mega Ferrant. Instead, Mega Ferrant trades brute force for a considerable increase in survivability which is obvious as its defenses recieve bigger buffs than its offenses and it gains an immunity to recoil through Rock Head.


    Mega Shepmite:

    Item required: Shepite

    Type: Fire/Steel

    Ability: Quick Shield

    Base Stats:
    • HP: 85 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 130 (+ 31)
    • Defense: 96 (+ 18)
    • Special Attack: 108 (+ 19)
    • Special Defense: 96 (+ 20)
    • Speed: 115 (+ 12)
    • BST: 630 (+ 100)

    Comments: Since the Kanto starters have Mega Evolutions, surely my starters (and the rest of them for that matter) should get them. Quick Shield makes it much less vulnerable to priority, which is a valuable asset in this metagame.


    New ability:

    Quick Shield:

    Flavour text: "Reduces damage taken from attacks that always strike first"

    In-depth effect: Halves any damage taken from attacks with +1 or greater priority (including Quick Claw priority, Gale Wing priority, etc).

    Notable users: Electrode, Lucario (normal), Durant, Crygonal, Mega Shepmite.

    Comments: A useful ability to combat the priority running around in this metagame. And before you say anything, Crygonal will still be useless even with it.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
  8. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!


    I'm saying no to this one. The only immediate +6 are Belly Drum and Anger Point. Belly Drum is a risky tactics because you're pretty much half-dead from it, while Anger Point is another one because you're taking extra damage. Speaking of which, crits are usually rare generally so that gives it a decent drawback. This.. it's just different. Despite the fact that with the exception of Bug Buzz, attack sound moves are rare, balance-wise in-game (yes I doubt GF actually cares about comp) is just too broken.


    Mega Wormadam
    Type: Bug/Grass
    Item Required: Wormadite
    Ability: Protean

    HP: 60
    Attack: 59 -> 69 (+10)
    Defense: 85 -> 105 (+20)
    Special Attack: 79 -> 129 (+50)
    Special Defense: 105 -> 135 (+30)
    Speed: 36 -> 26 (-10)
    BTS: 424 -> 524 (+100)

    Mega Wormadam-G
    Type: Bug/Ground
    Item Required: Wormadite
    Ability: Sand Stream

    HP: 60
    Attack: 79 -> 129 (+50)
    Defense: 105 -> 135 (+30)
    Special Attack: 69 -> 79 (+10)
    Special Defense: 85 -> 105 (+20)
    Speed: 36 -> 26 (-10)
    BTS: 424 -> 524 (+100)

    Mega Wormadam-S
    Type: Bug/Steel
    Item Required: Wormadite
    Ability: Filter

    HP: 60
    Attack: 69 -> 79 (+10)
    Defense: 95 -> 140 (+45)
    Special Attack: 69 -> 79 (+10)
    Special Defense: 95 -> 140 (+45)
    Speed: 36 -> 26 (-10)
    BTS: 424 -> 524 (+100)


    What do you guys think if Wormadam really got a Mega-Evo along these lines. Protean Wormadam Grass vs Sand Stream Wormadam Sand vs Bulky *** Filter Wormadam Steel.

    Man GF needs more love for Wormadam.
  9. ModelT

    ModelT The Normal Trainer

    You know, I just want them to flesh out all the type combinations... Some Noteable ones:
    Normal/Ghost: Kind of OP, but on the right move set, etc, lots of fun.
    Fighting/Dragon: Raptor Pokemon, catchable only in Tall Grass Hoards. (Lol, but for serious)
    Pure Flying: As a non-legendary. (Perhaps an Eevee evolution as some kind of Tornado looking thing, Breezeon lets call it, with a similar spread to Jolteon, but Att instead of Sp. Att, give it Mega Pincer's ability too...)
    Normal Legendary that's useable: Jackalope pokemon. You could put Plates on it that ADD a type to it (IE: Normal/Plate type), and an attack move similar to Arceaus', but it would be dual typed like Hawlucha's signature move (Thus nerfing the Ghost/Normal combo...)
    Fire/Electric: The Firestrom Pokemon. Has Levitate, awesome Speed and Sp. Attack, crap Defences.
  10. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    If Mewtwo has it's hidden ability, it'll have new abilities when it mega evolves.
    If it Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo Y, it has Magic Guard instead of Insomnia.
    Mega Mewtwo X now has Sheer Force.

    It really sucks for a mega evolution to be overshadowed by it's non-mega counterpart, so I decided Mewtwo Y needed a better niche than +10 speed.
  11. Ultimate Champion

    Ultimate Champion The Great Pokémon Master

    Mega Mewtwo Y: Take 40 points off its Attack stat and put them into Speed.
  12. CircuitAngel

    CircuitAngel Well-Known Member

    Mega Azumarill
    Ability: GG - Upon Mega Evolving, you win the match.

    Seriously though... how about a Speed Boost light? There are a lot of potentially good sweepers held back by a mediocre Speed stat, but handing out Speed Boost like candy would seriously unbalance things, so I give you:

    Momentum - Speed rises (+1) when you knock out an opponent.

    Maybe an update to Own Tempo...

    Own Tempo - Prevents the Pokemon from being confused. While in battle, all attacks (everybody) lose positive Priority.
  13. Xernoblade

    Xernoblade Live long & prosper

    Mega Blissey
    Type: Fairy
    Evolve using Blissite
    Ability: Placentation- If the Pokemon hatched from an egg, it recovers a small amount of HP every turn/ if the Pokemon is holding a Lucky Egg, it recovers HP every turn
    Automatically replaces first-slot move with new signature move- Love Spirit: All of the opposing Male Pokemon become infatuated (accuracy-80, PP-5)

    Mega Magnezone
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Evolve using Magnezite
    Ability: Compass Needle: This Pokemon cannot be switched out by force. (Magnet Pull neutralizes this ability)/Electric- and Steel-type moves are powered up but the Pokemon can only strike directly in front in Double- and Triple-battles
    Stats- 80|50|140|170|90|80 (610 total)
    Change- +10|-20|+25|+40|0|+20 (+75 total)
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  14. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    Moar megas:


    Mega Zygarde (X and Y):

    Item required: Zygardite X (Mega Zygarde X), Zygardite Y (Mega Zygarde Y)

    Type: Dragon/Fairy (Mega Zygarde X), Dragon/Dark (Mega Zygarde Y)

    Ability: Fairy Aura (Mega Zygarde X), Dark Aura (Mega Zygarde Y)

    Base stats: (both evolutions)
    • HP: 108 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 111 (+11)
    • Defense: 135 (+ 14)
    • Special Attack: 111 (+25)
    • Special Defense: 135 (+ 40)
    • Speed: 105 (+ 10)
    • BST: 700 (+ 100)

    Comments: If you took a good look at Zygarde and then normal Kyurem, you will notice a lot of similarities between them. One of these is the BST: Both have a BST lower than the other pokemon in their trios (Reshiram and Zekrom, Xerneas and Yveltal). Additionally, Black/White Kyurem have 700 BST and Zygarde has BST of 600. Since mega evolutions typically add 100 BST to a pokemon, this makes Zygarde a perfect candidate for a mega evolution and that is what I speculate is going to happen to Zygarde in Pokemon Z, alongside a couple of signature moves that would possibly replace Land's Wraith for the evolutions as well as movepool increases to include stuff like Iron Tail to wreck Xerneas with.


    Mega Laghenis:

    Item required: Laghenite

    Type: Grass/Light.

    Ability Restorer

    Base stats
    • HP: 92
    • Attack: 69 (+/- 0)
    • Defense: 120 (+ 27)
    • Special Attack: 105 (+ 15)
    • Special Defense: 140 (+ 40)
    • Speed: 104 (+ 18)
    • BST: 630 (+ 100)

    Comments: Laghenis (from my old thread) now has a mega evolution with a big increase in bulk. In case you haven't seen it, Restorer multiplies any healing amount on the user by 1.25x


    Updated ability: Justified

    Old effect: User gains +1 Attack when hit by a Dark-type move.

    New effect: Same as above plus absorbing the Dark-type move.

    Comments: Justified, why don't you absorb like your friends in Lightningrod and Storm Drain?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013
  15. LinksOcarina

    LinksOcarina The true master

    I am not that good at creating anything outside of pokemon ideas really.

    I would say, since we got an assault vest for Special D, why not a flak vest for regular Defense? Imagine putting one of those on say Ferrothorn, and you can just build on Attack and Special D and go wild.
  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Sweet Dreams (Automatically restores a small amount of HP each turn. Auto Leftovers basically.)

    Musharna now gets Moonblast by level up, and Wish by Egg move.


    Moxie also raises both Atk and SpAtk when you KO a foe. So Pyroar can actually make use of it. >_> While were at it, lets raise Pyroar's Atk so it's the same as it's Special Attack, and add Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Focus Blast, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, and Agility to it's movepool.

    Delphox gets Aura Sphere as an Egg Move. Greninja learns Nasty Plot and Rapid Spin for lulz.

    MegaGardevoir has 85 Defense and 65 Attack.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2013
  17. Give Ampharos Tail Glow. I mean, it has a glowing tail. This only makes sense, and with the new mega form and dragon pulse it will be so much better and actually be considered for a team slot.

    Take ten points from MegaDos's special defense and ten from its special attack and put them into its speed to give it a use over regular gyarados.

    Buff land's wrath to 140 BP and make it like Boomburst. Zygarde is now that much better and has a use for its signature move.

    Just a few thoughts.
  18. ModelT

    ModelT The Normal Trainer

    How about an ability that remvoes entry hazards when a Pokemon switches in, and (maybe) prevents them while he's in. The pokemon wouldn't be able to stall though, crap Defences and HP.


    Let the move tutor teach Rapid Spin to as many Pokemon as he can teach Stealth Rock, as opposed to only teaching SR and not Spin.
  19. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Mega Unown - All of the unown forms come together and function as one pokemon. After all,
    Ability: Odd Power - Hidden Power becomes the type that will do the highest amount of damage to the target.

    So, let's say that it's facing against a Dragonite. It's hidden power type will become ice type, fire if it's facing scizor, rock if it's facing Charizard, ect.

    If it's facing Kirlia, then the attack becomes poison, ghost, or steel type at random.

    When facing Makuhita, it will be guaranteed to be psychic type, as this takes STAB into account.

    Hidden Power's type is decided at the beginning of the turn, just before swapping out. That means if you're facing a Mega Unown with Scizor, and you swap out for Rotom-W, it'll still hit with a fire type attack.
  20. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    Ability Modification: Suction Cups

    One thing I'd change is for Suction Cups to clear the field of Entry hazards and clear allies of the effects of Leech Seed.
    However, if they're suction cups than they must damage the wielder of the ability before being cleared.
    Here's the change:

    Suction Cups:
    Text: Negates moves that force switching out and eliminates the field of moves such as Spikes, Stealth Rock, etc., but user takes final damage from them.
    In-Depth Effect: If a Pokémon enters the battle with this ability it cannot be switched out by moves such as Dragon Tail or Whirlwind. It will pull all entry hazards towards it and take damage from them. It can also free an ally from the effects of Leech Seed in a Double or Triple Battle.

    Basically, the use of Rapid Spin is not possible with the ability's users, so this provides a good threat for the likes of Ferrothorn or Skarmory.

    How so? Ferrothorn and Skarmory are just two of the many Hazard Supports that can only be eliminated by the likes of Special Fire users.
    In hypothesis, if any of these two manage to escape after setting up a hazard, and then are sent back out, Flamethrower-user Octillery (holding an Assault Vest may be safe) can clear the hazard and take damage, and do considerable damage.

    It would need some testing and calculations to make a set statement for a modified Suction Cups, so just see this as a hypothesis.

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