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Create and/or change anything & everything Competitve edition! (Generation VI, ORAS)

Discussion in '6th Gen' started by Orithan, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. bloocookies

    bloocookies Well-Known Member

    Terrain Changes;
    Grassy Terrain: Grass and Bug type Pokemon have their defense increased by 25% and every Pokemon's HP each turn by a little, Pokemon with Grass Belt have their Defenses increased by 50%
    Misty Terrain: Dragon Type moves are weakened by 50%, and fairy type moves powered up by same amount, no status conditions allowed.
    Electric Terrain: Electric and Steel type Pokemon have their speed doubled, Pokemon cannot be put to sleep, Electric type moves have a slight increase in chance to paralyze.

    New Terrains:
    Cloudy Terrain: Moves like Fly/Sky Drop/Sky Attack only take one turn to attack, Ground type moves are halved in damage along with Rock Slide, Gravity/Magnet Rise/Smack Down do not work.
    Thorny Terrain: The use of Physical Attacks have a chance to poison the user Moves like Toxic Spikes stack up to 2, and and moves that may cause poison along with abilities badly poison target.
    Malicious Terrain: Dark Type moves Always hit the target and slight increase in power, moves lose their secondary effect, Ghost and Dark type Pokemon have small speed increase.
    Sandy Terrain: All Pokemon apart from Ground types have their speed Halved, Fire type moves cause the land to heat up causing damage to every type other than fire types, water type moves cause the terrain to soften nullifying the speed drop.

    Other Changes:
    Rattled: Now resists Bug/Dark/Ghost
    Justified: Resists Dark type moves
    Hail: Increases Ice type Defenses by 50%

    New Abilities:
    Thick Lips: Kissing Moves have power increase by 50 (Sweet Kiss and Lovely Kiss now do 50 Damage, Draining Kiss does 100%)

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