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Create and/or change anything & everything Competitve edition! (Generation VI, ORAS)

Discussion in '6th Gen' started by Orithan, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    Considering that this is a signature move, I personally think it is alright considering what Victini got.

    Separate mega evolutions don't depend on what moves or abilities that the pokemon has. Instead they depend on the stone used. Mega Charizard and Mewtwo have separate stones for each of their forms. Why doesn't Mega Cinccino have separate X/Y stones like them?

    Just to let you know, any newly-learnt moves on one side of the mega will also be available to the other because the original form will have to learn them before it mega-evolves so the mega will have these moves.

    Broken. It may not be so in singles, but giving your ally in a free turn in Doubles and Triples to do basically whatever you want provided you foe is not is carrying Feint on top of protecting yourself is way too powerful. That extra turn can mean the difference between a win and a loss especially when this move is just about to give a sweeper like Terrakion a free SD while Cinccino remains unscathed. Maybe protecting just your ally (which is what Follow Me effectively does) is fine, but also protecting yourself makes it just too powerful.

    I'm sure that the stat drops are carried over into a different stat. Otherwise they won't have +100 BST

    Even with it's ridiculous mixed bulk, Mega Regirock will still go down to repeated hits because it lacks recovery outside of Resttalk. Rock is a sub-par defensive typing that carries a lot of common weaknesses. Regirock will be able to do some serious damage with that good 130 Attack, but plenty of physical tanks like Skarmory will be able to take it and slowly wear it down or phase it out. A number of offensive threats can take out a weakened one, including LO Azumarill and CB Terrakion, but they will have problems switching in. However I have mixed feelings about wherever it would get banned or not, but I am leaning more towards a ban because it can run coverage moves to get around the walls that would normally trouble it. Ice Punch wrecks Gliscor and hurts Hippowdon, Fire Punch demolishes Ferrothorn and some forms of Skarmory and can muscle past Avalugg, Thunderpunch can cause serious damage to the bulky waters, etc...
    If it does get banned, it will be outclassed in Ubers. Lugia is easily the best physical tank in the game thanks to a combination of Multiscale and reliable recovery, neither of which M.Regirock has.

    Same as Regirock, but it is more managable considering it doesn't have as much coverage options to get past Special walls and wallbreakers. I would say no ban for M.Regice

    The new Solid Rock is too powerful as it renders SE coverage moves absolutely pointless against it. Not to mention that it will have no weaknesses. Leave it the way it is.
    Without the buffed Solid Rock, I say it is fine.
  2. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Well, I just wanna update you on the changes that I made on my post while I decide to agree with the 2 mega stone style instead. Also, the Doom desire buff that I did is now base power 180 (like V-Create) while it keeps the -3 Sp. Attack drop in every use.

    Updated and much more concrete list:

    New Items:

    Cinccinite X:
    One of the mysterious Mega Stones. Have Cinccino hold it, and this stone will enable it to Mega Evolve in battle

    This gives you the Normal / Fairy Cinccino

    Cinccinite Y:
    One of the mysterious Mega Stones. Have Cinccino hold it, and this stone will enable it to Mega Evolve in battle

    This gives you the Normal / Fighting Cinccino.

    So, which of these two Cinccino Mega Evos would you prefer for you? And just how good would those two be in the current metagame for you? Manageable? Or absurdly too much? And thanks for the judging. Kudos.

    I bet you heard this odd rumor findings that both Plusle and Minun get to have Mega Evolutions. For me, my guess is that they will have this kind of base stat spread.

    Possible Mega Plusle (Not yet certain)
    HP: 60
    Attack: 50 (-30. transferred to defense and sp. defense) = 20
    Defense: 40 ([+15]) = 55
    Sp. Attack: 85 (+40) = 125
    Sp. Defense: 75 ([+15]) = 90
    Speed: 95 (+30) = 125

    Possible Mega Minun (Not yet certain)
    HP: 60 ([+30]) = 90
    Attack: 40 (-30. transferred to HP) = 10
    Defense: 50 (+40) = 90
    Sp. Attack: 85
    Sp. Defense: 75 (+30) = 105
    Speed: 95 (+30) = 125
  3. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    More stuff:

    New move:

    Mystic pulse (90 BP, 100 Acc, Special, 10/16 PP, all adjacent pokemon, normal range, +0 priority, Normal type).

    Flavour text: "Drawing power from its 9 tails, the user saturates the air around it with a mysterious unseeable aura. This attack deals either special or physical damage on each target based on their stats."

    In-depth effect: Hits all adjacent enemies. It deals physical damage on any targets whose Defense stat, after boosts factored in, is lower than their Special Defense stat and vice versa for targets with lower Special Defense. When Kisteon changes forms (by holding evolutionary stones), this move is replaced by the signature move corresponding to the Eevee evolution it's form is based upon.

    Distribution: Kisteon.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  4. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    So? Belly Drummers aren't exactly unstoppable you know? Aside from that, how does that have anything to do with the point of 'giving a +6 just by being hit by a sound move is broken'?
  5. Kitsuneko

    Kitsuneko Well-Known Member

    New Move
    Fire Cloak
    Flavour text: "The user enshrouds itself with fire. Burns opposing Pokemon doing a contact move"
    In-Depth effect: Inflicts burn status on pokemon doing a contact move. In addition, the next damaging attack will have a 50% chance to burn the target, but will consume the fire. Non-fire types or Pokemon that can be burned will be burned themselves when using this move.
    Comments: I thought this up on a whim, and would probably make physical attackers hesitate when using their direct damaging moves against them. You can modify it to be more or less useful or maybe some variation of it. Not sure if giving it +1 priority would break it too much, but stuff with mach punch and aqua jet will hesitate more depending what you give this move to. It might be redundant when you can just burn stuff outright with will-o-wisp, but hopefully each move won't overshadow the other?
  6. Nesquik3D

    Nesquik3D <-- Want a DWF

    My friends and I thought of two rather humorous takes on a Mega Slaking.
    The first one has added attack and speed, but can only attack once every 3 turns.
    The second one would have an attack that makes any move it does a guaranteed one hit KO, but only lets you attack once per battle.
  7. Kitsuneko

    Kitsuneko Well-Known Member

    I've always wanted more Rotom forms.

    Rotom (Taking form of an old telephone or a stereo(?) speaker)
    Typing: Electric/Normal
    Ability: Levitate
    Special attack: Hyper Voice (telephone) or Boomburst (speaker)
    Comments: I know it's a pretty odd thing and normal type attacks are pretty mediocre, but Rotom could be one of the few that's good with a special based normal attack. The attacks and forms are just random ideas, but it makes sense somewhat.
  8. Jazz™

    Jazz™ Not exactly Orthodox

    This sounds interesting, but I think it is rather underpowered until you give it either 100% burn chance or +1 priority. Having both would just make it too OP IMO. I am assuming that it doesn't have a protect-like effect also, as that seems a bit iffy. I don't really understand your description either. Could you give a battle scenario to allow me to understand it better?
  9. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    Rotom-S would probably make it to OU primarily because of how ridiculously powerful Boomburst is. Given enough bulk, it will probably become a top-tier threat just like Rotom-W because it has only a Fighting weakness and an important immunity to Ghost. Boomburst is pretty OP, something I will probably change some time in the future.
    Rotom-T is pretty much uneeded alongside Rotom-S.

    Drop the 50% Burn chance and its fine. A guaranteed burn on contact is already very powerful as it is.

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2013
  10. Killadave

    Killadave Member

    No, Real pokemon i think they should change but I Think maybe just give all of the Previous 1st Gen Eevee Evolution a Mega
  11. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan It’s been a while

    Okay, so Altruist doesn't sound too interesting because no one finds it noteworthy.
    So perhaps let's move onto Ability B!
    Effect: Doubles Attack Power of multi-striking moves, but only allows them to hit twice.
    Nullifies Skill Link ability of any Pokémon on the field. Attack power boost still occurs.

    So, I'm basically trying to balance out Shell Smash, Skill Link Cloyster. Shell Smash defense-nerfing may seem to already balance it, but I've never been able to outspeed a ShlSmsh Cloyster.
    Brevity will give Icicle Spear and Rock Blast another boost after ShlSmsh, but at least it'll keep the opponent from fainting.
    Brevity may look like it only nerfs multi-strike moves, but it's more of an attempt to increase the power of double-hit moves.
    Gear Grind and Dual Chop have 50 attack power each, and Brevity affects all multi-striking moves, including these ones.
    Gear Grind and Dual Chop can really mess up an opponent, and Brevity promises peace for Haxorus and upper-tier placement for Klinklang.
    However, I haven't discussed which Pokémon the ability's for.
    For Whom: Skiploom, Jumpluff, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Larvitar, Aron, Butterfree, Beautifly, Archen, Archeops, Volcorona, Vivillion, Klefki

    What do you think guys? Discuss!
  12. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Well then, it makes wonder as how it could affect the fifth generation set of Cinccino if she had this instead of Technician or Skill Link. But more Importantly, I am quite curious as to how it could affect the Mega Cinccino forms that I made on this thread. Especially, the Normal / Fighting variant that I posted here. You read more details about it on the spoiler.

  13. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    Mega Exploud

    Ability: Amplifier

    Hp: 104 -> 104
    Attack:91 -> 121 (30 Point boost
    Defense: 63 -> 83 (20 Point boost)
    Special Attack: 91 -> 131 (40 Point boost)
    Special Defense: 73 -> 83 (10 Point boost)
    Speed: 68 -> 68

    Same overall boost total as Mega Kangaskhan, just distributed differently. Mega Exploud is meant to be a powerful but slow special or mixed attacker with decent bulk. Similar to Azumarill, really. Slightly faster and bulkier with better moves and coverage, but no dual STABs and no priority.

    New Ability- Amplifier: All sound-based moves that deal damage have their base power increased by 50%

    Yeah, really powerful. But seriously, look at how few sound-based attacks there are that deal damage, and at their coverage. Even if you extrapolate a bit, the best you're likely to get is Astonish, Syncronoise, Snarl, and the Hyper Voice family (Uproar/Hyper Voice/Round/Boomburst). Of those, Astonish is useless even with the boost, Syncronise is gimmicky at best, and Uproar and Round inferior to other moves. So it's really only Hyper Voice, Boomburst, and Snarl. Boomburst is pretty overpowered, but it does get quad resisted by Rock/Steel types and Ghost-types are totally immune to it (thanks to the loss of Scrappy), which evens it out a bit.

    Speaking of which, Exploud now gets Snarl because it's a sound-based move based on being menacing and/or ranting. Exploud certainly looks menacing to me.

    In the process of making an evolutionary line based on the timber wolf.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  14. Orithan

    Orithan Well-Known Member

    I guess it is fine. It will probably make an impact in the lower tiers, where Accelgor is a threat.

    I don't really get what you are saying. Can you please use better grammar next time. BTW, Kisteon is supposed to be like the Mega evolution to not only Eevee (which is, by the way, a permanent evolution) but also to all of the Eevee evolutions. You will see how soon.

    Sounds okay I guess, given its distribution. Glad it isn't given to pokemon like Haxorus or Klinklang. Skill Swap can always change that I guess.

    This will definitely make Mega Exploud a considerable threat. A 210 BP STAB Boomburst coming off a pokemon with up to 398 Special Attack (which is M.Exploud at full investment) is absolutely nothing to laugh at - it does 77-90% to Physically Defensive Skarmory, for example. Despite Skarm's meager SpD (however, 70 Base SpD is still not terrible, hence why Specially Defensive Skarm is a thing), doing up to 90% to a top-tier threat that resists it is definitely an impressive feat. The question is: Is it worth using over Mega Mawile, whose Huge Power boosted attacks makes it extremely powerful?


    As a note: Kisteon's Hidden ability is changed to Filter and learns ALL TMs, HMs and move tutor moves (to accommodate for new Eevee evolutions that may come later). It's level up moveset is the same as Eevee's.

    Kisteon's forms (All moves and abilities are retained across all forms, kept spoiler-tabbed for convience):


    Type: Normal/Water

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold an Aqua Scale.

    • HP: 150 (+50)
    • Attack: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Defense: 90 (-10)
    • Special Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Special Defense: 110 (+10)
    • Speed: 100 (+/- 0)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Electric

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Bolt Scale.

    • HP: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Defense: 90 (-10)
    • Special Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Special Defense: 110 (+10)
    • Speed: 150 (+ 50)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Fire

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold an Ember Scale.

    • HP: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 150 (+ 50)
    • Defense: 90 (-10)
    • Special Attack: 110 (+10)
    • Special Defense: 130 (+30)
    • Speed: 100 (+/- 0)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Psychic

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Mind Scale.

    • HP: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Attack: 100 (+/- 0)
    • Defense: 90 (-10)
    • Special Attack: 150 (+50)
    • Special Defense: 110 (+10)
    • Speed: 130 (+ 30)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Dark

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Dark Scale.

    • HP: 110 (+10)
    • Attack: 100 (+/-0)
    • Defense: 130 (+30)
    • Special Attack: 90 (-10)
    • Special Defense: 150 (+50)
    • Speed: 100 (+/-0)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Grass

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Wood Scale.

    • HP: 110 (+/-0)
    • Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Defense: 150 (+50)
    • Special Attack: 90 (-10)
    • Special Defense: 100 (+/-0)
    • Speed: 110 (+10)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Ice

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Frost Scale.

    • HP: 100 (+/-0)
    • Attack: 90 (-10)
    • Defense: 150 (+50)
    • Special Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Special Defense: 110 (+10)
    • Speed: 100 (+/-0)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Fairy

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold a Ribbon Scale.

    • HP: 110 (+10)
    • Attack: 100 (+/-0)
    • Defense: 100 (+/-0)
    • Special Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Special Defense: 150 (+50)
    • Speed: 90 (-10)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Flying

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold an Air Scale.

    • HP: 100 (+/-0)
    • Attack: 90 (-10)
    • Defense: 100 (+/0)
    • Special Attack: 130 (+30)
    • Special Defense: 110 (+10)
    • Speed: 150 (+50)
    • BST: 680 (+80)


    Type: Normal/Rock

    Change Criteria: Have Kisteon hold an Aegis Scale.

    • HP: 130 (+30)
    • Attack: 110 (+10)
    • Defense: 150 (+50)
    • Special Attack: 90 (-10)
    • Special Defense: 100 (+/-0)
    • Speed: 100 (+/-0)
    • BST: 680 (+80)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2013
  15. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    Simply because I always wanted a Pokémon evolution line based solely on the wolf, and there are none.

    I view the Lupineo/Howlupe/Lupire evolution line as one of a pair of evolutionary lines that are the signature Pokémon of the team bosses and are distinctive to that version (two teams, two versions, like in Ruby/Sapphire), as well as being found primarily in the area near the box legendary of that version (the middle evo being more common at around 20/30% appearance rate and the final evolution appearing maybe 5% of the time). Secondary version mascots, if you will. I’ll be making its counterpart next, though that may take a while (it’s finals time).

    Lupineo, the Young Pup Pokémon
    Type: Ground / Dark

    Physical Description: A small Pokémon that looks like a stereotypical wolf pup of about nine weeks old (see here). Has darker, almost-black, fur on its back and a dark brown underbelly. White markings ring its eyes and a white stripe goes down from just behind the ears to the tip of its nose. Lupineo has bright electric blue eyes (roughly this color) and sharp fangs, but generally has a friendly demeanor.

    Earth Version Pokédex entry: “Lupineo is highly curious and quite nimble. It seems to have a penchant for getting itself into trouble.”

    Sky Version Pokédex entry: "Lupineo's eyes change color as it ages. It is extremely friendly, but prone to mischief."

    Height: 1'06"
    Length (from tip of snout to tip of tail): 2'05"
    Weight: 28 lbs

    Ability- Infiltrator: Ignores Substitute, Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.
    Refrigerate: All Normal-type moves are now Ice-type moves and receive a 30% boost.

    Hidden Ability- Strong Jaws: Increases the power of biting moves by 50%.

    Gender ratio: 50% Male, 50% female

    Hp: 65
    Attack: 85
    Defense: 30
    Special Attack: 65
    Special Defense: 30
    Speed: 85
    BST: 360

    Notable moves: Sucker Punch, Crunch, Return, Bulldoze, Earthen Fang (85 BP 90 Acc 20% Flinch Chance Physical contact move), Quick Attack, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Snarl, Knock Off, Taunt, Stealth Rock, Howl.

    Overview: Lupineo is a fairly good mixed Attacker in the Little Cup thanks to its high Speed and Attack, and decent Special Attack. Its Refrigerate and Infiltrator abilities both lend itself well to a mixed attacker. Strong Jaw is also useful to boost the power of its STABs (Crunch and Earthen Fang), though it gains little else until Lupineo evolves fully into Lupire. It functions decently as a lead thanks to its access to Taunt and Stealth Rock, but it is incredibly fragile and will not be able to take anything stronger than a stiff breeze. Its typing renders it weak to several types of priority, and though it is fairly fast, it falls below the top speed benchmarks for the Little Cup. Best used as a Choice Band wallbreaker or Choice Scarf revenge killer, or with Life Orb and Sucker Punch/Quick Attack to act as a late-game cleaner.

    Overall LC Rating: 3.7/5.0

    Howlupe, the Howling Pokémon
    Typing: Ground / Dark

    Appearance: Basically just a larger version of Lupineo, though the stripe on its forehead is now more like a white oval outline, the area between the darker and lighter parts of its fur has a white pattern developing along its sides, and its eyes are honey-brown. It often has a 'happy dog' expression, with its tongue hanging out and its mouth pulled into what looks vaguely like a smile.

    Earth Version Pokédex entry: "This Pokémon has a very distinctive howl that can be heard for miles. It hunts in packs for food and protection."

    Sky Version Pokédex entry: "Howlupe has a bite force of roughly 1500 psi. It is known to be vocal and sociable, but it becomes totally silent when angered."

    Height: 2'03"
    Length: 4'01"
    Weight: 87.8 lbs

    Abilities do not change.

    Base Stats:
    Hp: 85
    Attack: 105
    Defense: 50
    Special Attack: 83
    Special Defense: 50
    Speed: 97
    BST: 470

    Notable Moves (not mentioned previously): Work Up, Focus Energy, Beat Up, Hyper Voice, Moonlight, U-Turn.

    Overview: Howlupe is a decent threat in the lower tiers. Though it lacks the ability to set up with Lupire's Wild Hunt, it can still deal out a lot of damage as a late game cleaner. The choice between Refrigerate and Strong Jaws is between powerful coverage or powerful STABs. Strong Jaws Ice Fang is still weaker than Refrigerate Return, but Crunch and Earthen Fang will be stronger. Sucker Punch and U-Turn in combination with its two immunities make Howlupe into a great scouting Pokémon. Howlupe is still a decent Choice item user, but it still prefers the freedom that Life Orb provides. Work Up or Howl can be used to attempt to turn Lupire into a sweeper, however, it isn't recommended due to its frailty. However, Howlupe does make an excellent target for a single Pokémon-to-single target Baton Pass strategy. Whirlipede and Ninjask make good partners for this.

    NU Rating: 4.1/5.0
    RU Rating: 3.4/5.0

    Lupire, the Great Hunter Pokémon.
    Typing: Ground / Dark

    Appearance: Lupire keeps the coloration of its pre-evolutions, but the white pattern on its side now looks like rippling flames and the pattern on its head now resembles a diamond, with the lower V-shaped half continuing upwards towards its ears and the upper V-shaped half changing course and going straight down through each eye, stopping two inches below them. In the center of this diamond outline sits a very small white mark in the shape of a shield. Its eyes are now a glowing, molten gold color (see here). Lupire always has a serious expression, and its fangs are large enough to be easily shown when its lips pull back. It is also much larger, capable of letting children and adolescents ride on its back should the need arise.

    Earth Version Pokédex entry: "Lupire is viewed by many cultures as a protective spirit of the land. It is said to guard the way to Agertexion's resting place."

    Sky Version Pokédex entry: "This Pokémon is rarely seen until it strikes. It will often shadow its prey for days before making its move. However, it never attacks humans."

    Height: 3'04"
    Length: 6'01"
    Weight: 191.3 lbs

    Gender ratio: 50% Male, 50% female

    Base Stats:
    Hp: 100
    Attack: 135
    Defense: 67
    Special Attack: 88
    Special Defense: 65
    Speed: 110
    BST: 565

    Notable Moves (not mentioned previously): Wild Hunt (+2 Attack +1 Speed; inverted Shift Gear, unique to Lupire), Glacial Fang (85 BP 90 Acc 10% chance of Flinch or Freeze, buffed Ice Fang in a trio with Searing Fang and Electro Fang), Hyper Fang, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Superpower (in-game event Lupire only; always Adamant natured).

    Overview: Lupire is one of the deadliest threats in OU. Its signature move Wild Hunt turns it from a dangerous but manageable late game cleaner into a powerhouse rivaling several Ubers. With Strong Jaw turning its STABs and Glacial Fang into 120+ BP moves, Lupire is more than capable of 2HKOing every single Pokémon in OU. Rotom-W and Gyarados are two of its more prominent defensive checks, while it is weak to most common Priority moves thanks to its typing and relative fragility. However, clever users of Lupire will often run a Choice Band or Choice Scarf set to take advantage of U-Turn and the opponent's fear of a Wild Hunt sweep. Overall, Lupire's incredible coverage and power make it a top-tier threat, and it is capable of holding its own even in Ubers with the right support. In fact, it is possible that Lupire will eventually face a suspect test or council vote to determine whether or not it should be banned from OU.

    OU Ranking: 4.8/5.0
    Ubers Ranking: 4.1/5.0


    I would say yes, simply because it has a much easier time dealing with Steel-types thanks to its extensive coverage and the fact that most Steel-types are weaker on the Special side. Plus, Mega Mawile might be good, but it's weak to the omnipresent Earthquake, and the fact that many common Pokémon carry Fire-type attacks to deal with Ferrothorn and Scizor doesn't help. Mawile also has a low HP stat (Base 50 even in Mega form), and its Speed makes it slower than pretty much every target it could face. It has to invest 44 Speed EVs to outpace uninvested Blissey. This means that if it Mega Evolves carelessly, it could take a hit or potential status (burn being the worst and sleep a close second) before it gets to make a move. Exploud doesn't have that problem; it outspeeds CB T-tar with 24 EVs and a neutral nature, so it outspeeds most common slow threats. Also, again, coverage. Between Boomburst, Fire Blast, and uninvested Superpower, Mega Exploud could potentially 2HKO the entire tier save Jellicent. So yeah, I think it'd have a niche of its own. It wouldn't be the best Pokémon ever or anything, but it'd definitely be a cut above the rest.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
  16. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Just to be extremely broken :p

    Mega-evolves Arceus (Stat boosts: 0/+20/+20/+20/+20/+20)
    Ability: Protean

    Not only does Arceus get STAB on anything it uses, it gets a boost to all it's stats. 140 attack and special attack, combined with amazing 120/140/140 defenses and Electrode-level speed. EKiller Arceus would be friggin deadly.

    On a less broken note:

    You know the effects of these, so I won't explain them and instead describe the stat boosts. I don't have the time to add in descriptions, so sorry.

    Vaporeonite (0/0/+40/+40/+20/0)
    Ability: Drizzle

    Jolteonite (0/0/0/+50/+20/+30)
    Ability: Lightningrod

    Flareonite (0/+30/0/+30/0/+40)
    Ability: Drought

    Espeonite (0/0/+20/+45/+10/+25)
    Ability: Magic Bounce

    Umbreonite (0/0/+40/0/+40/+20)
    Ability: Intimidate

    Leafeonite (0/+25/+30/0/+20/+25)
    Ability: Sap Sipper

    Glaceonite (0/0/+20/+50/+20/+10)
    Ability: Snow Warning

    Sylveon (0/0/+20/+30/+40/+10)
    Ability: Regenerator
  17. Covert Cactus

    Covert Cactus <--- Halloween shiny

    I had some ideas for abilities.

    Strong Gust: The user creates a strong gust with its wings that removes entry hazards. User takes no damage from entry hazards.
    It would be great for a flying type (especially flying/fire) pokemon to have this ability. It would definitely change up hazard setting strategy. Any pokemon that has this ability would probably be in OU unless it had absolutely terrible stats/move pool. The ability would only work on switch ins so a hazard setter can reset hazards while the Strong Gust user is still. Having the ability always active and stopping hazards from being deployed while the user is in battle could work too but that may be overpowered.

    Deep pockets: User can carry two items. Items must be different.
    This would probably be overpowered especially if it was on a pokemon that had good stats/type/moves. Forbidding two of the same items would be necessary for balance. Imagine a pokemon with draco meteor and 2 white herbs. Combo's like Shell bell/leftovers would have to be forbidden as well.

    I know my second idea would never work but I think the first could work.
  18. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    For the second ability, give it to a pokemon with low base stats. hat's all I ask
  19. Covert Cactus

    Covert Cactus <--- Halloween shiny

    That's probably the only way the ability could be implemented without being over powered sort of like Wonder Guard.
  20. Metagross sucks. We all know it. I'm here to give everybody's favorite pseudo-legendary some love.

    Mega Evolves Metagross.

    Mega Metagross
    Type: Steel/Psychic
    Ability: Analytic
    HP: 80
    Attack: 160 (+25)
    Defense: 155 (+25)
    Special Attack: 130 (+35)
    Special Defense: 115 (+25)
    Speed: 60 (-10)

    My hope is that the lowered speed, average typing, and fairly weak moves would offset the sheer power and bulk provided by this thing. Agility is rather a non-issue, as even with max speed and positive nature it can be outpaced by Scarfed base 100s and everything faster. However, it can take advantage of the switches it forces with Analytic to crush incoming Pokemon with the appropriate coverage move.

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