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Create &/or Change Anything & Everything Competitive Edition!

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Who Ya Gonna Call?
Like everyone else, I will say that Flareon needs Flare Blitz. I am tired of seeing the Fire-type being labelled as the 'Worst Eeveelution' by 'fans'.
Also, Flareon could swap its SpA with Spe. 95 Spe with 130 Atk would make Flareon a lesser but way cuter Darmanitan.

Escavalier should at least get Bullet Punch. It would be a lesser Metagross to some extent.

Farfetch'd and Luvdisc needs evolution. Farfetch'd's evolution should be a Fighting/ Flying type with good Atk and Spe stats. Luvdisc... At least average attacking stats?

Ice-types need more resistances. Maybe to Water or any common offensive type. They need to be more usable, and not just for Ice STAB.

Why doesn't Machamp, a Pokémon who can land countless punches in seconds, learn Mach Punch? The four-armed bodybuilder needs Mach Punch and Drain Punch badly. Conkeldurr will face serious competition.

1. Although I do not understand flareon's movepool either, the stat changing is unneeded and sooner or later he has to get at least one good stab.

2. Balence balence balence. Less of a weaker meta gross, more of a stronger version of scizor's sd set.

3. Farfetch'd was meant to be bad, I believe, hence giving him a leak that hunters cook him with, and his overall low stats. Plus the whole idea for evolutions is a little, well, farfetched after fans said gf was taking designs too far in the fourth generation.

4. Ice can only plausibly resist water, as it is made of it. That bei said, ice is a balanced type, and we don't need a buff that would then require either a nerf or a new type (see fairy) to balence it out.

5. See reason two. Lack of balence. He performs fine in uu and sometimes ou as is, bullet punch works fine for him. Plus without it he can't revenge faster Pokemon who resist fighting.


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Pokemon I had sitting around for a while. Enjoy.

New Fairy-typed pokemon:

Okavial, the Fairy Penguin Pokemon.

Pokedex entry: Early-mid Orion.

Flavour text: "Living in Sacred Lagoon, Okavial live in large colonies and will fiercley defend their territory. Because of this, it has been near impossible to access the lagoon."

Appearance: Okavial is a small penguin, standing at about 1 metre tall. It is blue with a pearl-pink underside. Its beak and legs are yellow-orange in colour. It also has a large orange feather crest on its head like a Macaroni penguin, which is bigger in females than males.

Evolution chain: Prinko -> Prinekan ->(Use Moon Stone) Okavial.

Type: Water/ Fairy.

Serene Grace/ Swift Swim/ Hydration (Hidden).

Base Stats:
HP: 85.
Attack: 67.
Defense: 68.
Special Attack: 86.
Special Defense: 110.
Speed: 104.
BST: 520.

Some notable moves:
Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump, Quiver Dance, Ice Beam, Fairy Wind, Moonblast, Moonlight, Tailwind*, Earth Power*
* detnotes Move Tutor move.

Comments: A fairy penguin.

Ghosts of the Forums

Who Ya Gonna Call?
Wow this thread is dead.

New move:


| Steel | Physical | Contact = Yes | Power: 70 | Accuracy: 95 | Power Points: 15 |

"The user bites into its foe with fangs infused with rust and metal. 20% to poison, the foe can't use bite moves for five turns."

Counts as a bite move for all purposes.


Item Ideas:
Crash Dummy- Reduces recoil damage from 1/3rd of the user's Max HP to 1/4th of the user's Max HP.
Sustain Ribbon- Increases the duration of field moves by 3 turns. Moves affected: Tailwind, Gravity, Trick Room, Magic Room, and Magnet Rise.
Ambush Vest- Assault Vest but for Defence instead of Special Defence.

Move Idea:
Pollen Spray- |special |grass type| 75 Power| 100% accuracy| 15PP|
"The user envelops and attacks the foe with pollen from a special flower. Type depends on the flower held."
Red Orchid: Fire type
Blue Orchid: Water type
Yellow Orchid: Electric type
No Held Item/Not a corresponding item: Grass type
Use: To give grass type pokemon more offensive diversity as this move would have a large distribution either by Move Tutor or TM without being broken as it would require a held item. In practice the distribution would be like Surf but for Grass types.

Ability Ideas:
Tangibility- allows Ghost-type pokemon to damage Normal types for neutral damage.
Cutting Edge- Raises the power of "slashing moves" by 20%.
Fluid Metal- Triples Speed when in harsh Sunlight.

Mechanic Changes
Hail- Raises the defense of Ice types by 50%
Use: It should really be self-explanatory lol :)
Hyper Beam and Giga Impact- Normal types can now use these without having to recharge.
Use: To give Normal another tool in it's shed for offense.
Weather Items- The amount of turns increases from 8 to 10.
Use: The weather nerf although very much appreciated and needed might have been slightly too harsh....
Black Sludge- Heals 1/12th of max HP instead of 1/16th for Poison types.
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I had an idea for a multi hit water type move

Water Balloon
Physical water type move that hits 2-5 times

Base Power: 25

The user launches several water balloons at the opponent.

Although paired up with Cloysters skill link would make it OP

yeah i know its kinda lame
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