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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. Jazzando

    Jazzando Breeder from North

    Name: Flare
    Speciality: Fire
    Gym #8
    Badge: Blaze Badge
    Gives: TM35 Flamethrower

    Rapidash Lvl 45
    Poison Jab
    Sunny Day
    Iron Tail

    Houndoom Lvl 46
    Dark Pulse

    Ninetales Lvl 44
    Confuse Ray

    Infernape Lvl 47
    Bulk Up
    Close Combat
    Flare Blitz

    Arcanine Lvl 50
    Flame Wheel
  2. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    Blaine remake
    gym # 7
    Lv 42 Rapidash
    Lv 47Arcanine
    Lv 44 Magmortar
    Lv 40 Vulpix

    Trainers in gym:
    1. lv 41 ponyta
    2. lv 41 torkoal
    3. lv 39 chimchar lv 39 monferno
    4. lv 35 ponyta lv 36 rhyhorn lv 37 combucken
    5. lv 41 blaziken
    6. lv 38 vulpix lv 38 ponyta lv 38 growlithe
  3. New Move

    Name: Aura Punch
    Category: Physical
    Type: Fighting
    Power: 70
    PP: 15
    Acc: 100%
    The user punches the foe with a fist cloaked in aura. This move ignores Ghost's immunity to Fighting moves.
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse I AM GONE.

    Leafeon and Flareon obviously deserve better names, so how about Chloreon/Sytheon and Pyreon? Vaporeon could be Aqueon and Glaceon could be Arcteon.
  5. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Move: Shock Spear
    Type: Electric
    Category: Physical
    PP: 15
    Power: 80
    Accu: 100%
    Effect: 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent. Has a 50% chance of hitting Ground-type Pokemon.
    The user impales the foe with a javelin of electricity. This move may paralyze, and also has a 50/50 chance of hitting Ground-Type Pokemon.
  6. Maruno

    Maruno Well-Known Member

    It's "tera", pronounced "terror".
  7. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    1. Cartch all the Pokemon shiny
    2.When you catch the last one, all of them will revert to normal!
  8. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    Rival Dawn!

    her battling pokemon when you battle her after e4:
    LV 64 Empoleon
    Lv 57 Espeon
    Lv 60 Noctowl
    Lv 60 Blissey
    Lv 62 Mamoswine
    Lv 60 Pachirisu
  9. beoderro

    beoderro Unactive :(

    A new move

    Fire Suction

    Describe: Flamethrower's opposite. In Flamethrower, you breath the flame out. And in my new move, Fire Suction, you suck that flame. Almost same as the 'Drain'-moves(Giga Drain etc.) NOTE: This move only affect on Fire types!(duh')

    Power: 70
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 15
    Effect: Just like in 'Drain'-moves, you'll get some health after hitting with it.
  10. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    New Location:
    Tumbleweed Medow.
    Description: This Meadow is a large Meadow witch is out of the way of most places
    Location: North of Lavaridge Town Hoenn
    Pokemon: Smirgle (Level 30-40) Commen, Hopip (Level 2-5) Uncommen, Eevee (Level 19-21) Rare,
    Event pokemon that apper there: Shaymin. If you plant a Glacer Barry and visit it the next day A Shaymin will walk up to you and Give you a TM

    Barry: Glacer barry
    Type: Ice
    Color: Light blue and White
    Poffen: Buity
    Location: To get you must go over to Snowpoint and go onto a boat, you will be able to ride it to Glacier cave where 3 Glacer Barrys will be planted, Pick them. You must hold the Glacier Ticket
    Can you make them reproduce: No

    Key Item: Glaceir Ticket
    How to obtain: You must download it over Wi-fi
    Where to get: You must go into Snowpoint Gym and get it from Candice

    New Location: Glacier Cave
    how to unlock: Glaceir Ticket
    Can you go there more then once?: Yes
    Pokemon: Snover and Smoochum Both lever 1-5
    Barrys: Glacer Barry

    I am going to post in this thred more often!
  11. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    Specialyzes in dark and ghost types, want to dominate the world
  12. New Move: Chaos Rush
    Category: Special
    Type: Dark
    Power: 100
    PP: 10
    Acc: 100%
    The user unleashes a wave of pure chaos that hits everyone else in battle.
  13. Blue_Ditto_256

    Blue_Ditto_256 Fail on a Stick

    Move: Antigravity.
    PP: 5
    For five turns, all Pokemon become immune to Ground attacks and have their moves' accuracy decreased to 80% of what it would be otherwise.

    Ability: Tech Lock
    No Pokemon on the field can use their held items. Trainers cannot use items on their Pokemon.

    Ability: Wind Gust
    Disperses all entry hazards when the Pokemon with it enters play.
  14. Buck The Bidoof Masta

    Buck The Bidoof Masta No HM Slaves Here

    Name: Earth Eruption
    Type: Fire
    Category: Special
    Effect:5 % Chance of Raising Pokemons Special and Physical attacks and defences 2 levels.
    Pokemon: Exclusive to the Evolution of Torkoal.

  15. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    Ability: Helper
    the teammates attack power is doubled in a double battle
  16. Pokewiz7o8

    Pokewiz7o8 I know. I'm hot.

    Fire Punch- Nova Punch

    Why? Nova sounds hardcore :p
  17. Dragom master Tryce

    Dragom master Tryce Well-Known Member

    Ability: Reverse Psycology
    Effect: If opponent uses taunt/torment, it effects themselves, 10% chance to reflect confusion/infactuation status
  18. MKFC

    MKFC Shade of Blue

    Name: Foam Blast
    Type: Water
    Cat: Special
    Power: 100
    Acc: 85
    PP: 10
    Effect: Cures all burns apart from the user's, but hits double damage if the foe is burned. Hits all Pokémon on the field (like Surf)
    Learnt By: Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein, Phione, Manaphy
  19. Dabottle

    Dabottle AKA Ados.

    Team Glacier:

    They want to get control of the new Ice legendary and cover the whole world with Ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gym No.1
    Whatever name


    Swinub level 13
    Spheal level 12
    Snorunt level 14
    Seel level 11
    Glaceon level 15
    Snover level 10

    The gyms are too easy

    Gym 2
    Whatever name

    Chimchar level 19
    Vulpix level 18
    Growlithe level 18
    Flareon level 21
    Houndour level 17
    Combusken level 20

    Gym 3
    Whatever name

    Grovyle level 25
    Lombre level 24
    Jumpluff level 27
    Grotle level 26
    Leafeon level 28

    Gym 4
    Wartortle level 29
    Azumarill level 27
    Vaporeon level 33
    Croconaw level 32
    Bibarel level 30

    Gym 5

    Alakazam level 35
    Espeon level 39
    Starmie level 36
    Exeggcutor level 37
    Solrock level 36
    Lunatone level 38

    Gym 6
    Whatever name

    Shiftry level 43
    Houndoom level 44
    Umbreon level 47
    Sharpedo level 45
    Mightyena level 44
    Absol level 46

    Gym 7

    Electivire level 47
    Luxray level 46
    Jolteon level 51
    Lanturn level 48
    Rotom (Wash) level 49

    Gym 8

    Note: He has 7 Pokémon somehow

    Umbeon level 55
    Espeon level 55
    Leafeon level 55
    Glaceon level 55
    Flareon level 55
    Jolteon level 55
    Vaporeon level 55

    Over here there are more Pokémon battles throughout and more Grass and Side plots
    The highest level in Pokémon league is 70 or 72 (I am not sure) there are big side plots before 2-3 and 4-5 and 5-6 and the legend is between 7-8
    The others allow for minor legends.
    After every gym You get the usual plus a special Item that evolves Eevee into that leaders Eeveelution

    The last one Gives you the one that he had been planning on using to evolve his into the New Dragon, Poison and #Steel evos
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
  20. Creation: Cheat

    In Pokemon Platinum, when the TV is talking about Professor Rowan at the very beginning, hit A+B at the same time, then L+< at the same time, then R+Start at the same time.

    As soon as you walk into Lake Verity, hold down B until the Starly appear. If you do this right, your starters will be the Johto ones.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009

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