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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Gallade owns
Fire Variant of Toxic Spikes.
Type: Fire
PP: 20
Power: --
Accuracy: --%
Sparks of Fire are scattered all around the foe's team's feet.
When foe switches Pokemon the Burned status is applied automatically.

Learnable to: Vulpix Family, Magmar family, Moltres, Cydaquil Family.
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Ruby and Sapphire Elite Four and Gym Leader rematch teams







Tate and Liza

Wallace (Mystic Sapphire)

Juan (Legend Ruby)







New Member
New Pokemon Idea

Name: Windraft (the Strong Wind pokemon)

Type: Flying

Sand Attack
Quick Attack
Air Cutter
Ominous Wind
Air Slash
Razor Wind
Sky Attack

1st: Pressure
2nd: None
Hidden: None

Sir Spacebar

Time to change fate!
Beri Berry
Rareness: Held by Tropius
Desc: A Berry that changes its Color, It is known that it grows from a Tropius ONLY
Effect: When eaten, there is 50% Chance that the Eaters Health will be restored FULLY or the Eater will faint


New Member
New Pokemon Idea

Name: Cylindrum (the Barrel pokemon)
Type: Poison/Steel

Defense Curl
Poison Gas
Metal Sound
Acid Spray
Iron Defense
Poison Jab
Acid Armor
Gunk Shot

1st: Sticky Hold
2nd: Aftermath
Hidden: Poison Touch

Evolves into "Drummondo" at Level 30

Maybe the pollution-based pokemon of 6th gen?
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Gallade owns
Leader of Team Moonraker
Gender: Female
Type Preferance: Ghost / Poison.
Team: Gengar, Arbok, Dusknoir, Skuntank, Crobat, Seviper.


Created by deoxys
Move: Breakthrough
Type: ???
Category: physical
PP: 0
Power: 300
Accu.: 100
Effect: The user waits on the first turn to gather energy and hits the foe with its powerful body. (You need to get a pp up to use this move.)


Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
I thought of this attack while raking leafs.

Name: Autumn Tumble
Type: Grass
Damage Category: Status
Power: --
Accuracy: 90
Range: All opponents
Effect: The user drops a barrage of dry leafs on all the opponent’s Pokémon. Your opponent’s Pokémon take double damage from Fire type moves for five turns. The opponent can remove this condition by using Rapid Spin or Tailwind. You can remove this condition from your opponent by using Defog.


Bibarel's adorable.
Name: Ectoplasm
Type: Ghost
Damage Category: Special Attack
Power: 75
Accuracy: 100
Range: Single Target
Effect: The user shoots a cursed, slimy substance created through ghostly powers, it has a chance to poison the target.


Gallade owns
Death Roll
Type: Dark
Attack Catagory: Physical
3-Turn based attack.
Description: User charges towards Opponant and clamps it within its jaws during the first turn. During second and third turns User rolls around underwater/undersand, suffocating its Target. Opponant is immobolised and its fate guaranteed.
Power: --
Accuracy: 85%
PP: 5
Signature move of Feraligatr & Krookodile


Gallade owns
^ So neither the player nor the foe can move?

Basically both User & Opponant's Options are disabled until the move is fully executed. If it doesn't miss that is.
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will give pokemon twice more experience in every battle.


Fighting spirit

pokemon can't be withdrawn from a battle but will get 1.5x more EV's than normal, even if it loses the battle. If it wins the battle, it will get 2x more EV's than normal.


Active Member
Move: Impact Blast
Power 100 Accuracy 90 Priority -1 PP 5 [Physical]
Type ???
Switches out both pokemon after dealing damage. The damage runs off the user's ATTACK stat and the target's SP.DEF stat. Will fail if either side has no pokemon to switch out. Ends wild battles.

Move: Quicksand
Power 70 Accuracy 100 PP 10 [Physical]
Type Ground
Doubles damage in sandstorm.


Arm Wrestle?
Alright, I'mma post this revision of something I've been thinking of that, IMO, would be one BAMF ROM Hack. First of all, it would be able to be done with HG/SS Platform, because you'd start in Kanto - if my lurking has taught me well enough, you just can edit everything but the locations themselves for 4th Gen games. Next, this would have NO New Pokemon, but instead have a majority of Kanto, an amount of sinnoh and a couple from Johto and Hoenn, none from Unova. Now, I don't have alot of things worked out for details, but I can show quite something for it...

NOTE: Keep in mind I'm NOT ROM Hacking this, but it would be awesome if I knew how. *Sigh*




...Oh! You've arrived! Welcome to the world of Pokemon!

*Oak Sprite fades in*

*Standard stuff is stated, with selections kinda similar to Pt, and spriting similar to HG/SS, but with either Brown, Black, Grey and heavily Blue/Pink(Gender) or in an alter version with Grey, White, Yellow and Blue/Pink(Gender)*

The different versions are Pokemon: Void Version and Pokemon: Infinite Version

*You wake up in your home, in Pallet Town. After choosing your starter, your rival(Havn't decided) challenges you. Standard stuff up until just after beating Brock; Then it gets a bit wierd.*

Oak's Dialog:
Oh... this is bad. ↓
It appears that Professor Rowen was right. Here, hold on. ↓

*Professor Oak takes your dex in a moment, and tinkers it. It now has a collection of all Kanto Pokemon, several Sinnoh Pokemon and a selection of Johto and Hoenn Pokemon*

So on a nd so forth, I could go further but I say against it. As you can tell, it has a LOT to do with Sinnoh and Kanto. Why? Because of something undecided aon sending, you guessed it, either Arceus or the Creation Trio to Kanto. In Pokemon: Void, Giratina would be found, as well as Palkia and Dialga - they would be forcing Pokemon to migrate, and eventually you have to stop Giratina, who is controlling the other two. Not sure how it would work. In Pokemon: Infinite, Arceus is found... Doing pretty much the same thing. but I say; I think it's got enough bulk story-wise to use.

BTW, I'm thinking the Rival would be someone from *Kanto, I'm thinking with final team of *F/W/G Kanto Starter*,(Rival-ness) Granbull,(Johto native, they use Snubbull directly after beating Brock, before you can go to the next town.) Altaria,(Hoenn native, see: Granbull) Machamp, Alakazam(/Kanto) and Garchomp.(/Sinnoh)

Now how's that sound as a whole?
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Haters Gonna Hate
New Moves,

95 BP
100 Acc

The user shrouds the field in a huge shadow, then winds up a powerful strike while hidden in the shadows.(Wailord can learn it purely for lols)


The user releases a powerful shockwave from it's core that sends out chunks of it's body as projectiles. (Solrock's Signature Move, techinaclly shoots out the sunbursts)

Meteror Shower

The user blasts a mysterious lump of energy at the foe that explodes like an astroid strike. (Lunatone's Sgnature move)

Abilities: Equalibrium
When 2 pokemon have this ability on the same side, the defensive stat that corresponds with the ally's offensive stat doubles (Aka a Lunatone's DEF will rise if paired with a Solrock whose ATK is higher than it's SpATK).Signature Abilities of Solrock and Lunatone

Mrs Mime

a little haphazard
I'm not sure if this is a good idea.... but in Pokémon Battle Revolution you could give 6 of your own Pokémon to the CPU to battle. I would like that in the game, or perhaps 6 random Pokémon from your PC are selected to battle after you've chosen your own.

Also, for a Grass/Fire Pokémon: Halloween pumpkin. Candle inside is the fire, pumpkin itself is a plant, so Grass. I can't think of anything else for this type. No doubt it would learn a number of Dark-type moves too.

Key moves off the top of my head... Trick/Present ('trick or treat'), Crunch, Will-O-Wisp, Dark Pulse, Overheat, Scary Face, Night Shade, Leech Seed.

Can anyone think of a decent ability for it? Maybe Illuminate as one, but not very useful.
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Bibarel's adorable.
A little more on Team Division.

Simon, who goes on to become the champion of my fake region, is the leader of the fake regions evil organization. It was founded when a man found Simon crying in the street when he was six. This man's name was Mavado, and the day he met Simon, he planned to help him out through his life. This is kind of like the Ghetsis/N spiel, only difference is that while Ghetsis was pretty much taking advantage of N, Simon's the one taking advantage of Mavado. Mavado himself is a surprisingly decent person, but he has the urge to tend to Simon's every whim, as if Simon was like a son to him. But Simon's main goal: to exterminate Pokemon.

Team Division is like the polar opposite of Team Plasma. Instead of saving Pokemon from "evil humans," he wishes to save humans from "evil Pokemon." This all happened when Simon got his first Pokemon, and that Pokemon haunted him for life. He could never forget that day, so he assumes most Pokemon on the planet are evil. The only Pokemon he trusts are one's Mavado gave to him when they started Team Division. Team Division's members mostly comprise of those who think they are the "only ones" who even have the ability to tame and wield Pokemon. But the Pokemon the members of Team Division carry have been beaten and brutally trained. They're practically slaves for the team.

I came up with this group because I feel the "Misanthropic animal lover" stereotype is starting to be done to death (Thanks PETA!!!) and I feel the Animal Hater type villain hasn't been done enough.