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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. Shadow Tepi 8

    Shadow Tepi 8 Prince of Blue

    Move: Plasma Beam
    Category: Special
    Type: ???
    Power: 120
    Acc: 100
    PP: 5

    User sends out a charged beam of plasma at the foe. This move ignores any SDef modifications and may burn the foe (30%).
  2. L0L

    L0L Banned

    Stat: Energy

    The larger the amount of your energy, the more PP you have.
  3. Creation: Cheat

    1. Restart your Pokemon Diamond.
    2. Name yourself Trapinch.
    3. Save and reset your DS clock for 13:37.
    4. Get a Chimchar.
    5. Get a Zubat
    6. Beat the first gym with ONLY the Zubat, no restarting after you lose, no evolving.
    7. When you are done, a floating egg will hit you.
    8. The egg will magically appear in your party.
    9. Go to its summary and press A+B+^+V and you can change your name to whatever you want.
    10. Continue the game how you like.
    11. 5 Steps before you enter Cynthia's room, the egg will hatch. If it is in your box, the game will delete itself as soon as you step forward. If it is in your party, a Missingno. Will come out and you game will still be deleted.
    12. When you turn on your DS, you will be outside of Eterna City Gym, you have only Maylene's Gym Badge, you have -500 Pokedollars, and your only Pokemon will be pie the Flareon.
  4. plopagon123

    plopagon123 Perfectly Imperfect

    New Move!

    Giga Stomp

    Category: Physical
    Type: Normal

    Power: 120
    Accuracy: 85
    PP: 5

    -Lowers the speed of the user by one level. Has a 25% chance to cause the opponent to flinch.
  5. L0L

    L0L Banned

    new move: Kaio Ken

    You gain a lot of freakin power. Oh, and you turn red.
  6. beoderro

    beoderro Unactive :(

    Hydro Kick

    Type: Water
    Category: Physical
    Power: 70
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 15

    Describe: Almost like Blaze Kick; this is Water type-version on it
  7. I didn't mention anything about more than 1 Magikarp... I mentioned 5 Zigzagoons, but that's only for the migration >.>

    Ability: Pressure Point
    Effect: If this Pokemon is hit by a critical hit, a random stat is lowered by 1 stage.
  8. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    Abilibty: giggles a bit and distracts the opponent, for a few turns, in each turn the opponent can't do anything, nit even return, or use bag.
  9. Pokemonwarrior

    Pokemonwarrior I Am Your Nightmare

    Hurricane Fists

    Type: Fighting
    Category: Physical
    Power: 80
    Accuracy: 90
    PP: 20
    Added Effect: Foe becomes confused 50 percent of the time

    Describe: The user hurls its self at the foe while sining its arms around in circles fist tightened at the speed of sound. When the Foe is hit it spins them around till they are confused.
  10. Brumrha

    Brumrha Banned

    Well, it looks like the mad professor has implemented re-naming into this. In any case, you guys have me & Darkfall to thank for this.

    New Type: Holy
    Strengths: Ghost, Dark, Poison, & Dragon.
    Resistances: Ghost, Dark, Fighting, & Psychic.
    Ineffective against: Normal & Steel.
    Weaknesses: Dragon & Poison.
    I sadly can't think up of any moves for this type...

    Move re-name: from Growl to Growl of Desperation.
    Why? I just think that any Pokemon who use this is desperate to keep themselves alive.
  11. Creation: Attack

    Name: Eye beams
    Type: Psychic
    Base Power: 60
    Accuracy: 95%
    Extra: Has a 50% of attacking twice in one turn, the second attack is 1.5 times more powerful as the first attack that turn (calculated last, after SE, STAB, Item, etc.)
  12. InfamousMrJ

    InfamousMrJ Serebii'sGhostbuster

    Ability: pH
    The lower the HP, the more powerful acid and acid-like moves become.
  13. Pokemonwarrior

    Pokemonwarrior I Am Your Nightmare

    Move: Cluster Bolt
    Type: Electric
    Base Power: 150
    Accuracy: 70 %
    Effects: Paralyze 40% of the time used

    The user sends 3 giant orbs of lightning at the foe and once it makes contact with the foe the 3 orbs merge and explode.
  14. Creation: Attack

    Name: Lighting
    Type: Electric
    Power: 100
    Accuracy: 85%
    Effect: 20% Chance that the opponent becomes Paralysed, even if it misses. Recoil damage of 25% of damage done to the opponent.
  15. beoderro

    beoderro Unactive :(

    A new Pokemon.


    Type: Rock
    Ability: Lightningrod
    Evolved from: Eevee

    But before you can evolve it, you'll need:

    Rock Stone

    Same effect as water/fire/thunder stone. Only for Rock-type Pokemon.
  16. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Move: Inner Fire
    Type: Fire
    Category: Status
    Power: --
    PP: 30
    Accu.: --
    Effect: Increases user's Special Attack by one stage.
    The user kindles the fire inside of itself, increasing its Sp. Attack by one level.
  17. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    Cheat: Catch all the 493 Pokemon then press b and a then you will have all the 493 Pokemon in your Pokedex!
  18. THUNDER!!!

    THUNDER!!! <So Many Stickers!

    Poke-dex entry:It follows others in a circle. If thretened, will unleash powerfull jolts of electricity. It's fur sounds like it's laughing from the amount of static electricity running through it's body.
    Evolved from:Manectric.

    Needed to evolve:Thunder Stone.
  19. Creation: Cheat

    1. Capture a Bidoof.
    2. Name it Chuck Norris.
    3. Evolve it ONLY with Rare Candies (doesn't matter where you get it from) until it evolves..
    4. Train it against the Elite 4 (EXP. Share is fine, only if it's your starter doing the battling, and they're the only Pokemon on the team).
    5. Defeat the Battle tower (and Palmer 2nd time) in 1 run-through with ONLY Bibarel.
    6. Palmer will give you a Darkrai, a Mew, a Mewtwo and an Arceus.
  20. L0L

    L0L Banned

    1. Start the game
    2. Name the player "OMG + 3LOL
    3. Go to your mother
    4. Talk to her
    5. While you do that press L, R, X, Y, B, Right, Left, Up, Down, and the emergency button
    6. Jump three times
    7. Make 7 turns
    8. Yell "I AM GAY!!!!!!!"
    9. And then Gary will pop up and say "I knew it you f*g"
    10. Press A and B at the exactly same time and he will give a pink dildo


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