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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    I don't know if you realized this, but Wonder Armor leaves Mega Shedinja open to normal attacks that aren't super-effective.
  2. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Sinnohan Kingler
    Ability- Sniper/Hyper Cutter
    Hidden ability- Battle armour
    Evolves From regular Krabby in Sinnoh while knowing Fell stinger.

    Hp- 55
    Attack- 130
    Special attack- 10
    Defence- 115
    Special Defence- 90
    Speed- 75
    Total- 475

    Dex entry 1- A recent regional variant that has come about due to interbreeding between Krabby and Skorupi, Kingler's new scorpion like features are due to it forming new mass swarms with Drapion. They started to live in similar areas due to environmental shifts.
    Dex Entry 2- The new scorpion like body is indicative of its changed hunting strategy as it now ambushes land based prey that approaches the water. It will even sometimes work with Drapion to bring down large prey.


    - Bug Bite
    - Rain Dance
    - Poison Tail
    - Vice Grip
    - Fury Cutter
    - Aqua Jet
    - Aqua Ring
    3- Twinneedle
    5-Vice Grip
    9- Knock Off
    14- Pin Missile
    18- Dragon Tail
    21- Liquidation
    23- Night Slash
    26- X-Scissor
    30- Cross Poison
    34- Scorpion Sting
    37- Poison Jab
    41- Crabhammer
    43- Crunch
    45- Iron Defence
    48- Waterfall
    51- U-turn
    54- Aqua tail
    60-Leech Life

    Notes- Fell stinger is now an egg move but can also be learnt from a move tutor in the post game. It looks like a Kingler with more Scorpion like features including a large stinging tail and a Purple colouration.

    New move- Scorpion Sting- Bug-(Physical) 70BP- 16PP- This move does damage and has a 20% chance of inflicting Poison and a 1% chance of Badly poisoning.
  3. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Mythical Ideas For The Gen 4 Remakes

    Just make sure that Arceus gets an Episode Delta treatment

    Jirachi and Deoxys: It would be nice if it returned again, possibly not even requiring an event, but rather a secret super-boss connected to Team Galactic given their interest in space. Though it could easily fill the event item void Arceus would have if it gets the Episode Delta treatment. As for Jirachi? Well, it's also somewhat space related being a shooting star/comet/genie thing. Maybe if we have either available already, Jirachi and Deoxys are version exclusive super-bosses

    Phione and Manaphy: Phione, as I see it, would be available as a normal encounterable Pokemon. A rare fishing Phione, 1-5%. An event item reveals a watery temple where, if levelled up there, Phione can evolve into Manaphy. We can get multiple Melmetal in a renewable way, so I thought keeping Manaphy special while also making Phione useful would be a limited time location where you could make as many Phione become Manaphy

    Darkrai and Shaymin: I'd keep the situation with the former constant. With the latter, we could have a Victini situation revolving around Floraoma Town, as it seems the most appropriate

    Hoopa: I just feel this wormhole Pokemon would be an appropriate possible event in-game
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  4. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    New Regional Evolution
    Type- Dark/Psychic
    Ability- Dark magic/Inner Focus
    Hidden ability- Magician
    Evolves from Kadabra using dusk stone in Galar

    HP- 50
    Special attack- 155
    Special Defence- 95
    Speed- 25
    Total- 500

    - Glare
    - Dark Pulse
    - Psychic
    - Moonblast
    - Mystical Fire
    - Foul Play
    - Shadow Sneak
    - Nasty Plot
    - Metronome
    - Unforgivable Curse
    - Hypnosis
    - Camouflage
    - Curse

    Dex Entry 1- Avadakedavra is a evolution of Kadabra found exclusively in the Galar region. It uses dark powers that Alakazam fears. It flees before Mega Alakazam however which is possibly why it is only found in a region where Mega Evolution is rare.

    Dex Entry 2- Avadakedavra no longer uses a spoon. Instead it focuses its power using a small wand it fashions itself. It is said that if its trainer isn't strong enough it will take control of their mind and make them do despicable things however this may be simply a lie perpetuated by those who would do despicable things anyway.

    New ability- Dark magic- Fairy type moves become dark type and gain a 20% boost

    New move- Unforgivable Curse- (Dark) Special- 5PP- Accuracy 30% -The target faints instantly if this attack hits. No effect on Dark types. (OHKO typical rules)

    New Item- Dark Wand- Increases critical hit ratio of dark moves by 1 stage when held but this also lowers attack power by 1 stage while held.

    Appearence- Similar to Kadabra with some a more serpentine face. Dressed in what seems to be dark robes.

    Notes- Obviously takes inspiration from "he who shall not be named" in Harry potter and dark Wizards in generals.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  5. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Glass Moves

    Moves varied around glass. They are Rock type moves, and are learned by Pokemon associated with such. Pokemon associated with sand, glass itself, Reflect(which is usually associated with glass)

    Glass Shield
    Effect-A variant of Protect. If the foe bypasses the shield, it shatters and does damage equal to half the damage they inflicted

    Glassy Window
    Effect-This move creates a "transparent" field which cancels field moves on the opponent's side for 5 turns protecting them. Such as Haze, Safeguard, the Aura, ect

    Glass Storm
    Effect-If this move hits, it starts a sandstorm

    Glass Blade
    Effect-The user has a heightened chance of inflicting critical hits

    Glass Sword
    Effect-The user inflicts damage and their attack stat drops. So Superpower or Draco Meteor
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  6. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Galarian Cloyster
    Abilities- Spectral armour/Skill Link
    Hidden ability Overcoat
    Evolves from Regular Shellder with a Gastly in the Party in the Galar Region.

    HP- 90
    Attack- 55
    Special attack-95
    Defence- 180
    Special Defence- 75
    Speed- 30
    Total - 525

    - Shadow Ball
    - Spirit heal
    - Smokescreen
    - Aqua Ring
    - Scald
    - Night shade
    - Nasty Plot
    - Cosmic power
    - Ghast Fury
    - Fog Summon
    - Iron Defence

    New moves-
    Spirit Heal- Ghost(status) 5pp- During no weather it restores ½ total HP, during fog it raises it restores ⅔ total HP, and during other weather it restores ¼ total HP.
    Ghast Fury- Ghost (Special)5PP- BP110- Accuracy- 70%- Ghast fury now has a 30% chance of inflicting curse. Accuracy is 100% in fog.

    Fog Summon- Ghost (status) 5pp- Summons fog for 5 turns.

    New Ability- Spectral Armor- Doubles special defence in fog.

    Dex Entry 1- Galarian Cloyster is said to be the original form of Cloyster. It hides in the fog and has a symbiotic relationship with Gastly in Galar.

    Dex Entry 2- Galarian Cloyster is less aggressive than its non Galarian forms. It doesn't need the power of a water stone to evolve as it gets the power from Gastly. As it does not need a special stone it is not forced to live in colder areas were water stones are more common.

    Appearance- Resembles Cloyster but it is a darker purple. It has a smoother shell and is surrounded by fog.
  7. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Weather Starters

    These are variety of moves that have a chance of starting up a weather effect. One of each weather condition. Castform can learn all these moves, except for Calm Air

    Calm Air
    Effect-This move has a chance of cancelling existing weather effects. If the user's ability already cancels weather effects, this move has a heightened chance of causing critical hits
    Pokemon that can learn this-Rayquaza, every Pokemon that can have the Cloud Nine ability, Solrock, Lunatone, Deoxys, Kyurem, Cleffa, Elgyem, Staryu, Minior line(weather dosn't exist in space, they come from or are believed to have come from space), Magnezone(resembles a UFO, connected to such), Dragonite, Kecleon, Drifloon line

    Solar Flare
    Effect-The user basically throws a miniature sun at the opponent, which requires a charge time much like Solar Beam and Solar Blade. This move has a chance of starting up Sunny Day. If sun is set up, there is no need for a charge
    Pokemon that can learn this-Every Pokemon that can have the Drought or Desolate Land ability, Espeon, Solrock, Pokemon that can evolve with the Sun Stone, Moltres, Sunflora(a sunflower), Alolan Exeggcutor(grows better with the sun), Chandelure, Volcarona, Landorus, Pyroar, Lurantis, Solgaleo

    Torrential Rain
    Effect-This move has a chance of starting up Rain Dance. If it is already raining, Torrential Rain lowers the accuracy of the opponent
    Pokemon that can learn this-Every Pokemon that can have the Drizzle or Primordial Sea ability, Umbreon, Lunatone, Pokemon that can evolve with the Moon Stone(moon is associated with water), Zapdos(thunder associated with heavy rain), Psyduck line, Lugia, Paras, Shroomish and Morelull lines(mushrooms love damp environments), Lotad line, Bronzong, Goodra, Lunala

    Effect-This move has a chance of starting up hail. If it is already snowing, it lowers the opponent's accuracy
    Pokemon that can learn this-Every Pokemon that can have the Snow Warning or Slush Rush ability, Articuno, Kyurem, Snorunt line, Jynx, Lapras, Delibird, Regice, Cryogonal

    Effect-This move has a chance of starting up Sandstorm. If it is already in a sandstorm, it lowers the opponent's accuracy
    Pokemon that can learn this-Diglett line, Larvitar line, every Pokemon that can have the Sand Veil or Sand Stream ability, Baltoy, Numel, Trapinch and Hoenn fossil lines, Gible, Hippopotas, Sandile, Sandyghast, Minior line
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  8. Paige712

    Paige712 Well-Known Member

    New buffs to Unown.

    New Ability: True Potential-It's Hidden Power has a base 100 Power and you can change the moves type to what ever you wish each time you attack with it.

    Stat buffs: +24 HP (72), -24 atk (48), +24 Sp A (96), +56 Speed. (104)

    New Attack: Summon the Unown: Creates a shield of unown that act like a substitute (except it has 50% of the Unowns base Health even though it still costs the usual 25% HP to summon it.) Another difference is whist the unown shield is on the field the primary unown gets a +2 SPA boost. Pretty much Nasty Plot combined with a better substitute.
  9. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Evolves from Magikarp while holding a bug gem.
    Ability- Leech Lord
    Hidden ability- Skilled Leech

    HP- 140
    Attack- 80
    Special attack- 40
    special Defence- 110
    Speed- 40

    Evolve- Bug bite
    - Infestation
    - Wrap
    - Headbutt
    - String shot
    - Draining Kiss
    - Dream eater
    - Bite
    - Splash
    5- Water Pulse
    14- Tackle
    17- Crunch
    21- Aqua Ring
    24- Leech Blood
    27- Aqua Jet
    30- absorb
    33- Liquidation
    36- Aqua tail
    39- Mega drain
    43- Leech Life
    46- Giga Drain
    49- Hydro Pump
    53- Mega Horn
    56- Giga Impact
    60- Flail

    New ability-

    Leech Lord- All HP draining attacks drain an extra 30% damage
    Skilled Leach- All the user's HP draining attacks use the attack stack when calculating damage

    New Moves-
    Leech Blood- Physical (Bug)- BP 40- Deals damage and The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.

    Dex Entry 1- Leechydos is a rarely seen evolution of Magikarp. It uses the power of the bug gem instead of waiting to become a Gyarados. However as it took the easier approach it doesn't have the strength that Gyarados has to hunt. It therefore leeches life from targets.

    Dex entry 2- Leechydos drains health from large pokemon to sustain itself. It's favourite target is Wailord.

    Appearance- based on the Beta form of Gyarados which was looked like a giant Leech
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
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  10. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    A set of five new berries. When a Pokemon receives a status condition (burned, frozen, paralyzed, asleep, poisoned) and are holding the right berry, they will eat it just before being hit and sharply raise a stat. However, these do not cure the condition.

    Eppal Berry: A dark red round berry. When a Pokemon holding this berry falls asleep, their defense will sharply raise.

    Bolee Berry: A small, round, light blue berry. When a Pokemon holding this berry is frozen, their special defense will sharply raise.

    Grefer Berry: A big round yellow berry. When a Pokemon holding this berry is poisoned, their attack will sharply raise.

    Lemmo Berry: A pink, sour-tasting berry that's pointed at the ends. When a Pokemon holding this berry is paralyzed, their special attack will sharply raise.

    Peppit Berry: A long, green berry resembling a spicy pepper. When a Pokemon holding this berry is burned, their speed will sharply raise.

    I just think these berries would be kind of cool and allow for some interesting tactics. An Eppal Berry for example could be really good on a Rest/Sleep Talk Pokemon. Or you could stock up on Grefer berries before taking on a poison-type gym.

    These berries could be found on a set of berry tries early in-game, probably just after the first or second gym. Each can be ground into one of the kinds of pokeblocks.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  11. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Hidden Power and Unown

    New moveset for Unown: Hidden Power, Teleport(Lv 1), Hidden Shift(Lv 20 Unown, Lv 30 Ciphable), Hidden Shield(Lv 40 Unown, Lv 50 Ciphable). This Pokemon cannot learn any other move, until it evolves into Ciphable. Then, it has a wide movepool to accomodate its type

    Ability-Symbolic(moves of the same type as the user's Hidden Power get a 50% attack boost. This ability cannot be suppressed or copied by any other Pokemon)
    Evolution: Unown-Lv Up with another Unown in the party while holding the Alph Stone-Ciphable

    Alph Stone
    Held item
    Effect-If held by an Unown, the strength of their Hidden Power is doubled. The Unown will evolve and the item will be used up if leveled up with another Unown in the party

    Hidden Shift
    Effect-The user changes their type to that of their Hidden Power
    Pokemon that can learn this move: Unown, Ciphable, Girafarig, all Pokemon with form changes that can be changed

    Hidden Shield
    Effect-This move protects the opponent. If the opponent makes contact, their type is changed to one weak to the user's Hidden Power(unless they already are). It is more likely to fail on continuous usage
    Signature move of: Unown

    Item Buffs

    Held item
    Effect-Allows Porygon to evolve to Porygon2 through trading. If a member of the Porygon family holds this item, their Sp Def will increase

    Dubious Disc
    Held item
    Effect-Allows Porygon2 to evolve to Porygon-Z through trading. If a member of the Porygon family holds this item, their Sp Atk will increase

    Dragon Scale
    Held item
    Effect-Allows Seadra to evolve to Kingdra through trading. Increases the Defense of Dragon type Pokemon holding it

    Held item
    Effect-Evolves Electabuzz into Elecitivire through trading. Boosts the Speed of Electric types holding it

    Held item
    Effect-Evolves Magmar into Magmortar through trading. Boosts the Speed of Fire types holding it

    Prism Scale
    Held item
    Effect-Evolves Feebas into Milotic through trading. Doubles the attack, sp atk and speed of Feebas when held

    Held item
    Effect-Evolves Rhydon into Rhyperior through trading. Increases the Defense of Rock types holding this item

    Reaper Cloth
    Held item
    Effect-Evolves Duskull into Dusknoir through trading. Increases the Sp Def of Ghost types holding this item

    Shedinja and others

    Wonder Shield
    Held item
    Effect-This item can only have effect on a Pokemon with the Wonder Guard ability. The user will become immune to status conditions

    Effect-The user is immune to damage that would normally have a 4x effectiveness or higher against it

    Brave Heart
    Effect-The user's physical attack increases by 2 stages if damaged by a direct super-effective move, presuming they don't faint

    Brave Soul
    Effect-The user's special attack increases by 2 stages if damaged by a direct super-effective move, presuming they don't faint

    Held item
    Effect-The user becomes immune to Grass type moves. This item can only be held by a Pokemon with a 4x weakness to Grass type moves

    Held item
    Effect-The user becomes immune to Fire type moves. This item can only be held by a Pokemon with a 4x weakness to Water type moves

    Held item
    Effect-The user becomes immune to Water type moves. This item can only be held by a Pokemon with a 4x weakness to Water type moves

    Spirit Hollower
    Effect-The user is protected by damage. If the move would've inflicted direct damage, the user steals the opponent's positive stat buffs. This move is more likely to fail if used consecutively
    Signature move of: Shedinja(Lv 35)

    Mega Shedinja
    Ability-Wonder Armor. The user is immune to any non-super effective move, regardless of it being a direct hit or not(status conditions, stat-altering moves and field damage can only be self-inflicted or inflicted by a move of a super-effective type). This ability cannot be copied, suppressed or changed
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  12. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Event Pokemon
    Mimikyu Costume Pikachu
    Ability- Disguise
    Type- Electric
    Cannot Evolve, breed or Gigantamax
    Stats- same as regular Pikachu


    — Tail Whip
    — Thunder Shock
    — Mimic
    — Pain Split
    — Growl
    — Shadow Claw
    — Charm
    5 Feint attack
    7 Play Rough
    10 Quick Attack
    13 Electro Ball
    15 Shadow Ball
    18 Thunder Wave
    21 Feint
    23 Double Team
    26 Spark
    29 Shadow Sneak
    34 Discharge
    37 Night Slash
    42 Thunderbolt
    45 Agility
    47 Hone Claws
    50 Wild Charge
    53 Light Screen
    58 Thunder
    60 Volt Tackle
    63 Trick-or-Treat
    65 Shadow Claw
    67 Spiritual Medium
    70 Zap Cannon

    Can use Catastropika and Let's Snuggle Forever with applicable Z-Crystal and a Z-Ring. Can use Light ball.

    New move- Spiritual Medium- Ghost (status) - 5PP -The user makes itself part Ghost type ( works like Trick-or-Treat but only targets self)

    Dex Entry 1- This odd Pikachu wears a costume of Mimikyu. It is unclear why it does so but a legend claims it was actually just given the costume to wear on Halloween and became a bit too obsessed with its new apperance. It always wants to befriend Mimikyu
    Dex Entry 2- This form of Pikachu was changed due to gaining new spiritual powers from Mimikyu. It occasionally uses a strange power that allows it to be a ghost for a while.

    How to obtain- transfer from Pokemon Go or found during an in-game event with a Mimikyu in the party.

    Appearance- Based on the Mimikyu costume Pikachu seen in Pokemon go.

    Note- Zap Cannon is added to to regular Pikachu as well.
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  13. pikapika200

    pikapika200 princess

    thief ball. a poke ball made for use by criminal organizations.
  14. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Spaceworld Demo and Meltan life

    Gorgowed, the Glare Pokemon
    Ability-Run Away(normal), Tangling Hair(Hidden)
    Evolution: Gorgowed-Lv 20-Tangela-Learn Ancientpower-Tangrowth
    Pokedex entry-"Gorgoweed protects itself with an insidious glare to paralyze the foe. Shy at heart,
    Note: As Gorgowed, this Pokemon knows moves Tangela cannot normally learn-Glare, Mean Look, Miracle Eye and other sight/paralysis related moves. Also Rock Slide. Its a gorgon/medusa reference

    Mimia, the Copycat Pokemon
    Ability-Trace(normal), Power Duplication(Hidden). This move copies positive stat buffs of the Pokemon
    Evolution: Ditto-Feed a Rare Berry while holding the Metal Coat-Mimia. Rare Berries are a rare occurrence of a berry that restores the stats and cancel the status effect of the Pokemon holding it. Every berry locale has a 1-5% chance of getting one, raised to 20% in natural rain
    Egg group-Undiscovered
    Pokedex entry-"Though more rigid and less flexible than Ditto, Mimia make up for it with greater natural strength. It has fused itself to metal, resulting in a fluid-like steel body"
    Note: This is a revival of Animon

    Melmetal(Mimian Form)
    Ability-Power Duplication
    Stat distribution-Altered to be much faster, but at the cost of Defense
    Evolution: Evolve Meltan within the premise of a strong(Lv 50+) Ditto

    Kalos the Great: An important, though posthumous figure. The direct ancestor of Lysandre and grandfather of AZ, Kalos was the first king of Kalos and where the country gets his name from. Kalos the Great was the one who discovered Infinity Energy as it's understood today, and the first one to properly harness it. And used it to give life to the first Meltan. However his research was stolen by intelligence from other nations. This eventually led to the terrible war his grandson AZ fought, and AZ's brother/Lysandre's direct ancestor was responsible for burying much of the knowledge after its abuse, and the nation of Kalos fell into decline. The reign of Kalos the Great, his daughter Delta, and grandsons AZ and OA were seen as "The First Age of Kalos". Kalos the Great's founding of Kalos is dated to around 3050 years before the events of X and Y
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
  15. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Ancient Scyther
    Type- Dragon/Fighting
    Ability- Technician/Tough Claws
    Hidden ability- Filter

    HP- 75
    Attack- 120
    Special attack- 25
    Defence- 100
    Special defence- 80
    Speed- 100
    Total- 500


    - Bite
    - Quick Attack
    - Sky Uppercut
    - Speed Slice
    -Ancient power
    - Low Kick
    - Counter
    - Wing attack
    5- Dragon rage
    7- Rock Smash
    9- Pursuit
    13- False Swipe
    17- Agility
    21- Dragon Claw
    24- Double Kick
    27 Dragon Dance
    29 Slash
    31 Jump Kick
    33 Night Slash
    37 Swords Dance
    41 X-Scissor
    43 Knock Off
    45 Steel Wing
    49 Crunch
    51 Close Combat
    53 Dragon Rush
    56 Feint
    59 Outrage
    61 Cross Chop
    70 Giga Impact

    New Move- Speed Slice (Fighting) Physical - BP40- 5pp- Attack has increased priority and has an increased critical hit ratio

    Dex Entry 1- Ancient Scyther was very different to its modern counterpart. It was a close range hunter who was more resilient than its later descendant. It started to die out due to powerful Psychic and Fairy types who were able to attack from distance. A theme park owner decided to invest money in genetic research for his ancient themed park which led to its revival.

    Dex Entry 2- Ancient Scyther has wings but cannot fly. Its wings were more of an additional weapon. While its body is more able to take direct damage than its later decedent it lacks the ability to attack from the air or effectively from a distance and this makes it vulnerable unless it can ambush its prey and strike decisively.

    Appearance- based on on the Beta form of Scyther which looked much more dinosaur like.

    How to obtain- Found extremely rarely in the wild and via an in-game trade (where the theme park owner reveals some of the Ancient Scyther have escaped into the wild.)
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
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  16. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Stone Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x4 effectiveness on Pokemon that can evolve via evolutionary stone

    Link Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x4 effectiveness on any Pokemon belonging to a line that involves trade evolution. This does not include trade evolution while holding an item
    Lines affected-Abra, Machop, Geodude, Gastly, Roggenrola, Timburr, Karrablast, Shelmet, Phantump, Pumpkaboo

    Shiny Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x4 effectiveness on any Pokemon belong to a line that involves evolution while holding an item
    Lines affected-Poliwag, Slowpoke, Onix, Horsea, Rhydon, Scyther, Elekid, Magby, Porygon, Clampearl, Duskull, Feebas, Spritzee, Swirlix, Happiny, Sneasel, Gligar

    Might Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x4 effectiveness on any Pokemon who evolves through levelling up while knowing a specific move, or in a certain location
    Lines affected-Eevee, Magnemite, Nosepass, Grubbin, Crabrawler, Aipom, Bonsly, Lickitung, Mime Jr, Bounsweet, Yanma, Poipole

    Rare Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x8 effectiveness if used on a shiny Pokemon

    Joy Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Has a x4 effectiveness on a Pokemon that evolve through friendship

    Molasses Ball
    Item type: Pokeball
    Effect: Increased effectiveness the slower the target is

    Wiry Whip
    Effect: This move has a chance of causing flinching

    Nova, Supernova and Hypernova
    Atk-200, 250 and 300 respectively
    Effect: The user faints after using this move. This move has a higher chance of inflicting a burn

    Acc-N/A(range, perfect accuracy)
    Effect: The user faints after using this move. After the move, the effects of Gravity are in play and no-one can leave the field

    Effect: For five turns, everyone floats, creating an immunity towards all Ground type attacks. If Levitate is cancelled, or a Pokemon's Flying status is cancelled, they remain immune to Ground type moves.

    Equal Field
    Effect: For five turns, all Pokemon's types lose their immunity. Steel types are able to be poisoned while Equal Field is up, but they will be cured once Equal Field is off the field
    • Pokemon weak to Ghost types on Equal Field-Girafarig, Meloetta(Aria Form), Oranguru
    • Pokemon weak to Fighting types on Equal Field-Sableye, Spiritomb, Froslass, Honedge line
    • Pokemon weak to Electric types on Equal Field-Gligar line, Landorus, Wooper line, Marshtomp, Swampert, Mega Swampert, Barboach line, Gastrodon, Palpitoad, Seismitoad
    • Pokemon weak to Poison types on Equal Field-Ferroseed line, Kartana, Mawile, Klefki, Magearna
    • Pokemon weak to Dragon types on Equal Field-Mega Altaria

    Light of Destruction
    Acc-100(single target)
    Effect: The user faints after using this move. This move ignores abilities and held item's effects, along with protecting moves, Substitute and Endure. This move affects Dark, Steel and Psychic types for neutral damage. This move will fail if not used by Ultra Necrozma. This move cannot be copied by Mimic, Copycat, Mirror Move or Sketch, and it cannot be randomly picked by Metronome
    Pokemon that can learn this: Necrozma

    Ability: While a Pokemon with this ability is on the field, blocking moves cannot be used, Pokemon cannot be forced to stay in, and moves cannot be used to deplete PP. No move can be used to restrict item usage. Shadow Tag is cancelled out with this move, but if a Pokemon with Shadow Tag is sent out after a Pokemon with Unrestricted then Unrestricted will be cancelled
  17. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Pink Butterfree
    Ability- Attracting wings
    Type- Bug/Flying
    Event only pokemon- Cannot breed.

    Attack- 45
    Special Attack-130
    Special Defence-80
    Total- 530

    1- Gust
    1- Confusion
    1- Attract
    1- Charm
    1- Twister
    1- Fairy Wind
    1- Nasty Plot
    5- Sting shot
    8- Harden
    10- Bug Bite
    13- Poison Powder
    13- Stun Spore
    13- Sleep Powder
    16- Psybeam
    19- Supersonic
    20- Air cutter
    22- Quiver Dance
    25- Whirlwind
    28- Air Slash
    30- Razor Wind
    35- Bug Buzz
    40- Rage powder
    45- Tailwind
    48- Roost
    51- Captivate
    54 Dazzling Gleam
    57 Heatwave
    60- Hurricane
    63- Insect Wind
    66- Hyper beam
    70- Heal Pulse

    New ability- Attracting Wings- Any wind based attacks (Hurricane, Heatwave, Insect wind, Air slash etc) has a 10% chance of inflicting attract status.

    New Move- Insect wind- (Bug) special- 5PP- BP100- hits all pokemon on the field. Has a 10% chance of inflicting paralysis.

    Dex Entry 1- This mysterious Butterfree is said to be the queen of all Butterfree, It is famous for its powerful wind based strikes that beguile.
    Dex entry 2- The Pink Butterfree is said to come from Pinkan Island. It often fights side by side with its mate from the Kanto region.
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  18. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Mega Evolutions

    I know that Megas aren't coming back in Gen 8, but I have my hope they'll eventually reuse this idea. Some Pokemon like Mega Mawile need to return. I might make some regular evolutions once Sword and Shield is out. There are other Pokemon that, when Gigantamax is out, I have interest in making them as such(like Mantine)

    Mega Clefable
    Mega Stone-Clefablite
    BST-583(95 HP, 50 Atk, 123 Def, 125 Sp Atk, 90 Sp Def, 100 Speed)
    Explanation-The steel part is a reference to how Clefable is implicitly an alien, so like metal from a meteorite. Also, it properly uses its wings

    Mega Machamp
    Ability-Iron Fist
    Mega Stone-Machampite
    BST-605(200 Atk, 80 Def, 45 Sp Atk, 55 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
    Explanation-Mega Machamp has two more bulky arms, so no wonder it has Iron Fist. As Alakazam and Gengar have their megas, I felt we should give the other original trade evos their megas. I thought I might give this absolute unit the highest physical attack in the game, and some decent speed, but I balanced it with poor Sp Def

    Mega Golem K and A
    Type-Rock/Ground(K), Rock/Electric(A)
    Ability-Compensating Shield(K), Galvanize(A). Compensating Shield means this Pokemon takes neutral damage from moves that'd be more than 2x effective on them. So Mega Golem K's 4x weakness to Ground and Water becomes neutral damage
    Mega Stone-Golemite K and Golemite A
    BST(K)-595(80 HP, 130 Atk, 235 Def, 45 Sp Atk, 65 Sp Def, 5 Speed)
    BST(A)-595(80 HP, 80 Atk, 40 Def, 155 Sp Atk, 95 Sp Def, 145 Speed)
    Explanation-Mega Golem K focuses on defense. Mega Golem A is meant to give a different playstyle, like Mega Garchomp except more drastic and doesn't get overshadowed by regular Alolan Golem. The lettering is for Kanto and Alola, as Golem has a mega form for its regular and Alolan forms, Paralleling Mega Machamp, I gave this Pokemon the best defense. However it sinks to being the slowest Pokemon as well

    Mega Slowking
    Ability-Cold Shoulder(Ice type moves get a 50% attack bonus)
    Mega Stone-Slowkingite
    BST-590(95 HP, 65 Atk, 180 Def, 150 Sp Atk, 90 Sp Def, 10 Speed)
    Explanation-Slowking forms more of a symbiosis with Shellder, gaining Cloyster's defense

    Mega Shuckle
    Ability-Pure Power
    Mega Stone-Shucklite
    BST-605(20 HP, 60 Atk, 255 Def, 10 Sp Atk, 255 Sp Def, 5 Speed)
    Explanation-I wanted to make it a good attacker and increase its already ludicrous defenses to be the highest possible

    Mega Octillery
    Ability-Mega Beam. This move boosts beam and gun moves
    Mega Stone-Octillerite
    BST-580(75 HP, 95 Atk, 55 Def, 155 Sp Atk, 75 Sp Def, 125 Speed)

    Mega Blissey
    Mega Stone-Blissite
    BST-640(255 HP, 10 Atk, 130 Def, 100 Sp Atk, 135 Sp Def, 10 Speed)
    Explanation-Making it an even bigger tank

    Mega Ninjask
    Ability-Acceleration(the user's speed increases by two stages each turn)
    Mega Stone-Ninjaskite
    BST-556(61 HP, 150 Atk, 45 Def, 50 Sp Atk, 50 Sp Def, 200 Speed)

    Mega Shedinja
    Ability-Wonder Shield(the user can only be harmed by direct super-effective moves. This Pokemon is immune to all indirect damage(status inflicting, entry hazards, weather damage))
    Mega Stone-Shedinjite
    BST-336(1 HP, 1 Def, 103 Atk, 1 Sp Def, 90 Sp Atk, 140 Speed)
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  19. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Alright this will be my first post in a series of solving the unused type-combos. First up is the first in alphabetical order: Bug/Dark!

    Parasquick (Parasite+Squick)
    The MAGGOT Pokémon
    0'02'', 0.4 lbs
    Ability: Swarm (HA:Suction Cups)
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Dex1: PARASQUICK are very common in dark areas, but few trainers catch them. This is not due to difficulty, but to disgust.
    Dex2: PARASQUICK often can be found attached to other bug Pokémon. They will be placed there by WIDOOM, and steal energy from their hosts for months before detaching and finding a place to evolve.

    When Parasquick reaches lvl. 20, it will evolve into either Trikureet or Widoom depending on its gender.

    Trikureet (Corruption of "Trick-or-Treat", sounds like "Trick or eat")
    The TRAP-SETTER Pokémon
    1'03", 19.9 lbs
    Ability: Web Trap* (HA:Arena Trap)
    Gender Ratio: All Male
    Dex1: Trainers should be careful in TRIKUREET habitats. The ground is littered with their traps, as well as many Pokémon that have fallen prey.
    Dex2: TRIKUREET are known for making complex traps under the ground and disguising them with sand or leaves.

    *Web Trap: The first Pokémon to make contact with Trikureet in a battle will have its speed drastically lowered.

    Widoom (Black Widow+Doom)
    The CUNNING Pokémon
    1'04'', 23.0 lbs
    Ability: Workaround* (HA=Anticipation)
    Gender Ratio: All Female
    Dex1: WIDOOM are even more cunning than their male counterparts. They use their intelligence to predict their prey's path and behavior so they can make a trap.
    Dex2: Despite their insidious nature, WIDOOM are very loving to their children. They will often attach their children to SHROOMISH and PARAS so that their children can eat and find new homes.

    *Workaround: When an opposing Pokemon raises a stat, Widoom will raise the respective stat by one stage. For example, if the opposing Hawlucha uses Swords Dance and sharply raises its attack, Widoom's defense will raise. Attack>Defense, Defense>Attack, Sp. Attack>Sp. Defense, Sp. Defense>Sp. Attack, Accuracy>Evasion, Evasion>Accuracy, Speed>Speed.

    Parasquick would be found in some early-game forest, sort of a Petalburg Woods equivalent. Trikureet and Widoom have no natural habitat, but there would be a couple in one spooky mid-game area that uses these. You can find Parasquick holding a Tiny Mushroom (10%) or a Pecha Berry (15%). Both Trikureet and Widoom have decent stats focused mainly on Sp. Attack, but Trikureet is really speedy and Widoom has high Sp. Defense.
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    Second in my series of unused type combos: Ice/Fire. This one was really difficult but I think this idea is good enough.

    Loopeero (Loopy+Pyro)
    The DIZZY Pokémon
    2'09'', 39.8 lbs
    Ability: Oblivious
    Gender Ratio: 3/1
    Dex1: LOOPEERO are only found in cold environments. However, these environments will begin to warm with this Pokémon's presence.
    Dex2: LOOPEERO are covered in small geyser-like organs. These organs constantly emit a warm gas confusing LOOPEERO.

    Yetitherm (Yeti+Thermal)
    The CONFUSED Pokémon
    4'06'', 73.3 lbs
    Ability: Hazy Fumes*
    Gender Ratio: 3/1
    Dex1: When mountain climbers see a light grey fog suddenly appearing, they know YETITHERM are close.
    Dex2: A thin cloud of fog made from warm and cold air is always emitted from this Pokémon's body.

    *Hazy Fumes: All other Pokémon on the field have a chance to become confused each turn.

    Tembomina (Temperature+Abominable)
    The ANGRY Pokémon
    6'11'', 178.3 lbs
    Ability: Hazy Fumes
    Gender Ratio: 3/1
    Dex1: If you see a Tembomina, run. If it sees you, drop an item. This will distract them and allow you to escape.
    Dex2: Tembomina are almost always confused due to thick fog around them and how it clouds their brain. They are easily enraged by the slightest sound or movement.

    Tembomina is a bulky physical attacker. Loopeero could be found in the late-game icy area, and Yetitherm could be found in SOS battles.

    Loopeero evolves when it reaches Lvl. 35, and Yetitherm evolves when leveled up holding an ice stone.

    Edit: Forgot to edit this earlier. Surprisingly, Galar gives us an Ice/Fire-type in the form of G-Darmanitan-ZM. Neat.
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