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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Time for the thirteenth entry, which also is a new regional variant. Given Alola and Galar, it now is a decent possibility that regional variants will continue as a gimmick in new games, although let's wait til Gen 9 before making more assumptions. For ease, I'll just call these Galarian forms.

    Galarian Psyduck
    The DUCK Pokémon
    2'06", 42.3 lbs
    Ability: Rattled/Poison Touch
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Water 1, Field
    Dex1: PSYDUCK have adapted to much harsher and toxic environments. While they can still swim, their watery powers have sharply declined.
    Dex2: When PSYDUCK has one its characteristic headaches, a strange substance leaks from its pores. While toxic, this liquid can also be used to make medicine.

    G-Psyduck evolves at lvl. 33.

    Galarian Golduck
    The DUCK Pokémon
    5'04", 161.5 lbs
    Ability: Rattled/Poison Touch
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Water 1, Field
    Dex1: GOLDUCK has adapted to the poisoning of its habitat. Its own sweat can corrode steel.
    Dex2: GOLDUCK lurk under the surface of lakes. When a fish Pokémon swims by, GOLDUCK will disable it using its psychic powers before poisoning and eating it.

    G-Psyduck and G-Golduck resemble their Kantonese counterparts, but are shorter and have purple skin and black beaks. Golduck's gem is larger and has a pink coloration. In shiny form, G-Psyduck and G-Golduck are a toxic green with dark red beaks, and in the case of G-Golduck's gem, purple.

    G-Psyduck would be found in a mid-game (4th gym) poisonous lake with fog coming off of it. Other Pokémon you can find near or in the lake include: Tentacool/Tentacruel (Exclusive to Blue/Silver/Sapphire equivalent), Gulpin, Carvanha/Sharpedo (Exclusive to Red/Gold/Ruby equivalent), Seviper (Exclusive to B/S/S equivalent), Zangoose (Exclusive to R/G/R equivalent), Foonguss, and Gastly.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  2. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Now for the fourteenth entry, which is another Galarian Form. This is to compensate for the fact that we never got a Mega-Flygon.

    Galarian Trapinch
    The ANT PIT Pokémon
    3'00", 41.0 lbs
    Ability: Rough Skin/Hyper Cutter
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Bug, Dragon
    Dex1: Living in a harsh environment has made TRAPINCH more aggressive. They get impatient if their trap goes unused for more than a day.
    Dex2: Living in such a harsh environment has made TRAPINCH hardier. Some can go for a month without water.

    G-Trapinch evolves when it reaches lvl. 35

    Galarian Vibrava

    The VIBRATION Pokémon
    4'01", 52.6 lbs
    Ability: Rough Skin/Intimidate
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Bug, Dragon
    Dex1: VIBRAVA can vibrate its wings at rapid speeds. Due to its rough skin, this creates a hypnotizing ringing sound.
    Dex2: VIBRAVA's skin is covered in tiny hooks that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Trainers should wear thick gloves before touching a VIBRAVA, or these hooks will embed themselves in the skin.

    G-Vibrava evolves when it reaches lvl. 45

    Galarian Flygon
    The MYSTIC Pokémon
    7'08", 209.5 lbs
    Ability: Rough Skin/Intimidate
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Bug, Dragon
    Dex1: FLYGON's skin constantly irritates it. As such, they are extremely prone to anger, and should be approached slowly.
    Dex2: Several years ago, scientists decided to see what a FLYGON from Galar and one from Hoenn would do when they meet. The resulting fight was horrifyingly brutal.

    The Galarian forms of the Trapinch line are visibly larger than their Hoennese counterparts, and a reddish-brown in color with orange accent lines. Their wings are thinner, but longer, and their eyes no longer appear to be wearing thick goggles. G-Vibrava can be found in a later-game (6th or 7th gym) rocky route similar to Route 12 in Alola. Other Pokémon that can be found here include Dugtrio, Gabite, Namorat (one of my own, see Entry #7), and Gurdurr.
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  3. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Akwa, the Water Pokemon
    Type-Ice/Normal(Solid Forme), Water/Normal(Liquid Form)
    Ability-Temperature Shift. This is an ability only Akwa can have and it cannot be suppressed or copied. If Akwa is hit by a Fire type move or is given a Burn, it does not take damage from the Fire type move and the Burn immediately goes away without any damage. Instead, it changes to a Water type
    Stat distribution: This Pokemon has a decent BST of 510. Its bulky and slow in its Solid Form, and speedy and swift in its Liquid Form
    Note: This Pokemon is meant to be living water. Its Solid Form is a sort of spidery-like ice creature, and its Liquid Form is a blob creature with spider-like limbs. Both look cute. Normal type? That's because it's just basic normal ice/water

    Item: Held item, one use only
    Effect: The user will not be damaged if hit by a Water type move

    Sinnoan Wooloo and Dubwool
    Ability-Fluffy/Rough Skin(normal), Scrubber(Hidden). Scrubber means that if it hits Pokemon by any move, they will be cured of their status condition
    Evolution: Unchanged
    Note: This Pokemon takes notes from iron or steel wool, hence the typing

    Boxing Gloves
    Item: Held item, continued usage
    Effect: The user's punching moves are boosted in power
    Pokemon that can be found holding these items: Tyrogue and Hitmonchan, Crabrawler, Clobbopus line

    Pinjabbit, the Sea Urchin Pokemon
    Ability-Iron Barbs(normal), Poison Touch(hidden)
    Evolution: Pincurchin-Trade for Pyukumuku-Pinjabbit
    Note: The name includes "jab it"

    Pyukumacho, the Sea Cucumber Pokemon
    Ability-Magic Bounce(normal), Sturdy(Hidden)
    Evolution: Pyumukmuku-Trade for Pincurchin-Pyukumacho
    Note: Unlike its pre-evolution, Pyukumuku is able to fight for itself, however it trades away Pyukumuku's indirect combat.

    Sinnoan Cufant and Copperajah
    Type-Ground(Cufant), Ground/Fighting(Copperajah)
    Ability, evolution: Unchanged

    Sinnoan Phanpy and Donphan
    Type-Water(Phanpy), Water/Fighting(Donphan)
    Ability, evolution: Unchanged

    Nimbast, the Weather Pokemon
    Type-Flying(normal), Fire(Sunny Form), Water(Rainy Form), Ice(Snowy Form), Ground(Sandy Form). Sandy Form is for Sandstorm
    Ability: Weather Machine. Changes type and form. Flying type moves will be converted to the type of its new form
    Evolution: Castform-Trade with Cloud Machine-Nimbast
    Item: Cloud Machine. Allows Castform to evolve, and when a Pokemon sets up a weather move they will be immune to direct damage during that term
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  4. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Type- Psychic/Fairy
    Ability- Royal Protection/Prankster
    Hidden ability- Mimicry
    Evolves from Regular Mr. Mime only when holding a Kings Rock with a Shiny stone.

    Special attack-120
    Defence- 85
    Special Defence- 120
    Speed- 100
    Total- 520


    -Me First
    -Nasty plot
    -Aura Sphere
    - Transform
    - Flash cannon
    - Recover
    - Dazzling gleam

    Ability- Royal Protection lowers the damage targeted at itself or any allies ¼, regardless of the effectiveness multiplier.

    Dex entry 1- Mimeking is the ultimate mimic. It uses its mimicry skill to protect its allies. It often enjoys playing games with its enemies.

    Dex Entry 2- The king of the Mimic Pokemon it considers
    Mr Rime
    to be its ultimate rival.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
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  5. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member


    Magnice, Polarabolt and Cryomakina, the Cold Device and Superconductor Pokemon
    Ability-Levitate(normal), Slush Rush(hidden)
    Evolution: Magnice-Lv 30-Polarabolt-Lv up in a magnetic area-Cryomakina
    Egg group: Mineral/Genderless
    Pokedex entry
    • Magnice: "The very air around Magnice condenses around it. It's these cold conditions that power its electrical functions"
    • Polarabolt: "The first Polarabolt were found in an Antarctic research facility, near a mysterious metal mountain. Studies of the mountain suggests that it was some sort of asteroid long before the rise of man"
    • Cryomakina: "Cryomakina is guarded by icicles as hard as steel. It is exceptionally intelligent, and the colder it is the smarter it becomes"
    Notes: The Magnice line is meant to represent superconductors and superconductivity, hence the typing. It's a sort of Magnemite counterpart, similar to how Klink was this in Gen V

    Completed Galarian Fossils: Re-do and More

    Possible Sinnoh new Pokemon, if like USUM they can introduce new Pokemon. These are the complete forms of the Galarian fossils. Rather than missasembling them, they use more sophisticated means of filling the genetic blanks. It implies that fossil Pokemon in general aren't complete replicas ala Jurassic Park, but their Rock typing is meant to fill in the gaps. They are strong with 540 BST and rare, requiring certain Pokemon in the party so they can determine what to give you through genetic analysis.

    Dunkleovish, the Primitive Fish Pokemon
    Ability-Stamina(normal), Strong Jaw(Hidden)
    Egg group-Water 2, 1/8 female
    Note: This Pokemon is the true form of the Fish Fossil. You must have an Arctovish and Dracovish in the party. It went extinct around 300 million years ago, a cataclysm thought to be caused by the original form of Genesect

    Protodrake, the Old Dragon Pokemon
    Ability-Mold Breaker(normal), Intimidate(Hidden)
    Egg group-Dragon, 1/8 female
    Note: This is the true form of the Drake Fossil. Archeologists believe that it is the first dragon Pokemon, and it dates back 300 million years. You need a Dracozolt and Dracovish in the party

    Paleobeast, Dreadator and Primisect, the Ancient Hunter and Apex Hunter Pokemon
    Type-Bug/Rock(Paleobeast, Dreadator), Bug/Dark(Primisect)
    Ability-Sniper/Intimidate(Paleobeast, Dreadator), Apex Hunter(Primisect), Mega Launcher(Hidden Ability). Apex Hunter boosts this Pokemon's atk and sp atk when faced with a Pokemon of the same type as it
    Evolution: Paleobeast-Lv 30-Dreadator-Lv 55-Primisect
    Egg group-Bug, 1/8 female
    Note: This line is meant to be a fossil type version of a psuedo-legendary. Its final form of Primisect is actually the original form of Genesect. It implies that this is the being who caused an extinction 300 million years ago in its hunts, only to eventually wipe itself out without proper food supply. It has a gender ratio, suggesting some things with Genesect were lost in revival

    Genesect(Upgraded Forme)
    Ability-Plasma Drive. Normal moves are converted to the type of the drive it is holding. If the Pokemon is not holding a drive, they become Steel type moves
    Note: This is the completed form of Genesect, formerly denied by N

    Terazolt, the Flying Bolt Pokemon
    Egg group-Field/Dragon, 1/8 female
    Note: Terazolt is the true form of the Bird Fossil, having gone extinct around 100 million years ago. You need an Arctozolt and Arctovish in the party

    Kretadino, the Terminus Pokemon
    Ability-Adamant Armor(this Pokemon is immune to Fighting moves, normal), Fluffy(Hidden)
    Egg group-Field/Monster, 1/8 female
    Note: Kretadino is the last "dinosaur" Pokemon, emerging shortly before a mysterious cataclysm of 100 million years ago that saw the end of other fossil Pokemon. Hence "Cretaceous" and its adaptable typing for the twilight. You need an Arctozolt and Dracozolt in the party

    Variant Forms

    Not giving a specific name for the region they're from, just look at the title

    Mareep line
    Ability-Fluffy(normal), Rough Skin(Hidden)
    Evolution: Unchanged
    Note: The Mareep line here takes notes from steel wool, hence Rough Skin as an ability

    Mantyke and Mantine
    Ability-Aerialize(normal), Lightningrod(Hidden)
    Evolution: Mantyke-Max Friendship-Mantine
    Note: This variant is based off a more literal kite from what it normally is.

    Snubbull and Granbull
    Type-Fighting(Snubbull), Fighting/Dark(Granbull)
    Ability-Strong Jaw/Intimidate(normal), Defiant(Hidden)
    Evolution: Snubbull-Max Friendship-Granbull
    Note: This takes notes on the bulldog. It protects, but it's also kind of vicious, hence the typing

    Nuzleaf and Shiftry
    Ability-Early Bird/Scent(normal), Aerialize(Hidden)
    Evolution: Seedot-Lv 14-Nuzleaf-Shiny Stone-Shiftry
    Note: The variant becomes more like its inspiration of the tengu, the fairy referencing the youkai
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  6. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Fifteenth entry for unused type combos. This one's a bit meh, but I should have another entry out today or tomorrow.

    Clangolin (Clang+Pangolin)
    The STEEL SCALE Pokémon
    3'01", 84.1 lbs
    Ability: Curl Up*
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 490
    Dex1: CLANGOLIN are easily frightened, and will curl into a ball when threatened. It is very difficult to convince a CLANGOLIN to uncurl.
    Dex2: Over many millennia, CLANGOLIN have evolved and developed a tough, spiky coat. Its skin is thick that even a jackhammer will fail to leave a scratch.

    *Curl Up: "Seeing that is in danger of fainting, this Pokémon curls up into a small, defensive ball."

    Curl Up activates when Clangolin's health goes below 50%, and deactivates if it gets back above 50%. When Curl Up activates, Clangolin jumps into the air and rolls into a spiky ball, fully protecting its soft front. Its stats are different in this form, drastically lowering attack and speed, but raising defense and sp. attack.
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  7. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    Assuming there is no DPPt remakes, which is possible as day/night-exclusive encounter mechanic does not exist in SwSh, a few changes Galar can have are thus:

    *About 100 "new" species, including around 7 actually new species.
    *Most likely no new Regional Forms/Evolutions, as there were none in USUM.
    *Return of some of the old moves/items at least the old Signature Moves.
    *A changed Champion Cup.
    *A few new Gigantamax forms.
    *A secondary antagonist, which might not necessarily even an actual antagonist a la Ultra Recon Squad.
    *New Egg Moves for existing Pokémon, and possibly new Egg Groups for the "new" Pokémon from previous gens.

    For the 100 "new" Pokémon, I imagine the bulk of them will be missing former version counterparts and three-stagers, to fill up the space without including too many different evolutionary families. For the around 7 new Pokémon, if there is no DPPt remakes, then chances are 2 of the missing Mythicals instead of just one will be here, with the remaining 5 being possibly anything ranging from new mascot legends to actual side-evos including new Eeveelutions.

    Return of old moves/items kinda depends on whether the Legendaries will be available in post-game and the amount of Move Tutors. A changed Champion Cup is almost a given, since none of the rivals, especially Bede (RIP Reuniclus), have proper teams.

    For new Gigantamax forms there are actually a lot of potential species, but most likely it will be the standard starters, legendaries, pseudo combo. The base game does not have a lot Gigantamax forms, so any future iteration including DPPt remakes would not have a lot of them either.

    It is also possible they might revisit another region without day/night cycle, but the only options are Kanto, Hoenn, Unova and Kalos. Former two only recently got remakes, and the latter two are fairly new (and Unova has season system so that's a no go), but Kalos is very similar to Galar and is largely unfinished, so...
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  8. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Variant And Evos

    These are Pokemon who normally Mega Evolve. But if Gamefreak won't let us keep our Mega they better make these Pokemon more viable without it. Also, I did a Swablu variant

    Mawile and Starvwile, the Hungry Pokemon
    Ability-Strong Jaw(normal), Gluttony(Hidden)
    Evolution: Mawile-Lv 35-Starvwile
    Note: Starvwile is referencing the dark origins of the futakuchi-onna. The Dark typing reflects its more deceiving nature, and the dark origins

    Sableye and Sablobin, the Invader Pokemon
    Ability-Strong Jaw(normal), Pickpocket(Hidden)
    Evolution: Sableye-Lv 35-Sablobin
    Note: This takes notes from its origins as the Hopskin Goblin. The Psychic typing is a reference to how alien in Pokemon are usually the Psychic typing

    Shuppet, Banette and Fluffette, the Doll Pokemon
    Ability-Friend Guard/Fluffy(normal), Prankster(Hidden)
    Evolution: Shuppet-Lv 37-Banette-Max Friendship, Lv 47 or higher-Fluffette
    Note: The variant form of Shuppet is based off the idea of if the Pokemon actually got love and attention and wasn't a grudge-filled abandoned toy

    Audino and Mediaudio, the Healer Pokemon
    Type-Fighting(Audino), Fighting/Flying(Mediaudia)
    Evolution: Audino-Learn Heal Pulse at Lv 43(changed to this for variant Audino)-Mediaudio
    Note: Audino is a fighter defending its teammates, and takes angelic-like wings resulting in the Flying type as Mediaudio

    Swablu and Altaria
    Ability-Fluffy(normal), Aerliate (Hidden).
    Evolution: Swablu-Shiny Stone-Altaria
    Note: Why Fluffy? Just look at how much plummage it has! I think it would fit pure Flying
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  9. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    Looking at the remaining typings according to primary types, we have something like this:

    16: Water, Rock
    14: Bug, Electric
    13: Fire
    12: Grass
    11: Dark/Psychic
    10: Ground, Ice, Poison
    9: Normal, Steel, Dragon
    8: Ghost
    7: Fighting
    4: Flying
    3: Fairy

    **Rock is only missing the remaining type combinations, so chances are it will be complete by the end of next generation or the gen after.
    **Bug is only missing the remaining type combinations and Ice/Bug, since Snom-line is primary Ice.
    **Fire and Grass are both missing a lot. Since next generation will have starters with actual type combinations at least one of them for each should be covered.
    **Remaining types are in a long way to go.

    Because the introduction of new typings have declined in favour of generalizing unique type combinations, it will take a while more than the expected Gen 12 for all typings to be completed. Instead, the remaining type combinations should end in Gen 11 instead of Gen 9, and remaining typings should end in Gen 16, instead of Gen 12, assuming no new types are introduced Gen 10 or beyond.

    We are also assuming next gen's form change gimmick will not involve type changes, of course, but that seems less likely considering how Complete Zygarde has inspired Gigantamax with its HP gimmick, which would suggets the Za duo's armor gimmick will inspire the next gen.

    Edit: For Egg Groups, a fair amount of unused Egg Group combos are used in SwSh. The summary is below
    Formerly Unique Egg Group Combos:
    1. Fairy/Amorphous: Castfrom. Now also available for Milcremie-line.
    2. Mineral/Amorphous: Yamask-line. Also available for Sinistea-line, but they are genderless.
    New Egg Group combos:
    1. Human-Like/Amorphous: Ralts-line, retconned.
    2. Amorphous/Dragon: Dreepy-line, new.
    3. Grass/Dragon: Applin-line, new.
    4. Mineral/Dragon: Duraludon, new.
    5. Bug/Dragon: Trapinch-line, retconned.
    6. Fairy/Human-Like: Impidimp, new.
    7. Flying/Human-Like: Hawlucha, retconned.
    8. Water 1/Human-Like: Clobbopus, new.
    9. Field/Mineral: Cufant, new.
    10. Monster/Mineral: Bergmite, retconned.
    Remaining unused Egg Group combos:
    1. Amorphous/Bug
    2. Amorphous/Field
    3. Amorphous/Flying
    4. Amorphous/Monster
    5. Amorphous/Water 2
    6. Amorphous/Water 3
    7. Bug/Field
    8. Bug/Flying
    9. Bug/Monster
    10. Bug/Water 2
    11. Dragon/Fairy
    12. Dragon/Human-Like
    13. Dragon/Water 3
    14. Fairy/Monster
    15. Fairy/Water 2
    16. Fairy/Water 3
    17. Field/Water 3
    18. Flying/Grass
    19. Flying/Mineral
    20. Flying/Water 2
    21. Flying /Water 3
    22. Human-Like/Mineral
    23. Human-Like/Water 2
    24. Human-Like/Water 3
    25. Mineral/Water 1
    26. Mineral/Water 2
    27. Mineral/Water 3
    28. Monster/Water 2
    29. Monster/Water 3
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2019
  10. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    @ Yusef: Here's my take on type combos who've been done, but not in the order mentioned below. Funnily enough, Rock is the only case where every secondary Rock typing has a primary counterpart.
    • Normal: Normal/Dark, Normal/Fire, Normal/Electric
    • Grass: Grass/Bug, Grass/Rock, Grass/Normal
    • Fire: Fire/Electric, Fire/Ice, Fire/Poison
    • Electric: Electric/Rock, Electric/Bug, Electric/Ground
    • Fighting: Fighting/Water, Fighting/Bug, Fighting/Fire, Fighting/Grass, Fighting/Normal, Fighting/Dragon
    • Psychic: Psychic/Electric, Psychic/Water, Psychic/Ice, Psychic/Rock, Psychic/Ground, Psychic/Bug
    • Ghost: Ghost/Bug, Ghost/Ice, Ghost/Electric, Ghost/Water, Ghost/Steel, Ghost/Psychic, Ghost/Fighting
    • Dark: Dark/Poison, Dark/Water, Dark/Rock, Dark/Grass, Dark/Ground, Dark/Electric
    • Bug: Bug/Ice
    • Poison: Poison/Grass, Poison/Ghost, Poison/Rock, Poison/Electric
    • Flying: Every combination except for Dragon, Steel and Water
    • Ice: Ice/Dark, Ice/Electric, Ice/Rock, Ice/Fighting, Ice/Dragon
    • Ground: Ground/Poison, Ground/Bug, Ground/Grass, Ground/Normal
    • Steel: Steel/Ice, Steel/Electric, Steel/Bug, Steel/Water, Steel/Fire, Steel/Dark, Steel/Grass
    • Dragon: Dragon/Grass, Dragon/Steel, Dragon/Water, Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Rock, Dragon/Normal
    • Fairy: Every combination except Flying and Steel

    Buffalius, the Water Carrier Pokemon
    Ability-Water Absorb(normal), Storm Drain(Hidden)
    Egg group-Field, 1 male/1 female
    Pokedex: "Buffalius' tough hide allows it to wade through even the swampiest of waters. "Blowholes" on its back allows it to convert stagnant water to pure, healthy water"
    Basis-This Pokemon is based on the water buffalo, along with Aquarius the water bearer

    Serpice, Ophibeast and Ophiterra, the Sea Serpent Pokemon
    Ability-Wet Suit/Gluttony(normal), Snow Warning(Hidden)
    Egg group-Monster, 2 male/1 female
    Evolution: Serpice-Lv 35-Ophibeast-Lv 55-Ophiterra
    Pokedex entry
    • "Serpice create small icebergs to guard and mark their territory. Many ships have been lost underestimating their size and toughness"
    • "Much like an iceberg, most of Ophibeast is hidden. Its tail can freeze the water around it and use the ice sheets as a weapon"
    • "For centuries, none dared to venture too north lest they incur the wrath of Ophiterra. Their true dwelling are ice fortresses, which serve as respites for seabearing Pokemon and graves for lost sailors"
    Basis-The Serpice line is inspired from sea serpents, mainly taking the bent of ones from cold waters like Jormungandr. Hence Wet Suit, an ability which is the Water type equivalent of Motor Drive and boosts this Pokemon's speed if hit by a Water type instead of being damaged. This is a psuedo-legendary Pokemon
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  11. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Sixteenth unused type combo is a combo that I've seen a lot of Fakémon based upon, but almost all of those were blobs of mercury so let's not do that.

    Gask (Shortening of Gas Mask)
    The PROTECTED Pokémon
    Steel/Fighting (Wait for the new type combo)
    1'02", 25.5 lbs
    Ability: Filter/Shed Skin (HA:Water Absorb)
    Gender Ratio: Genderless
    Egg Group: Human-like, Dragon
    BST: 255
    Dex1: GASK have a second layer of skin over the first. The layer acts as a protective suit from dangerous chemicals.
    Dex2: GASK breathe slowly and audibly. Their snouts filter dangerous chemicals and quickly expel them from the nostrils.

    When Gask reaches lvl. 23, it evolves into Gaskotron.

    Gaskotron (Gask+"Tron" suffix)
    The THICK SUIT Pokémon
    4'00", 83.3 lbs
    Ability: Filter/Shed Skin (HA: Water Absorb)
    Gender Ratio: Genderless
    Egg Group: Human-like, Dragon
    BST: 435
    Dex1: They are well-adapted for exploring dangerous areas. The have several protective layers of hardened skin, although these must be replaced often.
    Dex2: GASKOTRON live in large groups. GASKOTRON with many holes and tears in their skin layers are seen as brave and strong.

    Gaskotron evolves into Gaskinator upon leveling up knowing Shell Smash. Gaskotron learns Shell Smash at lvl. 33.

    Gaskinator (Gask+"Inator" suffix)
    The SHED SKIN Pokémon
    5'08", 134.2 lbs
    Ability: Poison Touch/Shed Skin (HA: Water Absorb)
    Gender Ratio: Genderless
    Egg Group: Human-like, Dragon
    BST: 525
    Dex1: GASKINATOR has destroyed its protective skin layers and absorbed nearby toxins. Its sweat irritates human skin, so trainers should avoid touching it.
    Dex2: When GASKOTRON evolves into GASKINATOR, it leaves a large pile of ripped and broken skins behind. These can be turned into protective hazmat suits.

    Gask can be encountered in the same area as my previously-mentioned Galarian Psyduck (See Entry #13). "Scientist" trainers will often use Gask or Gaskotron. Gaskinator (or its pre-evolutions) has access to many moves, such as:
    • Acid
    • Belch
    • Bite
    • Dragon Breath
    • Flash Cannon
    • Iron Defense
    • Mirror Shot
    • Rock Smash
    • Rolling Kick
    • Shell Smash
    • and Vital Throw
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  12. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Sinnohan Meowth
    Type- Fighting
    Ability- Technician or Inner Focus
    Hidden ability-Guts


    HP- 40
    Attack- 60
    Special attack- 30
    Defence- 40
    Special Defence-40
    Speed- 80
    Total- 290

    — Fake Out
    — Growl
    — Double Kick
    4 Karate Chop
    8 Mach Punch
    12 Pay Day
    16 Bite
    20 Taunt
    24 Low Kick
    29 Fury Swipes
    30 Sky Uppercut
    32 Screech
    36 Slash
    40 Bulk Up
    44 Play Rough
    48 Jump Kick

    Dex Entry 1- In the Sinnoh region meowth in the region started to develop stronger muscles to deal with tough competition for food. This pokemon no longer seeks shiny objects a it is purely focused on survival

    Dex Entry 2- In the Sinnoh region Meowth have learnt a unique martial arts style. It is said that once they have mastered it and are no longer materialistic they are ready to evolve.

    Ability- Technician or Iron Fist
    Hidden ability-Guts
    Evolves from Sinnohan Meowth levelling up while knowing Sky Uppercut (but not payday or Thief)


    HP- 60
    Attack- 110
    Special attack- 10
    Defence- 60
    Special Defence-60
    Speed- 140
    Total- 440

    — Fake Out
    — Agility
    — Double Kick
    — Shadow Claw
    — Focus Punch
    — Thunder Punch
    — Ice Punch
    — Fire Punch
    4 Karate Chop
    8 Mach Punch
    12 Recover
    16 Crunch
    20 Taunt
    24 Low Kick
    26 Smack Down
    29 Fury Swipes
    30 Sky Uppercut
    32 Screech
    36 Slash
    38 Drain Punch
    40 Bulk Up
    44 Play Rough
    48 Hi Jump Kick
    52 Close Combat
    56 Superpower
    60 Giga Impact

    Dex Entry 1- Uppurrcat It is an honourable fighter but can be extremely quick and deadly when it needs to be. Its fists are deadly weapons that can even knock birds from the sky.
    Dex Entry 2- As the only member of the Meowth family that cannot learn payday many claim this is the only honest member of it. It seems to dislike Alolan Persian most of all.

    Note- Sky uppercut now deals supereffective damage to Flying types.
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  13. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    I believe you should change "supereffective damage. damage" to "super effective damage". Otherwise, I like the idea.
  14. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Entry #17 for unused type combos. We're getting there! Just a few combos left! I would say this is probably one of the most-wanted unused type combinations, and is one I think we'll get in Gen 9 or 10.

    Weasear (Weasel+Sear)
    The RODENT Pokémon
    1'04", 14.5 lbs
    Ability: Cheek Pouch/Gluttony (HA: Pester)
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 216
    Dex1: WEASEAR are both wide-spread and widely hated. They steal berries and other crops in the middle of the night.
    Dex2: WESEAR are a common pest, destroying large sections of fields with their flames.

    When Weasear reaches lvl. 21, it evolves into Pesteal.

    Pesteal (Pest+Steal)
    The RODENT Pokémon
    2'01", 29.3 lbs
    Ability: Cheek Pouch/Gluttony (HA: Pester)
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 421
    Dex1: PESTEAL are even worse for farmers than RATTATA and SCYTHER. They gorge themselves on berries, then burn what they don't eat.
    Dex2: PESTEAL can fit half a dozen berries in their mouth. They will then run away to their secret, grassy dens with their prize.

    *Pester: "This Pokémon uses its speed and wit to annoy its opponents. They easily get fatigued and confused."

    Weasear and Pesteal would be very common Pokémon, found throughout INSERT REGION HERE, especially in early areas. There also is a mid-game farm area being antagonized by numerous pest Pokémon (including Weasear and Pesteal) that the player can deal with in exchange for an egg that hatches into either Tauros or Miltank depending on which version of the game you get.
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  15. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    So, looking at previous generations:

    Mega Evolutions: 29 +20 Megas, +2 Primal Reversions
    Z-moves: 18 type crystals+11+6 unique Z-moves
    Gigantamax: 26 (2 currently unavailable)

    Looking at this, we can extrapolate some things:
    **Next game's Gigantamax forms will likely be around 13-18 range, though this is assuming Gigantamax Melmetal and Toxicricity are made available in SwSh of course.
    **Instead of ultimate Abilities as I initially assumed would be case before Dynamax reveal, it seems something related to Types will be the next gimmick, as mentioned before. It fits in with the 18 types plus additions formula of Z-moves.
    **Since generational gimmicks are now passive instead of requiring held items, that means "Ultimate Items" might come to pass by Gen 10, assuming we don't get an Armor gimmick in Gen 9 and we don't get anything related to Elemental Gems for Gen 5 remakes, if they happen.*
    **Nonetheless, even with keeping generational gimmicks for a single console generation, by Gen 11 we will have a full theoritical team of generational gimmicks. The fact they won't exist in the game's code or TCG will not change much since other spin-offs like Masters and Pokkén will likely keep using them. So we will need an actual permanent mechanic change like in Gens 1-5 for battles sometime in the future.

    *Which kind of depends on when Gen 4 remakes will occur. If we don't get them this gen or the next, then they will likely happen in Gen 10.

    For regional forms:
    Alola: 18(15 full+3 side)
    Galar: 13(11 full+2 side)+ 6 regional evolutions (4 main+2 side).

    Generation-by-generation regional form count has remained somewhat stable, so we will likely not see a change in the future.
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  16. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army

    I think you might have posted in the wrong topic.
  17. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    Entry #18 is one that I meant to post a while ago. It's an interesting type-combo that I really want to see since we got Poison+Electric and Poison+Fairy.

    Isoglate (Isolate+Glacier)
    The ICE BLOCK Pokémon
    1'11", 51.6 lbs
    Ability: Ice Body/Ice Scales (HA: Heat Proof)
    Gender Ratio: 75% Male, 25% Female
    Egg Group: Water 1
    BST: 250
    Dex1: ISOGLATE's body is 75% ice. However, if you look closely at its flat surface, you can make out the dark shadow of something underneath.
    Dex2: ISOGLATE slowly waddle their cubic bodies along the ground at a speed of 2.6 miles per hour. Due to their slowness, they have historically been overhunted to near-extinction.

    When Isoglate reaches lvl. 23, it evolves into Pinnipris.

    Pinnipris (Pinniped+Prison)
    The CRACKED ICE Pokémon
    2'10", 63.4 lbs
    Ability: Ice Body/Snow Cloak (HA: Heat Proof)
    Gender Ratio: 75% Male, 25% Female
    Egg Group: Water 1
    BST: 375
    Dex1: The energy emitted during evolution has partially released PINNIPRIS from its icy prison. However, it is now much more aggressive and hungry.
    Dex2: PINNIPRIS is much hungrier than ISOGLATE. If given the opportunity, it will eat 3 times its body weight daily.

    Pinnipris evolves into Leparath when an Ice Stone is used on it.

    Leparath (Leopard [as in leopard seal]+Wrath)
    The ICE BEAST Pokémon
    4'08", 121.3 lbs
    Ability: Poison Point/Snow Cloak (HA: Heat proof)
    Gender Ratio: 75% Male, 25% Female
    Egg Group: Water 1
    BST: 500
    Dex1: LEPARATH has shredded and splintered the icy shell it once wore. LEPARATH males are considered more attractive the more and sharper icicles cover their skin.
    Dex2: Few Ice-types are more aggressive than LEPARATH. They are extremely stubborn when it comes to their territory, so they often tussle with WALREIN and BEARTIC.

    The Isoglate and Swiddle (See Entry #12) evolutionary lines are version-exclusive counterparts. Players would be able to find Isoglate in an early-game icy area. Leparath has a high attack and sp. attack, decent sp. defense and HP, low defense, and absolutely awful speed.
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  18. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    More Abilities For Existing Pokemon

    If, like Pelipper and Torkoal they add more abilities to existing Pokemon? Here's what I can see
    • Gastly lines: Poison Touch. It is literally poison manifested physically
    • Elekid and Electabuzz: Lightningrod
    • Ditto: Trace. I think it's befitting of a copy Pokemon
    • Mew: Trace or Protean as a Hidden Ability. I'd go with the second, and make it a special rare event distribution. Same with other Hidden Abilities for legendaries and mythicals
    • Mareep and Swablu lines: Is Cotton Down too obvious?
    • Misdreavus line: Punk Rock, given its a banshee, though would likely go under a different name
    • Galarian Corsola line: Weak Armor? It's a fragile bleached coral, I think this might be appropriate
    • Celebi and Shaymin: Grassy Surge definitely work as Hidden Abilities thematically
    • Vibrava and Flygon: Sand Stream and Sand Spit are such obvious abilities I don't know why they don't already have them; Flygon is the Desert Spirit who can summon sandstorms
    • Baltoy lines: Perhaps a unique ability that has it remove entry hazards, ala spinners(it is a spinning dreidel Pokemon). I really don't get why it even has Levitate
    • Chingling line: Either Punk Rock or some new ability that boosts speed if hit by a Flying type(it is a wind chime)
    • Latias and Latios: Illusion as a Hidden Ability. They are able to bend light and disguise themselves, in different media they have disguised as humans, this makes sense to me and it would definitely be event-worthy
    • Deoxys: Clear Body as a Hidden Ability. Reflects how the Pokemon is about stats by having an ability that prevents its own from being lowered
    • Cherrim: Flash Fire? Would give a serious benefit to running a sun team, now that it's greatest fear is removed
    • Hippopotas line: Sand Spit seems fitting
    • Regigigas: They're probably going to troll us and make Truant its Hidden Ability. However I feel Insomnia or Reckless might fit if they aren't going to troll us
    • Victini: Super Luck
    • Archen line: Run Away(Archen), Aerilate(Archeops). Shows character progression. Make a Hidden Ability. It's VERY hard to get a HA fossil, so consider this a reward for doing so
    • Cryogonal: Slush Rush. The Pokemon is made out of snow/ice, being a living snowflake. That or Snow Cloak.
    • Zygarde: For a HA, an anti-Aura. This being abilities of the foe meant to increase their stats, moves ect do the opposite and decrease them. Thematically, I think it works
    • Ultra Beasts: For HA, I could see at least Xurkitree have Lightingrod, Motor Drive or Volt Absorb. Celesteela could get Flame Body(its a rocket, so thruster burn), Guzzlord Gluttony(obvious) or Strong Jaw(not as but still obvious), Blacephalon Aftermath. Not sure about the others
    • Meltan line: An ability which lets it be healed from Steel type attacks, as it eats metal
    • Clobbopus line: Iron Fist too obvious or not obvious enough?
    • Milcrey line: Gooey, being a stick cream Pokemon
    • Pincurchin: Poison Point, because its a sea urchin
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  19. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    My expansion on this:
    • Nihilego gets Levitate
    • Buzzwole gets Huge Power or Iron Fist
    • Pheromosa gets Speed Boost (duh)
    • Kartana gets Guts (couldn't find one that fits, but at least Guts is nice)
    • Stakataka gets Stamina
    • Poipole and Neganadel get Poison Point
  20. NeedsAName

    NeedsAName Well-Known Member

    It's time for Entry #19 in my unused type-combos series! This is the only remaining never-used type combination that I haven't made a Fakémon off of. It also is a pretty simple type combo that's not hard to solve, so I'm a bit confused why we got stuff like Water/Fire and Poison/Fairy before it.

    Mushrew (Mushroom Cloud+Shrew)
    The TOXIC RODENT Pokémon
    0'06", 1.1 lbs
    Ability: Parasitic*/Poison Touch
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 240
    Dex1: MUSHREW will generally ignore people and Pokémon. They prefer to live in their burrows, and rarely come out.
    Dex2: MUSHREW live in burrows under trees. However, this slowly poisons the tree, killing it in only a few years. This can wreak havoc on small forests.

    When Mushrew reaches lvl. 17, it evolves into Moloom.

    Moloom (Mole+Doom)
    The TOXIC RODENT Pokémon
    1'01", 5.4 lbs
    Ability: Parasitic/Poison Touch
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 350
    Dex1: You can tell if a MOLOOM is nearby by its unique, disgusting odor. If deeply inhaled, you will become horrifically sick.
    Dex2: MOLOOM don't even realize how pungent their odor really is. They leave dozens of stinky trails through forests.

    When MOLOOM reaches lvl. 35, it evolves into Solenox.

    Solenox (Solenodon+Noxious)
    The TOXIC RODENT Pokémon
    1'11", 16.7 lbs
    Ability: Parasitic/Poison Touch
    Gender Ratio: Equal
    Egg Group: Field
    BST: 475
    Dex1: If you're hiking in the forest and detect a terrible odor similar to rotting SLOWPOKE tails, turn around. It means a SOLENOX burrow is near.
    Dex2: SOLENOX leave a foul-smelling chemical where ever they go. This chemical slowly rots living matter, leaving an even fouler juice that the SOLENOX will later consume.

    *Parasitic: "The Pokémon thrives off of energy and vitality, stealing it from poisoned foes." A Pokémon with Parasitic heals 1/16th health each turn if an opposing Pokémon is poisoned.

    Mushrew and Moloom can be found in various forested parts of the region in both tall grass and when you headbutt a tree. At one point, the player must get rid of a bunch of Solenox that have overrun the Grass-type gym.

    Solenox has decent attack and sp. defense, mediocre speed and HP, really low defense, and really high sp. attack.
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