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Alolan Barboach
Ability- Boiling Heat/Drought
Hidden ability- Flame Body

Stats- same as Regular Barboach

- Mud Slap
- Ember
- Dig
- Morning sun
- Bounce
- Splash
6- Rest
6- Snore
10- Earth Power
12- Flame Charge
18- Sunny Day
24- Lava Plume
30- Solar Beam
36- Earthquake
40- Flamethrower
44- Magnitude
48- Overheat
52- Eruption
56- Fissure
60- Flare blitz

Dex Entry 1- Recently in the Alola region Barboach has now migrated to live within the volcanic areas. It now unleashes fiery fury and massive earthquakes.
Dex Entry 2- Alolan Barboach is now a fire type that lives in volcanic areas. It is unclear what has caused their migration though evidence indicates that it may have been due to the dangerous grass types of the Alola region.

Alolan Whiscash
Ability- Boiling Heat/Drought
Hidden ability- Flame Body
Evolves From Alolan Barboach with a fire stone
Stats same as regular Whiscash


- Eruption
- Fissure
- Lava Plume
- Morning Sun
- Fire Spin
- Flare Blitz
- Scald
- Earthquake
- Thrash

Dex Entry 1- Alolan Whiscash is extremely territorial. Just one of these Pokémon will claim a lava pond as its exclusive territory. If a foe approaches it, it thrashes about and triggers a massive earthquake.
Dex Entry 2- Alolan Whiscash is extremely hot. It is so hot if you throw water it will boil away before the water makes contact.

New ability- Boiling heat- Makes this Pokemon immune to water type moves

Appearance- Both Pokemon have an orange colouration with the yellow bits now black but resemble their base forms otherwise. Has an angrier expression.
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Buffs to existing abilities
  • Arena Trap, Shadow Tag: Boosts encounter rate
  • Damp, Drizzle: Boosts the chance of encountering Water type Pokemon
  • Drought: Boosts the chance of encountering Fire type Pokemon
  • Illuminate: Lowers the foe's accuracy upon being sent out, ala Intimidate lowering Attack
  • Plus/Minus: Increases chance of encountering a Pokemon with Minus/Plus as an ability
  • Gluttony: Occasionally pickups a berry
  • Heatproof: The Pokemon becomes immune to Fire type moves, rather than resistant
  • Slow Start: The user goes last for five turns, but its defense and sp defense stats are boosted for those five turns
  • Heavy Metal: Moves that boost defensive stats are doubled in effectiveness
  • Light Metal: Moves that boost speed are doubled in effectiveness
  • Pixilate/Fairy Aura: Increases chance of encountering Fairy type Pokemon
  • Corrosion: Poison type moves also do neutral damage to Steel types

Immunity-based abilities
  • Sand Cover: Ground type attacks increase this Pokemon's evasion, rather than harm them. Stunfisk is retconned to have this over Limber
  • Wetsuit: Water type attacks increase the user's speed, rather than harm them.
Moves with different type effectiveness
  • Over-Saturate: A Water/Special, 70 Atk, 100 Acc, 15 PP move that is super-effective against Grass types
  • Rust: A Water/Physical, 70 Atk, 100 Acc, 15 PP move that is super-effective against Steel types
  • Digger Drill: A Steel/Physical, 80 Atk, 100 Acc, 10 PP move that is super-effective against Ground types
  • Boil: A Fire/Special, 70 Atk, 100 Acc, 15 PP move that is super-effective against Fire types
  • Superacid: A Poison/Special, 80 Atk, 100 Acc, 10 PP move that is super-effective against Steel types
Fossil variants

Ancient Forme: These fossils occasionally have an Ancient Forme. These are forms that let it switch its Rock typing to something else through the Rejuvenate Device, meant to restore them to their true form. Rock type was a consequence of incomplete fossil revival, with the fossil part filling the DNA. Rejuvenate Device is a key item, and these Pokemon have different movesets depending on form

Dunkleovish, the Old Fish Pokemon
Type-Water/Rock(Revived Forme), Water/Steel(Ancient Forme)
Ability-Swift Swim(Revived), Strong Jaw(Ancient)
Egg group-Water 2, 1/8 female(standard fossil gender ratio, since they aren't crimes against nature)

Arctodino, the Old Dino Pokemon
Type-Ice/Rock(Revived Forme), Ice/Dark(Ancient Forme)
Ability-Frosty(Revived), Slush Rush(Ancient). Frosty makes contact moves have a chance of causing freezing
Egg group-Monster

Terradrake, the Old Dragon Pokemon
Type-Dragon/Rock(Revived Forme), Dragon/Ground(Ancient Forme)
Ability-Intimidate(Revived), Sand Rush(Ancient)
Egg group-Dragon

Aerozolt, the Old Bird Pokemon
Type-Electric/Rock(Revived Forme), Electric/Flying(Ancient Forme)
Ability-Levitate(Revived), Lightningrod(Ancient)
Egg group-Flying

Kabuto and Kabutops(Ancient Forme)
Evolution: Kabuto-Water Stone-Kabutops
Note: Unlike most versions, this Kabuto is a rare Pokemon in the wild. Same with the variant Lileep, as while the animals they are based on(horseshoe crab and sea lilly) were much more common in the prehistoric eras, they aren't extinct today.

Lileep and Cradily(Ancient Forme)
Evolution: Lileep-Water Stone-Cradily
Note: The Water typing is referring to it being a sea lilly
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Galarian Happiny
Type- Fighting
Ability- Sniper/Super Luck
Hidden ability- Iron Fist
Stats- same as regular Happiny
- Charm
- Fling
- Bulk up
- Tickle
- Place Nice
- Practise Punch
5- Copycat
9- Low Sweep
15- Practise Punch
30- Focus Punch

Dex Entry 1- Galarian Happiny learns its fighting style from Galarian Chansey. It has to learn from lots of practise
Dex Entry 2- After lots of Practise Galarian Happiny learn to fight. It does however sometimes get silly and play with its opponents.

Galarian Chansey
Type- Fighting
Ability- Sniper/Super Luck
Hidden ability- Iron Fist
Evolves from Galarian Happiny while knowing practise punch

HP- 200
Attack- 60
Special Attack- 5
Defence- 55
Special Defence- 100
Speed- 30
Total- 450

- Rock Smash
- Bulk Up
- Fire Punch
- Ice Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Focus Energy
- Karate Chop
4- Detect
8- Low Kick
10- Counter
12- Arm thrust
14- Pursuit
16- Soft Boiled
20- Minimise
23- Sucker Punch
25- Mach Punch
28- Slash
30- Night Slash
35- Egg Bomb
40- Close Combat
43- Swords Dance
45- Cross Chop
50- Storm Throw

Dex Entry 1- Due to the presence of Indeedee it no longer serves as a nurse. It has become a more combative pokemon and fights skilfully with strong fists.
Dex Entry 2- Chansey in Galar enjoy fighting. It often equips its lucky punch item to do extra damage. It enjoys honurable fighting but gets annoyed with Indeedee’s advantage over it.

Galarian Blissey
Type- Fighting/Dark
Ability- Sniper/Super Luck
Hidden ability- Iron Fist
Evolves from Galarian Chansey after defeating a Psychic type using Sucker Punch.

HP- 200
Attack- 90
Special Attack- 5
Defence- 75
Special Defence- 100
Speed- 70
Total- 540
- Mach Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Cross Chop
- Soft Boiled
- Foul Play
- Sand attack

Dex Entry 1- Galarian Blissey has become a much more dirty fighter which has given it the ability to defeat its rival Indeedee.
Dex entry 2- Galarian Blissey takes joy in causing misery to its enemies such as Indeedee. It is no longer as kind as those in Johto.

New Move- Practise Punch- 40BP-(16PP)- Fighting (Physical)- This attack hits first and makes the target flinch. It only works the first turn each time the user enters battle. (boosted by iron fist)

Appearance- All three are slightly slimmer. Their fists have a similar coloration to the lucky punch and they have a similar (though slightly lighter) overall colour on the rest of them. Galarain Blissey has a malicious expression and the egg has now gone darker.

Note- The lucky punch item works on all three of these pokemon and regular Chansey.
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More Variants(also some split evolutions)

Slakoth, Vigoroth and Accedimega, the Slacker/Wild Monkey/Ground Sloth Pokemon
Type-Ground(Slakoth), Ground/Fighting(Vigoroth, Accedimega)
Ability-Vital Spirit(normal), Sap Sipper(Hidden)
Evolution: Slakoth-Lv 20-Vigoroth-Learn Ancientpower at Lv 40-Accedimega
Pokedex entry-"Accedimega was feared by ancient men, and its number reduced. It could tear apart thick tree trunks with its claws"
Note: This variant is based off the prehistoric ground sloth. As such, I gave it a similar evolution to the mammoth-inspired Mamoswine. For balance's sake, Accedimega has a BST of 530 since it lacks Truant

Wailmer and Wailord, the Float Whale and Blimp Pokemon
Ability-Thick Fat/Own Tempo(normal), Pressure(Hidden)
Evolution: Wailmer-Shiny Stone-Wailord
Note: Wailmer's variant takes on how the Pokemon is a sort of living blimp/lighter than air

Dreidrone, the Sentinel Pokemon
Evolution: Baltoy-Spin while holding the Ancient Drone-Dreidrone
Item: Ancient Drone. It can evolve Baltoy and boosts the accuracy of the user
Pokedex entry-"Dreidrone was modified to be a sentinel to protect ancient relics. Appearing sightless, the ridge on its face is actually a 360 degree visor to sense intruders and can now see in other spectrums of light"
Note: This is an alternate Baltoy line. It is based off the trope of ancient relics having guardians, defense mechanisms ect, and ancient robots

Sinnoan Roggenrola, Boldore and Pressalith, the Crystal/Crystal Generator Pokemon
Ability-Sturdy/Light Boost(normal), Light Absorb(Hidden). Light Boost increases the power of light-based moves, and Light Absorb heals if hit by them
Evolution-Roggenrola-Lv 25-Boldore-Learn Power Gem at Lv 36-Pressalith
BST: This line is special oriented compared to its Unova counterparts. Pressalith flips its physical and special stats for the most part. It has the same BST as Gigalith, but is distributed as 75 HP, 90 Atk, 60 Def, 135 Sp Atk, 130 Sp Def, 25 Speed
Note: This line takes after more of its crystal origin/ability to absorb energy the regular version alludes to.

Sinnoan Frillish and Jellicent
Ability-Volt Absorb/Water Absorb(normal), Poison Touch(Hidden)
Note: This line has changed, because of competition with the Tentacool line. As such, its typing has changed

Sinnoan Pawniard and Bisharp
Ability-Inner Focus/Steadfast(normal), Clear Body(Hidden)
Evolution-Pawniard-Max Friendship during the daytime-Bisharp
Note: This Pokemon is meant to represent chess, but the heroic counterpart to the regular Pawniard. I have given it an ability that ensures both versions have an advantage AND disadvantage against each other


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Kalosian Woobat
Type- Fire/Flying
Ability- Lover/Flame Body
Hidden ability- Wings of Love

Stats- Same as regular Woobat

- Gust
- Attract
- Smokescreen
- Tailwind
- Captivate
5- Ember
10- Charm
15- Air Cutter
20- Fire Spin
25 - Roost
30- Heat wave
35- Air Slash
40- Attract
45- Burning Desire
50- Hurricane
55- Nasty Plot
60- Burn up

Dex Entry 1- Kalosian Woobat is a pokemon whose is said to cause infatuation wherever it goes. Its red fur would sought after for this effect. But few are brave enough to endure its flames to do so.
Dex Entry 2- Kalosian Woobat has adjusted to the lack of its preferred food source by hunting in the bright light of day using attract and special flames

Kalosian Swoobat
Type- Fire/Flying
Ability- Lover/Flame Body
Hidden ability- Wings of Love
Evolves from Kalosian Woobat when levelled up while knowing attract.

HP- 57
Attack- 27
Special attack- 107
Defence- 55
Special Defence- 55
Speed- 114

- Gust
- Attract
- Smokescreen
- Tailwind
- Captivate
5- Ember
10- Charm
13- Defog
15- Air Cutter
18- Whirlwind
20- Fire Spin
23- Flamethrower
25 - Roost
28- Attract
30- Heat wave
33- Dazzling Gleam
35- Air Slash
38 Flame Charge
40- Nasty Plot
43- Will o Wisp
45- Burning Desire
48- Return
50- Hurricane
53- Fire Blast
55- Sky attack
58- Lovely kiss
60-Burn up
63- Boomburst
65- Overheat
70- Hyper Beam

Dex Entry 1- Kalosian Swoobat is said to be the Pokemon that inspires passion, many seek this pokemon out when they passion in their lives either due to lacking passion or unrequited love. Be careful though, get too close to this Pokemon and you will get burned.

Dex Entry 2- This variant of Swoobat has a strange ability that it becomes more deadly when it is in love. Many opponents only realise this when they try to use attraction against it.

New Move

Burning Desire- (Fire) Special-BP70- 5PP- attacks all adjacent Pokemon and has a 5% chance of inflicting attraction if (opposite gender) or a Burn (same gender or genderless). However this move has the drawback that if there is a pokemon of the opposite gender on the field when it uses this move it will fall in love with that Pokemon (if their are more than 1 the target they are in love with is random)

New abilities
Lover- While a Pokémon with this Ability is infatuated their special attack increases by 30% and avoids negative impact of infatuation. This effect drops if the Pokemon is no longer infatuated.

Wings of love- If this Pokemon uses a flying type move it will have a 30% chance of inflicting attraction to Pokemon of the opposite gender.

Appearance- resembles Regular forms except the fur is red.
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Regional Variants(also a Fakemon)

Crimstake and Hemogloom, the Life Sucker Pokemon
Ability-Intimidate(normal), Leech(Hidden). Leech means this Pokemon heals through any Bug type contact move, not just moves like Leech Life
Gender ratio-2 male for every female
Pokedex entry
  • "The spines of Crimstake are sharp enough to pierce rock. It fires these spines to pierce its prey"
  • "Hemogloom feasts on the life force of whatever poor soul comes its way. It is deeply protective of its leer and the Crimstake who dwell there.
Basis: Crimstake and Hemogloom are based off vampires, specifically Dracula. The Bug type is because it takes inspiration from mosquitos and blood-sucking insects. The Dragon type is a reference to the historical figure who inspired the most famous vampire, Vlad the Impaler, due to his father being part of the Order of the Dragon

Unovan Bunnelby line
Type-Fighting(Bunnelby), Fighting/Ground(Diggersby)
Ability-Iron Fist/Sand Force(normal), Huge Power(Hidden)
Evolution: Bunnelby-Max Friendship-Diggersby

Unovan Inkay and Lumisquid, the Luminescent Pokemon
Ability-Suction Cups/Static(normal), Levitate(Hidden)
Evolution: Inkay-Thunderstone-Lumiqsuid
Note: This Pokemon variant takes the luminescene in a different direction

Unovan Skiddo and Gogoat
Ability-Sturdy(normal), Gluttony(Hidden)
Evolution: Unchanged

Unovan Charjabug and Lithovolt, the Immature Pokemon
Ability-Battery(Charjabug), Ungrounded(Lithovolt). Ungrounded allows Electric moves to hit Ground type Pokemon
Evolution: Grubbin-Lv 20-Charjabug-Lv 35-Lithovolt
Pokedex entry(Lithovolt): "Never growing wings, Lithovolt becomes a mighty worm that feeds off underground ores and produces electricity. Lithovolt have been bred to work as and on underground cables"
Note: This variant is based on the idea of grubs burying underground, and underground cables(hence its ability)

Unovan Crabominable
Ability-Dirty Fighter(priority moves are boosted in power)
Evolution: Crabrawler-Poison Stone-Crabominable
Note: This Pokemon changed this way because of the increased pollution of the Unova region. The same is in play with Morelull, which also ties with the poisonous nature of many mushrooms

Unovan Morelull and Shiinotic
Evolution: Morelull-Poison Stone-Shiinotic

Salagrief, the Crook Pokemon
Ability-Pickpocket(normal), Oblivious(Hidden)
Evolution: Male Salandit-Trade holding the Bandit Mask-Salagrief
Item: Bandit Mask. Evolves male Salandit to Salagrief and allows the user to run away in wild battles
Pokedex description-"Living in the shadow of Salazzle, Salagrief become crooks and thieves to make a living. They fight over hoards of treasures they took"

Unovan Sandyghast and Palossand
Ability-Sturdy(normal), Water Absorb(Hidden)
Evolution-Sandyghast-Max Friendship-Palossand

Meltan event: An event idea for future games. Basically, there's a week-long event where you can get DLC to access Meltan in your game. You can now find Meltan randomly show up as a 1% encounter rate, anywhere besides caves and water. While the DLC distribution is limited, your encounter is not. If a Meltan is Lv 45, you can go to the DLC-exclusive "Meltan Room". Fill your team with Meltan, and you can get Melmetal by having those five Meltan merge with the strong one.

Gigantamax Melmetal: I believe this will become an event, hopefully through DLC, hence why code of it exists

Trainer Yusuf

Assuming the next game is a Galarian expansion, here's a list a Pokémon that might return for Galar Pokédex. Since we assume there will only 100 "new" Pokémon, the list will be rather compact:

  1. Weedle
  2. Kakuna
  3. Beedrill: Counterparts to Butterfree-line.
  4. Poochyena
  5. Mightyena: Counterparts to Zigzagoon-line in RSE.
  6. Bellsprout
  7. Weepinbell
  8. Victreebel: Version counterparts to Oddish-line.
  9. Taillow
  10. Swellow: Counterparts to Wingull-line.
  11. Houndour
  12. Houndoom: Version counterparts to Electrike-line in XY.
  13. Gligar
  14. Gliscor: Former version counterparts to Delibird in GS.
  15. Azurill
  16. Marill
  17. Azumarill: Former version counterparts to Wooper-line in FRLG.
  18. Glameow
  19. Purugly: Version counterparts to Stunky-line.
  20. Shuppet
  21. Banette: Former version counterparts to Duskull-line in RSE.
  22. Abra
  23. Kadabra
  24. Alakazam: Counterparts to Gastly-line.
  25. Geodude
  26. Graveler
  27. Golem: Counterparts to Machop-line. And Regional form.
  28. Staryu
  29. Starmie: Former version counterparts to Shellder-line.
  30. Mankey
  31. Primeape: Former version counterparts to Meowth-line in RB-FRLG.
  32. Spinarak
  33. Ariados: Night counterprarts to Dewpider-line in SMUSUM.
  34. Mienfoo
  35. Mienshao: Type counterparts to Pawniard and Elgyem in BWB2w2.
  36. Smoochum
  37. Jynx: Pseudo-gender counterparts to Mime Jr.-line.
  38. Igglybuff
  39. Jigglypuff
  40. Wigglytuff: Pseudo-counterparts to Cleffa-line.
  41. Petilil
  42. Lilligant: Version counterparts to Cottonee-line.
  43. Zorua
  44. Zoroark: Pseudo-counterparts to Riolu-line.
  45. Phanpy
  46. Donphan: Pseudo-counterparts to Cufant-line.
  47. Gible
  48. Gabite
  49. Garchomp: Pseudo-counterparts to Axew-line.
  50. Paras
  51. Parasect: Day counterparts to Morelull-line in SMUSUM.
  52. Skarmory: Former version counterpart to Mantine.
  53. Squirtle
  54. Wartortle
  55. Blastoise: Starter counterpart to Charmander-line.
  56. Bulbasaur
  57. Ivysaur
  58. Venusaur: Starter counterpart to Charmander-line.
  59. Aron
  60. Lairon
  61. Aggron: Former version counterparts to Larvitar-line.
  62. Scyther
  63. Scizor: Evolutionary counterpart to Steelix.
  64. Magnemite
  65. Magneton
  66. Magnezone: Evolutionary counterpart to Vikavolt.
  67. Grimer
  68. Muk: Counterparts to Koffing-line.
Other possible lines:
  1. Fletchling
  2. Fletchinder
  3. Talonflame: Appears in the opening as the wind spinner.
  4. Cubone
  5. Marowak: Regional form
  6. Exeggcute
  7. Exeggutor: Regional form
  8. Rattata
  9. Raticate: Regional form
  10. Yungoos
  11. Gumshoos: Counterpart to Rattata.
  12. Pidgey
  13. Pidgeotto
  14. Pidgeot: Former day counterpart to Hoothoot.
  15. Absol: Cosmopolitan species
  16. Zubat
  17. Golbat
  18. Crobat: Cosmopolitan species.
  19. Pinsir: Counterpart to Vikavolt and Scyther.
  20. Heracross: Counterpart to Pinsir.
  21. Happiny
  22. Chansey
  23. Blissey: Pseudo-counterpart to Cleffa-line.
  24. Audino: Counterpart to Blissey.
  25. Poliwag:
  26. Poliwhirl:
  27. Poliwrath
  28. Politoed: Counterpart to Tympole-line.
  29. New sub-legendary 1
  30. New sub-legendary 2
  31. New sub-legendary 3
  32. New sub-legendary 4
For a possible sequel, we can add 50 more. This section is largely freeform:
  1. Teddiursa
  2. Ursaring
  3. Porygon
  4. Porygon2
  5. Porygon-Z
  6. Foongus
  7. Amoonguss
  8. Shroomish
  9. Breloom
  10. Hoppip
  11. Skiploom
  12. Jumpluff
  13. Mareep
  14. Flaaffy
  15. Ampharos
  16. Shinx
  17. Luxio
  18. Luxray
  19. Nosepass
  20. Probopass
  21. Chingling
  22. Chimecho
  23. Kabuto
  24. Kabutops
  25. Omanyte
  26. Omastar
  27. Aerodactyl
  28. Anorith
  29. Armaldo
  30. Lileep
  31. Cradily
  32. Cranidos
  33. Rampardos
  34. Shieldon
  35. Bastiodon
  36. Tirtouga
  37. Carracosta
  38. Archen
  39. Archeops
  40. Tyrunt
  41. Tyrantrum
  42. Amaura
  43. Aurorus
  44. Cryogonal
  45. Nidoran Male
  46. Nidorino
  47. Nidoking
  48. Nidoran Female
  49. Nidorina
  50. Nidoqueen

Edit: For next generation's bosses, here's the chart:
Gym Leaders/Totem Pokémon:
  1. Rock, Flying, Rock, Rock, Grass/Fire/Water-Normal, Bug, Normal, Grass
  2. Water, Bug, Fighting, Grass, Normal-Poison, Rock, Water, Water
  3. Electric, Normal, Electric, Fighting/Ghost, Bug, Fighting, Fire, Fire
  4. Grass, Ghost, Fire, Water/Fighting, Electric, Grass, Grass, Fighting/Ghost
  5. Poison, Fighting, Normal, Ghost/Water, Ground, Electric, Electric, Fairy
  6. Psychic, Steel, Flying, Steel, Flying, Fairy, Ghost, Rock/Ice
  7. Fire, Ice, Psychic, Ice, Ice-Dragon, Psychic, Dragon, Dark
  8. Ground, Dragon, Water, Electric, Dragon-Water, Ice, Fairy, Dragon
Elite Four/Champion Cup Finals:
  1. Ice, Psychic, Dark, Bug, Fairy
  2. Fighting, Poison, Ghost, Ground, Water
  3. Ghost, Fighting, Ice, Fire, Fighting/Ghost
  4. Dragon, Dark, Dragon, Psychic, Dragon
Non-specific order:
  1. Unova: Fighting, Ghost, Dark, Psychic
  2. Kalos: Water, Fire, Steel, Dragon
  3. Alola: Fighting-Steel, Rock, Ghost, Flying
  1. Fighting, Rock, Ghost, Ground.

**Looking at this, next generation's first Gym will be most likely Water and final one will be likely Psychic.
**It seems there is a new trend in making one of the late-game bosses the same as one of the final bosses (Acerola being both Captain and E4, Raihan being both GL and CC challanger).
**Bede's interruption is considered as a boss, yes, as it serves the same purpose as first E4 trainer.
**Galar is the first time since Johto that we didn't have an Electric specialist. Presumably if we had a conventional E4 one of them would have been Electric.
**Dark will likely go back to being an end-game boss after Piers.
The lowest stage for all types are:
  1. Bug: First
  2. Dark: Seventh
  3. Dragon: Seventh
  4. Electric: Third
  5. Fairy: Fifth
  6. Fighting: Second
  7. Fire: Third, first counting Chili
  8. Flying: First
  9. Ghost: Third
  10. Grass: First
  11. Ground: Fifth
  12. Ice: Sixth
  13. Normal: First
  14. Poison: Second
  15. Psychic: Sixth
  16. Rock: First
  17. Steel: Sixth
  18. Water: Second, first counting Cress.

Edit 2:
For next generation's monster count:
  1. Gen 1: 151
  2. Gen 2: 100
  3. Gen 3: 135
  4. Gen 4: 107
  5. Gen 5: 156
  6. Gen 6: 72
  7. Gen 7: 81+5+2
  8. Gen 8: 81
Assuming the current pattern holds, we will likely see around 90 monsters in Gen 9 in the initial game, though that depends on the amount of mid-gen additions we will see this gen.

In terms of fully evolved Pokémon:
  1. Gen 1: 69 (including Farfetch'd)
  2. Gen 2: 54 (including Corsola)
  3. Gen 3:73 (including Linoone)
  4. Gen 4: 68
  5. Gen 5: 82
  6. Gen 6: 38
  7. Gen 7: 51+4+1
  8. Gen 8: 47
Looking at this we should see about new 60 fully-evolved Pokémon in Gen 9, which alongside 90 upper barrier would suggest at least 30 standalone species, which would mean we are very likely to get another group of pseudo-sub-legendaries like Ultra Beasts.

Edit 3:
Looking at the type counts:
For Gen 8 (Gigantamax forms are not counted):
  1. Water: 120->133->143
  2. Normal: 97->109->115
  3. Grass: 85->98->106
  4. Flying: 93->101->105
  5. Psychic: 75->86->94
  6. Bug: 66->77->84
  7. Fire: 59->68->75
  8. Poison: 59->66->69
  9. Ground: 61->65->69
  10. Rock: 55->60->65
  11. Steel: 42->54->64
  12. Fighting: 47->57->63
  13. Dark:46->54->63
  14. Electric: 42->52->60
  15. Dragon: 41->50->60
  16. Fairy: 37->50->59
  17. Ghost: 35->45->54
  18. Ice: 35->40->49
*Grass has moved up to third position.
*Fairy went down to 16th position, but will certainly climb up.
*Steel has moved up to 11th position, beating both Fighting and Dark, and will likely beat Poison/Ground/Rock soon.
*Psychic will likely pass 100 mark next gen.
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Radoroach, Geigroach and Gamaroach, the Radioactive Pokemon
Type-Steel/Bug(Radoroach), Steel/Poison(Geigroach and Gamaroach)
Ability-Poison Touch(Radoroach), White Smoke/Water Absorb(Geigroach, Gamaroach), Aftermath(Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Radoroach-Lv 25-Geigroach-Lv 50-Gamaroach(this is a psuedo-legendary line)
Egg group-Bug/Mineral
Pokedex entry
  • "Radoroach are comprised of a powerful metal, but one know to cause great sickness. They were first found buried deep underground in a quarry"
  • "Geigroach store their enormous power in chimney-like growths on their back. They require a lot of water to not overheat"
  • "Gamaroach supply enormous power to those in need. Their waste is highly radioactive, which they shield from others with strong silk"
Basis: This is a psuedo-legendary line based off nuclear power along with the cockroach, the old saying that only they'll survive nuclear holocaust. Radoroach is the initial unstable element, Geigroach and Gamaroach. The White Smoke ability reflects the steam coming out of nuclear towers, and Water Absorb used as a coolant

Quantafelid, the Superposition Pokemon
Ability-Uncertainty(the user's atk increases the higher its evasion is, and sp.atk the lower the opponent's accuracy is. This ability will fail if used by any Pokemon other than Quantafield and a Pokemon transformed into Quantafelid)
Egg group-Undiscovered(50/50 gender)
Pokedex entry-"An engimatic Pokemon who exists in the dimensions between worlds and travels freely to and from them. To everyone's confusion it is both physical and incorporeal simultaneously"
Basis: This is inspired from the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment, hence its ability and oxymoronic typing. Because of how strange it is, being alive and dead, it cannot be bred

Retro Forme

Retro Forme is how a Pokemon appeared in ancient times, for fossils this is its true self. The regular or "Fossil" form is also a thing. They retain the same evolution as their old selves.

Retro Lapras
Ability-Shell Armor/Soothing Song(functionally the same as Punk Rock), Swift Swim(hidden)
Basis: Lapras is partly based off the pleisosaur, along with the Loch Ness Monster. And since dinos are often conflated with dragons...

Retro Omanyte and Omastar
Type-Rock/Water(Omanyte), Steel/Water(Omastar)
Ability-Weak Armor/Suction Cups(Omanyte), Heavy Armor(Omastar), Sturdy(Hidden Ability)
Basis: Omanyte changes typing and abilities on evolution, reinforcing a heftier shell. Heavy Armor has the inverse effect as Weak Armor, boosting defense at the cost of speed

Retro Kabuto and Kabutops
Type-Bug/Water(Kabuto), Bug/Fighting(Kabutops)
Ability-Steadfast/Swift Swim(normal), Slasher(Hidden). Slasher boosts the attack of moves that have a high critical hit chance
Basis: The Fighting type comes from this Pokemon having some samurai play added to it

Retro Aerodactyl
Ability-Aerilate(regular), Pressure(Hidden)
Basis: Felt this was the most obvious typing

Retro Lileep line

Retro Anorith line
Ability-Keen Eye(normal), Swift Swim(Hidden)

Retro Cranidos line
Ability-Rock Head(normal), Sheer Force(Hidden)
Note: I felt this typing makes most sense given its behavior

Retro Shieldon line
Ability-Adamant Armor(this Pokemon is immune to Fighting type moves)
Note: This helps deal with its crippling Fighting weakness, and making Ground not so crippling

Retro and Fossil Yanma and Yanmega
Type-Bug/Dragon(Retro), Bug/Rock(Fossil)
Fossil-Dragonwing Fossil
Basis: This line gets a retro and fossil treatment because of how Yanmega is based off a prehistoric creature

Retro Golett line
Ability-Iron Fist/Cursed Body(normal), Spare Generator(Hidden). Spare Generator restores the effect of the ally's abilities, and if their ability is changed they go back to their regular ability
Basis: It is based off the idea of the spirit in them being alive back in the day

Retro Tirtouga line
Type-Water(Tirtouga), Water/Ground(Carracosta)
Note: Ability is good as it is

Retro Archen line
Type-Normal/Flying(Archen), Dragon/Flying(Archeops)
Note: Don't want it to become the obvious preference over regular Archen

Retro Tyrunt line
Ability-Strong Jaw(normal), Intimidate(Hidden)
Note: The Dark typing comes from the behavior of Tyrunt

Retro Amaura line
Note: The electric typing comes from how auroras are the result of the Earth's magnetosphere and the electromagnetic force

Retro Rolycoly line
Type-Grass(Rolycoly), Grass/Fire(Carkol, Coalossal)
Ability-Steam Engine/Flash Fire(normal), Sturdy(Hidden)
Note: Retro Rolycoly comes from how coal is the compressed ancient remains of plants

Retro/Fossil Eldezolt and Raptovzolt, the Reconstructed and Old Bird Pokemon
Type-Electric/Rock(Fossil), Electric/Flying(Retro)
Ability-Levitate(Fossil), Volt Absorb(Retro), Speed Boost(Hidden)
Egg group-Flying(1 female, 7 male)
Fossil: Raptor Fossil
Evolution: Raptozolt-Lv 40-Paravzolt
Note: This is the completed form of the Fossilized Bird. Speed Boost compliments its signature move. For this reason, the Eldevish line has it as well

Retro/Fossil Eldevish and Dunkleovish, the Reconstructed and Old Fish Pokemon
Type-Water/Rock(Fossil), Water/Steel(Retro)
Ability-Water Absorb(Fossil), Strong Jaw(Retro), Speed Boost(Hidden)
Egg group-Water 2(1 female, 7 male)
Fossil: Gill Fossil
Evolution: Eldevish-Lv 40-Dunkleovish
Note: This is the completed form of the Fossilized Fish

Retro/Fossil Eldragon and Stegodrake, the Reconstructed and Old Dragon Pokemon
Type-Dragon/Rock(Fossil), Dragon/Ground(Retro)
Ability-Hustle(Fossil), Sand Rush(Retro), Rough Skin(Hidden)
Egg group-Dragon(1 female, 7 male)
Fossil: Stego Fossil
Evolution: Eldragon-Lv 40-Stegodrake
Note: This is the completed form of the Fossilized Drake

Retro/Fossil Eldino and Icthydino, the Reconstructed and Old Dino Pokemon
Type-Ice/Rock(Fossil), Ice/Water(Retro)
Ability-Water Absorb(Fossil), Slush Rush(Retro), Swift Swim(Hidden)
Egg group-Monster(1 female, 7 male)
Fossil: Waterbeast Fossil
Note: This is the completed form of the Fossilized Dino

Retro and Fossil Dreepy line
Type-Dragon/Rock(Fossil), Dragon/Water(Retro)
Ability-Levitate(Fossil), Healer(Dreep, Retro), Parental Bond(Drakloak, Dragapault)
Fossil: Dart Fossil
Note: Dreepy takes this being that the modern version we see is the ghost of an extinct dragon


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Type- Water/Dark
Ability- Masterless (initially) Warrior (After reaching Maximum Happiness)
Evolves from Dewott after being traded.

HP- 95
Special attack- 28
Defence- 85
Special Defence- 70
Speed- 90

1- Slash
1- X-Scissor
1- Reversal
1- Swords Dance
1- Retaliate
evolution-Night Slash
5- Slack Off
10- Brine
13- Shadow Claw
15- Aqua Jet
18- Foul Play
20- Thief
23- Sacred Sword
25- Razor Shell
28- Sucker Punch
30- Brick Break
33- U-turn
35- Liquidation
38- Bulk Up
40- Night Slash
43- Aqua Tail
45- Retaliate
48- Detect
50- Swords Dance
53- Waterfall
55- Close Combat

Dex Entry 1- Rōninott is an incredibly difficult Pokemon to control. If this warrior chooses to obey your commands it will fight to its last breath.
Dex Entry 2- Being traded accelerated its evolution but gave it a radically different body type to Samurott. This had encouraged it to use underhanded tactics even though it has mastered complex fighting moves.

New Abilities

Masterless- Critical hit ratio increased but it will refuse to obey any commands.
Warrior- boosts the power of user's Fighting type move by 50%

Note- Upon reaching Maximum happiness the ability changes from Masterless to Warrior.

Appearance- Resembles a larger Dewott (still bipedal) with slightly more visible claws, aggressive expression, its Scalchops now resemble swords.
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Retro Typing

Basically, my speculation of what typing Pokemon would have if new types never existed. Namely ones I have an idea for why
  • Umbreon: Poison. The Dex entries state it generates a poisonous sweat, I am probably mistaken but I remember the Poison Stone in the GS Demo
  • Absol: Psychic. Maybe Psychic/Ghost if you're good. Predictions, Cassandra, ect
  • Darkrai: Ghost. I mean, just look at it. Good contrast to Cresselia
  • Zorua line: Psychic, based off its illusions.
  • Houndour line: Ghost/Fire would probably fit a hellhound
  • Sableye: Psychic/Ghost? Aliens are usually Psychic type in this series
  • Inkay: Water/Psychic, its already a squid. Maybe Electric/Psychic to be creative
  • Yveltal: Ghost/Flying, given its a destroyer entity
  • Tyranitar: Rock/Dragon. Its a typical typing for psuedo-legendaries to be Dragon, and it fits the Godzilla theme
  • Klink line: Electric. Unoriginal, yes. But fitting, I think so, given the line already knows a lot of Electric type moves
  • Galarian Meowth and Perrserker: Fighting type. I think it fits the Viking theme
  • Jirachi: Rock/Psychic? It is a shooting star of sorts, aka a meteorite
  • Honedge line: Fighting/Ghost, the whole being a sword thing seems to fit this combo
  • Spritzee line: Poison/Flying. Its sensory abuse and being based off a bird
  • Flabebe line: Obviously, Grass type

Trainer Yusuf

Looking the legendary duos, trios and quartets:
  1. Gen I: Ice/Electric/Fire, Psychic
  2. Gen II: Fire/Electric/Water, Fire/Psychic
  3. Gen III: Rock/Ice/Steel, Ground/Water/Flying
  4. Gen IV: Dark/Psychic, Steel/Water/Ghost,
  5. Gen V: Flying/Electric/Ground, Rock/Grass/Steel/Water, Electric/Fire/Ice
  6. Gen VI: Dark/Fairy/Ground
  7. Gen VII: Electric/Grass/Psychic/Water, Steel/Ghost/Dragon
  8. Gen VIII: Fairy/Fighting/Poison
Using the current corresponding TCG types:
  1. Gen I: Water/Electric/Fire, Psychic
  2. Gen II: Fire/Electric/Water, Fire/Psychic
  3. Gen III: Fighting/Water/Steel, Fighting/Water/Normal
  4. Gen IV: Dark/Psychic, Psychic, Steel/Water/Psychic,
  5. Gen V: Normal/Electric/Fighting, Fighting/Grass/Steel/Water, Electric/Fire/Water
  6. Gen VI: Dark/Fairy/Fighting
  7. Gen VII: Electric/Grass/Psychic/Water, Steel/Psychic/Dragon
  8. Gen VIII: Fairy/Fighting/Dark
Shared types:
  1. Gen I: Flying
  2. Gen II: Flying
  3. Gen III: N/A (Fire*/None/Dragon)
  4. Gen IV: Psychic, Dragon
  5. Gen V: Flying, Fighting, Dragon
  6. Gen VI: N/A(Flying/None/Dragon)
  7. Gen VII: Fairy, Psychic
  8. Gen VIII: N/A?(Steel**/Steel**/Dragon)
*Primal Reversion only.
**Alternate form only.

Looking at this chart, it seems next generation's third legendary will be Fairy/Dragon or will belong to one of the elemental types besides Water. We are also ignoring the possibility of a mono Dragon outside of another type change gimmick.
**It cannot be Rock or Fighting since Zygarde covers both in TCG.
**It cannot be Dark since Eternatus covers it in TCG as Poison is changed to Darkness in TCG this gen.
**It cannot be Normal since Rayquaza covers it in TCG.
**It cannot be Water since Kyurem covers it in TCG.
**It cannot be Psychic, since both Giratina and Ultra Necrozma cover it in TCG.
**It can be Electric, Fire or Steel, but those are done for non-third legendary mascot legendaries.
**It can be Grass, I just don't expect it because of obvious reasons(even though Grass/Dragon would make sense in a Chinese region).

What happens after that is ambiguous. Since next generation will likely bring one of the existing types to TCG like what happened to Dragon in Gen V, and the next third legendary in Gen 10 will depend on that. If it is Ghost or Bug, then we will likely move onto to regular Dark and Fighting, as those are covered by existing Dragon pseudos(similar to what happened to Zygarde). If it is Flying, Ice or Rock/Ground, then the remainder type (Normal/Water/Fighting) will likely be the candidate.

Edit (12.01.2020): Since Fairy-type is now integrated into Psychic-type, the updated chart looks like this:
Using the current corresponding TCG types:
  1. Gen I: Water/Electric/Fire, Psychic
  2. Gen II: Fire/Electric/Water, Fire/Psychic
  3. Gen III: Fighting/Water/Steel, Fighting/Water/Normal
  4. Gen IV: Dark/Psychic, Psychic, Steel/Water/Psychic,
  5. Gen V: Normal/Electric/Fighting, Fighting/Grass/Steel/Water, Electric/Fire/Water
  6. Gen VI: Dark/Psychic/Fighting
  7. Gen VII: Electric/Grass/Psychic/Water, Steel/Psychic/Dragon
  8. Gen VIII: Psychic/Fighting/Dark
Looking at this new chart, we can say that Fairy/Dragon is not happening. Instead, Grass/Dragon, Steel/Dragon or Electric/Dragon is now likely. If it is Grass, then the rest will likely be Electric and Water since we have Fire and Water(ORAS) and Electric and Fire(BW). If it is Steel, then the rest will be according to Regis' types. If it is Electric, rest can be Flying and Ground, similar to Kamis.

Using the same speculation for the next Pikaclone, we have the following covered:
  1. Electric/Bug: N/A
  2. Electric/Dark: Morpeko
  3. Electric/Dragon: N/A
  4. Electric: Many
  5. Electric/Fairy: Dedenne
  6. Electric/Fighting: N/A
  7. Electric/Fire: N/A
  8. Electric/Flying: Emolga
  9. Electric/Ghost: N/A
  10. Electric/Grass: N/A
  11. Electric/Ground: N/A
  12. Electric/Ice: N/A
  13. Electric/Normal: N/A
  14. Electric/Poison: N/A
  15. Electric/Psychic: Alolan Raichu
  16. Electric/Rock: N/A
  17. Electric/Steel: Togedemaru
  18. Electric/Water: N/A
Using the TCG types:
  1. Electric/Dark: Morpeko
  2. Electric/Dragon: N/A
  3. Electric: Many
  4. Electric/Fairy: Dedenne
  5. Electric/Fighting: N/A
  6. Electric/Fire: N/A
  7. Electric/Grass: N/A
  8. Electric/Normal: Emolga
  9. Electric/Psychic: Alolan Raichu
  10. Electric/Steel: Togedemaru
  11. Electric/Water: N/A
Looking at this chart, it seems my initial speculation for Electric/Ground Pikaclone for Gen 8 might come true for Gen 9 instead. The subsequent Pikaclones will depend on the changes to TCG, but more important to Gen 10, if we get a new type or types by then, they will be used in a Pikaclone.

Edit 2:
For next generation's Regional Forms:
*It seems there will be an obligatory Meowth form, though it is unclear whether it will use Perrserker or Persian as its evolution.
*There likely be a regional form based on a Pokémon with a baby pre-evo. Jynx is unlikely as next gen will likely not have Regional Evolutions, as it will be an odd generation.
*There will likely be another regional form a two-stager with 500 BST. Rapidash and Muk are already done, so likely next candidate is Golduck.
*There will likely be another regional rodent with an alternate form.
*Pokémon with rare or unique BSTs seem to be common fodder for regional forms.
*There will likely be another mono Fire that will be retyped to Ice.
*Growlithe-line will likely get a form too, to match Vulpix and Rapidash.
*There will likely be another retyped Ground-type, another retyped Psychic-type and another retyped Poison-type.

Using these:
  1. Regional Meowth-Regional Perrserker: Fairy
  2. Regional Psyduck-Golduck: Poison/Fighting or Poison/Psychic
  3. Regional Growlithe-Arcanine: Fighting->Fighting/Fairy
  4. Regional Ekans-Arbok: Ground/Fire
  5. Regional Sentret-Furret: Dark/Normal
  6. Regional Phanpy-Donphan: Water or Water/Ground
  7. Regional Chimecho: Ghost/Fairy or Psychic/Ghost
  8. Regional Torkoal: Ice or Ice/Ground
  9. Regional Munna-Musharna: Fairy/Dark
  10. Regional Woobat-Swoobat: Fairy/Flying
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Sinnohan Clobbopus
Ability- Deep Diver
Hidden ability- Technician

Stats- same as regular Clobbopus

- Rock Smash
- Aqua Jet
- Aqua Ring
- Mach Punch
- Octazooka
5- Water Gun
10- Bind
15- Detect
20- Brick Break
23- Water Pulse
25- Bulk up
30- Submission
35- Dive
40- Reversal
45- Superpower
50- Liquidation
55- Octolock

Dex Entry 1- Sinnohan Clobbopus was only discovered recently as it lives deep in the water. This was the original form of Clobbopus before a lack of food forced it to adapt to a more terrestrial lifestyle. The Sinnoh region has enough food it can live underwater.

Dex Entry 2- In Sinnoh Sinnohan Clobbopus were discovered deep in the water after an expedition. While they could survive on land this variant prefers to live underwater until it gets a challenger worthy of its time.

Sinnohan Grapploct
Ability- Deep Diver
Hidden ability- Technician
Evolves form Sinnohan Clobbopus while knowing Dive

Special attack-30
Defence- 95
Special Defence- 85
Speed- 72

- Rock Smash
- Aqua Jet
- Aqua Ring
- Mach Punch
- Ice Punch
- Wrap
- Camouflage
- Octolock
- Octazooka
5- Water Gun
10- Bind
15- Detect
20- Brick Break
23- Water Pulse
25- Bulk up
30- Submission
35- Dive
40- Reversal
45- Superpower
50- Liquidation
55- Close Combat
60- Waterfall
65- Octolock

Dex Entry 1- Sinnohan Grapploct swims above its prey and dives down and attacks quickly. With its thicker skin and stronger swimming muscles it doesn't fear direct confrontation.
Dex Entry 2- In the Sinnoh region the discovery of this variant in the Sinnoh region was a shock to the scientific community. Most people have only seen it due to the gym leader Crasher Wake.

New egg move- Flying press
Ability- Deep Diver- Dive now only takes 1 turn to hit. If battling underwater critical hit ratio is doubled.

Appearence- Grapleoct has a lighter blue and white (similar to crasher wake's mask) Sinnohan Clobbopus has a similar light blue colour but otherwise looks the same.
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I had an idea for a type chart adjustment but I’m not sure if it’s broken. Thoughts?

Water type attacks become Ice type in hail

Ice type attacks become Water type in sun


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The Ultimate Boss Battle

Arceus(Creator Forme)
Ability-Mastery(the user's non-Normal types get a 30% increase in power)
Held item-Jewel Of Life
Sp Atk-180
Note: This is Arceus imbued with the power of creation, it traded away to give the creation trio life

Infinite Arceus
Sp Atk-255
Sp Def-255
Note: This Pokemon is a boss battle, functionally the same as a Dynamax form minus having an ability change. It cannot be used by the player in this form, it is a boss battle to end all boss battles

Rabbit Fakemon

Soilhare and Grassabbit, the Grassy Pokemon
Ability-Run Away/Rattled(normal), Sap Sipper(Hidden)
Evolution: Soilhare-Lv 19-Grassabbit
Basis: This Pokemon is based on the idea of actual grass. It is an early route Pokemon like Bunnelby.

Dustabbit and Allergabbit, the Dusty Pokemon
Ability-Fluffy/Irritation(normal), Poison Touch(Hidden). Irritation increases the power of moves with a flinch chance
Evolution: Dustabbit-Lv 23-Allergabbit
Basis: This is another early Pokemon, "baby's first Fairy type". It is based off a dust bunny. Fluffy fits to how flammable dust is while also being literally fluffy

Regional Variants: Galar Pokemon

Wooloo and Dubwool
Ability-Fluffy/Iron Barbs(normal), Rock Head(Hidden)
Evolution: Unchanged
Note: This line takes notes from iron wool

Clobbopus and Grapploct
Ability-Poison Point(normal), Technician(hidden)
Evolution: Clobbopus-Poison Stone-Gapploct
Note: The reason for this typing comings from how octopi can have poisonous attributes, like the blue-ringed octopus

Ability-Flash Fire(normal), White Smoke(Hidden)
Evolution: Sinistea-expose to the Kettle-Polteageist
Note: This takes notes from kettles and metal cups, hence its ability of Flash Fire. It is more of an actual liquid in this form

Cufant and Copperajah
Type-Steel(Cufant), Steel/Electric(Copperajah)
Ability-Lightningrod(normal), Motor Drive(Hidden)
Evolution: Cufant-Thunder Stone-Copperajah
Note: The electric typing derives from how copper is used in wires and electricity

Dreepy line
Ability-Weak Armor/Infiltrator(normal), Swift Swim(Hidden)
Evolution: Dreepy-Lv 50-Drakolok-Water Stone-Dragapault
Note: This Dreepy never went extinct in the area of the variant, but it is endangered.

New Evo Variants

Switch Stone: An engimatic stone, holding the item allows regular forms to achieve Galar-exclusive evolutions when another condition is met

Hoennian Obstagoon
Ability-Punk Rock/Guts(normal), Intimidate(Hidden)
Evolution: Zigzagoon(Hoenn)-Lv 20-Linoone(Hoenn)-hold Switch Stone while learning/already learned Howl-Obstagoon
Note: This variant takes notes from its regular form, taking the metal genre to something literal

Kantonian and Alolan Perrserker
Type-Dark/Fighting(Kanto), Dark/Water(Alola)
Ability-Limber/Anger Point(regular), Berserker(Hidden). Berserker boosts attack if confused.
Evolution: Meowth(either Kanto or Alola)-hold Switch Stone while reaching Lv 26(Kanto)/having Max Friendship(Alola)-Perrserker
Note: The typing is reflecting the berserker, brutal nature of Vikings. Fighting for the regular form, Water for the Alolan form because it reflects viking's naval pursuits

Galarian Persian
Ability-Limber/Tough Claws(regular), Steely Spirit(Hidden)
Evolution: Meowth(Galar)-hold Switch Stone while reaching Lv 26-Galarian Persian
Note: Again, it keeps the sinister attributes of the alternate Perrserker

Johtonian Cursola
Ability-Healer(normal), Toxic Boost(Hidden)
Evolution: Corsola(Johto)-hold Switch Stone while a Mareanie or Toxapex is in the party-Cursola
Note: The reason for this Pokemon's typing and ability is to give it a boost over the Mareanie line that preyed on Corsola

Kantonian Sirfetch'd
Ability-Pickpocket(normal), Scrappy(Hidden)
Evolution: Farfetch'd(Kanto)-hold Switch Stone while knowing Night Slash(learns at Lv 33)-Sirfetch'd
Note: This is the dark knight variant to Sirfetch'd

Kantonian Mr Rime
Ability-Screen Buffer/Filter(normal), Dancer(Hidden)
Evolution: Mime Jr-Learn Mimic at Lv 15-Mr Mime(Kanto)-hold Switch Stone and spin a victory pose after obtaining 7 badges-Mr Rime

Galarian Cofagrigus
Evolution: Yamask(Galar)-hold a Switch Stone while using a revive item(only works if the user has 98 maximum HP)-Cofagrigus

Unovan Runerigus
Evolution: Yamask(Unova)-hold a Switch Stone and be traded-Runerigus
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Ability-Steam Engine/Steel Worker
Hidden ability- Flash fire
Evolves from Carkoal using a fire stone while on train tracks

HP- 70
Special Attack- 60
Special Defence-70
Speed- 130
Total- 510

- Flare Blitz
- Flame Charge
- Rock Polish
- Head Smash
- Stone Edge
- Iron Head
- Smokescreen

Dex Entry 1- Locoalmotive is a fast Pokemon that is frequently seen on train tracks. It is much less adaptable off of tracks.
Dex Entry 2- This Pokemon resembles a train. It frequently causes problems for travellers as it gets in the way of trains.

Appearance- resembles a train with traits of its pre-evolution.


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Regional Signatures

If regional variants had signature moves.

Mega Chomp
Effect: The user eats the opponent's berry
Signature: Alolan Raticate (Lv 50)

Effect: Usage of this move triggers Electric Terrain
Signature: Alolan Raichu (evolution)

Cold Shield
Effect: A Protect variant with a chance of inflicting freezing
Signature: Alolan Sandshrew, Sandslash (Lv 30)

Chilly Psych
Effect: The user's sp atk is boosted
Signature: Alolan Vulpix, Ninetales (Lv 30)

Bad Hairday
Effect: The opponent's speed decreases
Signature: Alolan Dugtrio (evolution)

Rich Assault
Effect: This has the same effect as Pay Day
Signature: Alolan Meowth(Lv 26)

Bling Beat
Effect: This has the same effect as Pay Day
Signature: Galar Mewoth, Perrserker(Lv 26)

Hard Shock
Signature: Alolan Geodude(Lv 26), Graveler/Golem(Lv 35)

Polluted Gems
Effect: Sets up Toxic Spikes
Signature: Alolan Grimer/Muk(Lv 33)

Effect: If this hits an ally, they aren't injured but healed of their status condition if they have it. If the opponent has a status condition, they are injured by they are healed of status infliction
Signature of: Galar Ponyta(Lv 43), Galar Rapidash(Lv 47)

Dance Off
Effect: The user equalizes stat boosts of the opponent to normal, but also boosts its Sp Atk by one stage afterwards
Signature of Galar Mr Mime, Mr Rime(Lv 34)

Coral Bleach
Effect: This does super-effective damage against Rock types
Signature of: Cursola(evolution)

Glacial Assault
Effect: The user must recharge
Signature of: Galar Darmaintan(Lv 45)
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Move Idea Time!

Steel-type, Status
5 PP
"The user toughens their body with overwhelming force. For the next three turns, all damaging moves by the user become physical."
This move would only be learnable by Primal Dialga (Yes, normal Dialga has higher atk than sp. atk. In this scenario, Primal Dialga has really high ph. atk)

Water-type, Status
5 PP
"The user coats themself in a watery force. For the next three turns, all damaging moves by the user become special."
This move would only be learnable by Primal Palkia

Bear Hug
Normal-type, Physical, 70 Power
20 PP
"The user wraps the opponent with a tight hug and squeezes. This may make the opponent flinch."
This move would be learnable via level up for Teddiursa/Ursaring, Munchlax/Snorlax, Cubchoo/Beartic, Pancham/Pangoro, Stufful/Bewear, and Komala. Buneary/Lopunny and Happiny/Chansey/Blissey, although not bears, can also learn the move via breeding.

Power Drain
Dark-type, Status
10 PP
"The user drains the power of an ally to maximize its sp. attack."
The user can only use it on an ally in a double battle, triple battle, or horde battle. It will drain half the max HP of the ally, but maximizes the user's special attack.
This move would be learnable by a lot of Pokemon by level-up or move tutoring, but here are some: Houndoom, Shiftry, Carvanha/Sharpedo, Honchkrow, Skuntank, Purrloin/Liepard, Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle, Impidimp/Morgrem/Grimmsnarl, Hatenna/Hattrem/Hatterene

Quick Restore
Normal-type, Status
5 PP
"The user pauses quickly to rest. This restores one power point to all other moves of the user."
This move would be learnt by a lot of status-move-users like Ivysaur/Venusaur, Snorlax, Espeon, Breloom, Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist, the tapus, and Hatterene

Feel free to suggest nerfs/buffs/reworks to these moves.


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Since I really want Sinnoh remakes and more regional variants, enjoy a "Sinnohan form" I thought of.

Sinnohan Flabébé
0'04, 0.2 lbs
Gender Ratio: 100% female
Egg Group: Grass, Fairy
Ability: Flower Veil, Flower Gift (HA: Flash Fire)
Dex1: FLABEBE has adapted to the abundance of flowers in the Sinnoh region and incorporated one into its body.
Dex2: They sway in the wind with pretty petals around them. A warm beam of light extends from its flower

HP - 46
Atk - 34
Def - 52
SpA - 61
SpD - 79
Spe - 31
BST - 303

When Sinnohan Flabébé reaches lvl. 19, it evolves into Sinnohan Floette

Sinnohan Floette
1'00, 2.3 lbs
Gender Ratio: 100% female
Egg Group: Grass, Fairy
Ability: Drought, Flower Gift (HA: Flash Fire)
Dex1: FLOETTE in the Sinnoh region are even more in tune with their nature then their Kalosian counterparts. As they float by, nearby buds sprout to life.
Dex2: FLOETTE's flower has bloomed and now radiates heat. As it dances through fields, it takes care not to let anything catch on fire.

HP - 48
Atk - 40
Def - 58
SpA - 85
SpD - 98
Spe - 42
BST - 371

When Sinnohan Floette is given a Fire Stone, it evolves into Sinnohan Florges.

Sinnohan Florges
The GARDEN Pokémon
3'11, 22.0 lbs
Gender Ratio: 100% female
Egg Group: Grass, Fairy
Ability: Drought, Flower Gift (HA: Flash Fire)
Dex1: The rich diversity and soil fertilizer has made FLORGES's flower burn with a colorful flame. It warms nearby crops to help them grow.
Dex2: The FLORGES of the Sinnoh region glow with fiery, floral energy. They can decide what is harmed by its flame, and use this ability to keep crops safe.

HP - 80
Atk - 48
Def - 90
SpA - 129
SpD - 144
Spe - 58
BST - 552


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Alternate Evos and Pokemon: A re-do

Basically, a re-do of my idea of the new cross-gen evolutions. Like how Runerigus and Perrserker are alternate evolutions to Cofagrigus and Persian.

Thiefetch'd, the Dark Knight Pokemon
Ability-Pickpocket/Inner Focus(normal), Scrappy(Hidden)
Evolution: Kanto Farfetch'd-Learn Thief at Level 33 or later-Thiefetch'd
Notes: A dark knight and thief, it also takes notes from the beta evolution design. Thiefetch'd lives in a harsher environment, becoming a sort of bandit

Phantomime, the Barrier Pokemon
Type-Psychic/Ghost(male), Ghost/Fairy(female)
Ability-Trace(male), Cursed Body(female), Rattled(Hidden)
Evolution: Mime Jr-Learn Mimic-Kanto Mr Mime-Dawn Stone-Phantomime
Notes: I thought it'd be interesting to have a Dawn Stone evo for multiple genders. However it takes a different form depending on gender. This reflects the pantomime, with Mr Mime's evolution acting like a sort of poltergeist using spirits and spookiness for its performances

Correef, the Coral Pokemon
Ability-Pastel Veil(normal), Toxic Boost(Hidden)
Evolution: Johto Corsola-Hold the Rare Coral and level up with a Mareanie or Toxapex in the party-Cursola
Notes: Correef has adapted to its main predator. The Rare Coral is an item you can find that makes the user immune to poisoning, and is not used up

Tanukoon, the Bountiful Pokemon
Ability-Natural Cure/Pickup(normal), Serene Grace(Hidden)
Evolution: Hoenn Zigzagoon-Lv 20-Hoenn Linoone-Trade while holding the Bountiful Ball-Tanukoon
Notes: This takes notes from the tanuki influence of the line. The Bountiful Ball is a low-key reference to a certain part of tanuki anatomy

Stelevish and Dunklevish, the Old Fish Pokemon
Type-Water/Rock(Stelevish), Water/Steel(Dunklevish)
Ability-Strong Jaw(normal), Sturdy(Hidden)
Evolution: Stelevish-Lv 40-Dunklevish
Egg group-Water 2
Note: This is what I think the completed Fossilized Fish would look like, based off the dunkleosteus. Because the chimeric versions don't have rock type, I thought they could grow out of it while still keeping that theme. They'd also have the typical 1/8 female since they're not Frankenstein's Monsters in this state

Terodrake and Stegodrake, the Old Dragon Pokemon
Type-Dragon/Rock(Terodrake), Dragon/Ground(Stegodrake)
Ability-Hustle(Terodrake), Sand Rush(Stegodrake), Sheer Force(Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Terodrake-Lv 40-Stegodrake
Egg group-Field/Dragon
Note: The Ground type is to give reasoning for Dracozolt's strange choice of hidden ability. It takes after the stegosaurus

Pterozolt and Paravzolt, the Old Bird Pokemon
Type-Electric/Rock(Pterozolt), Electric/Flying(Paravzolt)
Ability-Static(Pterozolt), Volt Absorb(Paravzolt), Aerilate(Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Pterozolt-Lv 40-Paravzolt
Egg group-Flying

Chilodino and Plesidino, the Old Dinosaur Pokemon
Type-Ice/Rock(Chilodino), Ice/Water(Plesidino)
Ability-Water Absorb/Slush Rush(normal), Swift Swim(Hidden)
Evolution: Chilodino-Lv 40-Pesidino

The Perfect Sinistea Challenge

Prince Jeeves, an elderly man(said to be 100 years old) and a former champion has a very rare gift. A Lv 100, Ultra Shiny Authentic Sinistea and the means to evolve it. In order to get this rarest of shinies, you must beat him three times, and he wields a Gigantamax each time. They represent different types and are all level 100, making him the strongest NPC in the game
  • Team 1: Gigantamax Rillaboom(Grass), Sandacobra (Ground), Marshadow (Fighting), Goodra (Dragon), Indeedee (Normal), Grimmsnarl (Fairy)
  • Team 2: Gigantamax Cinderace(Fire), Zeraora (Electric), Dragapault (Ghost), Hatterene (Psychic), Obstagoon (Dark), Corviknight (Flying)
  • Team 3: Gigantamax Intelleon(Water), Centiskorch (Bug), Mr Rime (Ice), Toxtricity (Poison), Tyranitar (Rock), Melmetal (Steel)

GS Spaceworld Evolution Updates and takes on Pokemon

Qwilfloat, the Balloon Pokemon
Evolution: Qwilfish-Poison Stone-Qwilfloat
Notes: This Pokemon is based in the Qwilfish beta evolution, taking its balloon motif to its next extent by floating like a balloon

Sunker, Ankrage and Anchlor, the Anchor Pokemon
Type-Water(Sunker), Water/Steel(Ankrage, Anchlor)
Ability-Sturdy(normal), Heavy Metal(Hidden)
Evolution: Sunker-Lv 18-Ankrage-Lv 38-Anchlor
Notes: This is modeled after the beta Manboo line. Sturdy is how the anchor helps to keep boats in a sturdy position

Toxeon, the Poisonous Pokemon
Ability-Poison Touch(normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-Poison Stone-Toxeon
Note: A nod to Umbreon's beta

Mimetal, the Mimic Pokemon
Ability-Replicate(Normal), Fluffy(Hidden). Replicate means this Pokemon immediately copies the opponent's stats, and only
Evolution: Ditto-Hold the Metal Coat in a Metalworkers-Mimetal
Note: Metalworkers show up in some series after getting at least 4 gym badges. They give up goodies, like Steel TMs, certain "metal" items, and can even evolve a Meltan to Melmetal outside of Pokemon Go. Although for that, they require a strong Lv 50 Meltan to merge with four other Meltan. This Ditto evo trades much of its gimmick to be strong on its own accord

Counterparts to Mega Evolution

If they don't stick around, here are my dos on proper evolution for those with Mega Evolution, but don't have much outside of it

Mawlceiver, the Deceiver Pokemon
Ability-Intimidate/Strong Jaw(normal), Gluttony(Hidden)
Evolution: Mawile-Learn Jaw Lock at Lv 37-Mawlceiver
Notes: It is the Deceiver Pokemon and based off a dark myth, so its Dark typing takes control in this state

Sablobin, the Goblin Pokemon
Ability-Intimidate/Clear Body(normal), Prankster(Hidden).
Evolution: Sableye-Learn Power Gem at Lv 37-Sablobin
Notes: Sablobin notes the Hopskin Goblin, and ends up taking attributes of the very rocks and gems part of it

Vengette, the Grudge Pokemon
Ability-Cursed Body(normal), Shadow Tag(Hidden)
Evolution: Shuppet-Lv 37-Banette-Trade with the Reaper Cloth-Vengette
Note: This is to match its counterpart

Matching Counterparts

Regional variant Growlithe
Ability-Intimidate/Steadfast(normal), Loyalty(Hidden). Loyalty means this Pokemon will always listen to orders, making them immune to the negative effect of flinch and confusion. Though it will still have the disloyalty of an overleveled Pokemon with a different OT to prevent exploitation
Evolution: Growlithe-Max Friendship-Arcanine

Mega Golem and Mega Alolan Golem
Type-Rock/Ground(Golem), Rock/Electric(Alola Golem)
Ability-Critical Defense(Golem), Galvanize(Alola Golem)
Item-Golemite and Golemite A
Note: Mega Golem focuses on buffing its already existing stat distribution, while Mega Alolan Golem drops defenses to boost its special atk and speed

Mega Machamp
Ability-Iron Fist

Hexakiss, the Humanshape Pokemon
Ability-Cursed Body/Dry Skin(normal), Dancer(Hidden)
Evolution: Smoochum-Lv 30-Jynx-Trade with the Chill Box-Hexakiss

Bruteyna, the Laughing Pokemon
Evolution: Poocheyna-Lv 18-Mighteyna-Lv up with a Pyroar in the party-Bruteyna

Regional variant Yungoos line
Ability-Stakeout/Pickup(normal), Speed Boost(Hidden).
Evolution: Unchanged

Stater Variants

Because if the recent spoilers are anything to go by, anyone can be a regional variant

Bulbasaur line
Ability-Effect Spore(normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
Evolution: Bulbasaur-Lv 20-Ivysaur-Poison Stone-Venusaur
Note: Regional variant Bulbasaur takes a mushroom on its back and its bulbs, rather than a plant

Charmander line
Type-Dragon/Normal(Charmander, Charmeleon), Dragon/Flying(Charizard)
Ability-Run Away(Charmander, Charmeleon), Intimidate(normal, Charizard), Aerilate(Hidden, Charizard)
Evolution: Charmander-Lv 20-Charmeleon-Shiny Stone-Charizard
Note: Regional variant Charmander is a literal dragon, albeit a generic one

Squirtle line
Ability-Sturdy(normal), Mega Lancher(Hidden)
Evolution: Squirtle-Lv 20-Wartortle-Fire Stone-Blastoise
Note: This takes notes as it being really, really tough

Grookey line
Ability-Punk Rock(normal), Soundproof(Hidden)
Evolution: Grookey-Lv 20-Thwacky-Max Friendship during the day-Rillaboom

Scorbunny line
Ability-Quick Feet(normal), Libero(Hidden)
Evolution: Scorbunny-Lv 20-Raboot-Max Friendship while holding an item-Cinderace

Sobble line
Ability-Sniper(normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
Evolution: Sobble-Lv 20-Drizzile-Max friendship during the night-Intelleon

Trainer Yusuf

My guess for DLC Pokémon is:
For the Island of Armour:
  1. Kubfu
  2. Urshifu
  3. Generic Psychic
  4. Generic Psychic: Psychic/Ground
  5. Generic Bug
  6. Generic Bug
  7. Generic Bug: Bug/Dark
  8. Generic Flying
  9. Generic Flying
  10. Generic Flying: Flying/Electric
  11. Generic Rock
  12. Generic Rock
  13. Generic Rock: Rock/Grass
  14. Generic Ground
  15. Generic Ground: Ground/Grass
  16. Generic Water
  17. Generic Water: Water/Electric
  18. Generic Fire
  19. Generic Fire: Fire/Electric
  20. Generic Grass
  21. Generic Grass: Grass/Ground
  22. Generic Electric
  23. Generic Electric: Electric/Grass
  24. Regional Dunsparce Evo: Dragon/Fairy
  25. Regional Jynx Evo: Psychic/Fairy
For the Crown Tundra:
  1. Generic Ghost
  2. Generic Ghost: Dark/Ghost
  3. Generic Fairy
  4. Generic Fairy: Fairy/Flying
  5. Generic Steel
  6. Generic Steel: Steel/Dark
  7. Generic Ice
  8. Generic Ice: Ice/Steel
  9. Generic Dark
  10. Generic Dark: Dark/Poison
  11. Generic Poison
  12. Generic Poison: Poison/Fire
  13. Generic Dragon:
  14. Generic Dragon: Normal/Dragon
  15. Generic pseudo
  16. Generic pseudo
  17. Generic pseudo: Ice/Dragon
  18. Regional Mankey evo: Ice/Fighting
  19. Regional Banette evo: Ghost/Dark
  20. Regielectric
  21. Regidragon
  22. Regigrass
  23. Calyrex
  24. Calyrex associate: Psychic/Ice?
  25. Calyrex associate: Psychic/Rock?
Edit (12.01.2020): Since Fairy is no longer a TCG-type and this generation's starters are monotype, next generation's inherited type will likely be Ghost. And since Incineroar inherits Dark-type, this means Water will inherit Ghost instead.

  1. Gen 9: Grass/Psychic, Fire/Rock, Water/Ghost
  2. Gen 10: Grass/Rock, Fire/Poison, Water/Flying (2025 is the year of Wood Snake in Chinese Zodiac)
  3. Gen 11: Grass/Steel, Fire/Ground,Water/Poison
  4. Gen 12: Grass/Fairy, Fire/Steel, Water/Bug
  5. Gen 13+: Unclear. Chinese Zodiac will be complete by then, so Fire-types would need another design alternative to focus on.

Edit 2 :For Mythicals:
  1. Gen 8: Mew, Rock/Ghost or Dark/Ghost, Fire/Grass, Bonus: Ice
  2. Gen 9: Psychic/Electric, Normal/Ghost, Ice, Bonus: Rock
  3. Gen 10: Psychic/Water, Normal/Dark, Fire/Ice, Bonus: Ghost
  4. Gen 11: Rock/Psychic, Fighting/Psychic, Fire, Bonus: Fairy
  5. Gen 12: Ice/Psychic, Fighting/Dark, Fairy/Dragon, Bonus: Dragon
Since Fairy is no longer a TCG type, we can expect that other Mythicals will follow in the line of previous Psychic-type ones like Celebi and Victini, as well as Jirachi and Meloetta. The former group will likely complete the Grass/Fire/Electric/Water quarter, and the latter will likely cover Steel/Rock/Ice/Normal.

Meloetta and Marshadow will likely cover the Psychic/Dark/Normal/Ghost.

Volcanion and Zeraora will likely shift two groups. Zeraora will likely have an Ice and Fire counterpart, and Volcanion will likely cover other oxymoronic types like Fire/Grass and Fire/Ice, after which we likely go through other unused ones like Fairy/Dragon.

Bonus Mythicals depend on whether there is an additional game to the traditional releases like Let's GO games, and will likely cover monotypes for Mythicals.

(This is of course assuming no new types are introduced until Gen 12, which likely there will be new types. But we don't know what they will be.)
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