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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    My guess for DLC Pokémon is:
    For the Island of Armour:
    1. Kubfu
    2. Urshifu
    3. Generic Psychic
    4. Generic Psychic: Psychic/Ground
    5. Generic Bug
    6. Generic Bug
    7. Generic Bug: Bug/Dark
    8. Generic Flying
    9. Generic Flying
    10. Generic Flying: Flying/Electric
    11. Generic Rock
    12. Generic Rock
    13. Generic Rock: Rock/Grass
    14. Generic Ground
    15. Generic Ground: Ground/Grass
    16. Generic Water
    17. Generic Water: Water/Electric
    18. Generic Fire
    19. Generic Fire: Fire/Electric
    20. Generic Grass
    21. Generic Grass: Grass/Ground
    22. Generic Electric
    23. Generic Electric: Electric/Grass
    24. Regional Dunsparce Evo: Dragon/Fairy
    25. Regional Jynx Evo: Psychic/Fairy
    For the Crown Tundra:
    1. Generic Ghost
    2. Generic Ghost: Dark/Ghost
    3. Generic Fairy
    4. Generic Fairy: Fairy/Flying
    5. Generic Steel
    6. Generic Steel: Steel/Dark
    7. Generic Ice
    8. Generic Ice: Ice/Steel
    9. Generic Dark
    10. Generic Dark: Dark/Poison
    11. Generic Poison
    12. Generic Poison: Poison/Fire
    13. Generic Dragon:
    14. Generic Dragon: Normal/Dragon
    15. Generic pseudo
    16. Generic pseudo
    17. Generic pseudo: Ice/Dragon
    18. Regional Mankey evo: Ice/Fighting
    19. Regional Banette evo: Ghost/Dark
    20. Regielectric
    21. Regidragon
    22. Regigrass
    23. Calyrex
    24. Calyrex associate: Psychic/Ice?
    25. Calyrex associate: Psychic/Rock?
    Edit (12.01.2020): Since Fairy is no longer a TCG-type and this generation's starters are monotype, next generation's inherited type will likely be Ghost. And since Incineroar inherits Dark-type, this means Water will inherit Ghost instead.

    1. Gen 9: Grass/Psychic, Fire/Rock, Water/Ghost
    2. Gen 10: Grass/Rock, Fire/Poison, Water/Flying (2025 is the year of Wood Snake in Chinese Zodiac)
    3. Gen 11: Grass/Steel, Fire/Ground,Water/Poison
    4. Gen 12: Grass/Fairy, Fire/Steel, Water/Bug
    5. Gen 13+: Unclear. Chinese Zodiac will be complete by then, so Fire-types would need another design alternative to focus on.

    Edit 2 :For Mythicals:
    1. Gen 8: Mew, Rock/Ghost or Dark/Ghost, Fire/Grass, Bonus: Ice
    2. Gen 9: Psychic/Electric, Normal/Ghost, Ice, Bonus: Rock
    3. Gen 10: Psychic/Water, Normal/Dark, Fire/Ice, Bonus: Ghost
    4. Gen 11: Rock/Psychic, Fighting/Psychic, Fire, Bonus: Fairy
    5. Gen 12: Ice/Psychic, Fighting/Dark, Fairy/Dragon, Bonus: Dragon
    Since Fairy is no longer a TCG type, we can expect that other Mythicals will follow in the line of previous Psychic-type ones like Celebi and Victini, as well as Jirachi and Meloetta. The former group will likely complete the Grass/Fire/Electric/Water quarter, and the latter will likely cover Steel/Rock/Ice/Normal.

    Meloetta and Marshadow will likely cover the Psychic/Dark/Normal/Ghost.

    Volcanion and Zeraora will likely shift two groups. Zeraora will likely have an Ice and Fire counterpart, and Volcanion will likely cover other oxymoronic types like Fire/Grass and Fire/Ice, after which we likely go through other unused ones like Fairy/Dragon.

    Bonus Mythicals depend on whether there is an additional game to the traditional releases like Let's GO games, and will likely cover monotypes for Mythicals.

    (This is of course assuming no new types are introduced until Gen 12, which likely there will be new types. But we don't know what they will be.)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
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  2. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Party Wurmple
    Ability- Party Powered
    Type- Bug
    Event only Pokemon. Cannot evolve. Found in Alola.

    Stats- same as regular Wurmple

    - String Shot
    - Celebrate
    - Splash
    - Heal Bell
    - Guard Swap
    - Wide Guard
    - Swords Dance
    - Yawn
    5- Poison sting
    10- Iron Defence
    15- Bug Bite
    20- Helping Hand
    25- Endure
    30- Struggle Bug
    35- Slack Off
    40- Aromatic Mist
    45- Party Time
    50- Teeter Dance
    55- Power Swap
    60- Megahorn

    New move- Party Time- (Bug) Status- 5pp- Raises speed of an ally by 1 stage.

    Z-move- Wild Party (Bug)Physical BP180- Deals Damage and boosts allies attack and special attack by 1 stage if they are on the field when the attack is used.
    Requires Party Time & Party Wurplium-Z
    Only usable by Party Wurmple

    Dex Entry 1- Party Wurmple is an odd variant seen in Alola. It loves to party and refuses to grow up. It is willing to lend its friends a helping hand which is why it isn't treated as a pest.
    Dex Entry 2- There are many mysteries about Party Wurmple. Why can't it evolve? why did it appear in Alola and most importantly where do they keep getting the Party hats? Scientists keep trying to research but just end up confused and partying

    Appearance- Based on the New years Wurmple from Pokemon GO wearing the Party Hat.
  3. XachMustel

    XachMustel New Member

    I just came up with an idea for a new Pokemon type that isn't Sound, Light, Time, Space, Cosmic, etc. It's a type called Toon type, much like Pegasus' Toon monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh. Basically, Toon type Pokemon are made up of ink and rely on the art of slapstick comedy and toon physics in battle. Physical Toon type moves involve things like bombs, mallets, anvils and cream pies while most special Toon type moves involve blasting ink at the opponent. Toon types are very diverse design-wise and range from animals to plants to inanimate objects to humanoid creatures. Most of them look strange, silly and cartoonish but don't be fooled as they're much stronger than they look and are perfect for countering the ever-so-strong Fairy types and are great for dealing with Electric and Poison types if you don't have a Ground type on your team. Although, they do have a crippling weakness to Water types as well as Ghost types. Often, Toon types tend to be physical attackers and are generally similar to Fighting types in terms of stats but there are a few Special attacking Toon types like Harlequeen, Brolar as well as the Gaspray and Dolfun lines. A new status effect called "Laughter" is often induced by Toon type Pokemon and makes the opponent's Attack stat drop by one stage per turn until their laughing fit stops. However, a new ability called Tough Crowd as well as Oblivious makes a Pokemon immune to laughter and Toon types themselves are immune to the status effect. Toon type Pokemon are very popular with the Artist and Preschooler trainer classes and a cartoonist Gym Leader named Arthur specializes in Toon Type Pokemon, giving out an Animation Badge when beat. His team consists of Goodra, Hammerhawk, Racriminal and his ace, a Harleking. The Toon Type Z-Movie would be called Saturday Morning Madness and the Toon Type Dynamax move would be called Max Anvil Drop.

    Toon Types are weak to: Water and Ghost.
    Water dilutes ink and washes it away and while toons may be immune to Fairy magic, they are also generally terrified of ghosts and tend to spook easily.

    Toon Types resist: Normal, Fire, Poison and Steel.
    Normal things don't really effect a toon, toons can survive getting burnt to a crisp, poison doesn't do much to beings made of ink and a cartoon character can easily survive an anvil to the head.

    Toon Types are immune to: Fairy.
    Cartoons are too hip and contemporary so ancient Fairy magic has no effect on them.

    Types that are weak to Toon: Electric, Poison and Fairy.
    Toons are known for breaking the forth wall and toying with electrical fields, laughter is the best medicine and toons can make people laugh away illness and old fashioned fairy tales tend to get trumped by more modern and innovative story ideas.

    Types that resist Toon: Fighting, Dark and Water.
    A well-trained martial artist or being of pure evil could simply brush away cartoon shenanigans while water just washes ink away.

    Types that are immune to Toon: N/A.

    Toon has a completely neutral relationship with: Grass, Bug, Ice, Flying, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Dragon, Toon

    Here are some Toon type Pokemon I made:

    Harlekid (Toon)
    Harleteen (Toon)
    Harleking (Toon)
    Harlequeen (Toon)
    A Three stage pure Toon type line, based off of harlequin court jesters. Split evolution depending on the gender of Harleteen. Harleking is more of a physical attacker while Harlequeen is more of a special attacker. Has an new ability called Hammerspace where it selects a random item from their trainer's inventory to hold if their item space is empty in battle. Also has Prankster and Screen Cleaner (HA). Basically, the non-legendary "face" line of the Toon typing.

    Wackeon (Toon)
    A Toon type Eeveelution that Eevee evolves into when exposed to an ink bottle. Looks awfully strange for an eeveelution with a strong resemblence to foxlike version of Gogo Dodo but is a solid physical attacker. Has Oblivious and Hammerspace (HA) as abilities.

    Dinomyte (Toon)
    TNT-Rex (Toon)
    Two stage dinosaur line with bombs strapped to them. They have an ability called Bombproof that makes it so they won't faint upon using self-destruct or explosion. Has no hidden ability.

    Birdbash (Toon/Flying)
    Hammerhawk (Toon/Flying)
    A bluebird that resembles a blue Tweety Bird carrying a hammer. Evolves into a blue jay-esq hawk that has a mallet for a beak. Has Big Pecks, Hustle and Mold Breaker (HA) as abilities.

    Boxiglove (Toon/Fighting)
    Boxibrawl (Toon/Fighting)
    Boxibrute (Toon/Fighting)
    A three-stage boxing glove pokemon that gains a humanoid body and extra arms upon evolving. Boxibrawl evolves into Boxibrute using an ink bottle. Has Iron Fist, Indimidate and Guts (HA) as abilities.

    Brolar (Toon/Fire)
    A single stage sun pokemon wearing sunglasses with disembodied white gloves for hands. Special attacker with a notorious 4X Water weakness. Has Drought and Flash Fire (HA) for abilities. Can be taught Solar Beam to counter Water types as it is literally a sun with a face.

    Tumbullina (Toon/Fairy)
    Single stage, non-evolving. A bipedal, ballet dancing minotaur Pokemon. Wears a tutu and has an ability called Safety Dance that spins away entry hazards when sent into battle with dance steps. Has two forms, a dancing form and a standing form. When hit with a physical move, it goes from dancing form to standing form. Can only remove entry hazards in dancing form. No hidden ability.

    Rascoon (Toon/Dark)
    Racriminal (Toon/Dark)
    A two-stage bandit raccoon line, version exclusive counterparts with Gaspray line. Speedy and fragile Physical attacker with Frisk, Technician and Pickpocket (HA) for abilities.

    Gaspray (Toon/Poison)
    Gaskunk (Toon/Poison)
    A two-stage gasmask wearing skunk line, version exclusive counterparts with Rascoon line. Slow and bulky Special attacker with Stench, Neutralizing Gas and Poison Touch (HA) for abilities.

    Dolfun (Water/Toon)
    Porparty (Water/Toon)
    A two-stage dolphin Pokemon with party horns in their mouths. Porparty is basically a narwhal with a party hat horn. Has a signature ability called Wise Up which is basically a Special Attacking version of Moxie. Also has Hydration and Storm Drain (HA).

    Sillyseed (Grass/Toon)
    Dandylion (Grass/Toon)
    An old timey cartoon seed that evolves into a dandelion with a "blepping" lion face and a polka dot bowtie. Evolves via ink bottle. Has Cotton Down and Leaf Guard (HA) as abilities.

    Manvil (Steel/Toon)
    Single stage, non-evolving. A superhero with a bodybuilder body made out of steel, a red cape, matching red speedo and an anvil for a head. Has a signature move called Anvil Rain which dishes out both Toon and Steel type damage, like Hawlucha's Fighting/Flying Flying Press. Has Bulletproof, Hammerspace and Steadfast (HA) as abilities.

    Bumbleboy (Bug/Toon)
    Bumblebuff (Bug/Toon)
    Two-stage bumblebee line. Bumbleboy resembles the bee mascot of Jollibee whereas its evolution is a ripped and muscular bipedal bumblebee. Has a new ability called Weightlifter which gives it an extra STAB with Fighting type moves. Also has Swarm (HA).

    Wabbiticus (Toon)
    Toon type legendary, based off of Bugs Bunny. Special attacker, version exclusives with Duckules. Signature move is called Toonstravaganza.

    Duckules (Toon)
    Toon type legendary, based off of Daffy Duck. Physical attacker, version exclusives with Wabbiticus. Signature move is called Toonpocalypse.

    Old Pokemon re-typed as toon:
    Lickitung line (Toon)
    Aipom line (Normal/Toon)
    Smeargle (Toon)
    Kricketot lines (Bug/Toon)
    Vanillite line (Ice/Toon)
    Goomy line (Dragon/Toon)
    Stufful line (Toon/Fighting) - Normal typing is dropped in favor of Toon. Fire now causes neutral damage to Fluffy Bewear because of Toon's fire resistence.
    Eiscue (Ice/Toon)

    Toon Typed regional variant ideas:
    Gastly, Haunter and Gengar (Ghost/Toon): Said to be the souls of deceased cartoon characters who were too restless to pass on.
    Gulpin and Swalot (Dark/Toon): The Gulpin line loses their poison in favor of cartoon zaniness. They now have long, dark mustaches that they twirl in idle animations and have an evil villain laugh as a cry and a signature move where they tie their opponent to train tracks to run them over.
    Skwovet and Greedent (Toon): The Skovet line becomes pure Toon type with a heavy Screwy Squirrel inspiration.

    Toon type moves (Physical):
    Dynamite Toss: 80 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user tosses a bundle of dynamite at their opponent. 10% chance of inflicting a burn.
    Mallet Slam: 100 Base Power, 80% accuracy. The user slams their opponent with a huge mallet. Drops the user's defense.
    Pie Pummel: 20 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user pummels their opponent with a barrage of pies. Hits 2-5 times.
    Pieority: 40 Base Power, 100% accuracy. User strikes target in the face with a pie, always hits first.
    Whammo Punch: 70 Base Power, 100% accuracy. User punches target with boxing glove. Has a chance of making opponent flinch.
    Train Trick: 120 Base Power, 90% accuracy. The user paints a train tunnel behind the opponent on the first turn. The next turn, the opponent gets run over by a train. Two stage attack. If the attack misses, the user gets a drop to their attack stat.
    Anvil Rain: 100 Base Power, 90% accuracy, the user rain a bunch of anvils of their opponent, causing a drop in the opponent's Special Defense. Only Manvil knows this move.
    Toonpocalypse: 140 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user summons a massive tornado full of dynamite, bombs and anvils to strike their opponent. Only Duckules knows this move.

    Toon type moves (Special):
    Pen Darts: 30 Base Power, 90% accuracy. The user fires two pens at their target.
    Ink Squirt: 40 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user shoots a small squirt of ink at their opponent.
    Giggle Gas: 35 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user blasts their opponent with an inky laughing gas. Has a high chance of inducing laughter status effect.
    Ink Beam: 65 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user fires a beam of ink at the opponent. Has a small chance of inducing laughter.
    Ink Ball: 80 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user fires a ball of ink at the opponent.
    Flood Of Tears: 120 Base Power, 90% accuracy. The user cries so hard their tears flood the arena and wash over their opponent. 100% accuracy in rainy weather.
    Toonstravaganza: 140 Base Power, 100% accuracy. The user summons a massive tsunami of ink to swamp their opponent. Only Wabbiticus knows this move.

    Toon type moves (Status):
    Laughing Powder: 50% accuracy powder move that induces Laughter.
    Silly String: 60% accuracy move that lowers opponent's speed.

    Moves re-typed as Toon:
    Tickle: This time around, it has the side effect of inducing Laughter instead.

    Toon Type related items:
    Ink Cartridge: Boosts the power of Toon type moves.
    Ink Bottle: Evolves Eevee into Wackeon, Boxibrawl into Boxibrute and Sillyseed into Dandylion.
    Toonium-Z: Allows usage of "Saturday Morning Madness".
    Inky Plate: Turns Arceus into a Toon type.
    Toon Memory: Turns Silvally into a Toon type.
    Serious Spray: Cures Laughter status.

    So what do you think of this Pokemon type idea? What is your favorite of the Toon type Pokemon I came up with? Have any ideas for any Toon type Pokemon of your own or any ideas for more Toon type attacks?
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  4. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Cannibeast, the White Terror Pokemon
    Ability-Familiar Taste(this Pokemon is healed by moves of its own type)
    Egg group-Monster/Humanoid
    Pokedex entry-"Cannibeast feasts off those unfortunate to enter its bone-filled lair. One must never eat meat in its presence, or risk becoming a Cannibeast"
    Note: This Pokemon is based off the wendigo, hence its name, its typing suggesting cannibalism

    Winghost, Hauntachil and Blizskary, the Chilly Wind/Blizzard Pokemon
    Ability-Snow Warning
    Egg group-Amorphous, gender unknown
    Evolution: Winghost-Lv 30-Hauntachil-Ice Stone-Blizskary
    Pokedex entry
    • "In past lives, these Pokemon were explorers of the cold mountain ranges. As Winghost, they now follow the blizzards aimlessly"
    • "If you ever hear a haunting sound in a snowstorm, it is probably Hauntachil. As are sounds telling you to relax and sleep in the ever colder weather"
    • "Manifested from a mass of hail and snow, Blizskary cause great avalanches to protect their territory and eliminate intruders. They treasure their ice pick the most, being it is the one belonging they still have from their first life
    Note: This Pokemon is a sort of sentient blizzard, and those lost to mountain climbing. Windy ghosts
    Signature move: Ice Pick. This is an Ice/Physical, 70 Atk, 20 PP acc move that is super-effective rather than not very effective against Ice types.
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  5. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus Whovian

    Personally it's not a type I'd really want to see implemented into future games. However you have presented your idea here brilliantly and I commend you for that. It's a distinctive and very well though out idea for a new type with clear logic behind many of the choices you made here and whilst it's not the direction I'd want pokemon to go in, if it were a direction they were going to go in then this would be the perfect way to do it.
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  6. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Ancient Grimer
    Type- Ground
    Ability- Muddy Body/Sticky Hold
    Hidden Ability- Arena Trap
    Stats- same as Regular Grimer


    1- Pound
    1- Mud Sport
    1- Mud Slap
    1- Muddy water
    6- Harden
    12 - Minimise
    18- Disable
    24- Mud Shot
    30- Screech
    36- Mud Bomb
    42- Acid armor
    48- Magnitude

    Dex Entry 1- Before Pollution this ancient form of grimer used live in the muddy areas. It does not have the stench that its modern variant. There are fears this if form is brought back to Alola, as it could overpower the local variants which the Alolan people rely on to deal with pollution.
    Dex Entry 2- Ancient Grimer is the natural pokemon form prior to people and pollution. In areas where the regular forms are going extinct it is believed this form could make a comeback and recent research into resurrecting the original form has been ongoing in many regions apart from Alola where its local variant is thriving.

    Ancient Muk
    Type- Ground
    Ability- Muddy Body/Sticky Hold
    Hidden Ability- Arena Trap
    Stats- same as Regular Muk.
    Evolves from Ancient Grimer at level 38


    1- Pound
    1- Mud Sport
    1- Mud Slap
    1- Muddy water
    1- Recover
    1- Rototiller
    6- Harden
    10- Dig
    12 -Minimise
    18- Disable
    24- Mud Shot
    30- Screcch
    36- Mud Bomb
    42- Acid armor
    48- Magnitude
    50- Muddy Melee
    56- Earthquake
    60- Fissure

    New move

    Muddy Melee- (Ground) Physical- BP120- 5PP- Deals damage and sharply lowers defence and special defence of user but has a 10% chance of lowering the targets accuracy.

    New ability- Muddy body- When a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a move that makes contact there is 30% chance it will lower accuracy

    Dex Entry 1- It struggles to live in urbanised areas but used to be common in a fields. Early farmers found them to be very helpful.
    Dex Entry 2- Ancient Muk's body is made of mud. It loves to fight up close and this often leads to its enemies getting muddy. This makes it difficult for its enemies to flee.

    Obtained a gift from a scientist researching forms. He also later trades you an Alolan Muk as a trade for a regular Muk.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2020
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  7. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Because Variants Can Be Anything

    Seriously, who expected the regional variant treatment to be done to legendary Pokemon? I would keep it more reasonable, aka "these Pokemon probably can have multiples in one universe and the type isn't essential for their character". Might add more in the future if it makes sense, though you're welcome

    Galarian Lugia(probably not gonna happen, but you can always hope)
    Ability-Drizzile(normal), Regenerator(Hidden)
    Note: Yes, the Water type is obvious. However the dragon type reflects

    Sinnoan Beast Trio: This beast Trio were creatures revived by Ho-oh, but because of a terrible war they were caught in the crossfire rather than the burning of a tower. This Ho-oh is a variant, as is Lugia, so they get Fairy types

    Sinnoan Raikou
    Ability-Speed Boost(normal), Lightningrod(Hidden)
    Note: The steel type reflects the blades and weapons in that battle

    Sinnoan Entei
    Ability-Guts(normal), Intimidate(Hidden)
    Note: The ground type reflects the battleground itself. Also, part of a trio

    Sinnoan Suicune
    Ability-Pastel Veil(normal), Refrigerate(Hidden)
    Note: The weather, perhaps? Mainly reflecting how auroras are associated with the cold.

    Sinnoan Ho-oh
    Ability-Misty Surge(normal), Regenerator(Hidden)
    Note: Thanks to the typing, both Lugia and Ho-oh's variants are good against each other

    Future Forest: An event-exclusive location. This allows you to locate Celebi. It is revealed that Celebi actually originates from the distant future, millions and millions of years, which is the reason they're mythicals-Celebi doesn't exist normally in the present. Your time machine, which lets you visit, can only go that far once. After you return, you cannot come back

    Millennium Cave: This is an event-only location, usually locked off by the Comet Ruins. These are an impressive feature that is unlocked without the event item "Wishstone". It unlocks the Comet Ruins, triggering a story with Team Galactic. Inside, you may face and catch a Level 30 Jirachi once you have at least gotten the Veilstone City gym. It isn't shiny-locked
  8. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Galarian Tangela
    Ability- Regenerator/Motor Drive
    Hidden ability- Static

    Attack- 35
    Special attack- 100
    Defence- 115
    Special Defence- 40
    Speed- 80

    - Ingrain
    - Constrict
    - Electric Terrain
    - Shock Wave
    - Electroweb
    - Magnet rise
    - Volt Switch
    - Energy Ball
    5- Thunder Wave
    10- Wrap
    13- Thundershock
    15- Slam
    17- Charge
    20- Energy ball
    22- Bind
    27- Electrify
    29- Charge Beam
    34- Giga Drain
    36- Charged Wire
    44- Flash Cannon
    49- Thunderbolt
    53- Nature Power
    56- Shock wave
    59- Power Whip
    63- Wring out
    66- Discharge
    70- Electroball

    Dex Entry 1- In Galar Tangela's vine do not grow so it substitutes them with electric wires. It uses the wires to trap its foes and then unleashes deadly shocks.
    Dex Entry-2 Galarian Tangela uses an odd move when it uses its electrical energy to turn its wires into a deadly strike. It seems to have developed this skill so it can cope with direct confrontation.

    Appearance- resembles Tangela but with wires instead of vines.

    Type- Electric
    Ability- Regenerator/Motor Drive
    Hidden ability- Grassy Legacy
    Evolves From Galarian Tangela when using a thunder stone while knowing Charged Wire.

    - Charged Wire
    - Discharge
    - Giga Drain
    - Aura Sphere
    - Zap Cannon
    - Lock On
    - Nasty Plot
    - Flash Cannon
    - Power Whip
    - Energy ball
    - Thunder
    - Charge

    Attack- 35
    Special attack- 130
    Defence- 115
    Special Defence- 70
    Speed- 110

    Dex Entry 1- After changing so much to adapt to Galar it was not longer able to evolve into its ancient evolution tangrowth. This new form has specialised to its new habitat.
    Dex Entry 2- Tangenerator is famous in Galar for its powerful electrical shocks but it is more famous for stealing electrical wires to make up its new body. In Galar electrical companies leave wires lying around for it to use so they don't cause problems.

    Appearance- Tangenerator looks similar to Tangela and Tangrowth but bulkier and uses electrical wires. Takes some inspiration from Mechs.

    Type- Electric/Grass
    Legacy Form- Requires Grass Legacy which activates when the Pokemon selects a grass type move.

    Attack- 35
    Special attack- 160
    Defence- 115
    Special Defence- 70
    Speed- 140

    Dex Entry 1- Rarely some Tangenerator gain the ability to regain their plantlike features. They are very powerful but do tend to become exhausted easily.
    Dex Entry 2- Tangenerator that can regain their grassy features are incredibly dangerous. Fortunately they are seldom seen.

    Appearance- Looks like Tangenerator but it now has a mix of vines and wires.

    New ability- Grassy Legacy- Transforms into Legacy form when it selects a grass type move. Loses 1/16th damage every turn.

    Charged Wire- Electric (Physical) 80 BP (5pp)Uses own special attack to calculate damage.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2020
  9. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member


    Snuflfrost and Frosceros, the Flu Pokemon
    Ability-Poison Point/Snow Warning(normal), Refrigerate(Hidden)
    Egg group-Mineral/Monster
    Evolution: Snuflfrost-Ice Stone-Frosceros
    Pokedex entry
    • "The breath of Snufllfrost causes a continuous chill on whoever gets close to it. The Pokemon can endure temperatures cold enough to condense the air"
    • "Frosceros' needle-like horn inflicts a powerful freezing agent to take out predators with an extreme cold. It can solidify oxygen and throw the shards for maximum damage"
    Notes: This Pokemon is based off the common cold, hence its typing. Why a rhino? A pun of the name of the virus, that being the rhinovirus

    Karabrella, the Petticoat Pokemon
    Ability-Cloud Nine
    Egg group-Fairy
    Notes: This Pokemon is based on the karasaka and by extension the umbrella, hence its weather-countering ability

    Legendary related variants

    Hidden Abilities
    • Celebi: Grassy Surge(befits the Pokemon's ability to renew and protect nature)
    • Latias and Latios: Illusion(because the dex and anime/manga show they can disguise themselves by bending light)
    • Lake trio: Telepathy(too obvious?)
    • Heatran: Drought

    Deoxys(Artificial variant)
    Ability-Poison Touch
    Note: Like regular Deoxys, this Pokemon has forme changes relating to its stats. Of course they have modified appearances. This Deoxys was a variant created through artificial means, trying to replicate the creation of Deoxys from a virus and getting this toxic being

    Sinnoan Tornadus
    Note: Tornadus and Thundurus in Sinnoh have a far more ruthless reputation, hence the type changing. Sinnoan Kami Trio are female to their Unovan male counterparts as another notable difference, and do not have an additional form

    Sinnoan Thundurus

    Sinnoan Landorus
    Ability-Grounding(Flying type becomes Normal type, and Flying type moves become normal type moves. If the opponent is part Normal already, their Flying type is simply canceled out but the same rules apply to Flying type moves)
    Note: Fighting type comes from Landorus being more motivated than ever to get its siblings to behave

    Eclipsola, the Eclipse Pokemon
    Ability-Power Nulifier(same effect as Neutralizing Gas)
    Evolution: Cosmog-Lv 43-Cosmoem-level up to Lv 53 or higher in the Eclipse Temple-Eclipsola
    Note: This takes note from the eclipse
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  10. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus Whovian

    4 stage lines, adding babies to existing 3 stage lines.

    Appearance: Similar to beta-zubat prevo sprite.
    Typing: Poison/Flying
    Evoloution: Zubit -Level up whilst in a cave-> Zubat
    Abilities: Small Target* HA: Peer Rivalry*

    Appearance: Small brown rhino baby rhino with one horn.
    Typing: Ground
    Evoloution: Rhycalf -Level up with a rock type move-> Rhyhorn
    Abilities: Unaware/Small Target* HA: Peer Rivalry*

    Appearance: Small brown, newly germinated seed, with the stem lagging behind it, with one litte eyes, moves by hopping.
    Typing: Grass
    Evoloution: Bulzarre -Level up during the day whilst outdoors (ingame)-> Oddish
    Abilities: Peer Rivalry* HA: Run Away

    Other new baby pokemon

    Appearance: Similar to beta Tangela Prevo sprite.
    Typing: Grass
    Evoloution: Tangey -Leaf Stone-> Tangela
    Abilities: Peer Rivalry*/Guilt Trip* HA: Small Target*


    Appearance: A jelly like flaoting ball with a happy little wopper like head inside connected to a quagsire like tail. It's gills and the end of it's tail would poke out of the bubble.
    Typing: Water
    Evoloution: Egsalotall -Level up with a ground type move-> Wooper
    Abilities: Water Bubble/Guilt Trip* HA: Peer Rivalry*

    New abilities

    Small Target: Lowers the accuracy of opponents moves used on this pokemon. ( Lower's the moves base accuracy by ten)

    Peer Rivalry: This Baby pokemon deals move damage against other Baby pokemon. (Damage x 1.25)

    Guilt Trip: Fully evolved pokemon feel guilty about attacking this baby pokemon and so do less damage. (Damage x 0.75)

    Abilty changes

    Toxel's HA is changed to Guilt Trip.

    Riolu's Steadfast is replaced with Peer Rivalry.

    Chingling gets a HA which is Guilt Trip, and Chimecho gets Triage.

    Togepi's Serene Grace is replaced with Guilt Trip.

    Joltik's Unnerve is replaced with Small Target.

    Flabébé can now have Small Target as well as Flower Veil, Flabébé with Small Target evolve into Floette with Serene Grace which evolve into Florges with Serene Grace.

    Cutiefly's Honey Gather is replaced with Small Target, additionaly they will evolve in Ribombee will Small Target, However Honey Gather Ribombee can still be found in the wild and Small Target Ribombee can only be obtained by evolving a Small Target Cutiefly.

    New Items

    Held item: Shrink Ray: A Pokemon attacked by a Pokemon holding a shrink ray will have their ability changed to Small Target. It doesn't matter if it's a status move or a damage dealing move, though the shrink ray will only activate when a move that only targets one pokemon is used. A Shrink Ray is used up after one use.

    Held item: Freeze Ray: A Pokemon attacked by a Pokemon holding a freeze Ray will be frozen solid. It doesn't matter if it's a status move or a damage dealing move, though the Freeze Ray will only activate when a move that only targets one pokemon is used. A Freeze Ray is used up after one use.

    Held item: Electrifying Ray: A Pokemon attacked by a Pokemon holding an Electrifying Ray have their secondary type changed to Electric. If the target pokemon is monotype it simply adds the electric type on top of the targets existing type. It doesn't matter if it's a status move or a damage dealing move, though the Electrifying Ray will only activate when a move that only targets one pokemon is used. An Electrifying Ray is used up after one use.

    Healing item: Baby food: Fully heals baby pokemon but has no effect on other pokemon.

    Other changes/additions.

    A special Azurill (One per game) with Guilt Trip that can be found through an in-game event. This Azurill evolves into Pikachu-Ear Marill (Who looks like an ordinary marill but it's ears are like pikachu's). Pikachu ear Marill is a reference to pikablu and statwise is the same as an ordinary Marill expect it has the ability Illusion and cannot evolve. (It can breed to produce more Guilt Trip Azurill)

    Wild double battles are reintroduced with new models that contain both pokemon. Only certain combinations exist such as all baby pokemon with a 'parent', two diglett, a plusle and minun that skip holding hands. Wild triple battles are added and work like the double battles but are much rarer, some of the combinations for triple battles are three Rolycoly or Carkol following each other like a train, three Diglett pretending to be a dugtrio and the three elemental monkeys standing on each other's heads.

    All baby pokemon will also be encounter able in the wild and incense will no longer be required to produce eggs of any of the baby pokemon.
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  11. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Unovan Raichu
    Iron Fist/Guts
    Motor Drive

    - Focus Punch
    - Mach Punch
    - Thunder Punch
    - Ice Punch
    - Fire Punch
    - Recover
    - Thunderstrike
    - Play Rough
    - Drain Punch

    Attack- 115
    Special attack- 35
    Defence- 80
    Special Defence- 85
    Speed- 110
    Total- 485

    New Move-
    Thunderstrike- Electric (Physical) BP80-(5PP) - This attack is treated as an Electric and Fighting type move. Boosted by Iron Fist.

    Dex Entry 1- Raichu that are brought to Unova are far superior fighters to their Kanto and Alolan variants. Unova Raichu love to fight with strong opponents such as Excadrill. If it was given the opportunity would love to challenge Goliachu despite being weaker.
    Dex Entry 2- Unovan Raichu is slimmer and has much more dexterous fingers than their other forms. Considering this is a change Pikachu has been observed with as well some scientists claim this is the form all Pikachu will become. It uses a vicious strike using both its electric and fighting skill.

    Note- Unovan Raichu is the idea that Raichu changes the same way Pikachu has.
  12. wolf jani

    wolf jani The 6th member to reach 20 000 posts

    My starter ideas for a Finland based region
    Eleplant (Elephant + plant) evolves into Lichderm (Lichen + Pachyderm) Evolves into Mammoos (Mammoth + Moss)
    Eleplant and Lichderm are pure Grass types Mammoos is Grass/Ice
    Eleplant is a green elephant calf with small plants growing out of it.
    Lichderm is a young eleplant and its back isncovered by lichen. and it has small wooden tusks.
    Mammoos is a huge Mammoth covered all over with moss and the moss is covered by a layer of ice. Its wooden tusks have grown huge and they're covered in ice. for stats it has average speed. high physical stats and hp. But low special stats. It's hidden ability is thick fat.
    Coalt ( Coal + colt) evolves into Flarse (Flare + Horse) Evolves into Suokersal (Suokki (slang term for finnhorse) + universal)
    Whole line is Fire/Normal
    Coalt is a colt (a baby horse). Its crimsom colored expect for the feet because they are black and covered in coal.
    Flarse is crimsom and black young horse with it's tail being made of fire.
    Suokersal is a big black horse with ears and tail being made of fire. It's said to be able to fulfill any kind of role wether it is in battle or helping humans.
    This line is based off of the Finnhorse which is also called the finnish universal due to it being able to do any kind of work. This is also shown in Suokersal's stats. It's speed is 90 while all the other stats are 88. It's hidden ability is called Versality and it has the same effect as Moody.

    Larvaqua (Larva + Aqua) evolves into Bubbpa (Bubble + Pupa) which evolves into Hydroplea (Hydro + Macroplea (a genus of beetles))
    Whole line is Water/Bug
    Larvaqua is a blue beetle larva. With eyes looking like bubbles.
    Bubbpa is a blue cocoon covered with bubbles. and having eyes that look like bubbles.
    Hydroplea is this kind of beetle [​IMG]
    It's a species that's only found in Finland.
    Hydroplea is different from the real animal by being blue and covered in bubbles and having the bubble like eyes.
    Hydroplea has Great defenses and Special attack. Ok speed and low physical attack and hp. It's hidden ability is Water Bubble.
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  13. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Status Ability Remodel
    • Flammable: If the user is burned, they are not injured and their attack isn't affected. Instead, they gain the Fire type
    • Burn Boost: If the user is burned, their attack increases rather than decreases
    • Cure-All: As long as this Pokemon is on the field, no-one can have a status condition
    • Curse-All: As long as this Pokemon is on the field, everyone can be affected by a status condition even if they're usually immune to it
    • Love Hurts: If the user is unable to move due to infatuation, their attack and special attack stats will increase by one
    Shedinja Buff
    • Wonder Guard: The user cannot be affected by non-super-effective moves. This includes indirect damage, ie if a status move isn't a type Shedinja is weak of it can't be affected. This does remove Shedinja's vulnerability to Hail, poisoning, Toxic and Spikes
    • Wonder Shield: An item to be held by Shedinja. This makes the user immune to indirect damage
    • Soul Shed: A Ghost/Status, 5 PP move that affects the user. Only Shedinja can learn this. This move causes Shedinja to drop its Bug typing, becoming pure Ghost. It will fail if used by another Pokemon somehow. Through this it will drop most of its weaknesses and only have to worry about Dark and Ghost type moves
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  14. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    New Pokemon

    Ability-Run away/Early Bird
    Hidden ability- Tangled Feet
    Evolves into regular Doduo at maximum happiness

    HP- 30
    Attack- 65
    Special attack- 10
    Defence- 25
    Special Defence-25
    Speed- 55
    Total- 210

    - Peck
    - Growl
    - Headbutt
    - Roost
    5- Quick attack
    10- Rage
    15- Double Edge
    20- Drill Peck
    30- Extreme Speed
    35- Head smash
    40- Thrash

    Dex Entry 1- Douno is the pre-evolved form of Doduo. It has no sense of direction and regularly bumps into things. It is said that it grows an extra head when it evolves to help it to balance itself.
    Dex Entry 2- Douno is a Pokemon that is seldom seem as its parents don’t trust if it wanders from its nest. Those that do are unable to find their way back.

    Appearance- Resembles Doduo but smaller an only has a single head

    New Mega evolution

    Mega Dodrio
    Type- Flying

    HP- 60
    Special Attack- 30
    Special Defence-80
    Speed- 160
    Total- 570
    Requires Dodririte

    Dex Entry 1- Upon Mega Evolving it gains beautiful wings that enables it to fly. Its speed is insane and relies on all 3 heads for navigation.
    Dex Entry 2- The power of Megaevolution has allowed Dodrio to properly fly. When in flights its heads never disagree as each is too focussed on enduring the speed it can now move. Its attacks are deadly.

    Mega Dodrio looks like regular Dodrio but has fully developed wings. All its heads are aiming the same way.
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  15. wolf jani

    wolf jani The 6th member to reach 20 000 posts

    A few regional Variants I thought up:
    Fire/Dark Mankey and Primeape
    it's red and black with parts of the fur on fire. And Primeape's shackles have spikes.
    Abilities Flame Body and Anger Point with Moxie as hidden ability

    Grass Eiscue
    It's green and brown with the head antenna replaced by a twig. and the ice cube being replaced by a wooden cube
    Ability Wood cube. same as Ice Cube expect returning with Grassy Terrain instead of Hail

    Dark/Electric Patrat and Watchog
    Black and yellow with their eyes looking liking sunglasses and the tip of the tail being made of electricity
    Ablities: Illuminate and Intimidate with Tinted Lens as HA

    Ice/Fairy Vanilite, Vanillish and Vanilluxe
    Look very similar to originals. they're pink and the ice cream is a bit more mashed looking.
    Abilities: Ice Body and Sweet Veil with Snow Warning as HA
  16. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Castform Evolution, Redone

    Nimbast, the Weather Pokemon
    Type-Flying(normal form)
    Ability-Barometer(user's type varies depending on weather and terrain)
    Evolution: Castform-Lv 40+ while holding the Weather Device
    Item: Weather Device/Machine. Weather Device converts Castform's Normal moves into the type of its current form and evolves Castform. Weather Machine converts Nimbast's Flying moves into the type of its current form
    • Flying: Clear and cloudy weather, Delta Stream in effect
    • Water: Rain, Harsh Rain
    • Fire: Sunny
    • Ice: Snow, Blizzard
    • Ground: Sandstorm
    • Electric: Electric Terrain, thunderstorm
    • Grass: Grassy Terrain
    • Fairy: Misty Terrain, fog
    • Psychic: Psychic Terrain
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  17. Ignition

    Ignition “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

    Cool idea. How would this work when there’s weather and terrain up? Would it get both types or would the weather prioritize the terrain?
  18. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I forgot about it. It would shift to the newly added condition. So Electric when Electric Terrain is first brought up, but becomes Water when rain is set while the prior terrain is up.
  19. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    With Zarude(Dark/Grass) and Urshifu Rapid-Style Strike(Fighting/Water), we have 16 typings introduced in Gen 8. As opposed to previous 14, the current situation allows the typings to be fully covered in Gen 17 instead of Gen 18.

    If things go as the previous gens, with this gen getting around 3-6 more typings, the remaining count will drop to 133-130, with the typings ending in Gen 15 or Gen 14.

    Since Zarude isn't a new type combo, it will probably take at least one year if not an entire generation for the oxymoronic type combos, Grass/Fire and Normal/Ghost to be covered. Next Mythical will probably be monotype like Meltan/Melmetal and Arceus, and the one after that will depend on the game it will release with.

    The exact nature of how things will go depend on how many new Pokémon will be introduced in DLC and whether there will be another set of DLC for early 2021, which currently seems likely.

    Edit: For each types, remaining typings are
    1. Bug: 16
    2. Dark: 14
    3. Dragon: 13
    4. Electric: 16
    5. Fairy: 19
    6. Fighting: 16
    7. Fire: 12
    8. Flying: 14
    9. Ghost: 15
    10. Grass: 16
    11. Ground: 15
    12. Ice: 18
    13. Normal: 22
    14. Poison: 19
    15. Psychic: 11
    16. Rock: 14
    17. Steel: 13
    18. Water: 10
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  20. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Ancient Forms
    Hidden ability- Tangled Feet
    Evolves into Ancient form Doduo at maximum happiness

    HP- 30
    Attack- 70
    Special attack- 5
    Defence- 25
    Special Defence-25
    Speed- 55
    Total- 210

    -Dragon Breath
    - Dragon Dance
    5- Quick attack
    10- Dragon rage
    15- Double Edge
    20- Outrage
    30- Extreme Speed
    35- Head smash

    Dex Entry 1- Ancient Duono was a reckless Pokemon that loved to hunt. Its scales enable it to live in more environments than modern Douno
    Dex Entry 2- Unlike Modern Duono the Ancient forms is self sufficient from birth. Its natural aggressive tendencies make it able to adapt.

    Ancient Forms
    Hidden ability- Tangled Feet
    - Headbutt
    - Dragon Claw
    -Dragon Breath
    - Dragon Dance
    5- Quick attack
    10- Dragon rage
    15- Double Edge
    20- Dragon Claw
    25- Double Hit
    30- Outrage
    40- Extreme Speed
    55- Head smash

    Dex Entry 1- Ancient Doduo is an quick ambush hunter. It spots prey with one head and the other readies the attack.
    Dex Entry 2- As a dragon its scales allow it to boost the power of otherwise unimpressive attacks. It did not need to fear as many fairy types.

    Ancient Forms
    Hidden ability- Tangled Feet
    - Headbutt
    - Dragon Claw
    -Dragon Breath
    - Dragon Dance
    - Brick Break
    - Take Down
    - Thrash
    - Submission
    - Ancient Power
    5- Quick attack
    10- Dragon rage
    15- Double Edge
    20- Dragon Claw
    25- Double Hit
    30- Outrage
    35- Bulk Up
    40- Extreme Speed
    45- Low Sweep
    55- Head smash
    60- Giga Impact
    65-Close Combat
    70- Brave Bird
    75- Crunch
    80- Superpower

    Dex Entry 1- Dodrio of ancient times was a strong fighter. It was even reckless enough to challenge Tyrantrum.
    Dex Entry 2- Dodrio’s legs are dangerous weapons. While not able to fly like modern variants it could attack with direct force far more successfully.

    Appearance- Resembles the Dodrio line but with more Dinosaur like features as this is the ancient form.
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