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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I'd like to see something based on the Triton's horn as the predator to Marmeanie and Toxipex and how Corsola are friends with it since it protects them.
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Regionl: Jaegarde

Gym 1 - Grass/Fire/Water
Gym 2 - Ground / Fighting
Gym 3 - Bug / Fire
Gym 4 - Grass / Water
Gym 5 - Rock / Dragon
Gym 6 - Normal
Gym 7 - Ice / Fairy
Gym 8 - Dark

Elite Four 1 - Grass
Elite Four 2 - Flying
Elite Four 3 - Electric
Elite Four 4 - Rock
Champion - Poison / Fairy


Salingerian Phony
I mean I always saw Reuniclus as a "developing fetus" Pokemon, to me it always looked like it has bones? But that could be organelles. Maybe there could be a regional form of Reuniclus that plays up the "water bear" name. With runder ears and a tardigrade like snout Maybe Psychic/Water

And that's a good idea bout more micro organisms, like Rotifers and hydras or a Paramecium Pokemon. Related to that, I always thought a Electric/Poison "Virus" Pokemon would be interesting (like fashioned after one of those kinda alien-spider looking Bacteriphages, but as a "computer virus") Though that might be a bit too controversial for the foreseeable future.

I had a prediction for an Ice/Poison Pokémon themed on a virus of some sort, particularly some kind that has chills as a symptom, but then we got this pandemic and any such ideas Game Freak might actually have, I don't think they'll do that anymore.

Pokémon design tends to take a lot of liberties with invertebrates, I've noticed, especially if they don't have exoskeletons. Goodra, for instance, is based on a slug but moves like it has an endoskeleton.

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
I would change either Reuniclus or Gothitelle typing to Psychic/Fairy or even plain fairy (but only 1 of 2). That way Unova would stay with a 3-part evolutionary line for each type, somethink I really liked in this region:)


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Regional forms (simple list, no artifice)
  • Ghastly - lvl. 25 -> Haunter - Thunderstone -> Gengar (Ghost/Electric); This version of Ghastly was created with superheated gas (plasma). It radiates a green/blue-ish color instead of purple.
  • Nidoran (F) (Ice) - lvl. 25 -> Nidorina (Ice) - Fire stone -> Nidoqueen (Ice/Fire); Reworked as nocturnal desert rodents, Nidoqueen is a mix of ice and volcanic rocks, representing the harsh temperature shift druing the day.
  • Nidoran (M) (Fire) - lvl. 25 -> Nidorino (Fire) - Ice stone -> Nidoking (Ice/Fire); Reworked as diurnal desert rodents, Nidoking is a mix of ice and volcanic rocks, representing the harsh temperature shift druing the day.


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I would change either Reuniclus or Gothitelle typing to Psychic/Fairy or even plain fairy (but only 1 of 2). That way Unova would stay with a 3-part evolutionary line for each type, somethink I really liked in this region:)

I think Gothitelle could lend itself to a Fairy typing. What with them seemingly caring so much about their trainers that they start crying when they foresee their trainer's death, no matter how far in the future it is.
Plus they are associated with Astrology, which is rather "airy fairy" and not a science and fits the Fairy type rather well.
Their movepool would have to be updated, though.


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Idea for a single-stager and wiþ a full moveset given! It's based on Rorschach test ink blots and a moþ, and would be obtainable after þe 5þ or 6þ gym in an abandoned library area.

Okiblot (Blot+Some Interpretable Gibberish)
The INK BLOT Fakémon
Type: Ghost/Bug
Ability: Forewarn/Analytic (HA: Aftermath)
Gender Ratio: Genderless
Egg Group: Bug, Amorphous
Height: 4'11 (1.5 m)
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Pokédex Color: Black

HP: 83
Atk: 71
Def: 73
SpA: 113
SpD: 103
Spe: 43
BST: 486

Dex 1: "Said to be ink brought to life, they envelop chosen humans in their wings and impart a prophecy. These prophecies always come true, but never in the way predicted."
Dex 2: "A scholar long ago discovered an Okiblot in his library, and used it to analyze people's souls. It seems to have somehow multiplied on its own and there are thousands in the present day."

Level-up Moveset:
1 - Mind Reader / Normal / Status
1 - Smokescreen / Normal / Status
1 - Astonish / Ghost / Physical
5 - Fake Out / Normal / Physical
7 - Follow Me / Normal / Status
11 - Hidden Power / Varies / Special
19 - Disable / Normal / Status
23 - Infestation / Bug / Special
29 - Confuse Ray / Ghost/ Status
31 - Shadow Ball / Ghost / Special
37 - Hypnosis / Psychic / Status
43 - Dream Eater / Psychic / Special
47 - Psych Up / Normal / Status
47 - Stored Power / Psychic / Special
53 - Bug Buzz / Bug / Special
59 - Minimize / Normal / Status
59 - Destiny Bond / Ghost / Status
61 - Inner Torment* / Ghost / Physical
67 - Memento / Dark / Status

Breeding Moveset:
Grudge / Ghost / Status
Ominous Wind / Ghost / Special
Pain Split / Normal / Status
Shadow Punch / Ghost / Physical
Shadow Sneak / Ghost / Physical

Smog / Poison / Special
Taunt / Dark / Status

TM Moveset: (Gen 8 List)
06 - Fly / Flying / Physical
08 - Hyper Beam / Normal / Special
10 - Magical Leaf / Ghost / Special
17 - Light Screen / Psychic / Status
18 - Reflect / Psychic / Status
19 - Safeguard / Normal / Status
20 - Self-Destruct / Normal / Physical
21 - Rest / Psychic / Status
23 - Thief / Dark / Physical
24 - Snore / Normal / Special
25 - Protect / Normal / Status
26 - Scary Face / Normal / Status
27 - Icy Wind / Ice / Special
28 - Giga Drain / Grass / Special
39 - Facade / Normal / Physical
56 - U-Turn / Bug / Physical
58 - Assurance / Dark / Physical
70 - Trick Room / Psychic / Status
71 - Wonder Room / Psychic / Status
72 - Magic Room / Psychic / Status
74 - Venoshock / Poison / Special
76 - Round / Normal / Special
77 - Hex / Ghost / Special
92 - Mystical Fire / Fire / Special

TR Moveset:
03 - Hydro Pump / Water / Special
11 - Psychic / Psychic / Special
17 - Amnesia / Psychic / Status
18 - Leech Life / Bug / Physical
29 - Baton Pass / Normal / Status
34 - Future Sight / Psychic / Special
49 - Calm Mind / Psychic / Status
56 - Aura Sphere / Fighting / Special
58 - Dark Pulse / Dark / Special
61 - Bug Buzz / Bug / Special
65 - Energy Ball / Grass / Special
81 - Foul Play / Dark / Physical
82 - Stored Power / Psychic / Special
97 - Psychic Fangs / Psychic / Physical

Tutor Moveset:
Dual Wingbeat / Flying / Physical
Expanding Force / Psychic / Special
Poltergeist / Ghost / Physical

*Okiblot's new move "Inner Torment" is basically a Ghost-type Foul Play that uses the target's Atk. stat instead of the user's.
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New evolutions (simple list, no artifice)
  • Bergmite - lvl. 37 -> Avalugg - Ice Stone -> Draglacier (Ice/Dragon); Avalugg gets a longer neck, a crown-like crest and its back has a huge hump-like iceberg.
  • Zangoose - lvl. 33 (having defeated 5 Sevipers) -> Venogoose (Normal/Poison); Zangoose gets purple marking, longer claws and a helmet-like plate, like Seviper. This basically shows... what would happen when a Zangoose has eaten a LOT of Sevipers :p
  • Seviper - lvl. 33 (having defeated 5 Zangooses) -> Seviron (Poison/Steel); Seviper gets armor plates and a longer tail dart, and its evolution shows how it tries to combat Zangoose.


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Dragon Heart
Effect-This move has the same primary effect as Protect. The user gains Dragon as a secondary type, or has their secondary type changed to Dragon if they already possess one. The effect remains as long as they are on the field
Pokemon that can learn this: Charmander family line, Ekans family line, Magikarp family line, Mareep family line, Treecko family line, Seviper, Feebas family line, Scraggy family line, Helioptile family line, Salandit family line, Silicobra family line
Note: All Pokemon with this move are of the Dragon egg group, except for Mareep where it reflects their Mega Evolution

Cambripike and Halluspine, the Odd Fossil and Confusing Spine Pokemon
Ability-Bafflement(normal), Iron Barbs(Hidden). Bafflement is similar to Static, but inflicts confusion with a 50% ratio insgtead
Egg group-Amorphous/Water 3
Gender ratio-Gender unknown
Fossil: Weird Fossil
Evolution: Cambripike-Lv 35-Halluspine
Pokedex entry
  • "When Cambripike was discovered, it was thought to be a hallucination. We do know at least that it has rough spikes on its back, but it's unsure which side is the head, and which is the tail"
  • "Halluspine deals with predators by using its poison-tipped spines to inflict terrible hallucinations. For the longest time, they were assumed to be its legs"
Basis: This Pokemon is based off the hallucigenia. Its "gender unknown" comes from a fair bit of mystery involving it


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I see 3 types that could use a buff...
  1. Grass; this type is part of the starting ones, but it's also the "weakest" one. It has 5 weaknesses (Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison and Bug) and not every Grass Pokémon can learn a Rock move, or a Ground move to counter them. Also, it's super-effective against Water, Rock and Ground, but it overlaps what Water can do, probably much better than Grass, because not many types resist Water. I feel like Grass should be super-effective against Electric (another popular type AND give it a 2nd weakness) and Fairy (to nerf that type AND to give it a common weakness).
  2. Ice; this type feels left out since Gen 1, and getting mono-typed Pokémon finally highlighted some of its problem. It should resist Water (nerfing that type) and Dragon (capitalizing on the weakness). The idea behind resisting Water is that Ice Pokémon are so cold that water freezes and become harmless.
  3. Poison; I fail to understand why Poison lost its effectiveness against Bug. it's like people complained that Zubat kept on wrecking their early Bug Pokémon or something :p Also, Poison should be effective against Water, given that 90% of Poison moves are liquid-based.
  • Grass should be super-effective against Electric and Fairy.
  • Ice should be resistant to Water and Dragon.
  • Poison should be super-effective against Bug (again) and Water.
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Musaslug, Slimnana and Gastrossert, the Slimy Fruit Pokemon
Ability-Gooey/Dry Skin(normal), Speed Boost(Hidden)
Egg group-Amorphous/Grass
Evolution: Musaslug-Lv 15-Slimnana-Lv 30-Gastrossert
Pokedex entry
  • "Musaslug's nutritious and delicious taste makes them a favorite prey for Flying type Pokemon. To avoid them they've become very slippery and speedy"
  • "Slimnana self-lubricate themselves, letting them glide at speeds exceeding 60 km/hr. The slime has a pleasant sugary taste, which is farmed as a healthier replacement for artificial sweetners"
  • "Only the fastest Flying types can hope to catch up with Gastrossert, and yet by leaping it can out-speed even them.
Basis: This is a banana slug Pokemon meant for early game. It has a high speed stat, which is meant to be ironic given what gastropods are known for. It knows a number of Fairy moves as Gastrossert, as desserts are sugary. Their shiny is the same pink as the Nanab berry to further the banana connection

Velvhesive, the Sticky Pokemon
Ability-Gooey/Static(normal), Shadow Tag(Hidden)
Egg group-Amorphous
Pokedex entry: "Soft to the touch, Velvhesive has mini-cannons it uses to shoot glue at its foes. Its ability to stick upwards of 1 ton to walls and ceilings would be useful if the glue weren't so toxic"
Basis: Velvet worms, who have a sort of natural glue

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Blaze of Glory
200 BP
5 PP
Description: The user engulfs itself in a massive blaze and uses an all out effort to take out its target by full on charging at it dealing massive damage. The user faints afterwards.

Basically this is the Fire Type equivalent to Explosion and Self Destruct only the user ignites itself to turn into a huge ball of Fire.


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Pseudo-legendary ideas... which came from previous ideas in this thread :p

Wyrmini - lvl 30 - Eclairod - lvl 50 - Lungoro
: Dragon, then Dragon/Electric
Ability: Levitate, Lightning Rod
A small wingless lizard that evolves into a large (and long) dragon with lightning patterns across its body, based on Chinese Dragons.

Palminion - lvl 38 - Palinnorm - lvl 55 - Palmonarch
: Grass, then Grass/Dragon
Ability: Camouflage (increase Evasion by 1 stage on terrains)
A small green-scaled snake with palm leaves as hair, covering its eyes that first evolves into a linnorm (wingless dragon with 2 forelimbs) with larger leaves and ridges resembling barks, and then evolves a brachiosaurus with brown bark-like scales, even larger leaves as hair swept backward and small palm trees growing on its back.

Wavyrm - lvl 35 - Tidalyte - lvl 60 - Tidalord
: Water, then Water/Dragon
Ability: Swift Swim, Breacher (The user ignores protection when using Water moves)
A small serpent/dolphin hybrid that gradually grows into a menacing finned lizard, with a thick bony plate on its head to breach ships.

Matchick - lvl 40 - Bonfiery - lvl 60 - Volcaduke
: Fire, then Fire/Dragon
Ability: Steam Engine, Stone Heart (Increases the power of Rock-type moves used by this Pokémon by 50%)
A small salamander that evolves into a tortoise-like dragon with volcanic rocks and magma flows.


Ghost-Type Master
I feel it's time we had a sequel to Pokkén Tournament, so I created a roster I felt would best suit a second title.


I also decided to incorporate a DLC Season Pass, 'cause we all know it would happen.


NOTE: These picks are not based on Pokémon I would personally want in the game, but rather those I felt would most likely return and most likely to make good additions to the second game of the series.
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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I feel it's time we had a sequel to Pokkén Tournament, so I created a roster I felt would best suit a second title.


I also decided to incorporate a DLC Season Pass, 'cause we all know it would happen.


NOTE: These picks are not based on Pokémon I would personally want in the game, but rather those I felt would most likely return and most likely to make good additions to the second game of the series.
I think Alola Raichu would be more interesting to see instead of regular Raichu. Banette, Bisharp, Sirfetch’d, And Hawlucha would be fun to play as.


Ghost-Type Master
I think Alola Raichu would be more interesting to see instead of regular Raichu. Banette, Bisharp, Sirfetch’d, And Hawlucha would be fun to play as.

Indeed, but I decided since it's the second game, it would be best to play it safe and include the original Raichu, since most people are familiar with that variant.

While Banette, Bisharp, and Sirfetch'd would make good fighters, they aren't as popular or relevant as most of the other newcomers, so I left them out. As for Hawlucha, you got me there. lol I probably should've added him in.


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Ability: Rusty
Effect: Poison type moves do neutral damage to a Steel type instead of being unable to affect them. This is in effect so long as a Pokemon with the Rusty ability is on the field
Pokemon that can have this ability: Trojerk and Malheximal, Dhelmise, Gastly line, Frillish(Hidden Ability, replaces Damp), Rotom, Salandit line, Nihilego(Hidden Ability)

Move: PH Drop
Type: Poison/Status
Effects: Self
Attributes: the user's Poison moves become super-effect against Steel types

Item: Rotom Converter
Type of item: Held
Effect: If Rotom is in one of its appliance's forms, Ghost type moves are altered into the same type as that appliance. In other words, Frost Rotom converts Ghost to Ice type moves, Fan Rotom converts Ghost to Flying type moves, Mow Rotom converts Ghost to Grass type moves, Heat Rotom converts Ghost to Fire type moves and Wash Rotom converts Ghost to Water type moves

Move: Acidify
Type: Poison/Status
Effects: Target
Accuracy: 100
Attributes: If the target is Steel type, this move will hit regardless. Instead of being immune to damage-dealing Poison moves, they will become weak to it so long as they are on the field

Mortiggot, Spectrabug and Necrosect, the Mark, Dread Bug And Necrotic Pokemon
Ability-Swarm/Sniper(normal), Guts(Hidden)
Evolution: Mortiggot-Lv 12-Spectrabug-Lv 28-Necrosect
Egg group: Bug
Gender ratio: 50/50
Pokedex entry
  • "Mortiggot were first found in ancient gravesites, before moving on and spreading through the [insert region here] region. Centuries ago they were considers carriers of plague"
  • "Spectrabug are expert marksmen; the bane of whatever Durant they come across. The spirits of fallen Spectrabug power and aid their still-standing brethren in battle"
  • "Necrosect wear the emptied shells of Durant like armor. They command their spirits to fight for them"
Basis: This line is based off the assassin bug. More specifically, it is based off the acanthasis petanx

Regional Variant Durant
Ability-Guts/Swarm(normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
Pokedex entry: "With the lack of Heatmor in the [insert region here] region, Durant no longer have need armor and instead use the terrain for their advantage. Each Durant is capable of carrying two tons of rock and earth, which they use to build up fortresses"
Basis: Essentially why Durant may be like without their armor

Trojerk and Malheximal, the Malfunction and Computer Virus Pokemon
Evolution: Trojerk-Reach Lv 35 while holding a Dubious Disc-Malheximal
Egg group: Mineral
Gender ratio: Genderless
Pokedex entry
  • "Though initially thought to be a wild Pokemon, it became clear that Trojerk is an artificial Pokemon that functions as a computer virus. Possessing its own agency and form of life makes it particularly troublesome"
  • "Its believe the same hackers which developed the Dubious Disc developed what would become Malheximal. It spreads computer viruses to ruin whatever technology it comes across. Fortunately it only does so to its trainer's enemies"
Basis: This line is based on computer viruses. They resemble horses, as in Trojan horses, with a geometric-based body like actual viruses and relating to Porygon

Regional Variant Porygon and Porygon EXE(the latter is the Programmable Pokemon)
Ability-Firewall(normal), Motor Drive(Hidden). Firewall prevents status effects from affecting anyone on the field, though if they have a status effect previously
Evolution: Porygon-Max Friendship with a trainer and reach Lv 35 or higher
Pokedex entry
  • Variant Porygon: "The [insert region here] region modified Porygon's code to be able to phase through technology and transmit itself through wiring. These regional variants were then released in the wild for trainers to use as their firewall to protect their computers"
  • Porygon EXE: "Unlike the main Porygon's evolutions, Porygon EXE was anticipated for use and its evolution was pre-programmed for loyal and kind-hearted trainers. When present, all but the strongest harmful computer viruses within a 1 km range will be deleted
Note: Porygon EXE has the same stats as Porygon-Z, but its swaps speed for its defense stats


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Starter ideas
(Grass) -> lvl. 16 -> Musteleaf (Grass) -> lvl. 32 -> Sickleaf (Grass/Dark)
A green/brown-furred weasel with leaves on its tail and paws that evolves into a lean humanoid ninja-like weasel, with blade-like leaves on its paw joints and its tail, like the Kamaitachi.
Hidden Ability: Kazejutsu (Physical attacks have a 50% chance of clearing/dispeling terrain effects and hazards)
Notable moves: Leaf Blade, Petal Blizzard, Solar Blade, Air Slash, Air Cutter, Foul Play, Night Slash, Throat Chop

Foalight (Fire) -> lvl. 16 -> Steehurdy (Fire) -> lvl. 36 -> Steellion (Fire/Steel)
A crimson pony that evolves into a copper-plated horse, with a few steam exhausts lining its back.
Hidden Ability: Steam Engine
Notable moves: Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Flame Charge, Iron Head, Iron Tail, High Horsepower

Tamini (Water) -> lvl. 16 -> Marmosurf (Water) -> lvl. 16 -> Marinaichi (Water/Fighting)
A Golden Tamarin which grows larger and leaner with tai chi discipline.
Hidden Ability: Recentering (The user resets all stat increases and status effects upon entering the field, including if forcefully swapped)
Notable moves: Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Liquidation, Drain Punch, Rolling Kick, Storm Throw