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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Please constructively critique me on my reasonings and tell me what to change, and why

Sound Type

Offensively effective against
  • Sound type. Reasoning-accumulating noise, and it is hard to focus
  • Psychic type. Reasoning-sound distracts, and can cause migranes and other unpleasantries
  • Water type. Reasoning-sound is faster in water
  • Steel type. Reasoning-sound is faster through steel

Offensively poor against
  • Rock type. Reasoning-capable of blocking the sound better due to being solid
  • Flying type. Reasoning-harder to reach/air and wind may disrupt the sound
  • Dark type. Reasoning-sound would alert creatures in the dark, who are often attune to the stuff
  • Light type. Reasoning-light outspeeds sound

Offensively useless against
  • Cosmic type. Reasoning-sound cannot exist in a vacuum, which is what outer space almost entirely against

Defensively resists
  • Bug type. Reasoning-many bugs rely on sound and sonar
  • Water, Psychic and Steel type. See "offensively effective against"

Defensively weak to
  • Sound type. See "offensively effective against"
  • Cosmic type. See "offensively useless against"
  • Dark type. See "offensively poor against"

Non-legendary/Mythical Pokemon changed to have the Sound type
  • Igglybuff line: Sound/Fairy. Reasoning? Well-known for its music
  • Primeape: Fighting/Sound. Reasoning? As a temper tantrum-throwing, absolutely enraged monkey it's making a lot of noise
  • Politoed: Water/Sound. Reasoning. A frog that makes a lot of sound
  • Misdreavus line: Ghost/Sound. Reasoning? Banshee basis
  • Whismur line: Sound. Reasoning? Practically a living instrument, loud
  • Chingling line: Psychic/Sound. Reasoning? Living bell/wind chime
  • Kricketot line: Bug/Sound. Reasoning? Musical design and abilities
  • Chatot: Sound/Flying. Reasoning: Chatter, its quaver-based design, ect
  • Noibat line: Sound/Dragon. Reasoning? Character design
  • Rillaboom: Grass/Sound. Reasoning? It's a drummer

Light Type

Offensively effective against
  • Cosmic type. Reasoning-light is at its fastest in a vacuum
  • Flying type. Reasoning-easily distracts fliers, and that won't end well
  • Dark type. Reasoning-easily able to see the tricks
  • Poison type. Reasoning-would expose the dirty tricks of poisoning

Offensively poor against
  • Water and Ice type. Reasoning-light is refracted and slower in water. Ice is solid water (and could use some resistances)
Offensively useless against
  • Grass type. Reasoning-plants need light to survive, photosynthesis and all that

Defensively resists
  • Cosmic type. See "offensively effective against"
  • Sound type. See the Sound Type

Defensively weak to
  • Ground type. See "offensively poor against"
  • Grass type. See "offensively useless against"
  • Dark type. Reasoning-functions as a sort of balance between the two

Non-legendary/Mythical Pokemon changed to have the Light type
  • Porygon line: Light. Reasoning? As living code, it is likely some sort of living hologram/hard light
  • Ampharos: Electric/Light. Reasoning? It's a lighthouse
  • Chinchou line: Water/Light. Reasoning? Anglerfish, light generating
  • Volbeat and Illumise: Bug/Light. Reasoning? They're fireflies who generate light
  • Lumineon line: Water/Light. Reasoning? Name, general luminesce
  • Watchog: Normal/Light. Reasoning? Bioluminescence
  • Blitzle line: Electric/Light. Reasoning? Walking thunderbolt
  • Morellul line: Grass/Light. Reasoning? Same as Watchog
  • Zorua line: Dark/Light. Reasoning? Manipulating light for Illusion
  • Helioptile line: Light/Normal. Reasoning? It's a solar powered, sun-basking lizard

Cosmic Type

Offensively effective against
  • Fire type. Reasoning? Fire cannot exist in a vacuum
  • Fighting type. Reasoning? No gravity makes it difficult to properly fight and concentrate
  • Sound type. See "Sound type" on why

Offensively poor against
  • Ghost type. Reasoning? As ghosts are already dead they cannot perish in space, and
  • Ice type. Reasoning? The stereotype of space being cold, and temperature not existing in space

Defensively immune to
  • Sound type. See "Sound Type" for why
  • Fire type. See "offensively effective against" on why

Defensively resists
  • Ground type. Reasoning? Space being above and beyond the ground

Defensively weak to
  • Ghost type. See "offensively poor against"
  • Flying type. Reasoning? Defying gravity is what allows things to go into space eventually
  • Light type. Reasoning? See "Light Type"

Non-legendary/Mythical Pokemon changed to have the Sound type
  • Cleffa line: Fairy/Cosmic. Reasoning? They're fairy aliens from the moon
  • Starmie: Water/Cosmic. Reasoning? It's a starfish
  • Unown: Cosmic. Reasoning? Interdimensional alphabet
  • Sableye: Dark/Cosmic. Reasoning? It's based off an alien goblin
  • Lunatone and Solrock: Rock/Cosmic. Reasoning? They're meteors
  • Elgyem: Psychic/Cosmic. Reasoning? Brainy grey alien
  • Minior: Rock/Cosmic. Reasoning? Same as Lunatone and Solrock
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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Light Type

Offensively effective against
  • Cosmic type. Reasoning-light is at its fastest in a vacuum
  • Flying type. Reasoning-easily distracts fliers, and that won't end well
  • Dark type. Reasoning-easily able to see the tricks
  • Poison type. Reasoning-would expose the dirty tricks of poisoning

Offensively poor against
  • Water and Ice type. Reasoning-light is refracted and slower in water. Ice is solid water (and could use some resistances)
Offensively useless against
  • Grass type. Reasoning-plants need light to survive, photosynthesis and all that

Defensively resists
  • Cosmic type. See "offensively effective against"
  • Sound type. See the Sound Type

Defensively weak to
  • Ground type. See "offensively poor against"
  • Grass type. See "offensively useless against"

Non-legendary/Mythical Pokemon changed to have the Light type
  • Porygon line: Light. Reasoning? As living code, it is likely some sort of living hologram/hard light
  • Ampharos: Electric/Light. Reasoning? It's a lighthouse
  • Chinchou line: Water/Light. Reasoning? Anglerfish, light generating
  • Volbeat and Illumise: Bug/Light. Reasoning? They're fireflies who generate light
  • Lumineon line: Water/Light. Reasoning? Name, general luminesce
  • Watchog: Normal/Light. Reasoning? Bioluminescence
  • Blitzle line: Electric/Light. Reasoning? Walking thunderbolt
  • Morellul line: Grass/Light. Reasoning? Same as Watchog
  • Zorua line: Dark/Light. Reasoning? Manipulating light for Illusion
  • Helioptile line: Light/Normal. Reasoning? It's a solar powered, sun-basking lizard
This is what I think. I think that Dark should be added as a weakness because while Light can overcome Dark the same can be true as too much darkness can overcome light. Think of it as the concept of yin and yang.


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Continue to review my type combination. I have a burgeoning idea for a Pokemon region. If you have ideas for what animals are a good idea for the Water starter(following the trend of semi-aquatic animals, it also should be associated with the military), common rodent and bird

The Moskoviy Region

The Moskoviy Region is a Pokemon region based primarily on the Central Federal District of Russia. There are some elements of nearby federal districts. The name is derived from Moscow and the Kievan Rus, with the "i" being silent. Many Pokemon here are based on Slavic folklore or historically Russian ideas and concepts, and/or animals native to both it and Eastern Europe. Ice, Ghost and Fairy types are fairly common in this region compared to most others. Currently I have the idea of the Grass starter being a Grass/Ice wolly mammoth who becomes an armored Grass/Steel "war mammoth" like what Hannibal was famous for, and a Fire bear that becomes a Fire/Sound drumbeating (as in its belly is like a drum) bear like the drums of war. Basically the starters share a theme of being associated with war. I also have the idea of regional exclusives like an Ice-type Shinx line based off the Iberian lynx, and a Fairy/Rock Togepi with a new evolution based on the Fabrage egg. Another concept I have is a Dragon/Rock cave olm who uses the very slow nature of the olm and embeds it with the concept of the lazy treasure-hoarding dragon. For fossils, I had the gimmick of them being spirits summoned, making them Ghost types instead of Rock. The new fossils are based off animals from the Permian period, which is meant to reference the Great Dying that ended it as it's believed to be caused by vulcanism in the Siberian(Russian) portions

Fakemon Idea(Unrelated To Above)
Ciderein, Krakhaple and Wichmord, the Rotting Fruit, Poisoned Apple, and Toxic Curse Pokemon
Name basis: Cider+ein aka one(Ciderein), Apple+Krankheit aka sickness(Krakhaple), Mord aka murder+witch(Wichmord)
Ability-Ripen/Poison Spell(special moves used by this Pokemon have a change of causing poison), Magic Bounce(Hidden Ability)
Gender ratio-75% female, 25% male
Egg group-Undiscovered(Ciderein), Grass(Krakhaple, Wichmord)
Evolution: Ciderein-Lv 20-Krakhaple-Use Tart or Sweet Apple if Lv 32 or higher-Wichmord
Pokedex entry
  • Ciderein: "What was once a rotten apple got possessed by a wandering spirit. Bright purple ectoplasm oozes from the top like some twisted carmel"
  • Krakhaple: "The envious Krakhaple likes to curse other Grass types with sickness for being looked down upon. To the darker of souls, it offers potions to poison enemies in a way that's mistaken for natural maladies"
  • Wichmord: "Wichmord hides its horrifying true face under a mask-like mirror, but its retched ectoplasm still oozes from the mouthhole. It knows the worst types of dark magic, and has even brought down a past imperial dynasty in its wrath"
Basis: This is a fakemon I think would fit in a German-inspired region. The Ciderin line are a living nod to the poisonous apple of Snow White lore. Ciderein is a ghostly twist on the carmalized apple and apples being associated with Halloween, eventually becoming a pile of apples like some sort of toxic dessert, and then as Wichmord its a mass of oozing apples held together with a witch's robe and a mirror in the chest and as a face mask

Vetusik, Mortpipe and Plumbale, the Lead Pipe Pokemon
Name basis: Vetus+Sick(Vetusik) Mort+Pipe(Mortpipe), Plumbum+baleful(Plumbale)
Ability-Poison Touch/Storm Drain(normal), Poison Spell(Hidden)
Gender ratio-Genderless
Egg group-Mineral/Amorphous
Evolution: Vetusik-Lv 30-Mortpipe-Water Stone-Plumbale
Pokedex entry
  • Vetusik: "This Pokemon came to life from ancient pipe systems long since abandoned. Ectoplasm oozes from it like sewage"
  • Mortpipe: "Mortpipe's pipes were used long ago, before falling out of style because they caused lead piping. Centuries of neglect cause a resentful will to flow through it as water once did"
  • Plumbale: "What once carried water to old empires now only carries a toxic rage and hatred for the world it felt abandoned it. Plumbale curses modern towns with water poisoning"
Basis: The Vetuski line is an item Pokemon based on lead piping used by the Romans. This is why it evolves through a Water Stone. Because of lead being poisonous, while the Pokemon is not Poison type it knows a number of Poison type moves and has poison-related moves. It goes from a couple pipes to slowly building a proper body for itself resembling a spider

Stocone and Stalamolusk, the Conical and Stalagmite Pokemon
Name basis: Cone+Stone(Stocone), Stalagmite+mollusk(Stalamolusk)
Type-Poison(Stocone), Poison/Rock(Stalamolusk)
Ability-Shell Armor/Poison Point(normal), Gooey(Hidden)
Gender ratio-50/50
Egg group-Amorphous
Evolution: Stocone-Lv 25-Stalamolusk
Pokedex entry
  • Stocone: "Stocone are easily mistaken for rocks due to their shell. The spike on their back delivers toxin like a hypodermic needle"
  • Stalamolusk: "Stalamolusk's feeble body is more than compensated with a lance-like, rocky shell. The same slime it secretes to get around is poisonous to the touch, though far less deadly than the tip of its shell"
Basis: Stocone and Stalamolusk is a common sight in caves. They're based on the cone snail, and mix the concept with a stalagmite. In the overworld Stalamolusk are like mimics who can be mistaken for regular stalagmites
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Galarian Rapidash is amazing
New evolution methods for Wurmple

Wurmple——>Silcoon——>Beautifly (Daytime)

Wurmple——>Cascoon——>Dustox (Night time)


Veteran member
New Evolutions

Molmantle, the Caldera Pokemon
Name basis: Molten+Mantle(Molmantle)
Ability-Boiling Aura. Boiling Aura makes this Pokemon immune to all Water type attacks, with it being reduced to steam
Evolution: Sluma-Lv 38-Magcargo-Trade with the Magmarizer-Molmantle
Pokedex entry: "Molmantle's shell has hardened to a volcano that oozes magma over 25,000 Degrees Fahrenheit. Slugma are born from the melted rock left behind from Molmantle's slime trail"
Basis: The evolution that is Molmantle expands the idea of their shell by becoming the very kind of volcano that spews lava Slugma embody. Its new ability is to compensate. The name doesn't just reference the planet's mantle, but the mantle of a mollusk
Molmantle's BST: 530(60 HP, 70 Atk, 150 Def, 120 Sp Atk, 90 Sp Def, 30 Speed)

Corsorpent, the Coral Snake Pokemon
Name basis: Corsola+Serpent
Ability-Shed Skin/Natural Cure(normal), Regenerator(Hidden)
Evolution-Johtonian Corsola-Trade Corsola with the Coral/Rare Coral/Very Rare Coral-Corserpent
Item: Coral/Rare Coral/Very Rare Coral. The Coral item is sometimes held by Corsola. About 20% of Corsola have the Coral, 5% the Rare Coral and 1% the Very Rare Coral. Along with being a trade item, they can be sold for a pretty penny depending on rarity, with some collectors paying double
Pokedex entry: "Corsorpent are vibrant and graceful swimmers, ever-growing masses of coral. Collectors search for Corsorpent who shed rare colors resembling gems like lapis lazuli"
Basis: Corsorpent, like Cursola, sees a radical body change from its pre-evolution. It is physically based on the sea snake, aka the coral reef snake. It serves as a clear contrast to its Galarian counterpart and pre-evolution by being a speedy, physically offensive but physically frail fighter
Corsorpent's BST-510(60 HP, 145 Atk, 50 Def, 90 Sp Atk, 30 Sp.Def, 130 Speed)

Sootle and Galapakoal, the Coal Pokemon
Name basis: Soot+turtle(Sootle), Galapagos+koal(Galapakoal)
Ability-White Smoke(shared with Torkoal)/Shell Armor(Sootle), Steam Engine(Galapakoal, Mega Galapakoal), Drought(Sootle and Galapakoal's Hidden Ability)
Egg group-Undiscovered(Sootle only)
Evolution: Sootle-Learn Smokescreen at Lv 15-Torkoal-Trade Torkoal with the Hot Coal if Lv 41 or higher-Galapakoal
Evolutionary Item: The Hot Coal. Hot Coal is sometimes held by the Rolycoly and rarely the Sootle line. The Hot Coal heals Fire and Rock types like a Sitrus Berry, however if a Pokemon without that type uses/steals the berry they will suffer a burn(unless of course they have an ability that prevents a burn)
Incense item: Coal Incense. Allows you to breed Sootle from Torkoal, and increases the physical defense of any Fire and/or Rock type holding it
Pokedex entry
  • Sootle: "The fire in Sootle's belly is sustained by coal. Being young, it's yet to properly vent exhaust and leaves soot everywhere"
  • Galapakoal: "Galapakoal has stamina that puts even the most advanced trains to shame. It consumes truckloads of coal, creating immense energy. When threatened, it blasts flames as hot as the surface of the sun"
Basis-Sootle is a little turtle. Galapakoal has chimneys in its design like a coal factory's chimney tops, which jut out where Torkoal's holes used to be. "Galapakoal" references the Galapagos tortoise, but it doesn't really have a specific tortoise design; it more references how huge Galapakoal is(8-9 feet). The additional rule of needing to be a certain level is to prevent Galapakoal being too OP
Sootle's BST: 345(50 HP, 60 Atk, 90 Def, 55 Sp Atk, 70 Sp Def, 20 Speed)
Galapakoal's BST: 535(70 HP, 85 Atk, 140 Def, 100 Sp Atk, 120 Sp Def, 20 Atk)
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Hisuian Beheeyem
Ability-Tinted Lens/Tough Claws
Hidden Ability- Alien Power
Evolves from regular Elgyem at level 42 with a bug type in the party in Hisui.

Special Attack-25
Special Defence- 95
Speed- 70
total- 485

- Fury Cutter
- Psycho cut
- X-Scissor
- Psychic Fangs
- Stored power
- Swords dance
- Brick Break
- Recover
- Cosmic Power
- Iron Tail
- Thrash
- Roar
- Leech Life
- Psychic
- Crunch

Plus it can use its pre-evolution's moves

Dex entry 1- This creature is said to come from the heavens but time in Hisui has allowed it to unleash its primal nature. It only cares for combat.

Dex Entry 2- Many scholars are perplexed why this evolved form is so violent compared to its pre-evolved form. Some suspect that if found in another area it might able to show a beyond human level intellect yet others claim it views bugs as the dominant lifeform that will outlive us given their numbers.

New ability- Alien Power- If using a special psychic attack it uses the Pokemon's attack stat rather than special attack.

Appearance- Resembles Beheeyem but with insectoid features.


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I love this thread, perhaps too much

Moskoviy Regional Variants

Moskoviy Glameow line(The Catty and and Humbled Pokemon)
Type-Dark(Glameow), Fighting(Purugly)
Ability-Limber(both), Hustle(Glameow), Inner Focus(Purugly), Run Away(Hidden Ability Glameow), Sturdy(Hidden Ability Purugly)
Evolution: Unchanged from Sinnoan Glameow
Pokedex entry
  • Moskoviy Glameow: "The Glameow of Moskoviy were bred by the old aristocracy, making them entitled and spoiled. They were hated by the commonfolk as a symbol of conceited tyranny"
  • Moskoviy Purugly: "Cast from opulence with the fall of the Moskoviy aristocracy, Purugly had to learn to be tough, hard workers. They've become very humble, ready to aid the improvished. They have disdain for their Sinnoan counterparts"
Basis-The Glameow variant is a take on the Russian aristocracy, utilizing its already conceited properties. The type switch comes from the fall of the Russian aristocracy, with it becoming more determined and independent

Moskoviy Togepi, Togeorb and Togetsar (The Jeweled Ball, Jeweled Egg and Royal Orb Pokemon)
Name basis: Toge+orb, Toge+tsar
Ability-Weak Armor/Serene Grace(normal), Queenly Majesty(Hidden)
Evolution: Moskoviy Togepi-Max Friendship-Togeorb-Shiny Stone-Togetsar
Pokedex entry
  • Moskoviy Togepi: "In Moskoviy Togepi were found centuries ago in a long-buried cave. They emanated fortune and mystic power, which allowed those who first found them to set themselves up as the original ruling class"
  • Togeorb: "Togeorb have the power to judge character just from sensing it, which made them useful in determining the worthiness of future potential leaders. At least that's how the old story goes; after the revolution it's thought it was mainly determining who liked the beautiful gems on its body more"
  • Togetsar: "Togetsar come from a far-away, mirage kingdom where they rule as just and benevolent monarchs. Their unfamiliarity with the vanity and greed of man let corrupt officials and out of touch elite cause stagnation that brought upon the revolution"
Togeorb's BST: 55 HP, 50 Atk, 105 Def, 90 Sp.Atk, 85 Sp.Def, 20 Speed
Togetsar's BST: 85 HP, 50 Atk, 155 Def, 120 Sp.Atk, 115 Sp.Def, 20 Speed
Basis-The Moskoviy Togepi line is modeled after the Faberge egg, with a good helping of classic Russian aristocracy


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New evolution
Ability-Intimidate/Magic Speed
Hidden ability- Magicproof
Evolves from Granbull while knowing Mega Bite (learned by Granbull level 50)

Attack- 135
Special Attack- 80
Defence- 115
Special Defence- 100
Speed- 70
Total- 600


- Play Rough
- Charm
- Mega Bite
- Swords Dance
- Crunch
- Outrage
- Close Combat
- Roar
- Moonblast

Dex Entry 1- In Kalos this Pokemon evolves when it has mastered its Bite. There are legends that say if you hear one barking in the mist you must reach safety by the third bark or you will be overcome with terror to the point of death

Dex Entry 2- This Pokemon is one of the few that can challenge strong Pokemon like Goodra and Megaevolutions. Some people speculate that if it was found in the wild in Johto it would be a top predator. Most other fairies refuse to Fight it.

New Move
MegaBite- Dark (Physical)-70BP- 5PP- does double damage if targeting a a Megaevolved Pokemon.

Magic Speed- Speed doubles in Misty Terrain

Magicproof- Takes no damage from Fairy moves.

Note- This Pokemon takes up the role as the second Pseudo-legendary of Kalos- (the only Cross-gen Psuedo). I know Pseudo's are generally not given to cross gen but given that the Granbull line was entirely changed to fairy I consider this ok.

Appearance- Looks like a scarier Granbull that takes more inspiration from Cu-sìth.


Galarian Rapidash is amazing
Major changes that I would make to the anime?

1. Ash is now the living embodiment of Pokémon Go that catches every single pokémon while training them at the same time.

2. Ash wins every single league conference.

3. All of Ash’s unevolved pokemon are now fully evolved.


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Rusty Fakemon

Ruspig, Porikon and Ferrot, the Crude Metal, Waste Iron and Rust-Bringer Pokemon
Name basis: Rust+pig, Pork+Iron, Ferro+rot
Ability-Rusty/Corrosion(normal), Iron Rot(Hidden). Rusty lets the user hit Poison type attacks, while Iron Rot summons the Wasting Iron field move
Egg group-Field/Mineral
Gender ratio-50/50
Evolution: Ruspig-Lv 26-Porikon-Lv 34-Ferrot
Pokedex entry
  • Ruspig: "Ruspig live in quarries and caves, feasting on iron ore. Their saliva accelerates rust, making it easier to eat iron"
  • Porikon: "Steel type Pokemon hate Porikon as it causes steel to rapidly oxidize and become useless. When they pass on, Porikon's body reverts to forgable iron ore"
  • Ferrot: "The thick fur on Ferrot is actually iron fillings. Ferrot have found a home breaking down waste metals; their droppings are pure, solid ingots of iron"
Basis: The Ruspig line are based on pig iron and rust, by being literal pigs as well(specifically, wild boars). They are similar to Cufant in embodying another metal. The level at which they evolve references the atomic numbers of iron(26) and oxygen(26+8). They're a common mid-game Pokemon

Effect-For five turns, Steel type Pokemon become vulnerable

Wasting Iron
Effect-For five turns, Steel type Pokemon except for the user will lose 1/8th of their maximum HP every turn

Rust Magnet
Effect-Steel type Pokemon on the opponent's side will suffer 50% more damage from Water type moves. This move's effect cannot be stacked

Rust Spray
Effect-This move is capable of hitting Steel type Pokemon. If it is raining, a Pokemon with Rust Iron is on the field, Rust Magnet, Oxidation or Wasting Iron was used, Rust Spray's power is increased by 50%

Rust Slam
Effect-Steel type Pokemon will take double damage from this move. If it is raining, a Pokemon with Rust Iron is on the field, Rust Magnet, Oxidation or Wasting Iron was used, Steel type Pokemon will take triple damage from this move

The Saltiest Post

Sodipeak, Nacly and Halipix
Name basis: Sodium+peak(Sodipeak), Na+Cl(Nacly), Halite+pick ax(Halipix)
Ability-Salty Body/Salt Mines(normal), Levitate(Hidden)
Evolution: Sodipeak-Lv 25-Nacly-Trade-Halipix
Egg group-Mineral
Gender ratio-50/50
Pokedex entry
  • Sodipeak: "Sodipeak were born from salt deposits, and emerge with their sharp beak-like head. Unlike a lot of Rock types they are highly energetic"
  • Nacly: "Nacly feed on salt, which they get from caves by picking at them 100 times a second. They scatter salt around them to further dissuade Water and Grass types from trying to prey on them"
  • Halipix: "Very rarely Halipix have been recorded capable of flight, but usually its wings are only ever useful for boosting speed and carving into salt deposits. They're excellent at doing so; their "beak" can dig through 100 feet of solid rock and barely be winded"
Basis: The Sodipeak line is a Geodude/Roggenrola counterpart based on salt. Specifically, salt mining and salt caves. It's a common Pokemon in certain caves, and while obviously rocky/salt based(though it has "fluff" in grain salt) Sodipeak's shape resembles a woodpecker. The Electric typing reflects both the conductivity of salt, and unlike its counterparts the Sodipeak are of the "fragile speedster" archetype

Salted Earth
Effect-If hit by a Grass type attack, the foe's physical defense stat will drop by two stages
Basis: The idea of salting the Earth so things don't grow, so any plant that hits it will be hurt

Briny Defense
Effect-If hit by a Water type attack, the foe's special defense stat will drop by two stages
Basis: By being very salty, the user will lead to their opponent being thirsty/parched and thus more vulnerable

Salty Body
Effect-Grass and Water type attacks inflict 50% less damage on the user
Basis: Grass and Water type Pokemon are far less willing to hurt a salty Pokemon because it'd hurt them

Parched Strength
Effect-The user gains the same boost in power Fire types do in harsh sunlight
Basis: The dehydration brought on by salt would be all the worse in the hot sun

Salt Mines
Effect-Moves with "salt" in their name are boosted in power by 50%

Salt Throw
Effect-This move does double damage against Grass type Pokemon

Salt Pillar
Effect-This move does double damage against Grass type Pokemon

Salt Shaker
Effect-This move does double damage against Water type Pokemon

Salt Wave
Effect-This move does double damage against Water type Pokemon

Salt Garden
Effect-This move has the same effect as Spikes, however if the opponent is Water or Grass type when brought out it will do double the damage

Salted Barrage
Effect-This moves does double damage if the opponent's HP is under 50% of its maximum

Salty Winds
Effect-This move has a 30% chance to cause a sandstorm
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Upgraded Kalos Elite 4 teams for Rematches

Mega Houndoom

Mega Blastioise

Mega Scizor

Mega Ampharos


Ghost-Type Master
New Move!

ジュデッカ (Judecca)
Type: Dark
Category: Status
Power: n/a
Accuracy: n/a
PP: 5
Description: The user strikes down its partner, causing the target to faint immediately. This maximizes the user's Attack.
- Additional Info: This move fails if the target has less than half HP. The move also fails during Single Battles or if the user's Attack is already maxed.

Pokémon that can learn Treachery:
Rattata (Alolan Forme)
Raticate (Alolan Forme)
Zigzagoon (Galarian Forme)
Linoone (Galarian Forme)

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Galarian Rapidash is amazing
A fully open world Pokémon game set in the Mistveil Region with a massive Pokédex containing all currently known pokémon. Think of the new region as being a vastly massive Safari Zone containing multiple different areas with plenty of abandoned castles, temples, massive underground caverns, jungles, rainforests, savannahs, swamps, rivers, ruins, lakes, mountains, haunted mansions, beaches, forests, deserts and volcanoes for you to explore. Onto the map and Pokédex!

The central part of the map: This is the metropolitan heart of the region and where all of the cities and towns can be found.

The rest of the map (North, Northeast, Northwest, East, West, South, Southwest and Southeast): An area full of natural wonders and where no sane human dares to go.

Welcome to the Mistveil Region!

Pokemon that can be found in each new location

Mistveil Ruins: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Golurk, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Volcarona, Galarian Yamask, Unovan Yamask, Cofagrigus, Runerigus

New locations

Mistveil Rainforest
Mistveil Reef
Inner Mistveil City
Outer Mistveil City
Mistveil Flower Fields
Mistveil Clock Tower
Mistveil Colosseum
East Mistveil Heights
North Mistveil Heights
South Mistveil Heights
West Mistveil Heights
Mistveil Sanctum
Mistveil Megamart
East Mistveil Bridge
North Mistveil Bridge
South Mistveil Bridge
West Mistveil Bridge
Mistveil Dungeon
Mistveil Aviary
Mistveil Lighthouse
Mistveil Keep
Mistveil Sewers
Mistveil Castle Town
Mistveil River
Mistveil Caverns
Mistveil Tunnel
Mistveil Bay
Mistveil Resort
Mistveil Boutique
East Mistveil Gatehouse
North Mistveil Gatehouse
South Mistveil Gatehouse
West Mistveil Gatehouse
East Mistveil Gate
North Mistveil Gate
South Mistveil Gate
West Mistveil Gate
Ancient Mistveil Path
East Mistveil Subway Station
North Mistveil Subway Station
South Mistveil Subway Station
West Mistveil Subway Station
East Mistveil Train Station
North Mistveil Train Station
South Mistveil Train Station
West Mistveil Train Station
Mistveil Ocean
Mistveil Park
Mistveil Temple
Mistveil Mansion
Mistveil Lake
Mistveil Volcano
Mistveil Island
Mistveil Mine #1
Mistveil Mine #2
Mistveil Tundra
East Mistveil Tower
North Mistveil Tower
South Mistveil Tower
West Mistveil Tower
Mistveil Town
Mistveil Hideout
Mistveil Ruins
Mistveil Desert
Mistveil Beach
East Mistveil Road
North Mistveil Road
South Mistveil Road
West Mistveil Road
Mistveil Garden
Mistveil Mountain
Mistveil Castle
Mistveil Forest
Mistveil Swamp
Mistveil Jungle
Mistveil Grove
Mistveil Canyon
Mistveil Plateau
Mistveil Ocean Cliffs
Mistveil Trench
Mistveil Abyss

New Mega Evolutions
Mega Meganium
Mega Typhlosion
Mega Feraligatr
Mega Galvantula
Mega Ariados
Mega Mothim
Mega Staraptor
Mega Flygon
Mega Fearow

New regional forms

Mistvelian Donphan
Mistvelian Girafarig
Mistvelian Dragonite
Mistvelian Mightyena
Mistvelian Electivire
Mistvelian Gliscor
Mistvelian Absol
Mistvelian Dustox
Mistvelian Tropius
Mistvelian Sunflora

001: Bulbasaur
002: Ivysaur
003: Venusaur
004: Charmander
005: Charmeleon
006: Charizard
007: Squirtle
008: Wartortle
009: Blastoise
010: Chikorita
011: Bayleef
012: Meganium
013: Cyndaquil
014: Quilava
015: Typhlosion
016: Totodile
017: Croconaw
018: Feraligatr
019: Treecko
020: Grovyle
021: Sceptile
022: Torchic
023: Combusken
024: Blaziken
025: Mudkip
026: Marshtomp
027: Swampert
028: Turtwig
029: Grotle
030: Torterra
031: Chimchar
032: Monferno
033: Infernape
034: Piplup
035: Prinplup
036: Empoleon
037: Snivy
038: Servine
039: Serperior
040: Tepig
041: Pignite
042: Emboar
043: Oshawott
044: Dewott
045: Samurott
046: Chespin
047: Quilladin
048: Chesnaught
049: Fennekin
050: Braixen
051: Delphox
052: Froakie
053: Frogadier
054: Greninja
055: Rowlet
056: Dartrix
057: Decidueye
058: Litten
059: Torracat
060: Incineroar
061: Popplio
062: Brionne
063: Primarina
064: Grookey
065: Thwackey
066: Rillaboom
067: Scorbunny
068: Raboot
069: Cinderace
070: Sobble
071: Drizzile
072: Inteleon
073: Yanma
074: Yanmega
075: Scyther
076: Scizor
077: Kleavor
078: Dwebble
079: Crustle
080: Durant
081: Sewaddle
082: Swadloon
083: Leavanny
084: Venipede
085: Whirlipede
086: Scolipede
087: Caterpie
088: Metapod
089: Butterfree
090: Mareep
091: Flaaffy
092: Ampharos
093: Surskit
094: Masquerain
095: Larvesta
096: Volcarona
097: Joltik
098: Galvantula
099: Shelmet
100: Accelgor
101: Karrablast
102: Escavalier
103: Pinsir
104: Heracross
105: Ledyba
106: Ledian
107: Spinarak
108: Ariados
109: Wurmple
110: Silcoon
111: Beautifly
112: Cascoon
113: Dustox
114: Aron
115: Lairon
116: Aggron
117: Snom
118: Frosmoth
119: Sizzlipede
120: Centiskorch
121: Riolu
122: Lucario
123: Combee
124: Vespiquen
125: Burmy
126: Wormadam
127: Mothim
128: Shuckle
129: Cufant
130: Copperajah
131: Paras
132: Parasect
133: Cutiefly
134: Ribombee
135: Wimpod
136: Golisopod
137: Grubbin
138: Charjabug
139: Vikavolt
140: Scatterbug
141: Spewpa
142: Vivillon
143: Falinks
144: Bruxish
145: Volbeat
146: Illumise
147: Pineco
148: Forretress
149: Kantonian Ponyta
150: Kantonian Rapidash
151: Unown
152: Seedot
153: Nuzleaf
154: Shiftry
155: Dunsparce
156: Chinchou
157: Lanturn
158: Venonat
159: Venomoth
160: Spiritomb
161: Ralts
162: Kirlia
163: Gardevoir
164: Gallade
165: Dewpider
166: Araquanid
167: Pichu
168: Pikachu
169: Kantonian Raichu
170: Alolan Raichu
171: Azurill
172: Marill
173: Azumarill
174: Anorith
175: Armaldo
176: Feebas
177: Milotic
178: Gastly
179: Haunter
180: Gengar
181: Tyrunt
182: Tyrantrum
183: Amaura
184: Aurorus
185: Purrloin
186: Liepard
187: Happiny
188: Chansey
189: Blissey
190: Phanpy
191: Donphan
192: Zangoose
193: Seviper
194: Galarian Yamask
195: Runerigus
196: Kricketot
197: Kricketune
198: Hoothoot
199: Noctowl
200: Lotad
201: Lombre
202: Ludicolo
203: Weedle
204: Kakuna
205: Beedrill
206: Galarian Darumaka
207: Galarian Darmanitan
208: Unovan Yamask
209: Cofagrigus
210: Klink
211: Klang
212: Klinklang
213: Larvitar
214: Pupitar
215: Tyranitar
216: Lileep
217: Cradily
218: Baltoy
219: Claydol
220: Sableye
221: Mawile
222: Magby
223: Magmar
224: Magmortar
225: Skorupi
226: Drapion
227: Munna
228: Musharna
229: Rhyhorn
230: Rhydon
231: Rhyperior
232: Girafarig
233: Klefki
234: Litwick
235: Lampent
236: Chandelure
237: Axew
238: Fraxure
239: Haxorus
240: Nincada
241: Ninjask
242: Shedinja
243: Unovan Zorua
244: Unovan Zoroark
245: Kantonian Diglett
246: Kantonian Dugtrio
247: Kantonian Vulpix
248: Kantonian Ninetales
249: Trapinch
250: Vibrava
251: Flygon
252: Misdreavus
253: Mismagius
254: Tangela
255: Tangrowth
256: Chingling
257: Chimecho
258: Nosepass
259: Probopass
260: Starly
261: Staravia
262: Staraptor
263: Throh
264: Sawk
265: Mankey
266: Primeape
267: Shinx
268: Luxio
269: Luxray
270: Spearow
271: Fearow
272: Stunky
273: Skuntank
274: Elekid
275: Electabuzz
276: Electivire
277: Solosis
278: Duosion
279: Reuniclus
280: Stantler
281: Wyrdeer
282: Basculin
283: Basculegion
284: Cottonee
285: Whimsicott
286: Petilil
287: Lilligant
288: Torkoal
289: Sandile
290: Krokorok
291: Krookodile
292: Applin
293: Flapple
294: Appletun
295: Eevee
296: Vaporeon
297: Jolteon
298: Flareon
299: Espeon
300: Umbreon
301: Leafeon
302: Glaceon
303: Sylveon
304: Yamper
305: Boltund
306: Dratini
307: Dragonair
308: Dragonite
309: Tauros
310: Wingull
311: Pelipper
312: Kantonian Grimer
313: Kantonian Muk
314: Druddigon
315: Noibat
316: Noivern
317: Skrelp
318: Dragalge
319: Munchlax
320: Snorlax
321: Mime Jr.
322: Mr. Mime
323: Mr. Rime
324: Aipom
325: Ambipom
326: Croagunk
327: Toxicroak
328: Staryu
329: Starmie
330: Bellsprout
331: Weepinbell
332: Victreebel
333: Pawniard
334: Bisharp
335: Finneon
336: Lumineon
337: Carnivine
338: Tropius
339: Ducklett
340: Swanna
341: Cranidos
342: Rampardos
343: Emolga
344: Unovan Stunfisk
345: Binacle
346: Barbaracle
347: Impidimp
348: Morgrem
349: Grimmsnarl
350: Bounsweet
351: Steenee
352: Tsareena
353: Clauncher
354: Clawitzer
355: Furfrou
356: Shieldon
357: Bastiodon
358: Galarian Stunfisk
359: Silicobra
360: Sandaconda
361: Houndour
362: Houndoom
363: Bergmite
364: Avalugg
365: Eiscue
366: Goomy
367: Sliggoo
368: Goodra
369: Gothita
370: Gothorita
371: Gothitelle
372: Sinistea
373: Polteageist
374: Omanyte
375: Omastar
376: Kabuto
377: Kabutops
378: Aerodactyl
379: Voltorb
380: Electrode
381: Drowzee
382: Hypno
383: Patrat
384: Watchog
385: Poochyena
386: Mightyena
387: Inkay
388: Malamar
389: Oricorio
390: Magikarp
391: Gyarados
392: Hoppip
393: Skiploom
394: Jumpluff
395: Mudbray
396: Mudsdale
397: Onix
398: Steelix
399: Pumpkaboo
400: Gourgeist
401: Snorunt
402: Glalie
403: Froslass
404: Sunkern
405: Sunflora
406: Clamperl
407: Huntail
408: Gorebyss
409: Alolan Meowth
410: Alolan Persian
411: Gulpin
412: Swalot
413: Pidove
414: Tranquill
415: Unfezant
416: Foongus
417: Amoonguss
418: Slugma
419: Magcargo
420: Clobbopus
421: Grapploct
422: Hawlucha
423: Poliwag
424: Poliwhirl
425: Poliwrath
426: Politoed
427: Pansage
428: Simisage
429: Pansear
430: Simisear
431: Panpour
432: Simipour
433: Sentret
434: Furret
435: Tynamo
436: Eelektrik
437: Eelektross
438: Horsea
439: Seadra
440: Kingdra
441: Komala
442: Dhelmise
443: Miltank
444: Bunnelby
448: Diggersby
449: Fletchling
450: Fletchinder
451: Talonflame
452: Phantump
453: Trevenant
454: Alolan Grimer
455: Alolan Muk
456: Dedenne
457: Pachirisu
458: Flabebe
459: Kalosian Floette
460: Florges
461: Minior
462: AZ's Floette (Cannot evolve or be bred)
463: Duraludon
464: Meditite
465: Medicham
467: Chatot
468: Doduo
469: Dodrio
470: Cacnea
471: Cacturne
472: Koffing
473: Kantonian Weezing
474: Galarian Weezing
475: Galarian Meowth
476: Perrserker
477: Galarian Zigzagoon
478: Galarian Linoone
479: Obstagoon
480: Gible
481: Gabite
482: Garchomp
483: Espurr
484: Meowstic
485: Sandygast
486: Palossand
487: Galarian Slowpoke
488: Galarian Slowbro
489: Galarian Slowking
490: Exeggcute
491: Kantonian Exeggutor
492: Alolan Exeggutor
493: Cubone
494: Kantonian Marowak
495: Alolan Marowak
496: Skiddo
497: Gogoat
498: Swinub
499: Piloswine
500: Mamoswine
501: Salandit
502: Salazzle
503: Slowpoke
504: Slowbro
505: Slowking
506: Snubbull
507: Granbull
508: Wynaut
509: Wobbuffet
510: Alolan Geodude
511: Alolan Graveler
512: Alolan Golem
513: Yungoos
514: Gumshoos
515: Shellos
516: Gastrodon
517: Budew
518: Roselia
519: Roserade
520: Buizel
521: Floatzel
522: Drifloon
523: Drifblim
524: Duskull
525: Dusclops
526: Dusknoir
527: Shuppet
528: Banette
529: Cherubi
530: Cherrim
531: Glameow
532: Purugly
533: Murkrow
534: Honchkrow
535: Taillow
536: Swellow
537: Shroomish
538: Breloom
539: Slakoth
540: Vigoroth
541: Slaking
542: Remoraid
543: Octillery
544: Mantyke
545: Mantine
546: Galarian Ponyta
547: Galarian Rapidash
548: Blipbug
549: Dottler
550: Orbeetle
551: Corphish
552: Crawdaunt
553: Oranguru
554: Passimian
555: Fomantis
556: Lurantis
557: Morelull
558: Shiinotic
559: Rufflet
560: Unovan Braviary
561: Hisuian Braviary
562: Vullaby
563: Mandibuzz
564: Sneasel
565: Weavile
566: Teddiursa
567: Ursaring
568: Barboach
569: Whiscash
570: Maractus
571: Kantonian Sandshrew
572: Kantonian Sandslash
573: Alolan Sandshrew
574: Alolan Sandslash
575: Drampa
576: Turtonator
577: Kantonian Growlithe
578: Kantonian Arcanine
579: Hisuian Growlithe
580: ?
581: Whismur
582: Loudred
583: Exploud
584: Psyduck
585: Golduck
586: Igglybuff
587: Jigglypuff
588: Wigglytuff
589: Cleffa
590: Clefairy
591: Clefable
592: Togepi
593: Togetic
594: Togekiss
595: Togedemaru
596: Magnemite
597: Magneton
598: Magnezone
599: Trubbish
600: Garbodor
601: Cubchoo
602: Beartic
603: Spheal
604: Sealeo
605: Walrein
606: Skarmory
607: Gligar
608: Gliscor
609: Absol
610: Rotom
611: Ditto
612: Dreepy
613: Drakloak
614: Dragapult
615: Hatenna
616: Hattrem
617: Hatterene
618: Abra
619: Kadabra
620: Alakazam
621: Krabby
622: Kingler
623: Pancham
624: Pangoro
625: Kantonian Farfetch'd
626: Galarian Farfetch'd
627: Sirfetch'd
628: Bronzor
629: Bronzong
630: Scraggy
631: Scrafty
632: Smoochum
633: Jynx
634: Archen
635: Archeops
636: Nidoran (Male)
637: Nidorino
638: Nidoking
639: Nidoran (Female)
640: Nidorina
641: Nidoqueen
642: Kantonian Rattata
643: Kantonian Raticate
644: Alolan Rattata
645: Alolan Raticate
646: Alolan Vulpix
647: Alolan Ninetales
648: Electrike
649: Manectric
650: Swablu
651: Altaria
652: Ekans
653: Arbok
654: Pidgey
655: Pidgeotto
656: Pidgeot
657: Seel
658: Dewgong
659: Shellder
660: Cloyster
661: Skitty
662: Delcatty
663: Numel
664: Camerupt
665: Plusle
666: Minun
667: Spoink
668: Grumpig
669: Spinda
670: Castform
671: Kecleon
672: Kantonian Geodude
673: Kantonian Graveler
674: Kantonian Golem
675: Makuhita
676: Hariyama
677: Luvdisc
678: Alomomola
679: Bidoof
680: Bibarel
681: Blitzle
682: Zebstrika
683: Deerling
684: Sawsbuck
685: Wishiwashi
686: Pincurchin
687: Litleo
688: Pyroar
689: Pikipek
690: Trumbeak
691: Toucannon
692: Crabrawler
693: Crabominable
694: Rockruff
695: Lycanroc
696: Rookidee
697: Corvisquire
698: Corviknight
699: Tirtouga
700: Carracosta
701: Gulpin
702: Swalot
703: Zigzagoon
704: Linoone
705: Beldum
706: Metang
707: Metagross
708: Bagon
709: Shelgon
710: Salamence
711: Heatmor
712: Machop
713: Machoke
714: Machamp
715: Ferroseed
716: Ferrothorn
717: Mimikyu
718: Bonsly
719: Sudowoodo
720: Deino
721: Zweilous
722: Hydreigon
723: Relicanth
724: Alolan Diglett
725: Alolan Dugtrio
726: Unovan Darumaka
727: Unovan Darmanitan
728: Zubat
729: Golbat
730: Crobat
731: Snover
732: Abomasnow
733: Hippopotas
734: Hippowdon
735: Buneary
736: Lopunny
737: Oddish
738: Gloom
739: Vileplume
740: Bellossom
741: Cramorant
742: Wooloo
743: Dubwool
744: Golett
745: Golurk
746: Bouffalant
747: Type: Null
748: Silvally
749: Carvanha
750: Sharpedo
751: Hisuian Zorua
752: Hisuian Zoroark
753: Carbink
754: Cryogonal
755: Spritzee
756: Aromatisse
757: Swirlix
758: Slurpuff
759: Tyrogue
760: Hitmonlee
761: Hitmonchan
762: Hitmontop
763: Mienfoo
764: Mienshao
765: Timburr
766: Gurdurr
767: Conkeldurr
768: Rolycoly
769: Carkol
770: Coalossal
771: Stufful
772: Bewear
773: Jangmo-o
774: Hakamo-o
775: Kommo-o
776: Natu
777: Xatu
778: Delibird
779: Woobat
780: Swoobat
781: Sigilyph
782: Frillish
783: Jellicent
784: Honedge
785: Doublade
786: Aegislash
787: Wooper
788: Quagsire
789: Drilbur
790: Excadrill
791: Tympole
792: Palpitoad
793: Seismitoad
794: Lapras
795: Vanillite
796: Vanillish
797: Vanilluxe
798: Kantonian Meowth
799: Kantonian Persian
800: Lickitung
801: Lickilicky
802: Kangaskhan
803: Porygon
804: Porygon-2
805: Porygon-Z
806: Lillipup
807: Herdier
808: Stoutland
809: Audino
810: Minccino
811: Cinccino
812: Helioptile
813: Heliolisk
814: Qwilfish
815: Mareanie
816: Toxapex
817: Lunatone
818: Solrock
819: Elgyem
820: Beheeyem
821: Johtonian Corsola
822: Galarian Corsola
823: Cursola
824: Roggenrola
825: Boldore
826: Gigalith
827: Tentacool
828: Tentacruel
829: Goldeen
830: Seaking
831: Chewtle
832: Drednaw
833: Arrokuda
834: Barraskewda
835: Dracovish
836: Dracozolt
837: Arctovish
838: Arctozolt
839: Morpeko
840: Toxel
841: Toxtricity
842: Pyukumuku
843: Wailmer
844: Wailord
845: Mew
846: Celebi
847: Jirachi
848: Deoxys
849: Phione
850: Manaphy
851: Darkrai
852: Shaymin
853: Victini
854: Keldeo
855: Meloetta
856: Genesect
857: Diancie
858: Hoopa
859: Volcanion
860: Magearna
861: Marshadow
862: Zeraora
863: Meltan
864: Melmetal
865: Zarude
866: Kantonian Articuno
867: Kantonian Zapdos
868: Kantonian Moltres
869: Galarian Articuno
870: Galarian Zapdos
871: Galarian Moltres
872: Mewtwo
873: Raikou
874: Entei
875: Suicune
876: Lugia
877: Ho-Oh
878: Regirock
879: Regice
880: Registeel
881: Latias
882: Latios
883: Kyogre
884: Groudon
885: Rayquaza
886: Uxie
887: Mesprit
888: Azelf
889: Dialga
890: Palkia
891: Heatran
892: Regigigas
893: Giratina
894: Cresselia
895: Cobalion
896: Terrakion
897: Virizion
898: Tornadus
899: Thundurus
900: Reshiram
901: Zekrom
902: Landorus
903: Kyurem
904: Xerneas
905: Yveltal
906: Zygarde
907: Nihilego
908: Buzzwole
909: Pheromosa
910: Xurkitree
911: Celesteela
912: Kartana
913: Guzzlord
914: Poipole
915: Naganadel
916: Stakataka
917: Blacephalon
918: Tapu Koko
919: Tapu Lele
920: Tapu Bulu
921: Tapu Fini
922: Cosmog
923: Cosmoem
924: Solgaleo
925: Lunala
926: Necrozma
927: Zacian
928: Zamazenta
929: Eternatus
930: Kubfu
931: Urshifu
932: Regieleki
933: Regidrago
934: Glastrier
935: Spectrier
936: Calyrex
937: Arceus
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Icelandic Psuedo-Legendary

Frosurtle, Glacutle and Igloarthle, the Ice Cube, Ice Hold and Ice Dome Pokemon
Name basis: Frost+turtle(Frosurtle), Glacier+hut+turtle(Glacutle) and Igloo+Hearth+Turtle(Igloarthle)
Type-Ice(Frosurtle), Ice/Fire(Glacutle and Igloarthle)
Ability-Sturdy/Battle Armor(normal), Air Lock(Hidden)
Egg group-Field/Water 1
Gender ratio-50/50
Evolution-Frosurtle-Lv 30-Glacutle-Lv 50-Igloarthle
Pokedex entry
  • Frosurtle: "Frosurtle hide their weak frame with a block of strong, thick ice. They keep themselves from freezing with cozy air pockets"
  • Glacutle: "Glacutle have stumped researchers by maintaining a cold exterior while having a warm interior. Tiny Bug-type Pokemon have found protection in small indents in its icy shell"
  • Igloarthle: "The massive Igloarthle has empty chambers in its shell where the fire from its spine provides respite for weary travelers. They're benevolent protectors who can both build up ice palaces and melt invasive glaciers away
Basis: The Frosurtle line is based off a mix of things. Primarily the box turtle and igloo. Frosurtle is a box turtle who's just a brick of ice, growing into an ice box(Glacutle) and then a full-on igloo(Igloarthle). The oxymoronic type combination references how igloos retain heat inside. It's a psuedo I have in mind for an Icelandic or Canadian region

Dunsparce love and Flight

Extrosparce, the Feather Snake Pokemon
Name basis: Extrovert+sparce
Ability-Serene Grace/Guts(normal), Levitate(Hidden)
Evolution: Dunsparce-Lv up with Ancientpower during the day-Extrosparce
BST-535(80 HP, 90 Atk, 70 Def, 105 Sp.Atk, 65 Sp.Def, 125 Speed)
Pokedex entry-"Extrosparce grows into its scales and soar across the sky with complete confidence. They're incredibly rare, but in prehistoric times they were a relatively common sight"
Basis: Extrosparce takes the feathered snake traits of Dunsparce, combined with the idea of being extroverted. Unlike Introsparce, Extrosparce can learn moves that let it effectively Levitate. Dunsparce now learns Ancientpower at Lv 42, reflecting the lore of it being an ancient Pokemon. It learns Lift Oft and Aerial Drift by evolution/at Lv 42. Guts reflects the Pokemon's courage compared to Dunsparce and Introsparce, and Levitate is a Hidden Ability because of its wings

Introsparce, the Burrow Snake Pokemon
Name basis: Introvert+sparce
Ability-Serene Grace/Wimp Out(normal), Thick Fat(Hidden)
Evolution: Dunsparce-Learn Ancientpower during the night-Introsparce
BST-535(120 HP, 130 Atk, 130 Def, 65 Sp.Atk, 65 Sp.Def, 45 Speed)
Pokedex entry-"Cave paintings have been found of prehistoric humans often facing off against the mighty Introsparce, but the Pokemon's glory days ended with the ice age. They're a rare sight, not helping how nervous they are."
Basis: Introsparce is a counterpart to Extrosparce, being introverted and more like the cave-dwelling Dunsparce. It also takes inspiration from the hihikomori/NEET. This cowardice is why Wimp Out is an ability, and it being a shut-in leads it to be chunky and thus Thick Fat is a Hidden Ability. The Ground typing reflects on their and Dunsparce's dwelling(TBH Dunsparce should've been Normal/Ground from the start)

Lift Off
Effect: The user becomes immune to Ground type attacks for five turns. This move is basically Magnet Rise for non-magnet/electricity related Pokemon. It, alongside Aerial Pounce and Aerial Drift are Flying type moves that aren't learnable by Flying types because it'd be redundant

Aerial Pounce
Effect: The user becomes immune to Ground type attacks for five turns

Aerial Drift
Effect: The user becomes immune to Ground type attacks for five turns

Rocket Punch
Effect: The user becomes immune to Ground type attacks for five turns. This move is affected by Iron Fist
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Husuian Volbeat
Ability- Illuminate/Flash Fire
Hidden ability- Filter

Attack- 40
Special Attack- 25
Defence- 95
Special Defence- 105
Speed- 85
Total- 430

1- Flash
1- Tackle
1- Flame Charge
1- Flame Wheel
5- Double team
8- Confuse Ray
12- Will-o-Wisp
15- Struggle Bug
19- Moonlight
22- Tail Glow
26- Signal Beam
33- Guardian Fire
40- Bug Buzz
43- Guiding Light
47- Beetle Boost
50- Infestation
54- Body Press
60- Flare Blitz

New moves
Beetle Boost- (Bug) Status (10PP)- Increases Defence and Special Defence by 1 stage.

Guardian Fire (Fire) Special- 75BP- (10PP)- Uses the user's special defence stat rather than the special attack stat.

Guiding Light - (Fire) Status (10PP) The user draws attention to itself, making all foes take aim only at the user.

Changed ability- Illuminate- When this Pokemon attacks it has a 10% chance of lowering the target's accuracy.

Dex entries

Dex Entry 1- In Hisui Volbeat's light lasts for a long time as it's light within its tail is a mini fire. It uses this light guide those who are lost and to protect their home and important areas.

Dex Entry 2- Hisuian Volbeat is a guardian who is willing to lure away enemies to protect their homes and other important areas. If forced into combat they will unleash a special fire.

Appearance- Looks like Volbeat but instead of taking inspiration from a greaser it resembles more typical clothing in Hisui and also takes some inspiration from a temple guardian.


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New Pokédex Entries for one of my favorite evolutionary lines: (#GalladeFans)

Ralts: It senses close friends and loved ones' emotions with its magical horns. Those emotions fuel its power, yet it accidentally absorb a bit of its life energy when too much power is generated.
Kirlia: When it dances, it chants an ominous song that are known to attract spiritual Pokémon, guiding them to afterlife. Males aggressively look for Dawn Stones.
Gardevoir: If it would focus every bit its power in one spot, it would create a massive interdimensional portal between the spiritual world and the real world.
Gallade: On tough battles, it sharpens its blades on a disturbingly pain-inducing process. It has an average IQ of 300 since its initial form, and it understands human speech and even speak it himself.


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Okappako, the Dual Pokemon
Ability-Inner Focus/Shed Skin(normal), Clear Body(Hidden)
Evolution: Girafarig-Learn Double Headbutt at Lv 42-Okappako
Pokedex entry-"Despite its sinister appearance, an Okappako's serpentine tail is a protector and guardian of the main body. Whenever asleep or incapacitated, an Okappako can always count on its second brain to keep it safe"
BST-525(70 HP, 90 Atk, 65 Def, 110 Sp Atk, 65 Sp Def, 125 Speed)
Basis: Okappako keeps the palindrome of its pre-evolution, and references the okapi. Physically it's similar to the chimera in the tail becoming serpentine, though I avoided the cliche of it becoming a Dark type

Double Headbutt
Effect-Hits the opponent twice. Has a chance of causing flinches
Pokemon that can learn this move: Paras, Parasect, Dugtrio, Exeggute, Exeggutor, Weezing, Magneton, Magnezone, Doduo, Dodrio, Slowbro, Slowking, Mew, Girafarig, Mantine, Combee, Cherubi, Spiritomb, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, Zwelious, Hydreigon, Kyurem, Doublade, Binacle, Barbaracle, Zygarde, Wishiwashi, Stakataka, Melmetal, Falinks

Chompixie, Spritamel and Decidubite, the Molar and Tooth Fairy Pokemon
Name basis: Chomp+pixie(Chompixie) Enamel+Sprite(Spritamel), Deciduous+bite(Decidubite)
Ability-Hustle(Chompixie), Strong Jaw(Spritamel, Decidubite), Sturdy(Hidden)
Egg group-Mineral/Fairy
Gender ratio-25% male, 75% female
Evolution-Chompixie-Lv 20-Spritamel-Lv 32-Decidubite
Pokedex entry
  • Chompixie: "Because of their enamel coating and appearance, Chompixie look like oversized molars. In reality they're marble-liked sprites that resemble teeth, but that doesn't stop rumors they were once the teeth of a giant"
  • Spritamel: "Spritamel are always happy to find teeth, treating it as a decoration or trade item among other Spritamel. Kids are told the money they get after losing their baby tooth is from them"
  • Decidubite: "The incisors of a Decidubite can bite through enamel like it was some sort of cracker. They love to make beautiful sculptures, though have a creepy habit of incorporating their defeated opponent's teeth into them
Basis: Chompixie are based on teeth and the tooth fairy, building up over time similar to how Pokemon like Klink become a more complicated being. It is also similar to the Vanillite line by resembling and being similar to, but not truly a certain item. At least at first. As it grows its personality gains some of the more unsettling personality traits associated with the fae

Super and Hyper Incisor
Atk-60 and 85 respectively
PP-20 and 10 respectively
Effect-The move ignores type resistances. This move is affected by Strong Jaw
Signature moves of: the Chompixie line. Super Incisor is learned by Chompixie at Lv 26 and Spritamel/Decidubite at Lv 31. Hyper Incisor is learned by Chompixie at Lv 34, Spritamel at Lv 38 and Decidubite at Lv 42
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Thanks for the tip-off. Feel free to criticize my nomenclature

Early Pokemon For Africa-Based Regions

Tootshrew and Sengitrump, the Toot Shrew and Trunk Shrew Pokemon
Name basis: Toot+shrew, Trumpet+sengi
Ability-Run Away/Dry Skin(normal), Rattled(Hidden)
Evolution: Tootshrew-Lv 20-Sengitrump
Egg group-Field
Gender ratio-50/50
Pokedex entry
  • Tootshrew: "Tootshrew are small and humble critters, who try to come off as bigger and more threatening by making loud noises with its flute-like trunk. They're a rare sight outside of this continent"
  • Sengitrump: "Sengitrump communicate each other through trumpet and saxophone-like calls, making them popular with musicians. If they're threatened, their songs become ear-splitting shrieks"
Basis: Tootshrew and Sengitrump are based off the elephant shrew or sengi. They have elements of flutes and trumpets

Pebblrax and Dassirok, the Dry and Rock Plains Pokemon
Name basis: Pebble+hyrax, Rock+dassie
Type-Normal(Pebblrax), Normal/Rock(Dassirok)
Ability-Run Away/Sturdy(normal), Sheer Force(Hidden)
Evolution: Pebblrax-Lv 20-Dassirok
Egg group-Field
Gender ratio-50/50
Pokedex entry
  • Pebblrax: "Despite their appearance, Pebblrax are a lot closer to Phanpy than Rattata genetics-wise. They're remarkably drought-resistant"
  • Dassirok: "Dassirok brave the arid mountains and rock plains, being capable of burrowing homes out of solid rock. They're popular aides for trekkers and mountain climbers"
Basis: Pebblrax and Dassirok are based off the hyrax. Sharing abilities to Phanpy and Cufant is a nod to how hyraxes are closely related to elephants

Something For NeedsAName

Mucold and Rhinomonia, the Defrosted and Common Cold Pokemon
Name basis: Mucus+cold(Mucold), Rhino+Pnuemonia(Rhinomonia)
Ability-Poison Point/Influenza(normal), Snow Warning(Hidden). Influenza has a 20% chance of inflicting freezing on the opponent. Basically its Poison Point, but less effective in order to balance the stronger status ailment
Egg group-Monster and Field
Gender rato-50/50
Evolution: Mucold-Ice Stone-Rhinomonia
Pokedex entry
  • Mucold: "Mucold were thought to be extinct, but a population awoke from over 10,000 years of cryonic suspension due to a glacier melting. They're always shivering; the suspension has caused their venomous horns to backfire on them"
  • Rhinomonia: "Rhinomonia's horn is home to a virus that causes hypothermia and cold, however they're naturally passive and only use it as a defense mechanism or to weaken plants for them to enjoy. Sadly early humans hunted them to apparent extinction because they blamed them for every type of malady"
Basis: Mucold and Rhinomonia are a combination of the common cold and the wooly rhinoceros. Why a rhino? Because it's a nice reference to the common cold

The Basimyo Region

Basimyo Region: The Basimyo Region is a region modeled after Guyana. The name is derived from basin, referencing the lush environment and rivers of the area, and the nomenclature behind Mew itself. After all, Guyana is mentioned as where Mew was found, and Mew has an important part to play in Guyana(though it is not part of the "main trio"). The Basimyo Region is home to regional variants of very rare Pokemon in other regions being a lot more common. Other regional variants include a Dragon/Fairy Gible taking inspiration from the goblin shark(fitting with it being a "wellspring" region, rare types are more common here...except Ice types given Guyana's geography). Its new Pokemon tend to be very "natural" and if they aren't based on the Guiana and Amazon-based flora and fauna, they take inspiration from Guyanese lore and some of their European colonizers. This plays into a number of Galarian and Unovan Pokemon being available here. The starters take a nod to the original ones; the Fire type starter lives in symbiosis like Bulbasaur, but with an orb weaver on its back(it is a spider monkey). The Water type starter is based an amphibian and generates something from its table like Charmander. Specifically, it is a mud-generating caecilian. Not sure how I want to adapt the bulky cannon/blasting Blastoise with the Grass type, who'd still keep the general theme of extinct or rare animals.

Team Mimic: Team Mimic are an idea I had from the Imposter Oak card. They're a secondary villain group that is actually villainous/criminal unlike Skull/Yell, while having more grounded goals like Team Rocket. Basically they're the "normal" or "realistic" crooks who . They're a group of con artists who disguise themselves as important figures and cause trouble because of it. Unlike most teams their concept makes them capable of showing up in any region and you less stop their organization and more be troublesome enough that they leave the region you're in for now. Team Mimic prefer to use Pokemon related to impersonation

Apodirt, Vermimud and Sedicilian, the Mud Amphibian Pokemon
Name basis: Apoda+dirt, Vermiform+mud, Sediment+Caecilian
Ability-Torrent(normal), Sand Veil(Hidden)
Egg group-Water 1
Gender ratio-1 female/7 male
Evolution: Apodirt-Lv 16-Vermimud-Lv 36-Sedicilian
  • Apodirt: "Apodirt are shy and tend to live hidden underground. They secrete mud from their tail, which they use to fling into their predator's eyes"
  • Vermimud: "Vermimud lather themselves in mud, as it keeps their skin smooth and moist far away from pools of water. They're capable of "swimming" through soil as easy as water"
  • Sedicilian: "Sedicilian's spade-like head lets them burrow through solid rock, and to be as fast as possible their tail spreads a muddy veneer over themselves. They're still rather shy, despite how much stronger they are than when they were Apodirt"
Basis: The Apodirt line is based of the caecilian, a serpentine like amphibian. They take inspiration from mud and their muddy tail/ability to make mud is a slight parallel to Charmander's fire tail. It keeps the juvenile form's "crest" of gills, but it grows into a sort of faux slick hair

Edocilia and Protomhoca, the Amphibious Geezer Pokemon
Name basis: Edo(as in Edo Period)+Eocaecilia, Proto+minhocao
Ability-Hydrodynamic(normal), Torrent(Hidden). Hydrodynamic is a Water type Motor Drive where the user's speed is boosted if hit by Water
Egg group-Water 1
Gender ratio-1 female/7 male
Evolution: Edocilia-Lv 36-Protomhoca
Fossil: Wyrm Fossil
Pokedex entry
  • Edocilia: "The ancestor of the Apodirt from over 100 million years ago. Edocilia has legs, but still has its descendant's love for mud"
  • Protomhoca: "In primal Basimyo, Protomhoca were giants who tore through forests by burying and displacing the roots of mighty trees. Their fossils were first found in ancient mud pits"
Basis: The Edocilia line is a fossil Pokemon based on the eocaecilia. I have a concept that for each of the Basiymo starters there is a non-starter Pokemon with clear ties to them. It takes some traits from the minhocao
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6th team member for each trainer for Galar Rematches (as most of them only have 5 rest of team unchanged and none are the primary dynamax/gigantamax Pokemon)

Milo- Ferrothorn
Nessa- Milotic
Kabu- Kantonian Rapidash
Bea- Conkeldurr
Allister - Cofagrigus
Bede- Togekiss
Gordie- Lunatone (Shield)/Solrock (Sword)
Melony- Arctozolt (Shield) /Arctovish (Sword)
Marnie- Hydreigon
Piers- Bisharp
Raihan- Kommo-o (has overcoat)
Klara- Amped Toxtricity (added to championship rematches. Dynamax Pokemon is unchanged to indicate not yet at Gigantamax level)
Avery- Orbeetle (added to championship rematches. Dynamax Pokemon is unchanged to indicate not yet at Gigantamax level)
Oleana- Female Indeedee (added to championship rematches)

Leon-Haxorus (already has a 6 Pokemon team in initial champion battle so uses that)
Hop- Pincurchin (already has a 6 Pokemon team in Slumbering Weald battle uses that)

Other minor changes
If you have a Save file for Sword and are playing shield (or vice versa) you can also access the alternative opponents from the other games (Gordie/Melony, Bea/Allister, Klara/Avery). Though with different dialogue given you technically don't know them in this game.
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