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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Ultra Beast Lover

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A pegasus Pokemon that we can ride on. Oh and Greek mythology has this one lesser known creature that's a literal flying pig. Technically two different flying pigs but they're the same concept.


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Hisuian Exeggutor
Ability- Strong Jaw
Hidden ability- Harvest
Evolves from regular Exeggcute in Hisui using a leaf stone.

HP- 95
Attack- 100
Special Attack-60
Defence- 85
Special Defence-85
Speed- 105
Total- 530

- Poison Fang
- Psychic Fangs
- Grass Fang
- Crunch
- Coil
- Glare
- Leer
- Fire Fang
- Ice Fang
- Thunder Fang
- Venomous Fang
- Wrap
- Leaf Blade
- Poison Jab
- Synthesis
- Hypnosis
- Seed Bomb
Evo- Venomous Fang

Can also learn any move from Exeggcute stage.

New moves

Venomous Fang- 70BP-5PP-(Physical)Poison- Deals damage and has 5% chance of badly poisoning and 10% chance of regular poisoning (does not stack)

Grassy Fang- 70BP- 5PP- (Physical) Grass- Deals damage and has a 10% chance of inflicting sleep if Grassy Terrain active.

Dex entry 1- In ancient Hisui the cold and the presence of Kleavor cutting down trees in its way has meant that Exeggutor's now have a serpentine body as they cannot grow to the size of a full tree as seen in Kanto or Alola. They have adapted a venomous bite.

Dex Entry 2- Found in the forests of ancient Hisui this ambush hunter bite is very deadly. It has lost its psychic skill as it only has a single head and now bites with poison. Some speculate it would struggle if Husui were to lose its grassy habitats as while it is fast it cannot keep that speed up against an evasive prey for long.

Appearance- Now resembles a snake with an Exeggutor head.

Takes inspiration from a Mamushi (a snake in Hokkido), a Naga, and the idea of Exeggcute head falling off by itself. (and also slightly as the true form of Alolan Exeggutor being a dragon that in a difficult habitat it would take on another slightly reptilian form)
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More Moskoviy Pokemon (partial remake)

Slimitch, Hageel and Babamukya
Name basis: Slime+witch, Hag+eel, Baba Yaga+muck
Type-Fairy/Water(Slimitch), Fairy/Poison(Hageel)
Ability-Gooey/Limber(normal), Slip Off(Hidden). Slip Off means that the Pokemon immune to
Evolution: Slimitch-Lv 25-Hageel-Poison Stone-Babamukya
Egg group-Water 2/Amorphous
Gender ratio-100% female
Pokedex entry
  • Slimitch: "Slimitch are almost impossible to grab onto because they are coated in slippery mucus, and can move around in their own skin. Most consider them unsightly, but some seek out their slime for potions."
  • Hageel: "Hageel are wise and magical creatures, though whether they help or curse people depends on their temperament. They're highly flexible, capable of tying themselves in knots"
  • Babamukya: "Solitary magic practitioners, Babamukya have a varied reputation; from eating naughty children to aiding heroes in saving fair maidens. They burrow into and feast on Wailord carcasses"
Basis: This line is based off the hagfish, but it also takes inspiration from the fairy tale hag. It is a version exclusive for a region based on the old Kievan Rus territory of Russia/Slavic lore, hence taking traits of Baba Yuga.

Moskoviy Wailmer and Wailord
Ability-Cloud Nine/Thick Fat(normal), Oblivious(Hidden)
Evolution: Wailmer-Lv 40-Wailord
Pokedex entry
  • Moskoviy Wailmer: "Moskoviy's Wailmer have developed a gas bladder allowing them to float. They live in the sky, feeding on clouds for their moisture"
  • Moskoviy Wailord: "Moskoviy Wailord are popular means of air transport because of their massive size and friendly personality. They are capable of flying over 30,000 feet in the air without losing breath"
Basis: The Moskoviy Wailmer are a different take on the blimp nature of the line, in that they're actually capable of floatation and live in the sky

Miscellaneous Fakemon

Polisces and Crykodilia, the Icefish Pokemon
Name basis: Polar+pisces, Cryo+Crodoilia
Type-Ice(Polisces), Ice/Steel(Crykodilia)
Ability-Permafrost(the user is immune to Fire type moves)
Evolution: Polisces-Ice Stone-Crykodilia
Gender ratio-50/50
Egg group-Water 2
Pokedex entry
  • Polisces: "Polisces were brought over from the Antarctic region. They're capable of swimming through ice and glaciers as if it were liquid water"
  • Crykodilia: "Crykodilia tear through ice with their steel jaws and other protrusions. Their bodies are so used to the cold that even liquid nitrogen only induces mild discomfort"
Basis: The icefish, more specifically the crocodile icefish. It starts resembling a crocodile as Crykodilia. This is definitely a very slow, but bulky Pokemon
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1) a fighting and electric type

2) a fire and electric type

3) a pokemon that gains the bug type upon evolution

4) a pokemon that gains the normal type upon evolution

doesn't really matter what they're based off of but i think these would be cool


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Zeraora's the one that hurts the most IMHO

Samurott should've been half-fighting too
True that

I have an unorthodox idea for an Electric/Fighting type that's also an animal we haven't seen as a Pokemon; a box jellyfish. It's a name pun, being a boxer of a jellyfish. The Electric type is playing on the electric jellyfish trope


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I always wanted a possum Pokémon that has an ability where it can’t recurve direct damage if it’s asleep.
Ooh a possum ability: when its HP reaches 0, it can make one last move before it’s removed from play.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Hisuian Variant ideas:

Hisuian Mimikyu
The Cloth Ghost Pokémon
Ability- Levitate
Dex Entries:
Hisuian Form- This is how a Mimikyu originally looked if it wanted to go outside during the day. It will grab any piece of cloth it finds to cover itself. It seems to be very friendly but both humans and other Pokémon run away from the sight of it due to a misunderstanding which means Mimikyu is very lonely and don’t go out very often. When Hisuian Mimikyu moves, it seems to bounce as it floats in the air.

Disguise Mimikyu- This version of Mimikyu started to make an appearance about 25 years ago after Pikachu became extremely popular among trainers. So it fashioned a disguise modeled after Pikachu and is now able to make friends more easily than before. The weight of its costume and the stick Mimikyu has chosen for a tail has unfortunately taken away its ability to float due to all the extra weight.

Appearance- Hisuian Mimikyu looks like a small ghost made of a piece of ripped cloth floating in the air with yellow glowing eyes. Occasionally dark energy can be seen coming out from underneath the cloth in the form of small shadowy clouds. The shape looks like a cartoon ghost without any arms or hands sticking out of the sides. Sort of like this but no mouth or eyebrows:



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Flatcast and Platyhumbra, the Flatworm and Shadow Pokemon
Name basis: Flatworm+cast(as in casting a shadow), Platyhelminthes+umbra
Ability-Limber/Clear Body(normal), Dry Skin(Hidden)
Form change: Flatcast and Platyhumbra have a purely aesthetic form change called "Shadow Forme". The Shadow Forme is that when using a direct attack on the opponent, Flatcast and Platyhumbra will send their shadow on the offensive
Evolution: Flatcast-Lv 21-Platyhumbra
Pokedex entry
  • Flatcast: "Flatcast are the flattest Pokemon on record. They're able to animate their own shadow to do their bidding"
  • Platyhumbra: "The shadow of a Platyhumbra is thought to be a spirit that it summons for their aid. Its weight is far greater than a Pokemon barely visible on a side view should have"
Basis: The Flatcast line is based off the flatworms, but combining them with something else flat; shadows. Design-wise Flatcast has patterns reminiscent of a cartoon skeleton. It is meant to be an early game Pokemon that introduces Ghost types. The shadow could be considered a familiar


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Hisuian Haxorus
Type- Dragon/Ice
Ability- Slush Rush/Mold Breaker
Hidden ability- Cold Touch
Evolves in Hisui at level 48 from a regular Fraxure

Same as Regular Haxorus

- Tundra Tusk
- Dragon Claw
- Ice Punch
- Hail
- Aurora Veil
- Outrage
- Dual Chop
- Swords Dance
- Ice Shard
- Sheer Cold
- Dragon Dance
- Close Combat
- X-Scissor

Can also learn any moves from its pre-evolution stages.

New Ability
Cold Touch- All physical attacks have a 10% chance of causing freezing.

New Moves
Tundra Tusk- (Ice)- Physical- 80BP- 10PP- Attack deals damage and has a 10% chance of lowering target's defence

Dex Entry 1- In Hisui due to Haxorus have adapted to live in cold areas. They primarily seem to hunt Wyrdeer.

Dex Entry 2- In Hisui Haxorus uses it's sharp icy tusks to get through their prey's defensive thick fur.

Appearance- Resembles Haxorus but its tusks are icy and its body is snow coloured.


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Australian Starter ideas

Overdrive Mode: The Overdrive Form is a gimmick I have in mind; my answer to Mega Evolution, certain Z-Moves and Gigantamax forms Overdrive Mode is achieved through "Overdrive Armor". It is a held item that allows certain Pokemon to, an extent, gain a new typing, referred to as a "Plus Type". The user gains STAB from it, and the defensive resistances of that typing. However it comes at a cost; asides from being as held item, Overdrive Forms inflict the "Overwhelmed" condition. The user loses one 1/4th of their maximum HP each turn they are on the field, much like Curse. Only one Pokemon on the team can go Overdrive per battle.

Spinater, Echinomad and Arfquill, the Spiny and Ranger Pokemon
Name basis: Spiny+anteater Echidna+nomad ARF(Australian Ranger Federation)+quill
Type-Grass(Spinater), Grass/Rock(Echinomad, Arfquill), Grass/Rock+Fire(Overdrive Arfquill)
Ability-Overgrow(normal), Rough Skin(Hidden), Flame Body(Overdrive Arfquill)
Evolution: Spinater-Lv 16-Echinomad-Lv 33-Arfquill
Egg group-Field
Gender ratio-7 male/1 female
Pokedex entry
  • Spinater: "Spinater's bushy, spiny back collects raindew. They suckle it off one another in case of dehydration during their trips"
  • Echinomad: "Echinomad have flint embedded on their back to give predators a nasty surprise when they grab onto them. They travel into the heart of forests to enjoy their favorite Bug type Pokemon"
  • Arfquill: "Arfquill are very knowledgeable about the region's environment, which makes them excellent partners for rangers. They like to collect emeralds, which attract the attention of Cubupum"
  • Overdrive Arfquill: "The back of Arfquill bursts into an immense forest fire that ravages any Bug type Pokemon that it comes across. Any thought of cowardice is burned away as when in Overdrive Mode, it knows no fear"
Basis: The echidna. This is a concept I have for Australian starters; a trio of a ranger(Grass type), a criminal(Fire type) and an officer(Water type). As the echidna and platypus are a)only naturally found in Australia and b)the only two monotremes still around, I felt they should be represented as the starters. The Rock typing is to give them an advantage against Bug types(since IRL echidnas are insectivores) and referencing them being part of an early type of mammal(being a monotreme). There's a cheeky nod to Knuckles from Sonic

Elapiyro, Cubupum and Copprook the Sinister Snake, Outlaw Snake and Master Thief Pokemon
Name basis: Elapides+pyro, Burglar+cuprum, Copper+crook
Type-Fire(Elapiyro), Fire/Steel(Cubupum, Copprook), Fire/Steel+Dark(Overdrive Copprook)
Ability-Blaze(normal), Motor Drive(Hidden), Intimidate(Overdrive Copprook)
Evolution: Elapiyro-Lv 14-Cubupum-Lv 32-Copprook
Egg group-Field
Gender ratio-7 male/1 female
Pokedex entry
  • Elapiyro: "Elapiyro come from another region. They were moved here for being pests and stealing eggs"
  • Cubupum: "There is no honor among Cubupum; they'll steal each other's copper scales to make a quick buck. That said, they prefer the bigger heist of stealing emeralds from Arfquill"
  • Copprook: "Copprook are master thieves; infamously one robbed an entire bank in the night without tripping up alarms. Platypeeler despise them and will do whatever it takes to bring Copprook to justice"
  • Overdrive Copprook: "In Overdrive Mode Copprook is fueled by overwhelming malevolence. It tears apart whatever it can get its wretched scales and fangs on"
Basis: The copperhead snake. Since snakes are typically seen as sinister, I felt it fit the criminal part. There's a reference to Australia's history of being a penal colony. Instead of something obvious like the Dark or Poison typing, I made a play on their name by them literally having copper in their body. This is also why they have Motor Drive as an ability; it's a reference to copper wiring.

Amphibiduty, Bilbobby and Platypeeler, the Odd, Officer and Justice Pokemon
Name basis: Amphibious+duty Bill+bobby, Platypus+peeler
Type-Water(Amphibiduty), Water/Poison(Bilbobby, Platypeeler), Water/Poison+Fighting(Overdrive Platypeer)
Ability-Torrent(normal), Poison Point(Hidden)
Evolution: Amphibiduty-Lv 17-Bilbobby-Lv 34-Platypeeler
Egg group-Water 1, Field
Gender ratio-7 male/1 female
Pokedex entry
  • Amphibiduty: "Amphibiduty's odd appearance initially led Pokemon researchers to assume they were some elaborate hoax. They resemble Bidoof and Platypus, but aren't closely related to either"
  • Bilbobby: "Bilbobby use their venomous limbs in a restrained manner, just to knock out or incapacitate criminals. Male Bilbobby have a spur they use to compete mates"
  • Platypeeler: "The arch-enemy of Copprook, and the bane of the rare crooked Bilbobby. Platypeeler are noble officers who will not stand even the smallest pickpocketing"
  • Overdrive Platypeeler: "Pure righteousness fills the veins of Platypeeler in Overdrive Mode; it is justice incarnate. It commands waves to flush out any crook within a mile"
Basis: The platypus. I know; Poison is both ironic for a cop and a bit on the nose for a platypus, but I thought it being an English officer would help it stand out. The name incorporates slang about British officers. The highest levels needed to evolve reflects the more serious training and ways it must go to deserve being an officer. This is a Pokemon with gender differences; females of this line don't have a poisonous spur "thumb", though they still have the purplish colors associated with Poison types in the series. Instead they have something akin to purple brass knuckles

General Fakemon

Rokfish and Scalistone, the Camouflaged Pokemon
Ability-Mimicry/Poison Point(normal), Sturdy(Hidden)
Gender ratio-50/50
Egg group-Water 2
Evolution: Rokfish-Lv 30-Scalistone
Pokedex entry
  • Rokfish: "Being vulnerable to most aquatic Pokemon, Rokfish disguise themselves as the nearby rocks and sand. They're very placid Pokemon, but step on them and you'll be in great pain"
  • Scalistone: "Be cautious swimming near a Scalistone; they look a lot like a stone, but their venom could knock a Wailord out cold. Despite their clear type disadvantage, they make fast friends with Stunfisk"
Basis: The Rokfish line is based on the stonefish. Its Mimicry and Poison Point abilities reflect the stonefish' camouflages and poisonous nature

Comeder, Rubboker and Jestallant, the Rubbery, Jesting and Joker Knight Pokemon
Name basis: Comedy+commander, Rubber+joker, Jester+Gallant
Type-Fairy(Comeder), Fairy/Fighting(Rubboker, Jestallant)
Ability-Hustle(Comeder), Rubbery(Rubboker, Jestallant), Clear Body(Hidden Ability). Rubbery is similar to Fluffy in that it makes the user take half damage from physical moves, but it comes at the cost of taking double damage from Ice types(the idea is that the cold would make the rubber/plastic brittle)
Gender ratio-50/50
Egg group-Humanshape/Flying
Evolution: Comeder-Max Friendship-Rubboker-Lv 45-Jestalant. To make things not so easy, Comeder's starting friendship is 0 like Buneary
Pokedex entry
  • Comeder: "Comeder dream of being mighty knights, but they're easily scared. Regiments take pity on them because they're great at slapstick"
  • Rubboker: "Rubboker can stretch their body to an extent it's questionable if they even have bones. They use this for physical comedy, but also use this for lulling their opponent into a false sense of security"
  • Jestallant: "Jestallant are brave and mighty knights who can take a pounding and bounce back good as new. Off-job they serve as jesters to the royal court"
Basis: The Comeder line is a psuedo-legendary fakemon line based on jesters and knights; they go from cowardly would-be fighters, to soldiers, to gallant knights. They are also based on rubber, and though humanoid the rubber chicken; they start as a more obvious chick(en), before becoming a humanoid chicken and then have some rooster traits, similar to the Torchic line, though more subtle compared to the rest of their design. Stat-wise it's speed oriented, and relatively a glass cannon(which Rubbery partly aids in)

Punching Moves

Aerial Grasp
Effect-This move will ignore Flying type's resistance to Fighting types

Brass Knuckles
Effect-This move has a chance of causing the opponent to flinch. It is affected by Iron Fist
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Ability-Effect Spore/Mushroom Body
Hidden ability- Regenerator
Evolves from Parasect holding a dusk stone while knowing Spore

HP- 90
Attack- 105
Special attack- 60
Defence- 120
Special Defence- 120
Speed- 30
Total 525

- Spore
- Leech Life
- Night Slash
- Stealth Spores
- Strength Sap
- Mushroom Melee
- Crabhammer
- Knock Off
- Ingrain
- Grassy Terrain
- Growth
- Sleep Powder
- Swords Dance

New ability
Mushroom Body- Same effect as Dry skin but half does not take additional damage from fire type moves.

New Moves

Mushroom Melee- (Grass) Physical- (120BP)- The user rampages and attacks for two to three turns. The user then becomes confused.

Stealth Spores- Entry Hazard Lowers defence stat 1 stage of any Pokemon that switches in.

Dex Entry 1- Upon evolving what remains of the insect is completely absorbed and replaced by the Mushroom. It likes dark places and gets angry with those that disturb it.

Dex Entry 2- It is curious that while it can command Paras and Parasect it seems to fear any other bug types. Some research indicates it is only controlling them via their mushrooms.

Appearence- A larger Parasect but the insect parts of the body look more like Fungus with a slightly white colouring. The large mushroom is also a darker red colour.


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Hammeloan and Usurhark, the Hammerhead and Crooked Deal Pokemon
Name basis: Hammer+loan, Usury+shark
Type-Dark/Steel(normal), Dark/Steel+Water(Overdrive Mode)
Ability-Rock Head/Pickpocket(normal), Mold Breaker(Hidden), Sheer Force(Overdrive Usurhark)
Evolution: Hammeloan-Trade-Usurhark
Egg group-Monster
Gender ratio-50/50
Pokedex entry
  • Hammeloan: "Hammeloan's ancestors crawled out of the water to take advantage of terrestrial creatures. Its strong skull is used to slam its opponents to the ground"
  • Usurhark: "Usurhark try to come off as dignified samaritans who will offer you help, but they only do this to trap their enemies in their debt. They will crush those who can't hold their end of the deal with their heavy head"
  • Overdrive Usurhark: "As if to add insult to injury, Usurhark will beat their opponent's face in with their personal fortune. They no longer know any fear...except for the tax man"
Basis: Hammeloan and Usurhark are hammerhead sharks, which is where the Steel type comes from; their hammer. The Dark type reflects how they are, quite literally, loan sharks

Lankauf, Changelent and Omductus, the Eerie, Agent, and Kidnapper Pokemon
Name basis: Lanky+auf, Changeling+agent, Abduct+ominous
Ability-Disorient/Illusion. Disorient lowers the accuracy of enemy Pokemon by one stage when the user is brought to the field
Evolution-Lankauf-Lv 24-Changelent-Lv 38-Omductus
Egg group-Amorphous/Bug
Gender ratio-Gender unknown
Pokedex entry
  • Lankauf: "Though they look and sometimes impersonate children, Lankauf are most certainly not. Technology fails around them"
  • Changelet: "Changelet are spotted in forests where people tend to disappear. They have also been spotted around institutions of the government"
  • Omductus: "Omductus are responsible for people disappearing so they can convert their own. They're a common subject of conspiracy theorists that the government is being lead by otherworldly beings"
Basis: The Lankauf line are a semi-adaption of the Slender Man creepypasta(most prominently the ability), mixed with the men in black. Going back further, it is clearly meant to be a changeling. They have insect-like wings that get bigger as they grow and a some insect-like traits, while clearly looking humanoid. Their carapace grows into a black, thinning armor. Them not being in either egg group you'd expect a humanoid Fairy type and not having a gender is meant to reinforce their status as a humanoid eldritch being
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There are many people who don't see a purpose in baby Pokemon and consider it a useless addition. However, I have come up with an idea that baby Pokemon can be used to connect related Pokemon that are otherwise not connected by evolution (such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan). Here are some baby Pokemon ideas I came up with:

1) A baby Pokemon that can evolve into either Tauros or Miltank, based on gender
2) A baby Mon that can evolve into either Sawk or Throh
3) Baby that evolves into either Plusle or Minun
4) One that evolves into either Solrock or Lunatone
5) One that becomes either Pansage, Panpour, or Pansear

Other notes: While a baby Mon that evolves into Kangaskhan seems like an obvious choice due to Kangaskhan coming with a baby when it's born, there is a good head canon that can make that make sense: The two Kangaskhans are actually symbiotic twins, with the bigger Kangaskhan being more like an older sister.


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Nahreon Region

Nahreon Region: My idea for an Egyptian region. The nomenclature is nahr(Arabic for river) and eon, referencing how ancient the country is and its lifeline in the Nile River

Natrolis and Pharcatus, the Burial and Mummy Pokemon
Name basis: Natron+felis, Pharaoh+catus
Ability-Mummy/Salted Earth(normal), Sand Veil(Hidden). If a Grass type attack hits a Pokemon with Salted Earth, their physical defense drops by two stages
Evolution: Natrolis-Lv 28-Pharcatus
Egg group-Field
Gender ratio-75% female, 25% male
Pokedex entry
  • Natrolis: "Natrolis went extinct in the Nahreon region 2000 years ago, but in the past few centuries their spirits have returned to the land of the living. They get along well with Skitty"
  • Pharactus: "Pharactus were considered sacred figures in ancient Nahreon, and they haven't forgotten it. They will curse whoever tries to invade their territory"
Basis: The Natrolis line is based off mummies and the sphynx cat. They're a common Pokemon in the Nahreon Region. Their typing references how mummies are preserved; being dehydrated. So unsurprisingly they're a type that hates water. The Salted Earth ability references how natron salt is used, and the gender ratio being more female references the cat goddess Bast

Nahreon Dusclops and Duskiris, the Ghost King Pokemon
Name basis: Dusk+skull+Osiris/iris(Duskiris)
Ability-Mummy(normal), Scrappy(Hidden)
Evolution: Duskull-Lv 37-Nahreon Dusclops-Trade while holding a Kings Rock-Duskiris
Duskiris' BST: 525
Pokedex entry
  • Nahreon Dusclops: "The hollow body of Dusclops has been bound through ancient rituals involving shrouds and wraps. It has gained a greater appreciation of life in the Nahreon region"
  • Duskiris: "In ancient Nahreon, Duskiris ruled as righteous kings. They sent lost souls to their peace in the spirit world, and devoured wicked souls as punishment"
Basis: This Dusclops variant takes the Fighting type as it is more noble and heroic than its Hoennian counterpart. Its evolution is a pharaoh, continuing on from regular Dusclops' mummy theme(made more explicit here). The nomenclature has a double meaning, referring to the legendary first pharaoh Osiris, and the massive iris it has due to the big, cyclopean eye. Being a pharaoh, I thought it'd be appropriate to evolve with a King's Rock. It is more humanoid while retaining a distinct bodyshape comparable to Dusknoir

Conopical, Cephopal, and Belpharopal, the Pyramid Pokemon
Name basis: Conical+Opal, Opal+Cephalopod, Belemnite+pharaoh+opal
Evolution: Conopical-Lv 35-Cephopal-Lv 51-Belpharopal
Fossil: Pyramid Fossil
Egg group-Amorphous/Mineral
Gender ratio-7 male/1 female
Pokedex entry
  • Conopical: "Conopical have been extinct for 100 million years, but their spirits lingered long enough to teach ancient Nahreon how to construct great cultures. Their fossils are composed of valuable opal"
  • Cephopal: "Astronauts have learned ancient Cephopal spread themselves across many worlds, using their knowledge to manipulate the path of evolution. Why their revived forms aren't as smart is unknown"
  • Belpharopal: "Some of the world's mountains are artificial and metal underneath; a clear sign of ancient Belpharopal's power. Belpharopal once ruled a galaxy-spanning empire, but something or someone reduced them to primitive savages"
Basis: Animal-wise, they are based off the belemnite cephalopod, along with opal. This is part of why they are part Fairy. Them being conical also plays into them being based on pyramids. Their alien nature and backstory is a reference to the conspiracy theory that aliens built the pyramids. They're a not quite psuedo-legendary, gaining an additional evolution with the 550ish BST that Pokemon like Arcanine have. They have a precursor alien vibe

Vendooette, the Eternal Rage Pokemon
Name basis: Vengeance+voodoo+puppet
Ability-Synchronize(normal), Cursed Body(Hidden)
Evolution: Shuppet-Lv 37-Banette-Trade while holding the Cursed Or Wrathful Pin-Vendooette
Evolution items
  • Cursed Pin: Boosts the special attack and speed of the user at the cost of losing 1/8th maximum HP per turn
  • Wrathful Pin: Boosts the physical attack and speed of the user at the cost of losing 1/8th maximum HP per turn
BST: 525(44 HP, 135 Atk, 55 Def, 143 Sp. Atk, 13 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
Pokedex entry: "The sheer hatred Vendooette has from its past abandonment has gained a physical element. It forces pins into itself to inflict horrible pain on those who've wronged it"
Basis: Vendooette continues the vengeful nature of Banette by turning it into a voodoo doll. Dark is a typing I feel it should've had already given its grim backstory. Given its consumption by sheer rage and pins in its body, it becomes a glass cannon
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