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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Hidden Ability- Guts
Evolves from Bibarel using a Water Stone with a Hawlucha in the Party

Special Attack-55
Special Defence- 95
Total- 550

- Flying Press
- Liquidation
- Brick Break
- Close Combat
- Headbutt
- Swords Dance
- Super Fang
- Bulk Up
- Double Edge
- Aqua Ring
- Crunch
- Aqua Tail
- Focus Punch
- Facade
- Taunt
- Submission
- Hot Tag
- Heel Turn
- Face Turn
- Body Slam
- Helping Hand
- Retaliate

Dex Entry 1- This Pokemon is a rarely seen evolution of Bibarel. They love to challenge Hawlucha to friendly competition but will work together when needed.

Dex Entry 2- In the rare occasions when Bibarel live in the same habitat as Hawlucha they take on Hawlucha's fighting spirit. Beavador can even make its simplest moves work like that of the most skilled fighter.

New moves

Hot Tag-(Fighting) (Status) 10PP- The Pokemon with this move switches out and then the Pokemon that switches in's critical hit ratio is raised by 1 stage. Fails if same move is used in succession (similar to protect)

Heel Turn- (Dark) (status)-10PP- The user changes their Fighting type to Dark. Fails if not a Fighting type prior to using this move

Face Turn-(Fighting) (Status)- 10PP-The user changes their Dark type to Fighting. Fails if not a Dark type prior to using this move

New ability-
Martialize- changes all normal type moves to Fighting type and Boost them by 20%

Appearance- Resembles Bibarel but slightly more muscly and its "mask" is now light blue. Parts of its body have also become blue to resemble a Luchador

Note- Would be a Pokemon commonly seen with Crasher Wake.


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Spicy Spray
Effect-The user throws hot peppers at the opponent. The opponent may be burned


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New Moves

Bullseye- (Normal) Status- 10PP- raises accuracy by 2 stages and attack by 1 stage
Only learnt by Tauros

Weather's Wrath- Normal(initially)-Special 150BP (initially) -5PP- The user faints and then does damage. Move type depends on weather if no weather active move is normal but becomes fire type in sun, water type in rain, ice type in Hail or rock type in sandstorm. Move power also increases to 200 if any weather is active.
Only learnt by Castform- (Castform also would get a Sandstorm form to guarantee STAB)

Triple Peck-Flying-Physical-20BP- 100PP-90Acc -Hits 3 times and becomes more powerful with each successful hit (variation of triple axel)
Only learnt by Dodrio

Lethal Leek- (Normal) Physical- 5PP- Accuracy 30% - This is a OHKO move. Move fails if the user is not holding a leek.
Only Learnt by Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd

Mythic Snakebite- (Normal) Physical BP120-5PP - Deals damage and has a 5% chance to badly poison. -fails when not used by Dunsparce
Only learnt by Dunsparce.

Camouflaged Strike (normal) Physical-90BP-5PP- Move changes to whatever type Kecleon is and then does damage-fails when not used by Kecleon
Only Learnt by Kecleon


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Pokeball ideas
  • Retro Balls: Not a single item, but it refers to Pokeballs from Legends Arceus. They are not bought but found as items. They sell for 10x the amount their counterparts would sell in the games they debuted in. They are unusable until the Locksmith Ball is found, which allows you to update the retro Balls to their modern counterpart's effectiveness
  • Soar Ball, Aero Ball and Sky Ball: A Pokeball with a x2 effectiveness on Flying types, x4 effectiveness on Flying types, and x4 effectiveness on Flying types and Pokemon with the natural Levitate ability respectively. They are modern counterparts of the Feather, Wing and Jet Ball, which if found have the same effect. They cost 500, 1000 and 1500 Pokedollars respectively. The Feather, Wing and Jet Ball sell for 2500, 5000 and 7500 Pokedollars
  • Heavy Ball: Now available to purchase. It costs 1000, as do the Weight and Heavy Ball. Its Hisui counterpart goes for 50000 Pokedollars, as do the Weight and Dense Ball
  • Weight Ball: A modern counterpart of the Leaden Ball. It uses a x1.5 multiplier on the factor for a regular Heavy Ball. A Leaden Ball found will have the same effect
  • Dense Ball: A modern counterpart of the Gigaton Ball. It has a x 2 effectiveness on Pokemon between 250-350 pounds, x 3 effectivness on Pokemon between 350-500 pounds, x 4 effectiveness on Pokemon between 500-1000 pounds and x 6 effectiveness of Pokemon over 1000 pounds. A Gigaton Ball found will have the same effect
  • Chronal Ball: A Pokeball with a x4 effectiveness on Pokemon in Distortion Labs, or if used on any Fossil Pokemon or specific ancient Pokemon. If a non-Hisui(or other ancient region) Pokemon is caught in a Chronal Ball, they will gain their Hisui form upon evolution. If they had an evolution introduced in "ancient days", a Pokemon caught in a Chronal Ball will be able to access this evolution: a Stantler caught in a Chronal Ball will become a Wyrdeer at Lv 40 knowing Psyshield Bash, a Scyther caught in a Chronal Ball will become a Kleavor if traded, a Teddiursa or Usraring caught in a Chronal Ball will become an Ursaluna if a Moon Stone is used on them
Linking to Legends
  • The Relic Stone is an evolutionary item that allows certain Pokemon to achieve evolution. Relic Stones are described as items "holding mystic energies of a past age" and "allows Pokemon to achieve lost potential". They allow Pokemon to either evolve into their forms found in Legends Arceus and other distant past games that might come out, or give some Pokemon often based on mystery/the past a new evolution
  • Distortion Labs: The Distortion Lab is a small hub of an abandoned lab where time travel was being developed but the machine was destroyed. They are modern versions of Space-time distortions. It allows the user to access Hisui Pokemon, along with variants for some fossil Pokemon as to how they were in prehistoric days before gaining the Rock type and the Pokemon who the Galar Fossil Pokemon are chimeras of. It is a recurring location. Depending on the game this allows you to get Hisui Growlithe, Voltob, Sneasel, Qwilfish and Zorua, among others
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Type- Fighting/Psychic
Ability-Special Force/Competitive
Hidden ability-Psionic Surfer
Evolves from Crabrawler with a member of the Elgyium line in the Party or at any “Alien” location (e.g., Ultra Space)

Attack- 22
Special Attack- 132
Defence- 77
Special Defence-107
Total- 478

1- Gravity
1- Cosmic Power
1-Stored Power
1- Recover
1- Crabhammer
1- Psycho cut
1- Teleport
Evolution- Psycho cut
5- Confusion
9- Leer
13- Pursuit
17 Bubble beam
22- Power up Punch
25- Focus Blast
27- Psychic
29- Zen headbutt
33- Reversal
35- Nasty Plot
37- Psyshock
42- Vacuum Wave
45- Psionic Ring
49- Close Combat
53- Guillotine

Dex Entry 1- It aimed for the top but got lost and ended up exposed to an alien power. Its intelligence has significantly increased because of this, and some people claim it works as a foot soldier for an unknown force.

Dex Entry 2- This curious creature is now able to use psychic power thanks to exposure to alien power. Curiously its muscles are quite weak, and it now uses its unnatural abilities to replicate the punching power it lost.

New move
Psionic Ring (Psychic) Status 20PP- Same effect as Aqua Ring. This move fails if Aqua Ring or any other variation is active on this Pokemon.
Psionic Ring, Psycho Cut, Mach Punch and Ice hammer are now egg moves for Crabrawler and Mach Punch would now be a level up move for Crabominable.

New ability
Special Force- When this Pokémon uses a Physical move it will be calculated using special attack stat at the cost of double PP cost.
Psionic Surfer- Double’s the user’s speed stat when Psychic terrain is active

Appearance- Resembles Crabrawler but with more alien-like traits. It has a larger head (for its brain), and its antennae are much thinner and alien like. Its claws have 3 spots on them one red, one green, and one yellow. Its main colouration is similar to Elgyium, and its eyes are solid black (like many portrayals of Aliens).
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Kalos Pokemon Megas+

TBH, I feel that more Kalos Pokemon than Diancie should've gotten a Mega Evolution. It was the region's gimmick, they should've had Pokemon to represent it. Gen 7 and 8 starters at least got their signature Z-moves and Gigantamax eventually. I also gave the legendary birds Megas for them to be more of a substitute legendary trio (your rival can get the one for their starter as a post-game fight). Others are for a complete set

Rematch: In my X and Y rework, you could have a six on six rematch with gym leaders. Each has a Mega Evolution. These are
  • Viola: Vivillon, Masquerain, Pinsir, Heracross, Crustle, Mega Scizor
  • Grant: Aurorus, Tyrantrum, Carbink, Relicanth, Gigalith, Mega Aerodactyl
  • Korrina: Hawlucha, Meinshao, Pangoro, Medicham, Mega Lucario
  • Ramos: Gogoat, Jumpluff, Victreebel, Trevenant, Gourgeist, Mega Venusaur
  • Clemont: Emolga, Magnezone, Heliolisk, Raichu, Rotom Wash, Mega Ampharos
  • Valerie: Mr Mime, Florges, Sylveon, Gardevoir, Azumarill, Mega Mawile
  • Olympia: Sigilyph, Slowking, Malamar, Alakazam, Absol, Mega Meowstic F
  • Wulfric: Cloyster, Lapras, Abomasnow, Glaceon, Cryogonal, Mega Avalugg

Mega Chesnaught
Ability-Iron Barbs
BST-630(88 HP, 107 Atk, 172 Def, 74 Sp.Atk, 124 Sp.Def, 64 Speed)

Mega Delphox
Ability-Inflammatory(Normal type moves become Fire type)
BST-634(75 HP, 69 Atk, 72 Def, 164 Sp.Atk, 150 Sp.Def, 100 Speed)

Mega Greninja
Ability-Clear Body
BST-630(72 HP, 135 Atk, 67 Def, 133 Sp.Atk, 71 Sp.Def, 152 Speed)

Mega Meowstic M and F
Ability-No Guard(Meowstic M), Reckless(Meowstic F)
Item-Meowstic M and Meowstic F
  • Mega Meowstic M: 74 HP, 48 Atk, 76 Def, 133 Sp.Atk, 131 Sp.Def, 104 Speed
  • Mega Meowstic F: 74 HP, 48 Atk, 126 Def, 83 Sp Atk, 81 Sp Def, 154 Speed
Note: M means this is the Mega for male Meowstic and F means this is the Mega for female Meowstic. F serves as the Mega for the penultimate Gym Leader Olympia

Mega Avalugg and Mega Avalugg H
Type-Ice/Steel(Avalugg), Ice/Rock(Avalugg H)
Ability-Permafrost(Avalugg), Ice Ship(Avalugg H). Ice Ship halves the damage the user gets from Water and Fire types, and their speed is increased in the rain
Item-Avaluggite and Avaluggite H
  • Mega Avalugg: 95 HP, 107 Atk, 184 Def, 44 Sp Atk, 166 Sp.Def, 18 Speed
  • Mega Avalugg H: 95 HP, 127 Atk, 87 Def, 34 Sp.Atk, 96 Sp.Def, 178 Speed
Note: H means Hisui. Regular Avalugg is the Mega of the final gym leader Wulfric. Avalugg H is meant to be an overhaul of sorts and contrast to its Kalosian counterpart

Mega Talonflame
Ability-Speed Boost
BST-599(78 HP, 111 Atk, 131 Def, 54 Sp.Atk, 59 Sp.Def, 166 Speed)
Note: This is to also serve as the Mega for Malva of the Elite 4. I do not know why the Kalos Elite 4 never used any megas or only had four...I feel they were too easy

Mega Barbaracle
Ability-Shadow Tag
BST-600(75 HP, 145 Atk, 155 Def, 54 Sp.Atk, 106 Sp.Def, 68 Speed)
Note: Shadow Tag references how hard barnacles are to get off

Mega Aegislash
Ability-Fighting Spirit(boosts the power of Fighting-type moves. Equivalent to Steelworker)
BST-600(60 HP, 140 Atk, 100 Def, 140 Sp.Atk, 100 Def, 60 Speed)
Note: Physically is in-between its forms

Mega Noivern
Ability-Mega Launcher
BST-635(85 HP, 70 Atk, 80 Def, 147 Sp.Atk, 80 Sp.Def, 173 Speed)
Note: Noivern learns more Pulse moves for this form

Mega Goodra and Mega Goodra H
Type-Dragon/Fairy(Goodra), Dragon/Steel(H)
Ability-Poison Touch
Item-Goodrite and Goodrite H
  • Mega Goodra: 90 HP, 120 Atk, 90 Def, 160 Sp.Atk, 160 Sp.Def, 80 Speed
  • Mega Goodra H: 80 HP, 150 Atk, 170 Def, 110 Sp.Atk, 150 Sp.Def, 40 Speed
Note: The new ace for Olympia. Note that in my reworking of this game, the Goomy line would naturally have a number of Fairy type moves either learned naturally or through TM/tutor. The same principle should be used with other mega who gain/change a trope

Mega Articuno and Mega Articuno G
Type-Ice/Flying(standard), Psychic/Ice(G)
Ability-Snow Cloak(Mega Articuno), Refrigerate(Mega Articuno G)
Item-Articunoite and Articunoite G
  • Mega Articuno: 90 HP, 85 Atk, 130 Def, 135 Sp.Atk, 155 Sp Def, 85 Speed
  • Mega Articuno H: 90 HP, 105 Atk, 85 Def, 165 Sp.Atk, 100 Sp.Def, 135 Speed

Mega Zapdos and Mega Zapdos G
Type-Electric/Flying(standard), Fighting/Electric(G)
Ability-Lightningrod(Mega Zapdos), Galvanize(Mega Zapdos G)
Item-Zapdosite and Zapdosite G
  • Mega Zapdos: 90 HP, 90 Atk, 125 Defense, 145 Sp.Atk, 130 Sp.Def, 100 Speed
  • Mega Zapdos H: 90 HP, 135 Atk, 90 Def, 125 Sp.Atk, 90 Sp.Def, 150 Speed

Mega Moltres and Mega Moltres G
Type-Fire/Flying(standard), Dark/Fire(G)
Ability-Flame Body(Mega Zapdos), Inflammatory(Mega Zapdos G)
Item-Moltresite and Moltresite G
  • Mega Moltres: 90 HP, 120 Atk, 120 Def, 145 Sp Atk, 115 Sp Def, 90 Speed
  • Mega Moltres H: 90 HP, 85 Atk, 90 Def, 150 Sp.Atk, 155 Sp.Def, 120 Speed

???% Zygarde
Ability-Ruinous Land(Pokemon that come in battle when Ruinous Land is on the field suffer a burn, even if they are Fire type or usually immune to burn)
Pokedex entry(you get it after both witnessing the form, and later capturing it)-"Zygarde took this form due to being fueled with overwhelming power by Team Flare. Burning the land around it, it is feared as the "The Destroyer of Kalos" from ancient myth made manifest
Signature move(shared with 80% Zygarde)-Burning World. A 130 Atk, 100 Acc, 5 PP Spread move that sets up Sunny Day. However the user's HP drops by a third of its maximum
BST-808(108 HP, 208 Atk, 99 Def, 201 Sp.Atk, 150 Sp Def, 150 Speed)
Note: This is a Pokemon Z big boss super-challenge. Related to story it gets something akin to a Mega Evolution in its final form. However like Eternamax Eternatus it isn't a Pokemon form you can use, and it serves as a boss fight. It is a nod to Nidhoggr and Surtr

80% Zygarde
Ability-Ruinous Land(Pokemon that come in battle when Ruinous Land is on the field suffer a burn, even if they are Fire type or usually immune to burn)
Pokedex entry-"Absorbing Mega energy to complete itself drove Zygarde into a mad frenzy, seeking to scorch the land to punish the greed and vanity of men. It's said should its anger consume its reason, Zygarde will become The Destroyer of Kalos"
BST-660(108 HP, 100 Atk, 81 Def, 141 Sp.Atk, 75 Sp.Def, 135 Speed)
Note: An additional form that serves as a corrupted form of Zygarde. It is a nod to Nidhoggr and Surtr. Gained from Team Flare's experiments with Zygarde that relate to the ???% Zygarde


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Changing the Buneary line a bit! Since its evolution is such a pain to get, I will bless it with stat boosts and moveset remasters! Plus, a Hisuian Form that will make always cry when you read it!

Type: Normal-Fairy
Abilities: Limber, Cute Charm
Hidden Ability: Speed Boost

Base Stats:
HP: 65
ATK: 126
DEF: 74
SPA: 24
SPD: 86
SPE: 165
BST: 540


- Dynamic Punch
- Mirror Coat
- Magic Coat
- Close Combat
- Play Rough
- Return
- Foresight
- Splash
- Pound
- Defense Curl
- After You
- Baby Doll Eyes
EVO Return
4 Endure
8 After You
12 Quick Attack
16 Baby Doll Eyes
20 Double Kick
24 Jump Kick
28 Charm
32 Baton Pass
36 Dizzy Punch
40 Agility
44 Minimize
48 Bounce
52 High Jump Kick
56 Healing Wish
60 Close Combat
64 Play Rough
68 Giga Impact

Mega Lopunny
Type: Fighting-Fairy
Abilities: Scrappy, Scrappy
Hidden Ability: No Guard

Base Stats:
HP: 65 - - - 95
ATK: 126 - - - 156
DEF: 74 - - - 64
SPA: 24 - - - 24
SPD: 86 - - - 126
SPE: 165 - - - 175
BST: 540 - - - 640

Mega Ressistance(s):
(Something original I made myself - Mega Evolutions are now going to have 2 extra 2x ressistances or a single 4x ressistance. Expect this from my custom stuff with Mega Evolutions) Poison 2x, Psychic 2x.

Hisuian Lopunny

Type: Ghost-Fairy
Abilities: Cursed Body, Klutz
Hidden Ability: Shadow Play (When put in play, it increases the user's Evasiness by 2)

Base Stats:
HP: 65
ATK: 165
DEF: 74
SPA: 24
SPD: 86
SPE: 126
BST: 540

- Poltergeist
- Close Combat
- Play Rough
- Return
- Pound
- Foresight
- Splash
- After You
EVO Return
4 Minimize
8 Quick Attack
12 Fairy Wind
16 Double Kick
20 Jump Kick
24 Shadow Punch
28 Charm
32 Baton Pass
36 Dizzy Punch
40 Agility
44 Healing Wish
48 High Jump Kick
52 Play Rough
56 Close Combat
60 Poltergeist
64 Giga Impact

Mega Lopunny
Type: Ghost-Fairy
Abilities: Shadow Tag, Shadow Tag
Hidden Ability: Shadow Play (When put in play, it increases the user's Evasiness by 2)

Base Stats:
HP: 65 - - - 95
ATK: 165 - - - 175
DEF: 74 - - - 64
SPA: 24 - - - 24
SPD: 86 - - - 126
SPE: 126 - - - 156
BST: 540 - - - 640

Mega Ressistance(s): Steel 2x, Ghost 2x.

Some Pokédex Entries:

#427h-1 - Hisuian Buneary: Sadly, a large number of Buneary are taken out of the world on a tender age, thanks to greedy industries using its fur and skin for making products. Many of them refuse to accept their fate and possess a Buneary doll to try to live its normal life.

#427h-2 - Hisuian Buneary: It is very lonely, since a lot of people are afraid of it for the fact it is a doll-possesing ghost. They wander through the woods trying to find someone who accepts it, which commonly succeeds.

#428h1 - Hisuian Lopunny: During evolution, the soul and the doll it is possesed became linked. It does anything trying to please its trainer, so it doesn't get released into the wild again.

#428h2 - Hisuian Lopunny: Since Hisuian Lopunny is in a state of life and death simultaneously, she is plagued with headaches because of its unstable status. However, when it is powered by the affection of its trainer, those headaches go away instantly.

#M-428h1 - Hisuian M-Lopunny: It remembers all its time as a Buneary when Mega Evolved, and the bigger the fear it feels from those disturbing flashbacks when it Mega Evolves at the first time, the bigger its power.

#M-428h2 - Hisuian M-Lopunny: After some experience with Mega Evolving, this Pokémon loses the fear of the terrifying reminders of its alive time, but focuses on only one goal: make its trainer proud. It has been registered that this Pokémon saved a ship from sinking to and almost died, only to save its beloved trainer.
Hold up. I predicted an entire region (the region name Hisui)? I just noticed that while I was scrolling back those posts. Wow.

Also, man did I go dark while making dex entries
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If The Olympians Were Pokemon

This is just an idea I have, not to be taken seriously. In case someone wants to adapt some aspects of them into a Pokemon. Many would probably have
  • Zeus: Electric/Flying (god of thunder)
  • Hera: Electric/Dark (queen of Zeus, Dark/evil type reflects her vengeful attitude she's well-known for)
  • Poseidon: Water/Ground (god of the seas and earthquakes)
  • Hades: Ghost/Steel (god of the underworld and associated with rich metals)
  • Persephone: Grass/Fairy (Spring Mode), Grass/Ghost (Winter Mode) (goddess of the underworld and a fertility goddess)
  • Demeter: Fairy/Grass (Spring Mode), Fairy/Ice (Winter Mode) (fertility goddess, causes winter when Persephone is away)
  • Hestia: Fire/Normal (goddess of the hearth, Normal type reflects she's the most level-headed of her siblings)
  • Athena: Psychic/Fighting (goddess of wisdom and the more necessary aspects of war)
  • Ares: Dark/Fighting (god of the negative aspects of war)
  • Hephaestus: Steel/Fire (blacksmith god)
  • Aphrodite: Water/Dark (goddess of love who has one of the nastier sides of the Olympians, she also emerged from the seas)
  • Apollo: Fairy/Poison (figure of beauty and light who's personality can be somewhat poisonous/he's also a god of disease)
  • Artemis: Fairy/Fighting (similar type to her twin, goddess of the hunt)
  • Hermes: Flying/Dark (generally an all-purpose messenger god. He is a trickster, but of the lighter Dark type and not evil)
  • Dionysus: Psychic/Grass (classic form), Psychic/Poison (revelry form) (god of wine and madness)

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Acid Burn
80 BP
100% Accuracy
Description: The user spits out a highly corrosive acid that may cause a Burn. This move can deal twice as much damage to Steel types.
Effect: The user sprays a wide range of acid in front of itself and can hit all Pokémon on the other side. Steel Pokémon get twice as much damage and will always get the Burned status condition unless they are part Fire. The chance of causing a Burn is 70% under normal circumstances.

Pokémon that can learn Acid Burn: Skuntank, Toxtricity Amped Form, Salandit line, Flapple, Appletun, Tentacool line, both forms of the Grimer line, Sligoo and Goodra, Galatrian Slowbro and Slowking, and Reuniclus


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Type- Fighting/Ghost
Evolves from Crabrawler in haunted locations (or with a Dusk stone)
Ability- Clear Body/Iron Fist
Hidden ability- Infiltrator

Special attack- 30
Defence- 67
Special Defence-67
Speed- 102

1- Astonish
1- Pain Split
1- Ghostly Wail
1- Screech
1- Crabhammer
1- Perish Song
Evolution- Shadow Punch
5- Shadow Sneak
9- Leer
13- Pursuit
17 Bubblebeam
22- Power up Punch
25- Dizzy Punch
27- Screech
29- Shadow Claw
33- Reversal
35- Ghostly Wail
37- Poltergeist
42- Iron Defence
45- Dynamic Punch
49- Close Combat
53- Guillotine

New move
Ghostly Wail-(Ghost)-Status- 5PP- Lowers the Target’s Defence and Special Defence by one stage. If it’s the first move the user has made in the battle it will also cause flinching (this effect only works once and cannot re-occur due to switching out)

Dex Entry 1- This Pokémon aimed for the top but got severely lost and ended up with ghost Pokémon. It regularly tries to use its claws trying to grab prey through walls but forgets that its prey cannot move through walls.

Dex Entry 2- Its creepy ghostly wail is where people get the banshee part of its name from. It tries to scare people with that wail but after the first time this ceases to work at which time It resorts back to punching.

New Egg moves for Crabrawler- Ghostly Wail is now an egg move in addition to the other ones I added with Crabrainy.

Resembles Crabrawler with most ghostly features.
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Mega ideas:

Mega Meganium

Ability: Multiscale
Type: Grass/Fairy

Hp: 80
Attk: 82
Def: 140 (+40)
Sp.attk: 83
Sp.def: 140 (+40)
Spd: 100 (+20)

Mega Feraligatr
Ability: No guard
Type: Water/Steel

Hp: 85
Attk:155 (+50)
Def: 100
Sp.attk: 79
Sp.def: 103 (+20)
Spd: 108 (+30)

Mega Typhlosion
Ability: Serene grace
Type: Fire/Dark

Hp: 78
Attk: 154 (+70)
Def: 78
Sp.attk: 159 (+50)
Sp.def: 75 (-10)
Spd: 90 (-10)

Notes: Gen2 was where we saw new types introduced, and the gen2 starters gain all 3 of the new types. Gatr could potentially work as either Dark or Steel, but then I decided that the starters should get new typings so that they can gain new moves of that type. Also figured Typhlo being part Dark could be a callback to the Hisuian version as well.

Mega Flygon
Ability: Tough claws
Type: Bug/Dragon

Hp: 80
Attk: 135 (+35)
Def: 95 (+15)
Sp.attk: 80
Sp.def: 95 (+15)
Spd: 135 (+35)

Notes: I guess I’ll never know why Flygon wasn’t part Bug in the first place. If it couldn’t already learn things like X scissor and U turn, it can now.

Move ideas:

Reverse time

Type: Psychic

The user turns back time and sets what the status changes were 3 turns ago.

Type: Dark

Belly drum but for speed. The user cuts to half HP and maximizes it’s speed stat.

Type: Ground

The user hammers down the opponent with moving spikes From their body. Has a chance to paralyze.

Ability boosts:

Justified can now lower damage from the incoming Dark attack, and Heatproof can now boost both defenses by 1 stage after being hit by a Fire move.


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Type- Poison/Bug
Ability- Extreme exoskeleton/Sand Veil
Hidden ability- Poison Touch
Evolves From Skorupi by levelling up at level 45(or higher) while holding a kings Rock.

Special Attack-30
Special Defence-80

1- Imperial Claw
1- Venostrike
1- U-turn
1- X-Scissor
1- Iron Defence
1- Vise Grip
1- Dig
9-Poison Fang
12-Bug Bite
15- Toxic Spikes
18- Leech Life
21- Poison Tail
24- Recover
27 – Infestation
30- Pin missile
33- Toxic
36- Lunge
39-Cross Poison
44- Acupressure
49- Guillotine
54- Gunk shot
57- Venostrike
60- Imperial Claw

Dex Entry
Dex Entry 1- This evolution of Skorupi is rarely seen but seems to command a nest of Skorupi. It is said that only the most patient Skorupi can attain this form. They do tolerate Drapion that are non-disruptive.

Dex Entry 2- Emperorion have a deadly venom and are content to wait for their prey to fall to it however if it uses them even dragons fear this creature’s claws.

New ability
Extreme exoskeleton -Pokémon with this ability takes 25% less damage from super effective moves

Imperial Claw(Bug)- Physical-70PP-5PP-attack is super effective against Dragon types
Venostrike (Poison)Physical- 65BP- 15PP-attack does double damage if the target is poisoned.

Appearance- Takes some inspiration from the Beta Pokémon that resembled a scorpion. Looks more scorpion-like than Drapion (with the correct number of legs and much more defined Pincers and a scorpion’s tail).