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Ghost-Type Master
New Pokémon!


- Evolves from Spinabino at Lv. 31

Type: Ground/Normal
Spike Shield Pokémon
Height: 3' (0.9 m)
Weight: 76 lbs. (34.4 kg)
Gender: 50% Male; 50% Female

Dex Entry 1: They defend their young at the cost of their own lives. They fight using the giant spikes on their backs. One sting from them will cause everlasting pain.
Dex Entry 2: Its spikes are sharper than chef’s knives. They can pierce through stone with no effort. Sculptors often collect fallen spikes to use in their work.

Appearance: It has a short, plump body similar to that of a porcupine. It has black skin with dark and light brown fur. It has a massive array of long tan spikes protruding from its back, which are twice its size. It has a very small head with piercing blue eyes. Its back is always facing the foe.
Etymology: Spinescudo derives from ‘spine’ and ‘scudo,’ the Italian word for shield. It also derives from ‘escutcheon,’ a type of coat of arms.

Ability: Spiked Body - If physical contact is made on this Pokémon, the opponent will receive damage equal to 1/8th of its maximum HP.
Hidden Ability: Nerveless End – The Pokémon takes half damage from contact moves.

Signature Move: Spinal Crash
Type: Ground
Category: Physical
Power: 60
Accuracy: 100
PP: 15
Description: The user slams into the foe with its barbed back. This attack always causes Sting.
- Additional Info: Sting is a status infliction caused by moves associated with sharpness. It causes the inflicted Pokémon to lose 1/16 of its max HP each turn.

Base Stats
HP: 80
Attack: 75
Defense: 140
Sp. Atk: 35
Sp. Def: 65
Speed: 80
Total: 475

I came up with the idea for Spinescudo after watching a wildlife video to two porcupine parents defending their young from a leopard. The parents were continuously crashing their bodies into the leopard whenever it tried to advance, jabbing spikes into it. I had never seen a porcupine go on the offensive before, and I thought it was so cool it would make a wonderful pokemon.


Veteran member
If More Psuedo-Legendaries Got A(t least one) Form

Mega Dragonite
Mega Stone-Dragontite
BST-700 (91 HP, 134 Atk, 95 Def, 130 Sp Atk, 130 Sp Def, 120 Speed)

Terror Beast
BST-570 (80 HP, 94 Atk, 90 Def, 110 Sp Atk, 84 Sp Def, 112 Speed)
Counterparts: Tyranitar (Present equivalent), Iron Thorns (Future equivalent)

Mega Hydreigon
Ability-Mega Launcher
Mega Stone-Hydreigonite
BST-700 (92 HP, 155 Atk, 90 Def, 155 Sp Atk, 90 Sp Def, 118 Speed)

Great Hydra
BST-570 (94 HP, 122 Atk, 126 Def, 80 Sp Atk, 80 Sp Def, 68 Speed)
Counterparts: Hydreigon (Present equivalent), Iron Jugulis (Future equivalent)

Mega Goodra
Mega Stone-Goodrite K
BST-700 (90 HP, 130 Atk, 70 Def, 130 Sp Atk, 160 Sp Def, 120 Speed)

Mega Hisui Goodra
Mega Stone-Goodrite H
BST-700 (80 HP, 130 Atk, 160 Def, 120 Sp Atk, 150 Sp Def, 60 Speed)


Not going to lie, I'm still a bit bitter Goodra got the Dragon/Steel variant over Haxorus.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Not going to lie, I'm still a bit bitter Goodra got the Dragon/Steel variant over Haxorus.
I would have rather liked seeing Goodra gain the Poison type instead. It’s purple which is a color commonly associated with the Poison type and only a few Pokémon that are purple and not Poison type can learn at least one Poison attack or in the case of the Gilgamesh line, have Abilities that either protects them from being Poisoned or restores health when inflicted by it. The Aipom line are one of the rare exceptions to this trait.


Veteran member
I agree. Add in the fact its associated with acid and goo, and Goodra imo should've been Dragon/Poison out the gate

Eevelution Concept Remake

I know the stones don't do anything yet, but they did retcon the Ice and Leaf Stone as ways to obtain Glaceon and Leafeon. The different Eevelutions use a variety of evolution methods so I want to see that covered with other methods (excluding the Dawn Stone as that's for gender-related evolutions, and the Sun and Moon Stone because...well, there wasn't any specific type I felt close enough for this to work). I tried to keep to two syllables

Relevant items
  • Poison Stone: An evolutionary item that was in the beta but never used.
  • Gauntlet Card: A held item that some Pokemon hold, mainly Fighting types but also 1 in 10 Eevee

Gemeon, the Rock Shine Pokemon
Name basis: Gem+eon
Ability-Clear Body (normal), Illuminate (Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-Shiny Stone-Gemeon
BST: 525 (65 HP, 130 Atk, 110 Def, 65 Sp Atk, 95 Sp Def, 60 Speed)
Note: I am aware the Shiny Stone doesn't have a type specialty, so instead I had it become something shiny

Spectreon, the Ectoplasm Pokemon
Name basis: Specter+eon
Ability-Ecto Absorb (normal), Wandering Spirit (Hidden). Ecto Absorb causes the user to gain HP instead of take damage if hit by a damaging Ghost type
Evolution: Eevee-Dusk Stone-Spectreon
BST: 525 (60 HP, 65 Atk, 65 Def, 110 Sp Atk, 130 Sp Def, 95 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Though ectoplasm throws through its veins, Spectreon is not a wandering spirit. Rather, it attracts true wandering spirits and embraces them so they can move on"
  • "Spectreon are thought to have become what they are because they went to the underworld but were banished. Their punishment is a curse that attracts spirits"
Note: Spectreon is similar to Hisuian Typhlosion in that rather than being a ghost, it associates and attracts ghost. In a way, it is a ghost catcher/fighter

Toxeon, the Iridescent Pokemon
Name basis: Toxic+eon
Ability-Poison Touch (normal), Intimidate (Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-Poison Stone-Toxeon
BST: 525 (95 HP, 110 Atk, 60 Def, 130 Sp Atk, 65 Sp Def, 65 Speed)
Note: Toxeon is the Iridiescent Pokemon because it is designed to be rather colorful and not the stereotypical purple you would expect from a poison type. This is because it takes influence from poisonous animals like certain frogs or the blue-ringed octopus who's bright colors are a warning of being very poisonous

Drakeon, the Dragonskin Pokemon
Name basis: Drake+eon
Ability-Shed Skin (normal), Multiscale (Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-Trade with a Dragon Scale-Drakeon
BST: 525 (65 HP, 110 Atk, 65 Def, 95 Sp Atk, 60 Sp Def, 130 Speed)
Note: One of two ideas I have for trade-based Eevelutions. Friendship and time-related evolutions were introduced in Gen 2 alongside held item-based trade evolutions, but the latter two never got an Eevelution to represent them

Techneon, the Tech Wiz Pokemon
Name basis: Techno+eon
Ability-Analytic (normal), Sturdy (Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-Trade with a Metal Coat-Techneon
BST: 525 (95 HP, 65 Atk, 130 Def, 65 Sp Atk, 110 Sp Def, 60 HP)
Note: A technologically focused Steel Eevelution to be more creative

Gauntleon, the Battalion Pokemon
Name basis: Gauntlet+eon
Ability-Moxie (normal), Guts (Hidden)
Evolution: Eevee-defeat three Pokemon holding a Gauntlet Card-Gauntleon
BST: 525 (130 HP, 110 Atk, 65 Def, 60 Sp Atk, 65 Sp Def, 90 Speed)
Note: Gauntleon uses a similar evolution concept to Bisharp's new evolution. I think more Pokemon could evolve this way, where they have to defeat a number of certain Pokemon with an item. The dominant stat being HP rather than Atk like you'd expect references the endurance one would need for a gauntlet

Chimecho Evolution

Whistling Winds
Effect: This move counts as a wind and sound-based move
Pokemon that can learn this move: Chimecho (Lv 37), many relative speedy Flying, winged or Levitate Pokemon, some really noisy Pokemon like Exploud

Spiritual Sendoff
Effect: This move counts as a sound-based move. If it hits a Ghost type Pokemon they are forced to switch out
Pokemon that can learn this move: Chimecho (Lv 37), spiritual Pokemon in general and not just Ghost types, Garganacal

Wind Chimes
Item type: Held
Effect: The user's sound-based moves are boosted in power. If a Chimecho with the move Spiritual Sendoff holds this, they will evolve into Chimourne should you level them up. A Chimecho with this item cannot evolve into Chimbellows

Chimbellows, the Wind Chime Pokemon
Name basis: Chime+bellows (pronounced Chime-bellows)
Ability-Wind Rider
Evolution: Chingling-Max Friendship at the night-Chimecho-Lv up with Whistling Winds-Chimbellows
BST-525 (65 HP, 50 Atk, 70 Def, 115 Sp Atk,100 Sp Def, 125 Speed)

Chimourne, the Solemn Chime Pokemon
Name basis: Chime+mourne(pronounced Chime-mourn)
Evolution: Chingling-Max Friendship at the night-Chimecho-Lv up with Spirtual Sendoff while holding Wind Chimes-Chimourne
BST-525 (95 HP, 50 Atk, 100 Def, 95 Sp Atk, 120 Sp Def, 65 Speed)

Fakemon Remake

Detripod and Niflhlpod, the Scum Snow and False Vampire Pokemon
Name basis: Detritus+Cephalopod, Niflheim+Cephalopod
Type-Poison/Water (Detripod), Poison/Ice
Ability-Intimidate/Illuminate (normal), Limber (Hidden)
Evolution: Detripod-Lv 30-Niflhlpod
Egg group-Water 3/Amorphous
Gender ratio-50% male, 50% female
Pokedex entry (Detripod)
  • "Detripod look creepy, but they are mostly harmless and feed off scraps. They prefer cold and dark environments"
  • "Detripod are nervous creatures who confuse predators with bioluminescence. They were still considered creepy enough to be called "the Tentacled Night Terrors"
Pokedex entry (Niflhlpod)
  • "Niflhlpod enjoy muddy slurries and dirty ice, both to sift for detritus and boost their toxic abilities. They may have developed their toxins and frightening appearance to not be fed on by Malamar"
  • "Niflhlpod look like ferocious vampires, and if that scares off predators they welcome that. They thrive in deep sea waters but enjoy the conditions of Arctic seas"
Basis: The Detripod line is based off the vampire squid. Thematically it serves as a sort of foil to the Inkay line, in that while Malamar is characterized as a sinister being Niflhlpod only looks intimidating (hence the ability) much like the actual animal. The typing is a take on this detritovore's main diet of "marine snow" (applicable to both Poison being detritus, and Ice as a snow pun) and the cold (so Ice) depths where it is found
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Well-Known Member
An update for moves cut from Gens. 8-9 (and some uncut moves):

Updated Attacks:

Doubleslap: Power: 20
Accuracy: 90
Effect: Hits 2-6 times

Comet Punch: Power: 25
Accuracy: 90
Effect: Hits 2-5 times

Constrict: Power: 30
Effect: 100% Paralyzes and lowers Speed one stage

Karate Chop: Power: 70
Effect: High Critical-Hit Ratio. If target is Rock or Steel-type, also lowers Defense one stage

Razor Wind: Power: 120
Effect: 1st Turn: Raises Speed one stage

Skull Bash: Power: 140
Effect: Raises Defense one stage

Slam: Power: 100

Stomp: Power: 75
Effect: 30% Flinch, Double damage and sure-hit on Minimized opponents

Rolling Kick: Power: 70
Accuracy: 95
Effect: 30% Flinch

Dizzy Punch: Power: 80
Effect: 20% Confusion

Bind: Power: 15
Accuracy: 85%
Effect: Damages and traps target for 4-5 turns, 20% Speed reduction each turn

Twineedle: Power: 50
Effect: Hit 2 times, 20% Poison

Sonic Boom: Power: - (Always inflicts 60 Hit Points)
Accuracy: 100

Dragon Rage: Power: - (Always inflicts 120 Hit Points)
Accuracy: 90

Submission: Power: 120
Accuracy: 100
Effect: inflicts 1/3 damage dealt to user

Meditate: Effect: Primes user and boosts Attack one stage

Rage: Power: 50
Effect: Each time the user takes damage from an attack, base power increases by 50 (up to 350 base power)

Flash: Accuracy: 100
Effect: Lowers Accuracy one stage

Barrier: Effect: Boosts Defense and Sp. Defense two stages
PP: 10

Bide: Effect: Stores damage taken for 2 turns, inflicts damage taken to target, boosts Defense and Sp. Defense 1st turn, increased priority move

Mirror Move: Effect: Copies Target's move with 1.5 power

Egg Bomb: Power: 100
Accuracy: 80%
Effect: Damage dealt uses user's Sp. Defense and target's Defense

Smog: Power: 60
Accuracy: 90
Effect: 50% Poison

Bone Club: Power: 75
Accuracy: 90
Effect: 30% Flinch

Clamp: Power: 40
Accuracy: 85
Effect: Damages and traps target for 4-5 turns

Spike Cannon: Type: Water
Power: 25
Effect: Hits 2-5 times

Kinesis: Accuracy: 80%
Effect: Lowers Accuracy 2 stages

Jump Kick: Power: 100
Accuracy: 95
Effect: Reduces Target's Speed one stage, deals damage to user equal to half its' HP if it misses

Barrage: Power: 20
Accuracy: 95
Effect: Hits 2-5 times

Psywave: Power: - (inflicts damage either equal to, equal to half, or equal to double the user's level)

Hyper Fang: Power: 80
Accuracy: 95
Effect: 30% Flinch

Triple Kick: Power: 20
Accuracy: 90
Effect: Hits up to 3 times, each hit increases in power by 20, move ends if a hit misses

Spider Web: Effect: Traps opponent and reduces Speed one stage each turn

Mind Reader: Effect: Next move is guaranteed to hit. Prevents Flinching until next move is used.

Feint Attack: Power: 65
Effect: Sure-Hit move

Octazooka: Power: 85
Accuracy: 85
Effect: 50% lowers Accuracy one stage

Foresight: Effect: Cleanses accuracy loss, allows moves to ignore evasion, removes Ghost-type's immunity to Normal and Fighting-type moves

Detect: Effect: Protects user from moves and boosts evasion one stage, may fail if used consecutively

Giga Drain: Power: 90
PP: 5
Effect: Heals user for half damage inflicted

Hidden Power: Power: 60
Effect: Changes type to be super effective to target

False Swipe: Power: 80
Effect: Ignores Defense and Evasion Boosts to deal damage, always leaves target with 1 HP

Heal Bell: Effect: Removes all negative Status Effects from user and all allies in the party.

Return: Type: Fairy
Power: 75
Effect: Doubles in power when user's HP is full.

Frustration: Type: Dark
Power: 75
Effect: Doubles in power if previous move failed.

Magnitude: Effect: The more boosts to the user's stats, the more powerful the attack (max: 150 base power)

Pursuit: Deals double damage if the target attempts to switch out. Nullifies switching during the turn.

Vital Throw: Power: 100
Effect: Decreased priority, but is a sure-hit

Twister: Power: 80
Effect: 20% Flinch; Double damage if target is high in the sky.

Miracle Eye: Effect: Cleanses accuracy loss, allows moves to ignore evasion, removes Dark-type's immunity to Psychic-type moves.

Odor Sleuth: Effect: Cleanses accuracy loss, allows moves to ignore evasion, removes Ghost-type's immunity to Normal and Fighting-type moves


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Pokemon that should get convergent versions:



Veteran member
Regi Expansion

This carries on my idea of "Crowned Forms", this being forms that boost the power of Regis and is implied to be a factor as to why they were locked away in the lore.

Regifairy, the Mythos Pokemon
Type-Fairy (normal), Fairy/Fighting (Crowned)
Ability-Serene Grace (normal), Fairy Aura (Hidden), Brawnilize (Crowned). Brawnilize turns Normal type moves to Fighting types
  • Base form: 580 (100 HP, 50 Atk, 50 Def, 200 Sp Atk, 100 Sp Def, 80 Speed)
  • Crowned form: 660 (100 HP, 130 Atk, 100 Def, 150 Sp Atk, 100 Sp Def, 80 Speed)
Held item: Fairy Crown
Basis: Regifairy represents the "age of myths", with clear influence from the "Classic age" aka the Greco-Romans. This is why Regifairy has a lot of mythical traits. And Fairy felt like the closest type to the idea of myths and legends. Another contrast between it and Regifairy is that its Crowned form is more balanced in comparison

Regidark, the Crisis Pokemon
Type-Dark (normal), Dark/Ghost (Crowned)
Ability-Berserk (normal), Dark Aura (Hidden), Spectralize (Crowned). Spectralize turns Normal type moves to Ghost types
  • Base form: 580 (80 HP, 200 Atk, 50 Def, 100 Sp Atk, 50 Sp. Def 100 Speed)
  • Crowned form: 660 (80 HP, 200 Atk, 80 Def, 120 Sp Atk, 50 Sp. Def, 130 Speed)
Held item: Brutal Crown
Basis: Regidark represents times of crises and the Dark Age, at least as its stereotypically seen. Basically it is the embodiment of the "fall/downfall of civilization" and is an evil twin of sorts to Regifairy. The emphasis on glass cannon-ness reflects its destructive status

Regiwater, the Seafaring Pokemon
Type-Water (normal), Water/Steel (Crowned Form)
Ability-Wind Rider (normal), Sturdy (Hidden), Steam Engine (Crowned Form)
  • Base Form: 580 (150 HP, 80 Atk, 150 Def, 75 Sp Atk, 50 Sp Def, 75 Speed)
  • Crowned Form: 660 (150 HP, 80 Atk, 150 Def, 75 Sp Atk, 80 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
Held item: Sail Crown
Basis: Regiwater is meant to represent the Age of Exploration and the Age of Sail by extension. As such, it is built like a living ship. This is where Wind Rider is a thing. The Crowned Form is an "upgrade" representing more modern ships and hulls, and the era of steam-based travel. Its defensive traits reflects the endurance a ship will need in a long travel, which is also why the Crowned Form's speed increases.

Regipsychi, the Enlightened Pokemon
Type-Psychic (normal), Psychic/Flying (Crowned Form)
Ability-Levitate (normal), Own Tempo (Hidden), Aerilize (Crowned Form)
  • Base Form: 580 (75 HP, 50 Atk, 75 Def, 150 Sp Atk, 150 Sp Def, 80 Speed)
  • Crowned Form: 660 (75 HP, 80 Atk, 105 Def, 150 Sp Atk, 150 Sp Def, 130 Speed)
Held item: Wisdom Crown
Basis: Regipsychi, like Regieleki, isn't complete in its name as a call back to the 10 character limit of old. It is meant to represent the Age of Enlightenment. In a parallel to Regiwater its Crowned Form represents aviation, another form of travel
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Abilties-Green-eyed monster
Hidden ability-Cursed Body
Evolves by levelling up a Roaming form Gimmieghoul with a Gholdengho in the Party or with the Eyes of envy equipped (item is not consumed)

Attack- 133
Special Attack- 60
Special Defence-95

- Astonish
- Switcheroo
- Thief
- Shadow Sneak
7- Night Shade
10- Sucker Punch
15- Shadow Claw
21- Snatch
35- Night Slash
42- Recover
49- Frustration
56- Shadow Thief
63- Swords Dance
70- Memento

New move
Shadow Thief- 80BP- 100PP- (Ghost)- Physical- the user attacks from the shadows and steals the target's held item simultaneously. The user can't steal anything if it already holds an item.

Green-eyed monster- Boosts speed by 1 stage if Pokemon with this ability is facing an opponent that is holding an item when it holds no items , If it gets an item taken from an opponent this boost is lost but instead it gains an attack boost of 1 stage.

New Item- Eyes of envy- Item that allows this Pokemon to evolve. If equipped as a held item by Vileghoul or Gimmieghoul you can see what item your opponent hold.

Dex Entry 1- When a Gimmieghoul evolves due to jealousy it becomes this form. It still seeks out items to satisfy its never ending desire.

Dex Entry 2- Gimmieghoul that see a successful rival become Gholdengho may become this form out of jealousy. Some also become this form with the legendary cursed jewel the Eyes of envy. It either case its eyes grow to resemble those jewels which has lead to some to speculate this form started with those jewels.

Appearance- Resembles a large shadowy Gimmieghoul with Green eyes that resemble the eyes of envy.


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Legendary Duo Expansion

Somnuscent, the Dream Lord Pokemon
Name basis: Somnus+crescent
Ability-Levitate (Daytime), Sleepwalking (Nighttime). Sleepwalking is an upgraded Comatose where not only does Somnuscent have the same drowsing effect as Komala, but any Pokemon on the field that sleeps
Gender ratio: 100% male. I made Somnuscent male so all genders are represented by a member of the lunar Pokemon (Cresselia female, Darkrai gender unknown, Somnuscent male)
Key Item: Crescent Crown. This allows Somnuscent to shift forms.
Pokedex entry: Rather than have a dex entry for each game version, the dex entry between versions is the same but there is an entry for each form, along with each form
  • In general: "Somnuscent is an entity who can exist within anyone and everyone's dreams. Many myths state that it is the being behind the existence of dreams"
  • Daytime Form: "Somnuscent's true form lives within the Moon; the Pokemon you encounter is an avatar it uses to interact with the Earth. It has some sort of connection with Cresselia and Darkrai"
  • Nighttime Form: "Somnuscent generates a sand that will cause anyone to fall asleep and dream. It's said to border the edge of madness from witnessing the subconscious of so many beings"
BST-670. I made it ten points below the Creation Trio to signify it is still not as powerful as them, plus it matches another legendary master in Regigigas.
  • Daytime Form: 120 HP, 90 Atk, 130 Def, 90 Sp Atk, 135 Sp Def, 85 Speed
  • Nighttime Form: 120 HP, 90 Def, 110 Atk, 90 Sp. Def, 135 Sp Atk, 125 Speed
Basis: Somnuscent is a "duo master" Pokemon that is meant to be the leader of the "lunar duo" that is Cresselia and Darkrai. He is based off the Sandman (hence the Ground typing), and the moon in full (as opposed to the crescent Cresselia and new moon Darkrai). What form you encounter depends on the time of the day.

Slugma Expansion

Obsidian Cut
Effect: This move always inflicts a critical hit. It is a Rock type counterpart to Frost Breath. It is affected by the Sharpness ability
Pokemon that can learn this: Pokemon associated with vulcanism like Typhlosion or Camerupt, Pokemon associated with sharpness like Gallade and Bisharp

Glass Sword
Effect: This move has an increased critical hit ratio. It is a Rock type counterpart to Leaf Blade. It is affected by the Sharpness ability
Pokemon that can learn this: Pokemon associated with sharpness, glass like Nihilego (literally made of glass) and Mr Mime (its glass barriers)

Glass Rain
Effect: This move has an increased critical hit ratio. It is a special counterpart to Glass Sword. It is affected by the Sharpness ability. It counts as contact
Pokemon that can learn this: See Glass Sword. More for special oriented Pokemon

Magma Armor buff: Magma Armor now makes the user unable to take damage from a Water type move. The concept is based on the idea that they are so hot water boils before it can put them out

Escarmantle, the Lava Pokemon
Name basis: Escargot+mantle (both the Earth's mantle where magma comes from, and the mantle of gastropods)
Ability-Magma Armor/Sharpness (normal), Iron Barbs (Hidden)
Evolution: Slugma-Lv 38-Magcargo-Learn Obsidian Cut at Lv 45-Escarmantle
Pokedex entry
  • "Escarmantle are adorned with sharp, volcanic rock across their body. Anyone that can withstand their immense heat will be cut up on contact"
  • "The sheddings of Escarmantle were used by ancient cultures as sophisticated cutting tools. Their 18,000 Kelvin body temperature has congregations of merely a few of Escarmantle seem like a volcano
BST-535 (85 HP, 110 Atk, 135 Def, 90 Sp Atk, 80 Sp Def, 30 Speed)
Basis: Escarmantle gains "hair" and plates on its softer parts that's meant to represent obsidian, a sharp volcanic rock. Its shell becomes more spherical, almost like a representation of the Earth's interior. I did a nod to Magcargo's ridiculous heat by making "18,000 degrees", but using a scale that'd make it even more absurd"

Regional Variant: Slugma, Magcargo and Andislug, the Lava Soil Pokemon
Name basis: Andisol+slug (Andisols mean volcanic soil)
Type-Rock/Fire (Slugma), Rock/Grass (Magcargo, Andislug)
Ability-Magma Armor (all forms), Flame Body (Variant Slugma only), Flower Gift (Variant Magcargo, Andislug), Weak Armor (Hidden Ability, Slugma and Magcargo), Grassy Surge (Hidden Ability, Andislug)
Evolution: Slugma-Leaf Stone-Magcargo-Learn Obsidian Cut at Lv 45-Andislug
Pokedex entry(Slugma)
  • "Slugma of the (TBA) region are considerably cooler than most of their kind, being more akin to a really hot soil. It's not quite clear how they managed to survive significantly lower temperatures"
  • "(TBA) Slugma used to be as hot and molten as any other, but the volcano they once lived around is dormant. Their secretions are used as fertilizer"
Pokedex entry(Magcargo)
  • "(TBA) Magcargo are popular exports because their hot, soil-based secretions act as a fertilizer. Flowers grow freely on their back, which attract Bug type Pokemon
  • "Once molten rock now acts as fertile ground for shrubberies and other plants. They act as a soft shell for (TBA) Magcargo
Pokedex entry(Andislug)
  • "Andislug were revered in ancient cultures as emissaries of fertility deities. A grassland once spawned from the slimy path of a hundred migrating Andislug"
  • "Plants of all varieties grow off the back-soil of Andislug. Sometimes precious berries grow on it, which the Andislug uses as emergency provisions
BST (Andislug)-BST-535 (100 HP, 80 Atk, 90 Def, 110 Sp.Atk, 120 Sp.Def, 30 Speed)
Basis: This regional Slugma is based off the idea of volcanic soil. It starts still somewhat hot, as it still has Fire in its first stage, before becoming a proper soil. It requiring a Leaf Stone to evolve is meant to showcase its altered biology

Other Fakemon

Chikadet and Mobatite, the Flightless and Outback Pokemon
Name basis: Cadet+chick, Mob+Ratite (mob being the name for a group of emus)
Ability-Stamina (normal), Gorilla Tactics (Hidden)
Gender ratio: 50/50
Egg group: Undiscovered (Chikadet), Flying (Mobatite)
Evolution: Chikadet-Lv 35-Mobatite
Pokedex entry (Chikadet)
  • "Chikadet resemble Flittle, and they are closely related, but they are different species of Pokemon. Both are descended from the same ancient Flying type"
  • "Chikadet can go days without water. They wear their eggshells as a means of defense against predators"
Pokedex entry (Mobatite)
  • "Mobatite may look goofy, but they are born warriors. They engage in guerilla tactics against other Pokemon invading their territory"
  • "Mobatite make up for their lack of flight with a tough and hardy body. Though somewhat notorious for being crop-stealing pests, trained Mobatite make valuable fighters"
Basis: The Chikadet line is based on the emus. Much like Sinistcha they are parallels and (this time explicit) relatives of another Pokemon...the Flittle line. They are a reference to the Emu War, which is why they have a reference to guerilla tactics as a Hidden Ability. This is an idea I have for if they ever make an Australian region
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Type- Flying/Dragon
Hidden ability- Telepathy
Evolves from Noivern by level up while knowing Dragon's gift

HP- 90
Special Attack 107
Defence- 90
Special Defence- 90

-Dragon Pulse
-Bat-Wing Barrage
-Dragon's Gift
-Hyper Voice
-Nasty Plot
-Air Slash
Can also learn any moves Noivern can learn Prior to evolving

New move
Bat-Wing Barrage- Physical (Flying)- 10PP- the target is attacked two to five times in a row (move can be learnt by all bat Pokemon)
Dragon's Gift- Status(Dragon)- 5PP- The target gains the Dragon Type (similar to Trick-or-Treat)

Dex Entry 1- Upon evolution this creature is now a true dragon. There are few that can surpass it's skill in the Sky and even fewer who can hope to match its power.
Dex Entry 2-Given its massive size this creature can only live in the largest of caves and if non exist it will create them itself. It protects a large Colony of Noibat and Noivern.

Appearance- looks like a larger Noivern but now is a true Dragon instead of a Wyvern (including additional limbs)


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Tis the Season To Be Spooky

Peblemourne, Alabangel and Sepulysium, the Mournful, New Life and Spirit Guide Pokemon
Name basis: mourn+pebble, alabastar+angel, sepulchure+Elysium
Evolution: Peblemourne-Max Friendship during the night-Alabangel-Lv 40-Sepulysium
Gender ratio: 75% male, 25% female
Egg group: Undiscovered (Peblemourne), Amorphous and Mineral (Alabangel, Sepulysium)
Pokedex entry (Peblemourne)
  • "Peblemourne show up around gravesites. They initially seem like some sort of stone marker, but their moving eyes are a giveaway to their life"
  • "Peblemourne are made of a stone with material not found on Earth. They were first reported falling from the sky"
Pokedex entry (Alabangel)
  • "When there is loss of life, Alabangel will show up. And when there is mass loss of life, Alabangel will cry"
  • "Alabangel inspire feelings of dread or relief, depending on the context. They help people move on"
Pokedex entry (Sepulysium)
  • "Sepulysium came from another dimension, mostly to aid spirits in moving on. Not all of them are this nice, however"
  • "In ancient times some Sepulysium taught men how to fight and make war. Perhaps regret at this is why they aid people in finding peace"
Basis: The Peblemourne line is a remake of an old idea. It is based off angels, more specifically the angel statues found at gravesites mixed with the concept of guardian angels, and a bit of the whole "angel of death" concept. The gender ratio is a nod to a part in Genesis where "the sons of God desired the daughters of Men", where the whole nephilim concept is thought to originate, and one dex entry is a nod to the Book of Enoch. Peblemourne is a stone that resembles a swaddled baby

Spailokfish and Miameara
Name basis: Spookfish+Sailor, M.I.A+chimaera
Ability-Cursed Body/Swift Swim (normal), Pressure (Hidden)
Evolution: Spailokfish-Learn Dive at Lv 35-Maimeara
Gender ratio: 50/50
Egg group: Water 2
Pokedex entry (Spailokfish)
  • "The spirits of souls lost at sea bond to Spailokfish. They're usually found deep underwater"
  • " Spailokfish show up near the shore when there are harsh weather conditions at sea. They try to warn swimmers with their scary visage"
Pokedex entry (Miameara)
  • "Miameara were once haunted by the feeling of sinking in their past life. By overcoming it, they become stronger than ever"
  • "Miameara seek to tame the harsh waves and sea creatures that made them into the spirits they are. Powerful Miameara have been nicknamed "The Haunted Avenger Of The Sea"
Basis: Spailokfish is modeled after the chimaera order of fish, also known as ghost shark or spook fish. It is inspired by the idea of those lost at sea and thus being ghost. The Spailokfish line is meant to act as a sort of foil to both the Frillish and Carvahna line; the Frillish are ghosts who sink people, and the Carvahna become nasty sharks, but Spailokfish are the ghost of sunken people who are benevolent. Pressure reflects how chimaera are usually found deep underwater, and the evolution method ties into their character

Rare Jewel
Item: Held item
Effect: Can be sold for a good price. Certain Pokemon will evolve if they obtain this item using Thief
Held by: Pokemon associated with riches and precious metals like Meowth, Carbink, Gimmighoul and Sableye (5%-20% chance of holding depending on the Pokemon)

Paralych, the Fungal Revenant Pokemon
Name basis: parasite+lich (with a y to not be obvious)
Ability-Chlorablast (Pokemon with this ability gets the defensive benefits of Grass type Pokemon, along with a 20% boost in Grass type moves)
Evolution: Paras-Lv 24-Learn Spectre Shroom at Lv 42-Paralych
Pokedex entry
  • "Where the mushroom once controlled this Pokemon, Paralych now commands the fungus. Its consciousness has possessed it and will never let go"
  • "Paralych's old body is nothing but a hollow shell, as its mind has been transplanted to the mushroom. Though enjoying control, it misses its old form"
BST-535 (60 HP, 75 Atk, 120 Def, 120 Sp Atk, 120 Sp Def, 30 Speed)
Basis: Paralych is meant to be a happy, if bittersweet ending for the Paras line, as it rests control over its body at the cost of being undead. It is meant to parallel the lich, that being an undead sorcerer who retains their personality. Its ability shows while the mushroom isn't in command anymore, it has permanently mutated the creature

Spectre Shroom
Effect: The user's primary type is changed to a Grass type. This is the signature move of the Paras line

Voodette and Hauppent
Name basis: voodoo+marionette, haunt+puppet
Type-Ghost/Dark and Ghost/Normal respectively
Ability-Insomnia (shared with both), Cursed Body (mutual Hidden ability)
  • Voodette: Anger Point
  • Hauppent: Fluffy
Evolution: Shuppet-Lv 37-Banette-Trade while holding a Rage Pin/Trade while holding a Calm Pin-Voodette/Hauppent
Pokedex entry (Voodette)
  • "Voodette are toys consumed by hatred over being abandoned. They stick pins into themselves to lay curses on their enemies"
  • "Voodette will never forgive those who abandon their friends. As a last resort they will open their zipper to spew their cursed energy"
Pokedex entry (Hauppent)
  • "Hauppent have learned to let go of their grudge and purify themselves of their hatred. They now live to protect worthy owners"
  • "Despite their ability to haunt and possess others, Hauppent are benevolent beings who only do so to scare off evil-doers. They seek out kind-hearted children to love and protect"
  • Voodette: 64 HP, 115 Atk, 75 Def, 93 Sp Atk, 73 Sp Def, 105 Speed
  • Hauppent: 115 HP, 73 Atk, 85 Def, 95 Sp Atk, 93 Sp Def, 64 Speed
Basis: This Banette evolution plays on its vengeful personality by being based off a voodoo doll. Its hands are stylized on sock puppets. I know Mega Banette is a thing but given that Mega Evolution has not existed since Gen 8 and will probably stay that way outside of GO or Kalos revisits, there needs to be some alternative for Pokemon who need it (but I gave a nod). It is a split evolution as the alternative is a Banette that has been given peace of mind, becoming a more normal but haunted doll. Both names are a nod to its prior family members

Gholvarice, the Swindler Pokemon
Name basis: Ghoul+gold+avarice
Evolution: Gimmighoul-Lv up with 999 Gimighoul coins/steal a Rare Jewel with Thief-Gholdengo/Gholvarice
Pokedex entry
  • "Gholvarice adorn their body with stolen riches. Deep down they are insecure over not having fairly earned them"
  • "The greed of Gholvarice knows no bounds. They form bandit clans to pull off mass gold heists"
BST-550 (87 HP, 133 Atk, 84 Def, 60 Sp Atk, 91 Sp Def, 95 Speed)
Basis: Gholvarice is the evil counterpart to Gholdengho, taking after nastier traits of ghouls along with playing on the Pokemon's greed by being a master thief. Gimmghoul can now learn Thief at Lv 39 (it is changed to no longer learn Thief via TM/TR to keep the strong Pokemon off-limits for some time)

Regional Variant: Drifloon and Drifblim
Ability-Wind Rider/Levitate (normal), Weather Guard (Hidden). Weather Guard makes the user immune to the negative effects of weather conditions (Fire and Water attacks will just do regular damage in Sunny Day/Rain Dance, they do not take damage from Hail or Sandstorm)
Evolution: Unchanged
Pokedex entry (Drifloon)
  • "Drifloon of the (TBA) region adapted to be more capable in urban environments. At least, that's the official explanation"
  • "(TBA) Drifloon are trained to study weather patterns and warn people. Some conspiracy theorists think they're meant to spy on the populace"
Pokedex entry (Drifblim)
  • "(TBA) Drifblim carry valuable scientific instruments to study meteorological conditions. Within their gaseous body is some spark of otherworldly life"
  • "Drifblim of the (TBA) region are sometimes mistaken for UFOs. A common conspiracy theory is that they were modified by some unknown party"
Basis: This more urban Drifloon is based on weather balloons. They have a more benevolent but still somewhat ambiguous personality, being tamed by man more so. Much as how a weather balloon inspired the Roswell conspiracy, this Drifloon line is a figure of in-universe conspiracy theories. This line can learn Magnet Rise

Regional Variant: Phantump and Trevenant
Ability-Sturdy/Frisk (normal), Harvest (Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Phantump-Trade-Trevenant
Pokedex entry (Phantump)
  • "The Phantump of the (TBA) region were the souls of children lost in a now barren land. They can only hide within petrified wood"
  • "(TBA) Phantump are even lonelier than their Kalosian counterparts. You can tell you've encountered one when you hear a child's cry from a petrified log"
Pokedex entry (Trevenant)
  • "(TBA) Trevenant are known as "Wandering Forests" because when it rains, large groups will run to seek shelter. Their outer body has several similarities with Sudowoodo"
  • "(TBA) Trevenant are even more motivated to protect those within the forest, especially children. Those who harm children can expect absolutely no mercy from them"
Basis: This line of Phantump is based off petrified wood, hence the Rock typing

Wicked Triumph
Effect: Dark type moves become super-effective against Fighting types

Vile Coup
Effect: This move is super-effective against Fighting types

Vile Glory
Effect: This move is super-effective against Fighting types
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Tinkaton No 1 Gen 9 Pokemon
Pokemon I Think should Get Regional, Convergent, or Evolutions in Gen 10 due to rumors of it being a Australian Region

  1. Tinkaton (Has the Most Potential, plus a male variant with a mad expression face is possible)
  2. Krookodile
  3. Flygon
  4. Evo for Komala
  5. Evo for Flamigo
  6. Espathra
  7. Eldegoss

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Pokemon I Think should Get Regional, Convergent, or Evolutions in Gen 10 due to rumors of it being a Australian Region

  1. Tinkaton (Has the Most Potential, plus a male variant with a mad expression face is possible)
  2. Krookodile
  3. Flygon
  4. Evo for Komala
  5. Evo for Flamigo
  6. Espathra
  7. Eldegoss
With a male Tinkaton, I think the hammer should be made out of wood to show how it’s more wild than the female and have paint markings on it face and body.


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Melon Based Pokemon

Sprout items
Note: Asides from helping with the evolution of the Juicsprout line, they also have beneficial effects for Grass type Pokemon
Wet Sprout: If held by a Grass type their defense and special defense increases by one point in sunny weather
Canar Sprout: If held by a Grass type they will take 30% less damage from Flying type attacks
Honeyed Sprout: If held by a Grass type their accuracy will increase by two stages
Spicy Sprout: If held by a Grass type they have a chance of causing a burn to their attacker via contact move
Sharp Sprout: If held by a Grass type they have a chance of setting up Spikes if hit by a contact move
Dubious Sprout: If held by a Grass type they have a chance of inflicting a flinch on their attack via contact move
Rocky Sprout: If held by a Grass type their defense increases by one stage when brought out on battle
Winter Sprout: If held by a Grass type they will take 30% less damage from Ice type attacks

Juicsprout and Salameldon, the Fruit Sprout and Melon Pokemon
Name basis: Juicy+sprout, Salad+melon
Type-Grass (Juisprout), Grass/Water (Cool Salameldon), Grass/Flying (Flutter Salameldon), Grass/Fairy (Sweet Salameldon), Grass/Fire (Spicy Salameldon), Grass/Steel (Spiky Salameldon), Grass/Dark (Bitter Salameldon), Grass/Rock (Hardy Salameldon), Grass/Ice (Frosty Salameldon)
Ability-Run Away (Juicsprout), Thick Fat (Hidden Ability every member shares)
  • Form specific abilities: Hydration (Cool Salameldon), Big Pecks (Flutter Salameldon), Sweet Veil (Sweet Salameldon), Flash Fire (Spicy Salameldon), Iron Barbs (Spiky Salameldon), Intimidate (Bitter Salameldon), Sturdy (Hardy Salameldon), Snow Veil (Frosty Salameldon)
Evolution: Juicsprout-Max Friendship-Salameldon
  • How to obtain forms: Evolve Juicsprout in or close to water, evolve Juicsprout while holding the Wet Sprout (Cool Salameldon), evolve Salameldon at a high altitude or near a high cliff edge or while holding the Canar Sprout (Flutter Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout while in a forest or while holding the Honeyed Sprout (Sweet Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout while in a volcanic area or while holding the Curry Sprout (Spicy Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout while in a desert or while holding the Sharp Sprout (Spiky Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout in an urban environment or while holding the Dubious Sprout (Bitter Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout in a cave or while holding the Rocky Sprout (Hardy Salameldon), evolve Juicsprout in a snowy area or while holding the Winter Sprout (Frosty Salameldon). When conditions overlap without holding a Sprout it will be up to chance. If you evolve Juicsprout in an environment that doesn't meet any conditions while not holding any Sprout, it is completely randomized what form you will get
Egg group: Undiscovered (Juicsprout), Grass (Salameldon)
Pokedex entry (Juicsprout)
  • "Juicsprout are common Grass type, but they are usually mistaken for regular flowers. They try to hide from predators within them"
  • "Juicsprout are nervous Pokemon because they are often predated on. They look for people sympathetic to them"
Pokedex entry (Salameldon in general)
  • "Salameldon have different forms depending on where they are found. Their true body is the flower; their fruity exterior is for protection, spare food or a distraction"
  • Salameldon can cut off a part of their fruity exterior to distract predators. Different fruity exteriors are developed for different environments"
Pokedex entry (Salameldon forms)
  • Cool Salameldon: "This Salameldon fruit has a high concentration of water, allowing them to endure harsh droughts. They're a common source of nutrition and usually found near bodies of water"
  • Flutter Salameldon: "Some Salameldon have learned to mimic other Flying type Pokemon in order to survive in high altitudes. It's somewhat of a mystery how they can fly with a thick, fruity exterior"
  • Sweet Salameldon: "There are incredibly sweet-tasting Salameldon found in forests. They leak a "honey" which induces confusion and dizziness to their predators"
  • Spicy Salameldon: "Certain Salameldon stuff spices into their fruity exterior to make themselves less appetizing. They train themselves in hot environments so as to tolerate said spices"
  • Spiky Salameldon: "The harsh desert requires a harsher Salameldon, especially for how greedily other desert Pokemon look at them. The exterior of their fruit has similar properties to the exterior of a Ferroseed"
  • Bitter Salameldon: "Salameldon that grow within the cities know humans farm their fruit, so they have developed a distinctly bitter taste. Though some enjoy it, they enjoy any disgust their would-be predator would get at its bitterness"
  • Hardy Salameldon: "Some Salameldon hide in caves, forming a harsh outer shell for their fruit. It makes predators less motivated to try and pick at their juicy fruit, and lets them endure tumbles of great height"
  • Frosty Salameldon: "Salameldon usually don't grow during the winter, but there is a breed that does. They're remarkably tolerant to cold temperatures, wearing their fruit shell to play in the snow"
Basis: This line is based off melons. They start as a mere flower sprout before becoming a melon with a flowery "head and arms", kind of like Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist's appendages. What form your Salameldon becomes depends on where it evolved. There is a greenhouse in the region you can go to get a Sprout that will lock Juicsprout into becoming one specific form of Salameldon upon evolution. They aren't just the fruit, but the melon flower which is the main body (kind of like the Applin line)
Form basis: Cool Salameldon is based off a watermelon, Flutter Salameldon is based off a canary melon, Sweet Salameldon is based off a Honey, Winter Salameldon is based off a winter melon, Spicy Salameldon is based off a gac melon, Spiky Salameldon is based off a Horned Melon, Hardy Salameldon is based off a rock melon and Frosty Salameldon is based off a winter melon


Tinkaton No 1 Gen 9 Pokemon
Male Tinkaton Line

Slashatink - Slashatuff At LV24, - Slashaton At LV38
100% Male
Hunts Steel Types like Bisharp, Carbink, Aegislash, and Aggron for metals to build their swords
Friends with Tinkaton
100 HP, 90 Atk, 110 Def, 130 Sp Atk, 100 Sp Def, 100 Speed
Signature move is similar to Behemoth Blade
Fairy and Steel


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Bee Pokemon

Honey Gather buff: Along with attracting Honey, it also prevents the opponent's evasion from increasing while the user is on field

Honey Buff: Changes to act like a Sitrus Berry, except it increases 90 HP. However it can only be used in this way if held by a Bug type

Royal Jelly
Item: Held, evolve
Effect: This item can evolve certain Bug type Pokemon. Some Bug Pokemon, rather than evolving, instead achieve a powerful form change known as "Monarch Form"

Wing Shield
Effect: The user's Flying type weakness is cancelled out
Example: A Bug/Flying type now only takes 2 x damage from Rock type attacks, and loses a weakness to Ice and Electric moves

Honey Slather
Effect: The opponent's evasiveness drops by one stage
Pokemon that can learn this move: Along with Honey Smother, this is a move that's specific to bee Pokemon. It's like how Spore is specific to mushroom Pokemon-it is a move for a certain archetype

Honey Smother
Effect: The opponent's speed drops by one stage

Monarch Beedrill
BST-525 (65 HP, 110 Atk, 110 Def, 75 Sp Atk, 80 Sp Def, 85 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "The richness of Royal Jelly makes Beedrill's venom overwhelmingly powerful. It also makes it more reasonable and calculating in defending its territory"
  • "The power of Monarch Beedrill exceeds even tales of its Mega Evolution. Though invaders will be brutally dispatched, Beedrill in this form is a compassionate ruler to its ilk"
Note: Beedrill will not be the only "weak third-stage bug" I intend to give a Monarch form

Vespress, the Hive Pokemon
Name basis: Vesper+empress
Ability-Wing Shield (normal), Gooey (Hidden)
Evolution: Female Combee-Lv 21-Vespiquen-Use Royal Jelly-Vespress
BST-525 (90 HP, 80 Atk, 112 Def, 80 Sp Atk, 122 Sp Def, 30 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Vespress are known as "the Honeyed Empress". They rule in the center of the hives, spawning countless Combee"
  • "Vespress don't tolerate any rivals to their power, banishing Vespiquen from their hive upon their own evolution. Wars between Vespress of other hives are common"
Basis: This goes a step up from a queen bee into an empress bee

Combarriee and Vesprangard, the Honey Knight Pokemon
Name basis: comb+barrier+bee, Varangian Guard+vesper
Ability-Honey Gather (normal), Sturdy (Hidden)
Evolution: Male Combee-Lv 21 if an Vespress is in your party-Combarrie-Lv 42-Vesprangard
BST(Combarriee)-475 (70 HP, 102 Atk, 80 Def, 102 Sp.Atk, 80 Def, 40 Speed)
BST(Vesprangard)-525 (70 HP, 112 Atk, 60 Def, 112 Sp.Atk, 60 Sp.Def, 110 Speed)
Pokedex entry (Combarriee)
  • "Combarriee are knighted by the empress of the hive to serve as protectors. They in turn train other Combee to seek honey for the hive"
  • "Combarriee dedicate themselves to protecting their honey empress. They swarm in great numbers against threats"
Pokedex entry (Vesprangard)
  • "Vesprangard develop the finest honey for their hive. Through directions of their empress, they develop massive hives"
  • "An elite group of Vesprangard protect the resevoir of emergency honey in each Vespress hive. They show nothing but pride for their work"
Basis: This line are based off bodyguards and knights to a degree. To reflect their subservience to their female counterpart, they can only evolve with a female Combee's complete form and they have a crippling weakness to Flying type moves

Grubbirty, Besoile and Subterapis, the Bee Grub, Solitary and Digger Bee Pokemon
Name: Grub+Dirt+Grubby, Bee+Soil, Subterranean+Apis
Ability-Honey Gather (all versions)/Run Away(Grubbirty), Earth Eater (Besoile, Subterapis), Swarm (Hidden Ability)
Egg group-Undiscovered (Grubbirty), Bug (Beemine, Subterapis)
Gender ratio: 50/50
Evolution: Grubbirty-Lv 20-Besoile-use Royal Jelly-Subterapis
Pokedex entry(Grubbirty)
  • "Grubbirty are solitary creatures who prefer to live underground. They are easily spooked by other Pokemon"
  • "One must exercise caution in certain grasslands because they might step on a Grubbirty. They react in a violent manner if their soil is disturbed"
Pokedex entry(Besoile)
  • "Besoile come out of the ground only to collect pollen so they can make honey. They refuse to share any"
  • "Besoile dig deep caverns to serve as a refuge. They're shy Pokemon and set traps to defend their territory"
Pokedex entry(Subterapis)
  • "Subterapis fear a future catastrophe. Their underground home is well-stocked to endure such a catastrophe"
  • "Treasure hunters often find themselves in Subterapis' crosshairs trying to collect their rich honey. They'll scare them to chase them off and hope they drop something valuable"
Basis: The Grubbirty line is based off the digger/nesting ground bee or the andrenas line, while taking some inspiration from a doomsday prepper and miners


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If Mythical Pokemon Could Have Hidden Abilities

Though who knows, maybe Gamefreak will decide to do so to give more variety

Celebi: Grassy Terrain. Celebi is always depicted as a guardian spirit of the forest so having an ability that could aid with Grass types makes thematic sense
Deoxys: Clear Body. Deoxys's forms are based on stats, so an ability which negates stat lowering would be on point
Shaymin: Poison Absorb. Basically functions like Water Absorb. Shaymin is able to absorb poisons in the lore and is about purifying the environment
Meloetta: Sound Boost. Basically increases the power of sound-based moves, being a music Pokemon
Genesect: Mega Launcher. It does have that big cannon laser on its back
Diance: Magic Bounce. Mainly just there so even once Mega Evolution was removed it can have that ability back
Hoopa: Pickpocket. Its dex entries and abilities befit a thief
Volcanion: Steam Engine. I mean, it is kind of a living steam engine
Meltan line: Alloy Pull. It's a Steel type reskin of Lightningrod, referencing how Meltan is analogous to metal amalgam

Convergent Fakemon

Krabrass and Kinglade, the Weed Pokemon
Name basis: Krabby+grass+crass, Kingler+blade (as in blade of grass)
Ability-Earth Eater(both forms)/Run Away (Krabrass), Sharpness (Kinglade), Chlorophyll (Hidden Ability)
Egg group-Grass
Evolution: Krabrass-Lv 28-Kinglade
Pokedex entry
  • "Usually buried underground, Krabrass are easily mistaken for simple weeds. When they get up to enjoy the sun and the rain, they look more like some sort of mutated Krabby than a normal Grass type"
  • "Krabrass tend to be pests, using their sharp claws to cut other plants down so they can settle in premium soil. They try to impress potential mates with colorful flowers they picked
  • "Kinglade's shear-like claw may be made out of grass, but can cut down lawns even faster than actual shears. When not a pest themselves, they are trained to work in gardens"
  • "It's possible Kinglade looks like a Kingler to confuse herbivores who would otherwise see them as a hearty meal, but this hasn't been confirmed. It might just be a coincidence they look like this when not buried under the soil."
Basis: The Krabrass line is convergent counterpart to the Krabby line, referencing carcinization as well. It is meant to be crab grass, thus a very literal Grass type, with Kinglade's larger claw acting like a pair of shears used to cut grass. Appearance-wise Kinglade has the beard and "thorny" limbs encountered with Gigantamax Kingler, thus paralleling more than just the base form. Having Earth Eater references how this Pokemon, and grass, is closer to the ground
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