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Move: Intercept
Type: Dark
PP: 10
Status Move
Effect: The user puts up a defensive stance with it's arms out front. If the opponent uses a move that makes contact, the user blocks it, then counterattacks. This move fails if used in succession.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Hopping Ghost
Ability- Draining Touch
Dex Entry: Jiangsect become active once night falls and hops around searching for other Pokémon to steal their strength by simply touching them. During the day, Jiangsect will retreat into dark caves and go to sleep.

Jiangsect has a body structure similar to Kricketune and Lokix only it has a very pale grey color scheme and it’s arms are always stretched outwards in front of its body. It is based on the Jiangshi of Chinese folklore and the energy draining touch and name is a reference to this creature.

Ability Description: Draining Touch takes away a bit of the HP of any Pokémon that comes into direct contact with Jiangsect or whenever Jiangsect uses a Physical contact move and restores Jiangsect’s health.
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Ability- Overgrow
Hidden ability- Tough Claws
Evolves from Servine at level 36 while knowing ancient power.

HP- 80
Special Attack- 65
Special Defence- 90
Speed- 93

1- Tackle
1- Leer
1- Vine Whip
1- Slam
1- Crunch
1- Extreme Speed
1- Primal Sense
4- Glare
7- Vine whip
10- Dragon Breath
13- Growth
16- Leaf Tornado
20- Leech Seed
24- Synthesis
28- Dragon Claw
32- Leaf Blade
38- Coil
44- Wood Hammer
50- Outrage

Dex Entry 1- In ancient times Servine evolved into this much more aggressive form instead of Serperior. It's legs are much less efficient meaning it is much less speedy than it's later relative and has to rely on short bursts of speed and sharp claw attacks.

Dex Entry 2- Servival is a pack hunter that works togther to bring down prey. Some believe the reason this is less common these days is that Servine and its relatives became too contrary to work together. Others beli

Ancient power is now an egg move for Serperior.

Resembles a larger Servine with traits of dinosaurs and limbed reptiles. Unlike Serperior it still has all limbs it had as a Servine.

New move
Primal Sense- Dragon- (status) 16PP- Allows Dragon moves to hit fairy Pokemon. It also enables an evasive target to be hit.


Veteran member
Boldew, Rosert and Roserstal, the Desert Rock and Desert Crystal Pokemon
Name basis: Budew+Bolder, Roselia+desert, Roserade+crystal
Ability-Inner Focus/Anticipation (normal), Sharpness (Hidden)
Egg group-Undiscovered (Boldew), Mineral (Rosert and Roserstal)
Gender ratio: 50/50
Evolution: Same as the Budew line
Pokedex entry (Boldew)
  • "Superficially Boldew look like Budew, however they are far closer biologically to Geodude or Roggenrola. They can sense the time of the day"
  • "Boldew are curious Pokemon who form in deserts. They shine at nighttime, which is a useful indicator for those lost"
Pokedex entry (Rosert)
  • "Rosert will wilt their petal-like growths on occasion, which are made out of quartz. They are useful for making clocks"
  • "Rosert "flowers" are beautiful, yet sharp. Because they regrow in a short time, they're a cheap source of crystals"
Pokedex entry (Roserstal)
  • "Roserstal have a sense of vanity equal to the similarly-looking Roserade. They love to make light shows by electrifying their quartz "petals""
  • "Roserstal's body possess an internal clock, making them aware of the time down to the millisecond. This makes them highly attune to respond to danger"
Basis: The Boldew line is based off the desert rose, and as it becomes apparent in later stages the rose quartz which acts as its rose equivalent. The Electric typing comes from quartz being used in clocks, so like Hootoot it has a slight clock motif. It is a convergent Pokemon of the Budew line


Veteran member
Fixing Asymmetric Evolutions (plus some other things)

Effect: Same as Thief.
Basis: A Flying type Thief, Swipe can be learned by many bird Pokemon. It reflects how birds seem good at snatching stuff, mainly food

Farsnatch'd, the Robber Pokemon
Name basis: farfetched+snatched
Ability-Pickpocket/Keen Eye (normal), Defiant (Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Kantonian Farfetch'd-Learn Swipe at Lv 35-Farsnatch'd
BST-507 (82 HP, 95 Atk, 95 Def, 48 Sp.Atk, 82 Sp.Def, 105 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Having to deal with hunting and predators have hardened Farsnatch'd. They've become underhanded thieves to survive"
  • "Farsnatch'd will intimidate travelers into giving them food, but they never have any intention of causing harm. They share pilfered treats with young Farfetch'd"
Basis: Farsnatch'd contrasts Sirfetch'd by being a thief, but more on the sympathetic "stealing bread to feed its family" kind

Circus Hat
Held item
Effect: Boosts the duration of screen moves (Reflect, Light Screen) by two turns set up by a Pokemon holding this item. Allows Kantonian Mr Mime to evolve into Mimaster

Mimaster, the Showman Pokemon
Name basis: mime+master (as in, ringmaster, or a general master of entertainment)
Ability-Screen Protector. Screen Protector prevents Reflect and Light Screen from being broken by moves like Brick Break so long as a Pokemon with this ability is on the field. If a Pokemon with Screen Protector is on the field before a Pokemon with Screen Cleaner, Screen Cleaner will be nullified. But if they come out at the same time or a Pokemon with Screen Cleaner was on the field first it gets nullified
Evolution: Kantonian Mr Mime-Trade while holding a Circus Hat-Mimaster
BST-520 (100 HP, 55 Atk, 70 Def, 110 Sp Atk, 70 Sp Def, 105 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Mimaster command a troupe of Mr Mime to perform spectacles to onlookers. Some do it simply for fun, others are thieves that distract their targets"
  • "Mimaster are such convincing mimes people have sworn they can touch their "invisible glass". They're territorial and don't like attention being paid to Mr Rimes"
Basis: Mimaster remains mime-themed, but this time it is a circus ringleader/master of entertainment. Some traits of its ability reflect a rivalry of sorts with the entertainment Mr Rime performs

Float Up
Effect: Same as Magnet Rise-the user becomes immune to Ground type attacks for five turns
Pokemon that can learn this-Many lightweight or low density Pokemon like Wailord, balloon-like Pokemon
Basis: Float Up is meant to be a Magnet Rise for Pokemon that, well, don't make sense having electromagnet powers but do look like they could float. Swolfish learns this move upon evolution

Swolfish, the Poison Balloon Pokemon
Name basis: swollen+fish
Ability-Levitate/Poison Point (normal), Intimidate (Hidden)
Evolution: Johtonian Qwilfish-Use Poison Stone-Swolfish
BST-510 (135 HP, 65 Atk, 95 Def, 95 Sp Atk, 95 Sp Def, 35 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Swolfish have adapted to float above water to avoid Poison type predators that can't be affected by their toxins. If they see tasty prey they deflate above them, raining down poison"
  • "Swolfish may not be as spiny as their old relatives the Overqwil, but they are just as poisonous. Male Swolfish impress mates by swelling their body as big as possible"
Basis: While Overqwil focuses on the spikiness and poison of the pufferfish, Swolfish is based off their ability to inflate their body. This is why it has the power to float. The swollen part of the name is a double meaning, as swelling is often a side-effect of poisoning

Regional variant: Qwilfish and Qwilburst, the Detonation Pokemon
Name basis: Qwil+burst
Ability-Aftermath/Poison Point (normal), Toxic Debris (Hidden)
Evolution: Regional variant Qwilfish-Learn Explosion at Lv 38-Qwilburst
BST(Qwilburst)-510 (85 HP, 65 Atk, 65 Def, 115 Sp Atk, 95 Sp Def, 85 Speed)
Pokedex entry (Regional Qwilfish)
  • "Qwilfish of the TBA region have adapted to underwater vulcanism, but they still have some of their Johtonian cousin's poisons. It's just that their toxin has more sulfur in it"
  • "Environmental pressures lead some Qwilfish to tolerate and process superheated water. When they inflate, they do so rapidly to spread boiling water in all directions
Pokedex entry (Qwilburst)
  • "Qwilburst are temperamental beings that will explode in anger if given a reason. This is only a partial metaphor"
  • "In war, Qwilburst's explosiveness has made them living mines. Velagicano are one of the only Pokemon they're friendly with"
Basis: This version of Qwilfish takes the mine influence. As such, it is similar to Voltorb in being a living bomb and also references animals that live around hydrothermal vents

Wormolt and Velagicano, the Hydrothermal Pokemon
Name basis: molten+worm pelagic+volcano
Ability-Pressure/Poison Heal (normal), Sturdy (Hidden Ability)
Evolution: Wormolt-Lv 30-Velagicano
Gender ratio: 50/50
Egg group: Water 3
Pokedex entry (Wormolt)
  • "Wormolt thrive on the chemical reaction around hydrothermal and volcanic vents. If you asked any biologist a century ago, they'd say Wormolt are too extreme to exist"
  • "Wormolt have a special organ that keeps the water and fire parts of their biology in harmony. This organ had only ever been seen before in a Pokemon previously thought to have been a myth"
Pokedex entry (Velagicano)
  • "Velagicano have been found upwards of 30,000 feet underwater. Somehow they have integrated volcanic vents into their biology"
  • "Velagicano protect themselves by spitting lava at their enemy. They are remarkably adept at tolerating poison"
Basis: are based off tube worms and the hydrothermal vents they live around. They reference how for a while we didn't think life could thrive so deep underwater. There's a nod to Volcanion

Blue Coral
Held item/sellable item
Effect: This item can be sold for a good price. Corsola holding this item when traded evolve
Basis: Blue Coral has the same price as a Nugget. It is a rare item found when swimming where Corsola live or on some Corsola but some NPCs will give you one on the cheap. It is a nod to Corsola's shiny appearance

Rock Scrub
Effect-If used on an ally, instead of causing damage it will heal any status condition they have

Scrub Wash
Effect-If used on an ally, instead of causing damage it will heal any status condition they have

Coralpent, the Coral Pokemon
Name basis: coral+serpent
Ability-Unchanged from pre-evolution
Evolution: Johtonian Corsola-Trade while holding a Blue Coral-Coralpent
BST-510 (60 HP, 145 Atk, 75 Def, 45 Sp Atk, 50 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Rare coral has mutated Corsola into a fast, serpentine body. It is still fundamentally the same organism though, and prefer warm and clean seas"
  • "Coralpent have the ability to cure illnesses by scrubbing their coral on the afflicted. Any shiny Coralpent is instantly regarded as the leader of the local Corsola population"
Basis: Coralpent is a speedster counterpart to Cursola. Its serpentine form is because asides from coral, it takes inspiration from the coral snake (though more so in shape). Along with it can learn Rock Scrub and Scrub Wash. It serves as a rare fast Rock type
Additional note: Like Gyarados, there is a static shiny encounter with a Coralpent, which serves as a monarch of its ilk

Scrubbit, Spongesh and Porifresh, the Scrubber, Sponge and Clean Pokemon
Name basis: scrub+bit, sponge+wash, Porifera+fresh
Ability-Clean Debris/Water Absorb (normal), Fluffy (Hidden), Sharpness (Spongesh stage only). Clean Debris means that Spikes, Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock are removed when this Pokemon enters the field
Egg group: Water 3/Mineral
Evolution: Scrubbit-Lv 28-Spongesh-Lv 44-Porifresh
Pokedex entry (Scrubbit)
  • "Scrubbit look like porous rocks, but they are actually Pokemon. For most of their life they stay firm to the seabed"
  • "Scrubbit are good at scrubbing away dirt and grime. They're able to stay on land for some time by absorbing water beforehand"
Pokedex entry (Spongesh)
  • "Unlike other members of their evolutionary family Spongesh are frail, sharp and energetic. They know they're vulnerable so they have to act lightning quick"
  • "Spongesh keep sharps of themselves that come off as devastating projectiles, or they fashion them into weapons. They're hypochrondiacs who constantly check themselves for dirt and grime"
Pokedex entry (Porifresh)
  • "Porifresh are a stark contrast to their pre-evolution; slow, bulky, and mellow. They let smaller Water types hide in their pores"
  • "Porifresh are compassionate Pokemon that will help scrub and clean dirty Pokemon. They have an amazing capacity for water absorption"
Basis: Scrubbit is based off a sponge. It goes from a little bit, to a lanky, glassy sponge and then a nice, shonky sponge. Its ability to learn Rock Scrub and Scrub Wash is based off sponges being used to scrub dirt and clean. Like Vigoroth the middle stage is lanky and fast. Also, while the final stage is still stronger than the main one, it's not much of a type difference so Spongesh and Porifresh act like Scyther and Scizor

Rush Crash
Effect: This moves always goes first. It does recoil damage on the same level as Flare Blitz

Maracoon, the Messenger Pokemon
Name basis: marathon+raccoon
Ability-Stamina/Gluttony (normal), Quick Feet (Hidden)
Evolution: Hoennian Zigzagoon-Lv 20-Hoennian Linoone-Learn Rush Crash at Lv 35-Maracoon
BST-520 (83 HP, 100 Atk, 81 Def, 40 Sp Atk, 81 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Long ago, a Linoone sent as a messenger ran so fast it transformed into a new Pokemon. That was the first recorded Maracoon, and they have been patrons of runners and messengers ever since"
  • "Maracoon are bursting with energy and will go on rampages if confined to a small space. Historically they've made excellent couriers
Basis: Reflecting how its prior forms have movement as a factor and Linoone was the Rushing Pokemon, Maracoon references marathons. It has some wing-like fluff on its feet meant to parallel Hermes' shoe wings
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Ghost-Type Master
New Moves!

Knock-Out Punch
Type: Fighting
Category: Physical
Power: 150
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5
Description: The user winds up its arm in the first turn, and lands a mind-splitting blow the second. This move always causes Sleep.
- Additional Info: Knock-Out Punch will fail is used against a Pokémon that is already Asleep. By that regard, the move will always fail against Komala. If Knock-Out Punch hits a target that already has a status infliction, the status will be replaced with Sleep. The move will fail if the target has Insomnia, or if Uproar, Safeguard or Misty Terrain is in effect. Knock-Out Punch always goes last in the second turn, regardless of stats, items or current ongoing effects.

Deep Sleep
Type: Psychic
Category: Status
Power: none
Accuracy: none
PP: 5
Description: The user casts a spell on the target that fully heals it, but also sends it to Sleep.
- Additional Info: Deep Sleep causes the target to Sleep for three turns. Deep Sleep removes all volatile conditions, including Leech Seed, Infestation, Whirlpool, Fire Spin and Curse. However, the move also removes the effects of Aqua Ring, Ingrain and Substitute. Deep Sleep will fail if used on a Pokémon that is already Asleep. However, it will not fail on a Pokémon that has Insomnia.


Veteran member
Echinoderm Fun

Fluffoid and Feathnoid, the Sky Lily Pokemon
Name basis: fluffer+crinoid, feather+crinoid
Ability-Sweep Up (normal), Suction Cups (Hidden). Sweep Up means that when brought on the field entry hazards are removed. On top of this, a Pokemon with Sweep Up doesn't take damage from entry hazards
Evolution: Fluffoid-33-Feathnoid
Egg group: Water 3
Gender ratio: 12.5% female, 87.5% male
Pokedex entry
  • "Fluffoid's closest relative is Lileep. Somehow they have managed to go airborne, but they still use their stalk to station themselves at rest"
  • "Fluffoid are believed to be descended from what would've been a regional variant of Lileep. Biologists are studying them in order to better understand an extinction event that happened almost 100 million years ago"
  • "So long as a Feathnoid has one of its dozens of appendages, it can regenerate the rest. For millennia these appendages have been used for sweeping and cleaning"
  • "Feathnoid hate dirty and disorganized environments, and obsessively clean anything not up to their standards. They rarely touch the ground because of their high cleanliness standards"
Basis: Fluffoid is based off the feather star, or crinoid. It is meant to be an in-universe relative of Lileep as they are both based on crinoids, however while the Lileep line is the more sessile and ancient variety Fluffoid are free moving crinoids. This close in-universe relationship is also why they have the same egg group and gender ratio. It takes the feather part of feather star to be a pure Flying type. It also takes inspiration from a feather duster

Nonotyen and Defnogold, the Sea Urchin and Fool's Gold Pokemon
Name basis: no+not+yen, definitely+no+gold
Ability-Sand Veil/Pickup (normal), Mimicry (Hidden)
Egg group-Water 3
Gender ratio: 50/50
Evolution: Nonotyen-Lv 30-Defnogold
Pokedex entry
  • "Nonotyen are said to look like coins, but they are no more special than your average beach-dwelling Water type. They prefer to hide under the sand"
  • "Nonotyen used to be quite rare, making them a valuable commodity. But now, centuries later, they're a common sight on the beach"
  • "Defnogold remains were once used as a form of currency due to their past rarity. Nowadays they're almost worthless"
  • "Though they look like they are covered in gold, this is just a coloration of the Defnogold's exterior. However a few actually have gold they found and hoarded
Basis: The Nonotyen line is based off a sand dollar, and the concept of fool's gold. Taking a more literal interpretation of the dollar part, its meant to resemble a big golden coin (and its shiny is platinum colored to further its apparent value) but it is actually a common Pokemon and not even Steel type. There's a nod to inflation

Motelroidea and Symbiofish
Name basis: motel+holothuroidea, symbiosis+fish
Type-Water/Normal (Lonley Symbiofish and Empty Motelroidea), Water/Steel (Occupied Motelroidea), Water/Psychic (Homely Symbiofish
Ability-Fishy Friend (Motelroidea can "merge" with Symbiofish, achieving its Occupied Form, and will gain the same effect as Iron Barbs in this form), Squishy Friend (Symbiofish can "merge" with Motelroidea, achieving its Homely Form, and will gain the same effect as Magic Bounce in this form)
Gender ratio: 50/50
Egg group: Water 3 (Motelroidea), Water 2 (Symbiofish)
BST (Lonely Symbiofish)-410 (100 HP, 50 Atk, 50 Def, 50 Sp Atk, 50 Sp Def, 120 Speed)
BST (Empty Motelroidea)-410 (100 HP, 50 Atk, 120 Def, 50 Sp Atk, 50 Sp Def, 50 Speed)
BST (Occupied Motelroidea)-540 (100 HP, 120 Atk, 120 Def, 30 Sp Atk, 120 Sp Def, 50 Speed)
BST (Homely Symbiofish)-540 (100 HP, 30 Atk, 50 Def, 120 Sp Atk, 120 Sp Def, 120 Speed)
Form change: Motelroidea and Symbiofish have the ability to merge via their ability. Which one is the dominant party determines who you merge.
Pokedex entry (Lonely Symbiofish)
  • "Symbiofish are small and unremarkable Pokemon. They look to protect themselves by hiding in Motelroidea"
  • "Insignificant and easily prayed on Pokemon. You are more likely to find them hiding in a Motelroidea"
Pokedex entry (Empty Motelroidea)
  • "Motelroidea are kind of bulky, but that's about it. They look for Symbiofish as a means of offense"
  • "Something special happens when a Symbiofish lives inside a Motelroidea. Otherwise few people care about them"
Pokedex entry (Occupied Motelroidea)
  • "Having a Symbiofish within a Motelroidea triggered a remarkable transformation. Their externals resemble a thorny metallic shell"
  • "Motelroidea give Symbiofish asylum, and in turn they gain a natural armor. They can endure over 10,000 atmospheres of pressure"
Pokedex entry (Homely Symbiofish)
  • "Somehow living in a Motelroidea has massively increased the Symbiofish's intellect. It possesses psychic abilities"
  • "The slime of a Motelroidea lets Symbiofish bounce off certain attacks. They can read minds from miles away"
Basis: This concept is based off the pearl fish, specifically the silver pearlfish and pineapple sea cucumber. In symbiosis, two mediocore Pokemon become strong when fused

Tube Tickle
Effect-This move always goes first. It has a chance of causing the opponent to flinch
Pokemon that can learn this move: Any and all Pokemon based off echinoderms.
Other notes: While this is a simple move it is mainly used as an excuse to justify new evolutions of prior echinoderm Pokemon and maybe even a new Pokemon

Pyukumacho, the Gutsy Pokemon
Name basis: puke+mucus+cucumber+macho
Ability-Guts (normal), Regenerator (Hidden)
Evolution: Pyukumacho-Learn Tube Tickle at Lv 40-Pyukumacho
BST-510 (55 HP, 130 Atk, 60 Def, 100 Sp Atk, 30 Sp Def, 135 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Pyukumacho can weaponize their own internal organs with shockingly minimal self-harm. They pride themselves on fighting even when criticially injured"
  • "Pyukumacho compete over who can still stand after the most amount of damage given. Scientists still aren't sure how such a tough Pokemon evolved from a Pyukumuku"
Basis: The gutsy part, ability and type are acknowledging the literal guts of a sea cucumber and its ability to, well, self-eviscerate/weaponize its guts. This is reflected in its "macho masochism". It essentially becomes a glass cannon
Other notes: Much like Scizor, Pyukumacho is meant to be more of an alternative to its pre-evolution than an outright replacement. An offensive equivalent. This is also why it doesn't have Innards Out; it is not meant to outright replace Pyukumuku

Pikurchin, the Thunder Pike Pokemon
Name basis: pike+sea urchin
Ability-Lightningrod/Toxic Debris (normal), Electric Surge (Hidden)
Evolution: Pincurchin-learn Tube Tickle at Lv 35-Pikurchin
BST-510 (48 HP, 131 Atk, 115 Def, 111 Sp Atk, 85 Sp Def, 15 Speed)
Pokedex entry
  • "Pikurchin are known as "The Spiny Reaper" since nothing within 20 feet of them comes back. However they still only eat seaweed, and act in self-defense more than often"
  • "Pikurchin were born and raised to surround castles with a powerful electric barrier. Spines that broke off were used for some of the first electrical experiments"
Basis: Pikurchin keeps many of its prior self's traits, however now it reflects things like electric fences and similar constructions. It has pikes are part of its thorny design

Graphichin and Radidrawls, the Sea Urchin and Spike Sketcher Pokemon
Name basis: graphite+urchin, radiols+draw
Type-Water (Graphichin), Water/Rock (Radidrawls)
Ability-Trace (normal), Iron Barbs (Hidden)
Evolution: Graphichin-Learn Tube Tickle at Lv 35-Radidrawls
Gender ratio-50/50
Egg group-Water 3
Forms: The Graphichin line have an aesthetic form where their tips have different colors, which begin to resemble different gemstones when they evolved. As a shiny this part doesn't change, but the main body goes from red to pink.
  • White Graphichin-Chalk Radidrawls
  • Black Graphichin-Charcoal Radidrawls
  • Purple Graphichin-Amethyst Radidrawls
  • Blue Graphichin-Sapphire Radidrawls
  • Cyan Graphichin-Turquoise Radidrawls
  • Green Graphichin-Emerald Radidrawls
  • Yellow Graphichin-Amber Radidrawls
  • Orange Graphichin-Citrine Radidrwls
Pokedex entry
  • "Graphichin are surprisingly intelligent for a sea urchin. They make marks in the ground with their spikes"
  • "Graphichin have shockingly good memory, which they use be ever-vigilant for predators. Broken off spikes have been used as makeshift pencils"
  • "Radidrawls can make impressive sketches and carvings in rock with their own rocky spines. They act like pencils, except they can even work underwater"
  • "Radidrawls are inquisitive and use their spines to get around, defend themselves and draw. Ironically despite their overall red coloration, none of them can draw in red"
Basis: Graphichin is based off the pencil urchin. This of course takes it more literally with its spines being actual pencils. The Rock type is a nod to graphite/pencil "lead" and how its radiols are rocky