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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Alkaide, Jul 29, 2006.



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  1. 1. Restart game.
    2. Name yourself "PIEz". Yes, 3 Caps and 1 Lower.
    3. Talk to your Mom.
    4. Go and get the Grass-Type Starter.
    5. Get the Flying type bird at the beginning of the game.
    6. Then capture the Normal type at the beginning of the game.
    7. The next Pokemon you see will be a Mew.
  2. Kyroid

    Kyroid ...

    1st. Go to walmart
    2nd. Get a hammer from somewhere in there
    3rd. Go to the video section in walmart
    4th. Hit the hammer against the glass
    5th. Grab a Ds lite in any color
    6th. Run like a monkey to the exit
    7th. Dont get caught, if u do then u go to jail
    8th. Run home with your new Ds Lite
    9th. u have a new DS congrats

    10th. [if u get caught] Call me if u get caught and i will break u out

  3. Creation: Cheat, this is the easiest and funnest to do

    1. Buy a Pokeball.
    2. Throw away that Pokeball.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 50 times.
    4. Hatch an egg.
    5. Eat a pie.
    6. Catch a Bidoof.
    7. Congratulations! You now have a Bidoof!
  4. New Move: Crater Blast
    Category: Special
    Type: Rock
    Power: 140
    PP: 5
    Acc: 100%
    The user summons an enormous meteor to smash the foe into the ground. The user's Special Attack is then sharply lowered.
  5. trixie08

    trixie08 Speak No Evil

    Ability: Body Pressure
    The user's attack is increased by 1.5x, but 2 PPs will be deducted instead of one when it uses a move.
  6. Renaming and Creating moves

    Blaze Kick==> Fire Kick

    I think you know where this is going...

    Thunder Kick and Ice Kick. Same thing as Fire/Blaze Kick, except the chance of burning is changed to Paralysing and Freezing respectively.
  7. gtab x3

    gtab x3 Well-Known Member

    Rename Luvdisc to romancidisc
  8. Creation: Ability

    Name: Danger
    Effect: All damage done, direct or indirect, is multiplied by 1.1 the first turn and is increased by 0.1 each turn (so turn 1, damage is increased by 1.1, turn 2, 1.2, 3, 1.3, 4, 1.4 etc.)
  9. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    Munchlax= Sleepeater
  10. Creation: Attack

    Name: Future miss
    Power: --
    Accuracy: --
    Effect: The next attack the opponent uses will always miss.
  11. Roar of Time --> Time's Roar

    To me it sounds better :/
  12. Spacial Rend --> Rend... of... Spacial...?
  13. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    Arceus= Argod
  14. New Ability: Leaf Absorb

    This Pokemon's HP is restored by 1/4th max HP whenever it is hit by a Grass-type move.
  15. ShinyCollector007

    ShinyCollector007 Trainin's Over! DIE!

    Ability: Heat
    Ice attacks to half damage
  16. beoderro

    beoderro Unactive :(


    Dizzy Punch => Knock out Punch

    I dunno if the name 'Knock out' work with that... Does it knock out the opponent in Dizzy Punch? o_O Gee, I'm not even sure!
  17. Shadow Tepi 8

    Shadow Tepi 8 Prince of Blue

    Move: Laser Cannon
    Category: Special
    Type: Fire
    Power: 120
    Acc: 50
    PP: 5

    User sends out a powerful laser to attack the foe. Will always burn the foe if it hits.
  18. Shadow Tepi 8

    Shadow Tepi 8 Prince of Blue

    Move: Scattershot
    Category: Physical
    Type: Steel
    Power: 50
    Acc: 70
    PP: 20

    User scatters shards of metal at the opponent. The foe takes damage if it hits. If the move misses, then a layer of sharp metal is set on the opponents side of the floor, damaging enemies that switch in.
  19. New Ability: Jagged Blade

    There is an increased 5% chance for all Steel-type moves to land a critical hit.
  20. Shadow Tepi 8

    Shadow Tepi 8 Prince of Blue

    Ability: Pre-emptive Strike
    Desc: If the pokemon with this ability is slower than the foe, then it will always strike first in a turn.

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