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Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything


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Speak No Evil
Spacial Rend- Rip of Space perhaps?

Move: Soft Breeze
Type: Flying
Category: Special
Power: 60
PP: 5
Accu.: 100%
Effect: has a 10% chance of increasing each of the user's stats by one stage.
The user whips up a simple breeze to inflict damage. May raise all of the user's stats a bit.


Angels Amoonguss
Spacial Rend doesn't have to change if Roar Of Time does. In fact Time's Roar goes better with Spacial Rend.

Move: Fireball
Type: Fire
Category: Special
Power: 40
PP: 35
Accu.: 100%
Effect: Always strikes first.

Move: Brimstone
Type: Rock
Category: Special
Power: 80
PP: 30
Accu.: 100%
Effect: Has a 30% chance of inflicting a Burn.


Shade of Blue
new move

Name: Jagged Strike
Type: Steel
Cat: Physical
Power: 90
Acc: ---
PP: 20
Effect: Never misses. Pretty much a physical Aura Sphere. Also signature move of Mawile.

Shadow chaser

Holla Front!
Move: Aqua Thrust
Type: Water, physical
Effects:High critical ratio, may cause Flinching(30%)
Description: User summons aqua power to tackle the opponent with a blinding speed

Shadow Tepi 8

Prince of Blue
Ability: Impeder
Desc: The Pokemon with this ability ignores any priority moves from the opponent. ie. Priority moves have their priority taken away.


Move: You first

It lets the foe pokemon attack first.

Shadow chaser

Holla Front!
Nice "sig" LOL! :p

New move:Death lock
Effect:poison(as in Toxic) opponent and trapping them(trapping effect will disappear if user faints or switches, can be baton passed )
Description: User wraps around opponent tightly while producing toxical substances.
User:Arbok, Seviper and Steelix exclusive!


1. Choose a fire type starter.
2. Nickname it WTFLOLBBQ.
3. Level it up to the level in which it evolves.
4. Congratulations, it'll evolve into the pyro from TF2.




New Member
Pokedex info:Blaur, a 'chiken dinosaur' pokémon. With is sharp claws combined with its enomous power, Blaur can cause an great damage. A lot of people think thats Blaur is the abbreviation of Bulbasaur.



New ability:


All your move are one-hit KO.

gtab x3

Well-Known Member
Let me make a cheat.

1. go to sootopolis city
2. exit the pokmeon centre 10 times
3. exit the gym 10 times
4. exit the pokemart 10 times
5. now use the good rod, and the next pokemon you fish out is a shiny!
Epic cheat, pwns all other cheats

1. Restart your game
2. Save

Congratulations! You now deleted all of your previously saved data!


From Zero To Hero
Ability: Mesmerize
Description: The user at the start of battle moves slowly back and forth, confusing the opponent 25% of the time.
Pokemon: Any pokemon that makes repeated motions, like Noctowl, Hypno, Medicham, Alakazam, pretty much every Psychic pokemon, except Metagross/Starmie/Bronzong

Attack: Bell Smash
Description: The user prepares to smack a large bell like object and hits it hard. The user takes recoil, and the opponents Defense and Special Defense are lowered 2 stages.
Pokemon: Bronzong, and similar shape pokemon.

Gym Leader: Marcus (Bugsy's older brother)
Badge: Swarm Badge
Prize: $4500
TM: X-Scissor
;015; Beedrill lvl 40
;205; Forretress lvl 39
;214; Heracross lvl 41
;012; Butterfree lvl 40
;212; Scizor lvl 43
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Phat Philanthropist
New cheat:

1. Start your game.
2. Catch a Starly.

Congratulations, you now own a Starly.

New Pokemon:

Pot Luck Pokemon
Height: 1'7"
Weight: 378 lbs
Gender Ratio: Neuter
Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Rock Head/Pressure
Egg: None
EXP: Medium Fast
Happiness: 70
Color: White
EVs from Battling: 2 Defense
Catch Rate: 45
Base Stats:
Total: 555
HP: 90
Attack: 55
Defense: 180
Speed: 45
Special Attack: 90
Special Defense: 85

Level up Moves:
1 Water Gun
1 Rollout
1 Defense Curl
3 Night Shade
7 Take Down
13 Hypnosis
21 Psybeam
27 Double Edge
31 Iron Defense
33 Mirror Shot
37 Extrasensory
43 Counter
51 Bubble Beam
53 Ancient Power
57 Mirror Coat
63 Hydro Pump

Meh, haven't decided on TMs yet. >_>


I Am Your Nightmare

(1st Gym)
Fairwind City Gym:
Leader: Gale
Badge: Cloud Badge
Type: Flying Type Gym
Pokemon Before League: Pidgey,Swablu
After League: Pidgeot,Altaria,Togekiss,Honchkrow,Crobat

(2nd Gym)
Honeypeak Town Gym:
Leader: Bea
Badge: Infest Badge
Type: Bug
Pokemon Before League: Skorupi,Scyther,Surskit,Venonat,
After League: Darpion,Scizor,Masquerain,Venomoth,Heracross,Vaspiquen

(3rd Gym)
Shadowbrook Town Gym:
Leader: Sullivan
Badge: Dusk Badge
Type: Dark
Pokemon Before League: Eevee,Absol,Sneasel
After League: Umbreon,Absol,Weavile,Houndoom,Tyranitar

(4th Gym)
Twincliff City Gym:
Learder: Cole
Badge: Peak Badge
Type: Rock
Pokemon Before League: Graveler,Rhyhorn,Sudowoodo
After League: Golem,Rhyperior,Sudowoodo,Aerodactyl,Probopass

(5th Gym)
Farview Town Gym:
Leader: Ken
Badge: Third Eye Badge
Type: Psychic
Pokemon Before League: Kadabra,Grumpig,Jynx,Xatu
After League: Alakazam,Grumpig,Jynx,Xatu,Espeon,Gardevoir

(6th Gym)
Ironburgh City:
Leader: Stella
Badge: Titanium Badge
Pokemon Before League: Skarmory,Magneton,Lairon,Bronzong
After League: Skarmory,Magnezone,Aggron,Bronzong,Metagross

(7th gym)
Icebluff Town Gym:
Leader: Isis
Badge: Icicle Badge
Pokemon Before League: Lapras,Mamoswine,Foslass,Dewgong
After League: Lapras,Mamoswine,Froslass,Dewgong,Glaceon,Walrein

(8th Gym)
Spirefield City Gym:
Leader: David
Badge: Common Badge
Type: Normal
Pokemon Before League: Snorlax,Blissey,Exploud,Lickilicky,Kangaskhan
After League: Snorlax,Blissey,Exploud,Lickilicky,Kangaskhan,Ambipom



E4 1st Member:
Member: Blair
Type: Ghost
Pokemon: Gengar,Sableye,Mismagius,Dusknoir,Spiritomb

E4 2nd Member:
Member: Flo
Type: Water
Pokemon: Wailord,Milotic,Floatzel,Crawdaunt,Politoed

E4 3rd Member:
Member: Bruce and Vance
Type: Fighting
Pokemon: Hitmonlee,Lucario,Poliwrath,Machamp,Medicham

E4 4th Member:
Member: Lizzy
Pokemon: Dragonite,Salamance,Garchomp,Kingdra,Flygon

Champ: Peter
Pokemon: Electivire,Magmortar,Gyarados,Roserade,Gallade,Gliscor


Battle Frontier: (No legends Allowed on either side)

Brain 1:
Evolutionary Field:
Evolutionary Brain: Clair
Pokemon: She will battle you in three forms of battle form one is she will use Pokemon that have not evolved yet (Baby/non-evolutionary pokemon/basic stage),form two is where she will battle you with middle stage Pokemon,form three is she will use all final forms of Pokemon in battle.

Brain 2: You have to clear both brains and types of battle you get half a medal from each brain to make one frontier medal
Battle Stadium:
Double Battle Brain: James
Pokemon: Random System
Single Battle Brain: Lilly
Pokemon: Random System

Brain 3:
Elemental Tower:
Elemental Tower Brain: Jeff
Pokemon: Will have 4 Pokemon all the same type but there are 17 teams to choose from one from every Pokemon type and it will be a random system of choosing the type of the team he uses.

Brain 4: You will meet him on your 101st battle in a streak.
1 vs 100 Area:
Area Brain: Will
Pokemon: Random System

Brain 5:
Regional Hotel:
Regional Brain: Kelly
Pokemon: Depends on what region pokemon you want her to battle you with it will be a random team of 6 Pokemon from one of the 4 regions.

Brain 6: You can battle them in a double or single battle
Eeveelution Jungle:
Brain: Zoey and Henry
Zoey's Single Battle Pokemon: Jolteon,Flareon,Vaporeon,Eevee
Henry's Single Battle Pokemon: Espeon,Umbreon,Glaceon,Leafeon
Zoey's Double Battle Pokemon: Jolteon,Flareon,Vaporeon
Henry's Double Battle Pokemon: Espeon,Umbreon,Leafeon
Creation: Ability

Name: Drain
Effect: Every turn, 1/16th of the opponent's health is drained and given to this Pokemon.
Creation: Attack

Name: Storm brew
Effect: A weather effect, causes damage (about the same amount as Hail and Sandstorm does) to every Pokemon that isn't electric type, damage is doubled to water types.
New Move: Sanitize
Category: Special
Type: Normal
Power: 60
PP: 10
Acc: 100%
The user hits the foe with a powerful cleanser that also heals the user and the foe if they are poisoned. The chance that this move will land a critical hit on Poison-type foes is raised to 50%.