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Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

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Guardian of the Sea.
Team Earthquake
Favorite type:ground
Leader's pokemon: Groudon, Hippowdon, Garchomp, Flygon
Goal: To awaken the pokemon at the center of the Earth, Eartheon(Evolved form of Eevee, the only item to evolve it is a depleted resource(LOL!!!))

Metal Force

~Name: Sonic Slash
~Category: Special
~Power: xxx
~Accuracy: xxx
~PP: 5
Power= (User's level +foe's level)/2
Accuracy= (User's level - foe's level)+100 (if +100 it becomes like Aura Sphere).


Active Member
Create your own pokemon: Tutara (ancient pokemon)
Types: Dragon/steel
ability: Power boost (raises attack and sp.attack)
description: An ancient pokemon, long though to be extinct. It's spike's on it's frill and body are hard as diamond.
Exclusive moves: Dragon's call (raises sp.attack and attack by two).
Evolves into: Armordon (lv. 35)

Armordon (Dragon pokemon)
Power release: after a few turns, all stats go up.
It is said that the power Tutara build's as it fight's, turns it into a powerhouse. Once it evovles it grows wings and can fly.
Ancient crush (smashes opponent with latent power. Attack:80 accuracy:95 type Rock)
Ability: Unlucky Aura

If the user is hit with a super effective attack, then the Pokemon that landed that attack has its chances of getting in a critical hit sharply lowered.


Shadow Ring

If the Pokemon with this ability is hit with a Dark type move, the user of the dark type move has its accuracy lowered.

Create your own Pokemon

Name: Drakon
Type: Dark, Steel
Ability: Shadow Ring (My made up ability)
Description (I guess Pokedex): The spikes on it's back are extremely sharp. It can cut objects at light speed with the spikes on its back.
Exclusive Moves: Shadow Fang (Strikes with Sharp Fangs that inflict 90 Damage; Raises attack)
Evolves into: Nothing.


Create your own berry
Tawcon Berry
Pink with Blue
A berry with a hard outer shell and a soft inside, tasting very sweet.

Create your own Trainer (I kind of wanted to do this)
Name: Hope
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Outfit: Blue mini jacket with stars and stripes with a tank top underneath, Black Mini Skirt, Striped Pink Knee high socks, Purple Fashion Boots, Blue visor
Bag: Backpack
Gender: Female

Make your own City
Name: Chifara City
Landmarks: Dream Clock Tower, Trainers School, Pokedex manufacturing factory
Lakes: Lake Mystic


You are next.
Ability: Optimism
The pokemon's special defense increase by one level upon entry
pokemon: those jolly type that are happy all the time

Ability: Pessimism
Upon status affects (POISON, PARALYSIS, BURN, CONFUSION), the pokemon's attack has higher chance of critical hit
(^ i thought we have this already?)


Scummy Man
i'll make some.


Super Splash - The counterpart of the original Splash.
Power: 500
Accuracy: 100% Accurate!
Type: Water
PP: 40
Desc: Splashes the enemy with large amount of water, imagine surf being combined with hydro pump.

Revival Song
Power: ---
Accuracy: 100%
Type: Normal
PP: 5
Desc: Revives any fainted pokemon in your party with full HP and PP.

BAMBAMBAM - I know, it's a stupid name.
Power: 150
Accuracy: 100
Type: Fighting
PP: 10
Desc: Beat the enemy to a bloody pulp for 2-5 turns. User will be confused after doing it.

Power: ---
Accuracy: ---
Type: Normal
PP: 10
Desc: Restores user HP and cures abnormal status. No side effects.

Power: 120
Accuracy: 100%
Type: Fire
PP: 10
Desc: Blasts the enemy with an enormous fire blast. May causes burn.

Transporter - a HM move.
Power: 120
Accuracy: ---
PP: 15
Type: Flying
Desc: Can be used to fly in the field, just like fly. In battle, this move never misses. The ultimate Flying techinique.
How to get the HM: Get your mother to buy it for you.

New abilities:

Blazing Rage: Increase Sp. Attack every turn. Only learnable by fire pokemon.

New Contest:

A pokemon music contest. You can teach your pokemon how to play musical instruments.
Make a solo, band, or an orchestra. There's a maximum member amount for those categories:
band: maximum of 7 poke.
orchestra: maximum of 50 poke.
There will be a new poffin: Triple Flavour Poffin. Use it to increase your pokemon musical ability. Also, you have to buy the musical instruments! Trainers can join, too!
If you have a band, ora an orchestra, you can perform in any city to get a lot of money! Up to $ 350.000 per appearance! Well, the more famous you are, the bigger amount of money you get.

that's it, i guess..
Type: Normal
ATK: 120
PP: 5
ACC: --
Description: If the Pokemon faints before using this move, before leaving the screen, it attacks. If the Pokemon doesn't faint before using this move, nothing happens.

Type: Water
ATK: 60
PP: 15
ACC: 85
Description: Does double damage on Fire types


Active Member
Hold item: Ancient shard
A mystic peice of a jewel, holding it increases a pokemon's stats if their in trouble.

Move: Dragon's fury
Spends a turn charging, then unleashes a powerful blast.
attack:140 Accuracy:95 pp:10
Can only be taught to Dragon types holding an ancient shard.
Move: Moss Wave
Category: Special
Type: Grass
Power: 100
PP: 10
Acc: 90%
The grass equivalent to Earthquake. The user unleashes a blanket of thick, sharp moss that affects everyone else in battle.


♚ get s l e a z y
I have a huge list so its really hard to get it all in one post...
Well this is my dex
Jans pokemon fakedex

ability: Drizzle: When pokemon has 1/2 of hp left, wtaer attacks get stronger
Wavus, evo of bulblius
water, flying
Ability: Drizzle (you know what it does)
Evo of wavus
Water, ice
Ability: Riptide: Each turn the opponenet is drained an amount of life depending on tsunamiuss' status

More starters to come (actually i have them but i have to draw them first!!)

Evo of Bastiodon
Steel, ground
Abitity: Teamate protect: If you switch out protectdon with any other steel ground or rock type on you team, they are protected for the first turn they are out ( They are allowed to use a move)

Evo of rampardos
ground, fighting
Ability: Quick feet: If your opponent is to send out any fighting type pokemon, Your speed is doubled


Three base ledgandaries

Water, Flying
Ability: Swept away: Each turn automatically switches the pokemon that started the battle

Ice, thunder
Ability: Freeze-out: If hailion is to faint, The opponent becomes frozen and has 10% of its life taken away each turn.

More to come.....


Hehe, I made one a year or two ago:

Pokemon: Ho-Arabutops (Aron, Kabutops, Ho-Oh)
Obtained how: Breed Aggron and Kabutops, both holding a Star Piece
Type: Steel/Flying
Moves and level learned:

Level 1/egg: Metal Sound
Level 1/egg: Air Slash
Level 1/egg: False Swipe
Level 6: Comet Punch
Level 12: Night Slash
Level 24: Rock Tomb
Level 37: Aerial Ace
Level 48: Howl
Level 59: Mega Drain
Level 66: Sky Attack
Level 78: Metal Burst
Level 84: Hydro Pump
Level 93: Sacred Fire
Level 100: Steel Storm (150 power. all pokemon on team are hit. may lower evasiveness and attack)
Abilities: Battle Armor, Sand Veil


Serial Experiment
New pokemon cuz I feel like it.

Name: Pegamus

Type: Flying/Psychic

Apperance: Like a ponyta with no flames, black mane and tail, and a pair of large white wings with black tpis.

(I'm too lazy to add movesets and stuff. XD)


Fail on a Stick
Type: Water
Power: 75
PP: 20
Effect: Super effective on fire types.

Type: Grass
Power: 75
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Effect: Super effective on Bug types.

Item: GroundingRod
The holder's Electric moves affect Ground types.
Move: Alienation
Category: Status
Type: Normal
Power: --
PP: 5
Acc: --%
This move only works in double battles. The user maximizes its attack, which cannot be lowered until the battle ends or the user is switched out. However, every physical attack it does during that time does 25% damage to its ally.
Gym Leader-
Name: Pyrone Weather
Gym Leader Number: 9th in Hoen Region
Stratagy:Changing the weather to shift the tide of the battle

Sunny Day

Rain Dance
Hydro Pump

Ice Beam
Weather Ball

Sand Storm
Rock Slide

Alakazam (not for weather, but to compromize weaknesses)


♚ get s l e a z y
More pokemon!

Okay continuing on.....

New Water moves....

Down fall:
Does more damage to the types that are strong against water

Water bomb
Power: 80
Creates a large explosion, often confuses your opponent, 60%

Aqua Blast
Power: 100
Basically a water type earthquake, exept it does notdamage your teammate

New Psychic Moves

Peaceful mind
power: --
Raises you accuracy and evaisiveness by two

Psy blast
Power: 90
No effect on opponent other than damaging them

More to come...
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