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Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

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wolf fox

OMG What is THAT ??
Sunshine Boost
Available to: All Fire type Pokemon
When the weather is sunny, this Pokemon's fire type attacks
become stronger.


Ability: Lady's First

Female pokemon attack first if the current foe is male. If both pokemon are female, the attacking order is determined normally.

Pokemon that are female only, like Jynx, Froslass, Kangashkhan, Blissey etc., have this ability.


When Wings Fly High
Advantages-Dark, Ghost, Physic, Drago.n
Disadvantages-Fire, Steel, Rock.
Normal effective-All other types


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Grimzoul. legendary pokemon

Reaper pokemon
Ghost type

This pokemon is literally the "mother" of all ghost pokemon. Grimzoul reaps dead pokemons souls and turns them into ghost type pokemon. Thanks to Grimzoul pokemon never actually die; just get rebourn as ghost pokemon. When Grimzoul reapers a humans soul they pass on to the otherworld

Treseis. Legendary pokemon

Hell pokemon

This pokemon is ruler of the underworld and arch enemy of Arceus.

Gokutang. Legendary pokemon

Normal type
Monkey pokemon

This pokemon is based on son goku. (not DBZ, the Japanese legend)


Raiden Maximus
Move: Solar Burst
Type: Fire
Cat: Physical
Power: 80
PP: 10
Acc: 90
Eff: High chance of critical hit. 20% Burn. Acc, Chance of Critical Hit and Effect Chance also inceases by 1.5% on sunny day.


Another round?
Attack: Doomsday
Type: Fire
Power: 400
Accuracy: 100
PP: 1
Effect: Prevents use of attacking moves of the user for 3 turns.

Metal Force

Create your own trainer:
Name: Hannah Raven
Home Town: Solaceon Town
Relations with other characters: The granddaughter of the Day Care couple and sister of the new paper guy.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes cute and tough Pokemon, but dislikes Pokemon who are very strong.
Status: Intermediate-going on-Expert Trainer that has won 2 Johto badges and 5 Sinnog badges.
Nincada was Hannah's first Pokemon. She obtained it by a Nincada egg that the original trainer of the parents told the day care couple to keep. After it evolved into both Ninjask and Shedinja in her battle against Roark she decided to keep the Shedinja and give the Ninjask to her grandparents. Shedinja uses many powerful attacks like X-Scissor and Shadow Claw and its ability has helped Hannah in many battles.

Due to her friend Maya's bet. She decided to catch a Rotom that has been haunting her at night in her TV screen. It wasn't easy but she managed to catch it. Hannah's Rotom is shiny and she's quite happy about it. It's known in battle to use Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave then striking with Shock Wave and Shadow Ball.

On her trip to the Unown ruins she noticed that one "?" Unown wasn't with its group. They later found it that it's because there's another "?" Unown in the ruin and it thought of itself as useless. As a reasult Hannah caught this Unown. Amazingly it's quite good in battle, using a powerful Hidden Power Psychic.

Weedle: In her trip to Johto she found a young Weedle. She searched for its parents but never found them. As a reasult she decided to temporarily keep it. It's not used much in battle but if used Hannah takes advantage of its Poison Sting to poison foe's Pokemon


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"The Mystery Croagunk Staute"

Beat the game.
Got nat dex.
Have Mystery Gift.
Have 6 Croagunks.

Step 1.
Head on over to Pastoria City. There head into the Mart.
Have your 6 Croagunks ready and press A on the staute.
Nothing out of normal will happen.

Step 2.
After step one go buy a marsh ticket and take the tram.
A new triner will be in Area 1. An old man. Talk to him and you'll
battle. Defeat him.

Step 3.
Go on to Mystery Gift and hit recieve gift. Suddenly you'll get the gift called
The Croagunk Mystery. Accept and take it. You'll go back and get the gift.
You will get an item called the Croagunk Posion. Press A on the stute and you'll receive an item called the Area Zero Ticket. Go into the marsh and tell the train you want to go to area zero. You'll go the and into a cave filled with croagunk. At the end is a huge toxicroak. Kill it or catch it. The go back to the mart and the staute willbe for sale for you to put it in your base.


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I always thought there should be a prekangaskan. It would be the baby.
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I don't speak monkey
I always thought there should be a prekangaskan. I would be the baby.

I agree with the first part... The second, hmmm... oh wait it's not me so I don't really care.

There should also be a baby lapras, like smoochum for jynx, etc.

I also would have a pre-tauros/miltank that evolves only to each depending on its gender.
Move: Demolition
Category: Physical
Type: Steel
Power: OHKO
PP: 5
Acc: 30%
The user tears at the foe with iron-hard pincers/claws/whatevers. The foe faints instantly if it hits.
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