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Create Your Own.... ANYTHING

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RoCk n RoLL

New Member
Tripom: Three tailed Tarsier Pokemon
Type: Fighting/Normal
Ability: Out Balanced: When Tripom is been attacked by a fighting type attack, Tripom's accuracy is lowered 1 stage
Evolution Chain: Aipom --Lv up w/ double hit-- Ambipom --Lv up w/ Zen Tripunch-- Tripom

Omnivine: Venus Fly trap Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Rough Skin
Evolution Chain: Carnivine --Lv up w/ Swallow, Stockpile, Spit up--

Minusle: Cheering Pokemon
Breed Plusle(Female) w/ Soothe bell & Minun(Male) w/ Macho Brace
Ability: Plus Minus Charge: When Plusle and Minun is on your team, Minusle's Attack is raised by 4 stages
Evolution Chain: DOES NOT EVOLVE



HM 09:Steel Power
In-game description:A move that varies in power depending on opponents type.
It can never miss.
Ok, so its power varies with your foes type. Here`s a list.
If Steel is...
4x effective against foes type:150 power.
2x effective:105 power.
1x effective:90 power.
0.5x effective:75 power.
0.25x effective:50 power

Field effect: Does everything the HM`s do.

So,pretty good,eh?:)

Metal Force

Create your own item:
Name: Tracer
Effect: Traces and copies foe's item (reset when the user switches, just like the ability Trace).


Veteran member
Wailing Beam
A wail that curses any opponent who hears it


New Member
The new Johto leauge elite 4 & champion

Elite 4 member: Quentain-Normal types
Slaking, Zangoose, Blissy, Togekiss, Linoone, Furret

Elite4 member: Blade-Grass types
Jumpluff, Sunflora, Bellosum, Vileplum, Cherubi

Elite4 member: Thor-Electric types
Lanturn, Magnezone, Electrivire,another Lanturn, Jolteon

Elite 4 member: Falkner-Flying types
Gliscor, Delibird, Areodactyl, Pidgeot, Charizard, Pellipper

Pokemon League Champion: Giovanni-Ground types
Torterra, Quagsire, Rhypherior, Persian, Golem, Nidoking


Okay, this has probably been done before, and I don't want to seem sick, but...
Accuracy-never miss
This move lowers your defense and makes your opponent unable to switch out if it is of the opposite gender. Twice as effective if charm or attract has been used. Guarantees a twenty at the end of the battle.
Move: Sacrifice
Type: Dark
PP: 5
Power: --
This Pokemon gives its held item to the foe in order to quadruple (yes, quadruple) special attack. Will not work if the foe already holds an item.

Metal Force

Create your own move:
Name: Omega Splash
Type: Water
Power: 180
Category: Physical
Acc: 60
PP: 5
Des: The user makes a huge splash, has a 20% chance of lowering foe's Sp.Def.
Known by: Magikarp (Lv 20).


Volcanic Rage
Type: Fire
Power: 40
Catergory: Physical
Acc: 100
PP: 25
Description: Hits first
(Quick attack of the firekind!)

Dark Arceus

Worst. Name. Ever.
Ability: Conversion 123

The Pokemon's move types (e.g. Normal, Psychic) can hit pokemon which they previously couldn't (e.g. Gengar, Umbreon)

Pokemon: Porygon, Porygon2, PorygonZ


#1 Munchlax Fan
Pokemon: Coppyatta
Type: Normal
Description: A pokemon that copy's anything.
Signature Move: Copy Attack(The only move Coppyatta learns)-Coppyatta copies all the foes moves.(Like mimic but copies all foes moves)
Ability- Copy Protect-Coppatta changes it's type to a type that the oppenet's attacks are not effective on.


Volcanic Rage
Move:Hot Air
Type: Fire
Power: --
Catergory: Effect
Acc: --
PP: 25
Description: Changes ability to Levitate
Pokemon: Pyrogasus
Type: Fire/Flying
Ability: Early Bird/Flash Fire
Evolution: Ponyta (level 40) --> Rapidash (Cloud Stone) --> Pyrogasus
Description: Pyrogasus is a huge firey horse with huge wings the same color as its fur/hair - they're batlike wings! There are two large horns sticking from its head, and very sharp birdlike claws are growing from its hooves. From the backs of its legs are sharp blades made of fire.
It is no longer capable of learning fire-type attacks naturally; however it can now learn some flying, dark, and ghost moves that its prevos could not learn.


#1 Munchlax Fan
Type: ???
Description: The most powerfullest attack. Power-300 Acuracy-100%-1st turn all of the opponent's teams stats fall to the lowest they can go.2nd turn random Status effects are put on the opponent's team.3rd turn a asteroid hits all pokes and damages the opponent's pokemon in battle but damages your own pokemon also.
Learned by: Apoleclipse

Type: ???
Classification: The Omega Pokemon.
Description: The pokemon of pure destruction
Signature move: Armageddon
Ability: Doom

Ability: Doom
Effect: The pokemon with this ability can't be hurt on turn numbers with 6,example on turn number 16 it can't be hurt.

This pokemon is the opposite of Arceus!
Move: Rainbow Arc (HM09)
Type: Flying
Category: Special
PP: 15
Power: 85
In-battle: The Pokemon summons a rainbow from the sky to strike the foe (both foes in a double battle). Chance of success increases during or after rain.
Outside of battle: A bridge is created between two cliffs, allowing the player to cross places like chasms, etc.


#1 Munchlax Fan
Move: Psycho Sense
Type: Psychic
PP: 10
Power-0 Accuracy-100
Description: The user use it's senses to be able to hit Dark types.

Weather: Acid Rain
Moves and ways that summon it: Rain Dance when used with a poison type pokemon,or you can use the move Acid dance(The user spits poison into the the air to summon acid rain.)
Effects: Each turn non-poison,and steel type pokemon are hurt and have a 20% of getting poisoned and a 10% chance of getting badly poisoned.
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