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Create your own Battle Frontier for Gen V

Discussion in 'Games' started by BGMaxie, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. BGMaxie

    BGMaxie Active Member

    Basically that. Create your own Battle Frontier. It can be mixes from what we already know, pure new concepts, pure old ones, etc. Give name to the facilities, a brief description of the mechanics, title and name of the Brain.

    My ideas:

    -Battle Mansion: 6 Pokemon each, 3 are randomly selected to battle. Lead by Mansion Noble Pinoh.
    -Battle Puppet Theatre: 3 Pokemon each, 1 Pokemon can be swapped with the opponent (can be optional or arbitrary). Lead by Theatre Owner Shiela.
    -Battle Ship: Weather and other field conditions can be seen in battle. Lead by Ship Admiral Francis.
    -Battle Circus: Pokemon have no STAB. Lead by Circus Tamer Mike.
    -Battle Circuit: After each turn, Pokemon are switched. If it was Rotation Battle, rotation is done strictly in one direction only. Lead by Circuit Ace Jeanne.

    Your turn (hope this catches up)

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