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Created Pokemon

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Irredeemable Nerd
not sure if there's a thread like this here already or not.

I haven't seen one, so I'll start it off.

these are just a few snippets of my Pokes. there are a ton more.

but these are the ones I've gone back to recently and shinied 'em up.


enjoy, and post your own!


Name: Venaspectrum
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Grass
Height: 4'2”
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Black
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Found only in the Dank Forest in Tintia, Venaspectrum were the most loyal servants of Gratomere, the dastardly legendary Grass type imprisoned within the forest. These cat-like Pokemon are blackness in a feline shape, with fur-like leaves covering its body. Its foot-long tail, looking somewhat like a vine, is seldom still. Before the Great Wall was put around the entrance to the forest, they came out nightly to ravage the countryside, or engage any tintians—human or Pokemon—that stood in their way. Heavily carnivorific, they eat one another if insufficient prey is found. None are in captivity, because if they are captured, they somehow kill themselves before they can be studied.

Name: Spartynx
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Psychic
Height: 4'2”
Weight: 1 lb, 2 oz.
Eyes: Silver
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Spartynx, the ancient Ghosts of Artoom, the ancient city of war, are nearing extinction levels. In order for a Spartynx to survive, it must bond with a human or humanoid Pokemon, and become of nearly one mind with those they bond with. Because of this extremely intimate procedure, few Spartynx ever find someone to bond with, and are therefore very rare. One of the few Spartynx in recorded existence is found in Saffron City, bonded with one of the Psychic Gym Leader's Gym Trainers. However, it is rumored that Sabrina's mother, Agatha Fraley, is also bonded with a Spartynx, which would explain Sabrina's Psychic abilities. Almost resembling a Teddiursa doll, Spartynx are translucent, have no claws, and a long, whip-like tail. Once they have bonded, they remain inside their host—sharing their consciousness with the host and vice a versa.

Name: Taerro
Type 1: Ground
Type 2: Flying
Height: 3'2”
Weight: 23 lb.
Wingspan: 7'1”
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Taerro are medium-sized Avians from the island country of Alto. They have the same general shape as most birs, and their dusky brown feathers help to camouflage them in the dense northern forests that they call home. A prized creature in the Altan Air Force (AAF) because they are immune to Electric-type attacks—the preferred counter to Flying types—makes them very highly prized indeed.

Name: Ferraspecti
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Steel
Height: 10'11”
Weight: 4400 lb.
Eyes: Silver
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Ferraspecti, the armored Ghost of Engara, is rarely seen outside of its home archipelago, but when they occasionally do come out for war, they are a horror to behold. These two-ton behemoths are the backbone of Engara's Military Heavy Assault Forces (EM-HAF). Roughly equine, Ferraspecti have legs roughly a foot and a half in diameter, heads three feet long, and a ten-foot tail with ten steel spikes at the end—usually used to kill enemies that get ehind them to make up for their slow speed. Its form can only be seen by its heavy armor that it wears constantly, and requires as little as two hours of sleep every two days. While definitely not the strongest or smartest Pokemon in existence, if it closes to its melee attack range, its sheer defense will allow it to take a lot of damage and deal out a lot of damage before it goes down.

Name: Spectipyron
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Fire
Height: '04”
Weight: .32 lb.
Eyes: Dark Purple
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Spectipyron, the mischevious pyruvic Ghost of Alto, is often described as a ball of fire with pyromanic tendencies. This is a bit harsh, however, because they have no control over their flames. If something catches fire because of them or their actions, their instincitve efforts to extinguish the blaze only makes the fire worse. While they do delight in mischief, they generally try to help their victims out of whatever predicament they find themselves in. In fact, Spectipyrons are one of the most helpful Pokemon in existence. Many are employed by the Altan Ranger Service as trail guides in the evening, and, due to their unique lighting properties, have become wildly popular, to the point that some have begun tours in the daytime.

Name: Lavore
Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 1'0-2'9”
Weight: 25 lb.
Eyes: Orange
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Lavore are short, squat creatures that are of a select few that evolve differently depending on their gender. These shy creatures have pale read skin, a small tail composed entirely of fire, a small, flaming top-klnot on top of its head which varies in intensity depending upon its mood at the time. They arevaguely humanoid, but at their young age, their fingers and toes are not yet fully developed. These rare creatures main passion is helping, and can often be found in Pokemon Centers in acquar, where they are found nearly exclusively, helping Nurse joys. Despite being extremely clumsy while they are growing in this stage, their eagerness to help usually more than compensates. Like many creatures on the continent of Multipol, they loathe fighting, and would rather run than participate in a fight or be captured. They are often found in hospitals and nursing homes helping to cheer up the patients or tenants. In the few countries that treat Pokemon as equals, they have received extraordinary fame as chefs. The one thing that stands out above everything else, however, is that Lavore have to evolve when they get old enough, or they will die.

Name: Lagmorean (Females)
Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 4'2”
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Left eye orange, right eye pink
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: The female, fully grown version of Lavore, Lagmoreans have occasionally been champions of the Hoenn beauty contest circuit, on and off, for nearly as long as it has been operating, though few have competed in recent years. Lagmorean have pink skin, and the Lavorean topknot has changed into long, yellow hair whose length varies depending on the age of the Lagmorean. These beautiful creatures are often utilized in Acquar as secretaries, personal assistants, and greeters at miscellaneous functions. They serve all three functions and more equally well. While some humans grumble that Lagmoreans are replacing humans, their adaptability and ability to perform their tasks outweigh most concerns that are voiced. Lagmoreans are also emplyored by the Acquarrian military, in such non-cobat functions as nurses, Chansey or Blissy or Healtia assistants, mechanics, couriers, supply carriers, and technicians. Elsewhere, they are renowned for their marvelous voices.Tefnar, a Lagmorean who has been a runner-up five years runing in the Sintarrin International Vocal Competition.

Name: Spevee
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Normal
Height: 1'0”
Weight: 1 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: A truly strange creature, Spevee has an unstable DNA matrix—one that allows one in ten to evolve into an Eevee. Spevee are known for their innocent playfulness, energy, and mischevious nture. While not really that powerful, its rarity places it at the top of many Pokemon Collectors wanted list. Only a few dozen are known to exist, and all are in captivity. The reason for their near extinction is a simple one. When Spevee evolve into Eevee, they lose the ability to produce other Spevee. These shy creatures refuse to do anything when more than five people are present. When ten or more beings are present, they attempt to flee.

Name: Spectaero
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Flying
Height: 4'2”
Weight: 6 oz.
Eyes: Purple
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Looking for all the world like some kind of feral bird of prey, the fact that is has no color at all except in its eyes and is translucent makes it all the more intimidating. From its razor-sharp feathers to its shot, hooking tralons and beak, Spectaero are the silent punishers of the night. They emit no sound, and barely cause a ruffle as they pass by overhead. Roosting natively only on Dark Isle, they attack any human or non-Dark type that sets foot on the island. No wild Spectaero have gone futher than the beaches of neighboring Dragon Isle or Dank Forest for millennia. In time gone by, they were Lokrye's personal bodyguards, and never let anything get past them until the First Battle of the Titans.

Name: Spectarak
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Bug
Height: 3'2”
Weight: 30 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: These Pokemon are three-foot terrors that roam the forests between Kanto and Tintia. These nocturnal creatures are territorial, and have large colonies. Pitch black, they have eight legs, a large abdomen, a small head, and a large stinger. Easily provoked, they are dangerous in large numbers, though individually they hardly pose a threat at all. It has been speculated that Spectarak have a hive mind, and that although it might be disconnected once captures, if a large number are gatehred together for a time, a smaller hive mind may be formed. These creature's brown spots have twisting designes all over their bodies in red, white, and yellow.Active only at night, Spectarak appear only at night, and seem to prefer hunting on cloudy nights, although they abhor rain.

Name: Speltar
Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Dark
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 778 lb.
Eyes: Grey
Appearance/Basic Shape/Characteristics: Speltar, the dark legions of Engara, are a brightly colored, very prolific race. From their yellow helmet-like head, to their tough, armor-like black mass that serves as armor, these creatures have been bred for millenia for warfare. In a fontral assault, they are extremely dangerrous. However, if these creatures are forced to retreat, even a new-born Rattata could mow them down, asthey have nearly no protection for their backside. These creatures, make excellent shock troops, but do not fare well in an extendedfight. For a reason researchers have never learned, they have pledged their services, and the services of all of their offspring to the country of Engara. Despite many attempts to capture a Speltar, one have ever left the archipelago for hundreds of years.


Lemme try...

Name: Floreon
Type: Grass
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 57 Ibs
Evolution: Eevee + Leaf Stone = Floreon
Ability: Solar Absorb (Isn't affected by grass type attack and regains health when grass attacks hit it. It's like Water Absorb and Volt Absorb)
Location: N/A
Description: Floreon is counted as Flareon's twin, and is often mistaken for a Flareon. Floreons have the exact same looks as Flareon, but they're colors are different. Floreon have a green colored body, and blue fur. Floreon has small pink flower patterns on their feet and back. This and their color makes them different from Flareons. Floreons love the scent of flowers, and being near flowers and sunlight make them stronger in battle, and they love performing in front of audiences.
Attacks (Level Up, I'm too lazy to do TMs):
Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Mega Drain, Quick Attack, Flower Kick, Flower Blast, Safeguard, Light Screen, Solarbeam

Name: Lifur
Type: Light and Normal
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 80 Ibs
Evolution: Furret + Light Stone = Lifur
Ability: Lightspeed (Always attacks first and can evade attacks more easily)
Location: N/A
Description: Lifur is the evolution of Furret and is one of the rare Light Types. Lifur is a rabbit like Pokemon, with pink eyes, yellow fur, a short, yellow tail. Lifurs are wanted by hunters, due to them being rare and sellable at a very high price. Lifur is a Pokemon who has quick speed, and has a set of teeth which are sharp enough to pierce his/her opponent. Lifurs are extremely shy Pokemon, rarely appearing before humans, but they can really pack a punch.
Attacks (Level Up):
Scratch, Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Light Rush, Extremespeed, Holy Fang, Light Screen, Protect

And many others I am lazy too type. The title should be: 'Created Pokemon for a Fan Fiction'.
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Ho boy, I probably shouldn't get started, but I'm gonna post them anyways.

Ability: Overgrow
Height: 10"
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Appearance: A small, yellow head covered in a brown, leafy shell. Its head possesses a single eye. At its tail, stemmed end of the brown leaf, there is a spark plug that is used for electrical charges.
Other: Corvoldet is Kertonmel's grass starter. This Pokemon can create kernels of edible corn, which grow back almost instantly. The problem with the corn they produce is that if it were to be directly eaten by man, he'd probably have his insides zapped to oblivion.

Type: Poison
Ability: Sugar Frenzy (Getting hit raises attack)
Height: 13"
Weight: 22 lbs.
Appearance: Fudgie, for all intensive purposes, looks like a fudge brownie, but its skin looks dark, even darker than if it were to be semi-sweet! Its eyes look like they're made of whip cream, and its mouth is filled with sharp, candy corn-like fangs.
Other: Fudgie uses its delicious appearance, and oddly enticing aroma to lull in victims. Its skin can withstand sharp fangs, which it expects to be bitten by. When bitten, the foe is likely to get sick, which is when a Fudgie usually will lunge at its foe with its own sharp fangs. Fudgie's body is 42% from glucose, and is not made from concentrate.

Type: Normal/Fighting
Ability: Thunder Reverb (Immunizes itself to electricity, and causes the attacker exactly as much damage as it would have taken from the attack)/Swift Swim
Height: 2'5"
Weight: 59 lbs.
Appearance: Think a swordfish. Its body is very shiny and a reddish-brown. Its nose is sharp like any swordfish nose. Its real kicker is its fins. Instead of being being flat, they actually have fingery appeandages. There are 4 equal sized appendages on each flipper, front and back, granting Epeetuna the ability to move on land, while still being able to swim in the water.
Other: Epeetuna is an evolved Pokemon, but can evolve again. Many trainers mistake Epeetuna for a water type, only to have this fatal mistake lash out at them in the end.

Type: Dragon/Normal
Ability: Mountaineer (Unhurt by weather effects such as Hail or Sandstorm) / Split Personality (Possesses two personality traits. These traits can be the exact same)
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 109 lbs.
Appearance: Chimerax has the body of a lion, the head of a goat, and the head and wings of a dragon. It also has the head of a lion. Its back legs are goat hooves, while its front legs are lion claws. Its dragon head is of a lime green.
Other: Chimerax cannot fly, but it can use strong wing strikes. Though the three heads bicker often, they are almost always in harmony in battle, unless one head loses its concentration.

Type: Ground/Fighting
Ability: Soft Skin (Half damage from normal and fighting, double from steel moves)
Height: 1'6"
Weight: 65 lbs
Appearance: Think small, grey clay. This thing looks like a small chibified knight, with a sword that is grafted to its body. It can mold its shape willingly to suit the battle.
Other: Claymore is a genderless species. When in the wild, Claymore are always practicing their swordsmanship. They can alter their sword to take on many shapes, such as a dagger/short sword combo, just because it enjoys the diversity.

Type: Electric/Dark
Ability: Static
Height: 2' 6"
Weight: 37 lbs
Appearance: Think a bigger Mareep, with many dark patches of cotton, and small horns beginning to bud. Its tail is still the same, and so is the color of its face. Unlike Flaafy, this thing will never become bipedal.
Other: When a Mareep feels forsaken while ready to evolve, it will become a Blaksheer, the black sheep. Blaksheer uses its dark colored fur to hide amongst the night, and hide in caves. It uses its tail to light the darkness when it feels there is no harm in revealing its location.

Type: Bug
Ability: Swarm or Blaze
Height: 7"
Weight: 3 lbs
Appearance: This small fire ant is green. It basically looks like a real ant otherwise, except for the black claws attached to the two front most legs.
Other: Fyrrant (pronounced Fii-rant), is the Fire starter of Kertonmel. Fyrrant are swift burrowers. The friction and heat they build from burrowing is stored in their bodies, and is able to be unleashed as a stream of fire at a later point in time. Fyrrant evolves into its fiery typing.

Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Height: 13"
Weight: .18 lbs.
Appearance: A small, light blue creature with no eyes or mouth. It's basically the appearance of a D&D style water elemental. It does have two odd hands without any fingers, and a ghostly trail that gives this creature no legs. It glides about half an inch above the ground level.
Other: Liqwierd (pronounced Lik-wierd) is the water starter. It evolves into a ghost type in its final stage. This creature lives amongst the mist and fog, using them to hide from its few yet existent predators. Its main predators are grass Pokemon who absorb the rich, refreshing mineral liquids from within the Likwierd to help feed themselves.

Type: Dark/Electric
Ability: Volt Absorb
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 51 lbs.
Appearance: Sparkoni is a one of a kind, and one of the demon mask brothers. Like most of his brothers, his entire being is composed of a simple mask with a black backing. Its face is littered with yellow zigzags, and its nose is actually a yellow lightning bolt that looks and acts like a horn. The tongue in its mouth glows a strange neon green. A very, very bright green at that.
Other: Sparkoni is a legendary obsessed with eating. Its main diet... pure energy (or souls, but eating energy is less evil than eating people), which it can easily absorb from charged particles in the sky, and from lightning bolts.

Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Venom Hide (15% chance of inflicting bad poison, aka Toxic, when struck by a contact move)
Height: 6'3"
Appearance: Poxoni is one of the five legendary Oni brothers. Even if all five Oni are genderless, they still call themselves brothers, because that's what they are. Poxoni has two small smokestack-like horns at the top edges of its mask head. These stacks are always emitting a sickly greenish grey fog into the air around it. Other than that, Poxoni has smidges of grey on its skin to help make it look different from the other Oni.
Other: Poxoni loves to eat sludge, and waste products, especially carbon. It, like its brothers, will also eat souls, but is content with feasting upon whatever new and wonderful surprises are brought through the pipes connected to YOUR toilet. Help donate to the Poxoni cause. Your donations are anything but crap, though most likely, they are. It is said that Poxoni is very famous for its shiznit eating grin.

Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Spectre Phase (Provides a boosted 10% chance to dodge attacks. Does not work on never miss moves)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 46 lbs
Appearance: Spookoni looks somewhat transparent. It isn't though. Instead, Spookoni has sharp vampire fangs, and a midnight purple hue to its masktone. It is also trailed by a strange mist, and its cheeks are oval shaped blotches of dark lavender.
Other: Spookoni, if you need a definition, is a shmuck! He's rude, he's nasty, and enjoys feasting on souls, even with the watchful eye of more powerful legendaries disallowing such horrible acts. Spookoni enjoys eating creatures whole, and then splattering them out through the shredding unit on its back. What this does is basically, with a slight bit of 'umph,' and Oni can cause its mortal meal to fly into the air and rain, or rather splatter down in a mess of blood. This basically filters out one's life escenses and physical properties, leaving only a delicious soul for the demon to devour. Spookoni will settle for dead souls. Even though not forbidden, benevolent legendaries look down upon this as a bad thing, as it is disturbing the dead from their rest. Spookoni enjoys torture, and is the leader of sorts, amongst the Oni due to his cruelty and inspirational skills.

Type: Dark
Ability: Windmill (When struck by a flying type attack, Pokemon becomes immune to flying moves, and its flying type attacks deal 1.5X damage. Think Flash Fire, but with flying type instead). Pokemon is immune to Whirlwind.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 52 lbs
Appearance: This Oni is a mask like its brothers, however, its face is shrouded in clouds with colors ranging from white to black, with many shades of gray turbulence. The only thing visible is its eyes, which are a glowing red, and when it blows the clouds away from it, its mouth can be seen too. Beneath its clouds, there are small windmills which create energy from wind turbulence.
Other: Vacuumoni can feed in much the manner that a windmill creates energy. Basically, fast winds power it up, and it can never be blown away. Unlike its brothers, Vacuumoni is not quite as cruel as his brothers, but he is still destructive when he needs to be.

Type: Ice/Fire
Ability: Tougher (Lowers its weaknesses by 1 level for all physical types. As such, it is resistant to normal attacks, and not weak to fighting moves. Its only physical weakness, therefore, is rock. Get the picture?)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 80 lbs
Appearance: Unlike its brothers, this Oni is not black of color basis. Instead, its face is split down the middle much like a jester's hat is split. One half is bright, icy blue that glistens and reflects light, the other half is a fiery orange that seems to glow on its own. On each side, there are swirling patterns of the opposite half's color scheme. The left half of this demon is fire, the right half is ice. Its fangs are sharp, and made of ice crystals.
Other: Unlike the other demons, Thermaloni was born of hellfire, rather than born of darkness. It's still very evil, and enjoys nothing more than absolute zero, and two thousand degree weather, at the same time! Thermaloni has a very strange plight. It has not been seen on Earth ever since the first Storm of Souls, five hundred eighteen years ago, and its absense from the planet, and the promise of its return is what keeps the other four demons behaving. In its original stages of planning, I was going to give this demon the name Hotcoldoni, but I thought it to be very, very stupid!

Type: Ghost/Water
Ability: Mind Game (Confuses enemy upon switching in)
Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 20 lbs.
Appearance: The mysterious and yet to be named 'Me' looks like those aliens you hear about that abduct hobos and hillbillies with beaver teeth. It's not quite as tall, and its body looks like goo. It has big, black, pupilless eyes that reflect their image. Its hands are fingerless, and it can speak through a small mouth, but its words are often strange.
Other: The yet to be named 'Me' is a legendary. It is basically Kertonmel's equivalent of a Celebi/Mew/Jirachi. If this were the game, it'd have 100s all across the board in its stats. 'Me' is not very well known, other than that it is known to be able to penetrate the dreams of anything and everything if it wishes, and can manipulate them for fun. When its real name becomes known, all will truly understand what purpose it serves in this story.

Type: Bug/Dark
Ability: Intimidate/Arena Trap
Height: 1' 9"
Weight: 37.56 lbs
Appearance: A black widow spider. The only difference between being litterally non-Pokefied is that its face. Its face looks rather humanoid, with six pupiled eyes, and clean dentures, with Spider pincers not present on this beast. It has eight legs, four of which can be used to fight or scratch at foes.
Other: Wideows are always female. In spite of their small size, they are capable of great feats of incredible power. It is said that Wideows are known to have feasted on large snakes.

Type: Poison/Psychic
Ability: Portal Hop (Evasion rises every turn)
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 203.5 lbs
Appearance: A gastank, much like you see locally when your car is almost empty. It's gas tanked body is purple, and it has two gas pumping arms with only a single finger. It has no legs. Topping its appearance is a singular eye, attached to the creature, just above its head.
Other: Kertonmel's 00ber, so to speak. Vortexaco is a flatulent oddity. When it farts, it can rip wormholes that transcend space and to a lesser extent, it even transcends time. It is from this legendary that the demons of Kertonmel were pulled from what is believed to have been another dimension. It is for reasons like this, that invoking a portal is deemed dangerous. Vortexaco itself, is a rather unthinking creature. Its mind is simple, and it is very obedient to commands from almost anybody. This is believed to be attributed to its loneliness, in which it seeks to please anyone who asks anything of it, by respecting their wishes.
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Lost but Seeking
I don't think this goes in the fanfiction lounge, unless you're talking about self-created pokémon used specifically in fanfiction.

Elemental Charizam

Sudden Genre Shift
Hmm... Well, I have one done in GBA style for a contest once. It needs updating and un-gameeffectifying really; I'll post it along with a picture later if I can find it. Anyways, for now:

Tzoala – Tyrant Dragon Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Steel
Ability: Heated Reactions
Tzoala will always strike first when Sunny Day is in effect, unless the opponent uses an attack like Quick Attack or Extremespeed, or Tzoala uses an attack that always strikes last, like Vital Throw.

Attacks Learnt by Level Up:
--Tail Whip
6-Metal Claw
21-Dragon Claw
28-Iron Tail
36-Iron Defense
45-Dragon Dance
55-Sunny Day

In-Game TMs Learnable:
1.Focus Punch
2.Dragon Claw
3.Water Pulse
7.Bulk Up
10. Hidden Power
11. Sunny Day
12. Taunt
15. Hyper Beam
16. Light Screen
17. Protect
18. Rain Dance
20. Safeguard
21. Frustration
22. Solarbeam
23. Iron Tail
24. Thunderbolt
26. Earthquake
27. Return
28. Dig
30. Shadow Ball
31. Brick Break
32. Double Team
33. Reflect
34. Shock Wave
35. Flamethrower
37. Sandstorm
38. Fire Blast
39. Rock Tomb
41. Torment
43. Secret Power
44. Rest
45. Attract
46. Thief
49. Snatch
50. Overheat
01. Cut
03. Surf
04. Strength
06. Rock Smash
07. Waterfall
08. Dive

Pokédex Entries
Diamond: Tzoala is a gargantuan beast; standing at over 40 feet its form is terrifying. If angered, the beast throws back its head and roars deafeningly. Through these roars, Tzoala can call upon the power of the Sun, or the Rain.
Pearl: Using its steely hide for protection, Tzoala marches freely across the remains of Dragonrock isle. Many believe this huge beast was involved in the destruction of the once great civilization that once lived there. Said to appear on the ‘Shrine Of Dravian’ each year.


I'm not sure if there's a thread like this here already or not.

There is. It's in the General Pokémon Discussion sub-forum. The thread there is called Create Your Own Anything.


Irredeemable Nerd
Negrek said:
I don't think this goes in the fanfiction lounge, unless you're talking about self-created pokémon used specifically in fanfiction.


that's what I was talking about

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
If you are talking about the pokemon you've made specifically for fanfics then maybe you should relate your psost to the fiction you have used them in, and samples of the text featuring them, rather than listing pointless information like what TM's they can learn and their abilities which aren't of any importance. Oherwise, you can just take your lists to the above mentioned thread in General Discussion.


Irredeemable Nerd
if you look at mine, Razor, you'll see that I don't list any TMs. Just information that is relevant to my fan fics....

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Radbeton (Japanese Name)
Ht. 2 meters
Ms. 73 kg.
The Radiation Pokemon
Evolves from: Betbeton (Muk)
Ability: Flame Body
Type 1: Poison
Type 2: Fire
Appearances: Battlefield Tamamushi: The Ultimate Tournament
Basic description:
This Pokemon live inside a radiation due to it being made of radioactive waste. Although it takes the shape of a human because of of the suit, it's true form is a mystery due to the radical evolution it undergoes from the Netbeton stage.
This dangerous Pokemon is found at sites of nuclear accidents which has gotten them the nickname Phantoms of Chernobyl where they were first discovered.
Radbeton is believed to feed on all forms of radiation.
*This was inspired Duke Nukem (the Captain Planet villian) and one of the aliens from X-Com: Terror from the deep. I had started other fan fics with this as one of the starring Pokemon but it never got off the ground.*

Zappi (Japanese name)
Ht. .3 meters
Ms. 2 kg
The Giant Electron Pokemon
Evolves from: Nothing
Ability: Levitate
Type: Electric
Appearances: None but was mentioned in Battlefield Tamamushi: The Ultimate Tournament
Basic discription
Zappi is a floating yellow sphere with a pair of button eyes and a mouth. This Pokemon joins the Pikachu line as the only Pokemon that can learn Volt Tackle. This Pokemon is found nearest power plants and appears to feed off of the charged particles in the atmosphere.
*Zappi and it's evolved form Zappa were inspired by the electric spheres in Mario games. Zappi was also going to be in one of my many failed fics.*

Zappa (Japanese name)
ht. .5 meters
ms. 10 kg
The Giant Atom Pokemon
Evolves from: Zappi
Ability: Levitate
Type: Electric
Appearances: Battlefield Tamamushi: The Ultimate Tournment
Basic discription
A larger yellow sphere with Voltorb like eyes and two electron rings. Other than that, exactly like Zappi.


Irredeemable Nerd
ah....finally found it.

these were posted on another board in mid-to-late '03, so keep that in mind. things have gotten more complex from there....

Defensive Stats:

-Double damage: Dark, Steel, Fire
-Half damage: Bug, Poison, Psychic, Titan
-No damage:

-Double damage: Grass, Dragon, Ice, Wind
-Half damage: Flying, Bug, Ground, Water
-No damage: Rock

Offensive Stats:
-Double damage: Dark, Steel, Fire
-Half damage: Bug, Poison, Psychic, Titan
-No damage:

-Double damage: Flying, Bug, Ground, Water
-Half damage: Grass, Dragon, Ice, Wind
-No damage: Rock

New Pokemon!


Type 1: Poison
Type 2: Titan
Height: 3’2”
Weight: 15 lb.
Eyes: Bright Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: The typical Eevee brown fur with brown globs of mud-like sludge thrown in.
Kind: Sludge Beast
Claws: 4 inches
Distinguishing characteristics: It’s sludge-covered body, and it glows in the dark.
Pokedex entry: Another Eeveelution, the Mudges are rare, but those who know them know that they need no food other than waste, whether organic, industrial, or natural, and can even eat uranium with no ill effects. They can be found only by touching a piece of uranium to an Eevee.


Type 1: Titan
Type 2: Poison
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 50 lb.
Eyes: Bright Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: This Pokemon is easily recognizable by its bright green radioactive symbols transposed over its brown Eevee fur, and, like its Devolution, Mudge, it also glows in the dark.
Kind: Nuclear Waste Beast
Claws: 8 inches
Distinguishing characteristics: Glowing in the dark and the Radioactive symbols.
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon, found in abandoned Nuclear power plants, is constantly unhappy, since almost no one wants a radio-active Eevee. Thankfully, there are few in existence, since so few trainers want one, but they do have the uncommon trait of being able to occasionally fire off a bolt or two of electricity.


Type 1: Ghost
Type 2: Titan
Height: 4’6”
Weight: 60 lb.
Eyes: Soft White
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: None
Kind: Kindred Spirit
Claws: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: ability to transform into anything,
Pokedex Entry: Said to come from a Pokemon that loves its trainer deeply, and would be willing to die a second death to be with its trainer.


Type 1: Ice
Type 2: None
Height: 3’7”
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Fluffy white fur covering all of body
Physique: Beast
Kind: Ice Puppyš š š š š š š š
Claws: ½ inch long
Distinguishing characteristics: Its rich fur.
Pokedex entry: Once as numerous as Rattatta in mountain regions, these Pokemon were hunted for their pelts until they were nearly extinct. Now only three mountains, one in Kanto, one in Johto, and one in Tintia have Moyferar populations.


Type 1: Ice
Type 2: Titan
Height: 3’7”
Weight: 200 lb.
Eyes: (left) Gray, (Right) Sky Blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Same as Moyferar, but with silver streaks running down the length of its body.
Kind: Ice Guardian
Claws: 6 in. long, 4 in. tall
Distinguishing characteristics: Its fur, silver streaks, and very large claws.
Pokedex entry: Extremely rare, they are said to appear only once every ten years, and then only for four days, to meet together with the other Titan type Pokemon to plan for their survival, and their mutual needs, as well as to have a battle that can be heard for miles around.

Type 1: Normal
Type 2: Titan
Height: 0’6”
Weight: 8 oz.
Eyes: White
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: mostly gray with black and silver markings.
Kind: Puppy of the Titans
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: It is the devolution of Inferno, Tyfoner, Xyvern, Lokrye and Colleon
Pokedex entry: The Tyrenio live on Mount Silver, protected by Colleon, and live for most of their lives as clueless as to what is happening around them, except for when strange Pokemon come and look at them.


Type 1: Titan
Type 2: None
Height: 4’6”
Weight: 50 lb.
Eyes: Orange
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Pure White
Kind: Master of the Titans
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: Its tail splits into eight tails, each a different color.
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is the leader of the Titan council, and, if any of the other breeds wishes to take Colleon’s position, then they must challenge Colleon to a battle. Colleon appears only once in a trillion evolutions, and always in the wild.

Type 1: Dark
Type 2: Titan
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 345 lb.
Eyes: Dark Grey
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Pure black fur, with a faint silver hailf-moon on its forehead.
Kind: Titanic bad boy
Claws: Seven inches
Distinguishing Characteristics: It can teleport from place to place on a full stomach, and it has three tails, each one a darker shade of black than the previous one.
Pokedex entry: Lokrye was thought to have been defeated centuries before, in a giant battle between the Titans that has been all but forgotten. Lokrye has enormous powers, and can defeat most of Team Titan put together.


Type 1: Electric
Type 2: Titan
Height: 2’3”
Weight: 10 lb.
Eyes: (left) Blue, (right) Bright Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Rich purple fur, and silver streaks from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail, and to each of its four legs.
Kind: Thunder Titan
Claws: Three inches beyond the paw
Distinguishing characteristics: Its purple fur, and its silver streaks.
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is found in the abandoned nuclear power complex near Ecruteak City. However, these extremely rare Pokemon rarely trust any human, but once a human has their trust, then they have made an ally for life.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: Titan
Height: 3’3”
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Bright red tail, Orange body, Yellow Head, and White stockings
Kind: Fire Titan
Claws: ½ in.
Distinguishing characteristics: Its particular multi-color body and its fiery temper.
Pokedex entry: Trainers Beware! If this Pokemon escapes from a Pokeball during an attempted capture, it will fly into an uncontrollable rage, destroying everything near it.


Type 1: Water
Type 2: Titan
Height: 2’ 8”
Weight: 200 lb.
Eyes: (Right) Light Blue, (Left) Dark Blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Light Blue fur streaked with purple and yellow
Kind: Sea Titan
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics:
Pokedex entry: It is said that the Tyfoner is the wisest, least impulsive, and calmest of all the Titan Pokemon. This Pokemon has been known to defeat even the fabled Suicuine, so trainers beware.


Type 1: Dragon
Type 2: Titan
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 134 lb.
Eyes: Purple
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales/Other: Vaguely bird-like, with two feet and two almost arm-like legs, this Pokemon has scales that are swept back over the body, and fit together like a chain-mail vest.
Kind: Legendary Titan
Claws: 9-inch, retractable
Distinguishing Charateristics: It has a tail that is capable of breaking a human’s legs with a mighty swoop-wings that can bear its bearer up to twenty feet straight up into the air with a single pump; its two leg-two arm combination.
Pokedex entry: Some have speculated whether this could be a devolution or evolution of some ancient Steel-type, but most scoff at this assumption. Legend states that there is a vast nesting of this Pokemon where the two streams of Dragon Isle originate deep within Dragon Mountain.

Type 1: Titan
Type 2: Dragon
Height: 7’3”
Weight: 750 lb.
Eyes: Purple
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: It’s scales are arranged in such a manner to be camoflouged anywhere.
Kind: Titan of the Dragon-kind
Claws: Two Feet Long
Distinguishing Characteristics: Camouflage scales
Pokedex Entry: The Dratone, the legendary Titan type, are said to live far, far underneath Dragon Isle in a massive colony, keeping watch over the island, and ordering retribution if a Dragon is taken off without its permission.


Type 1: Grass
Type 2: Titan
Height: 2’3”
Weight: 59 lb.
Eyes: Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Hair that looks like tiny strands of grass cover its body, its tail looks like a Meganium’s head-leaf, and its ears look like some kind of strange flower
Kind: Gardener Titan
Claws: 2 in. used for digging
Distinguishing Characteristics: Tail, ears, coat
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is found only in Tintia’s Dark Forest, and are more common in the reaches of the forest near the wall, and most commonly near the gate itself.

Type 1: Titan
Type 2: Grass
Eyes: Light green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Frelp, the strange grass-type, has a peculiar mane that makes it look like it has extremely long hair, and its tail looks like it is made out of seaweed.
Kind: Planting Titan
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: It’s extremely long hair, and it’s strange tail
Pokedex Entry: Frelp is found in Dark Forest, like its Devolution, Kellond, but are found nearer the shores of the forest. The most noticeable colony is by the shore nearest to Dragon Isle.

Type 1: Flying
Type 2: Titan
Height: 1’5”
Weight: 15 lb.
Eyes: Orange
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: short, orange feathers that cover its body, and long, red and silver tail feathers.
Kind: Titan Falcon
Claws: two-inch talons
Distinguishing Characteristics: its brightly-colored plumage, and its orange eyes
Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon is found all over the globe, but must first meet at least three Legendary Pokemon before anyone ever gets even a glimpse of it. It’s sweet singing has been known to cure ailments.

Type 1: Titan
Type 2: Flying
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 25 lb.
Eyes: Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Bright Purple feathers covering body, long, Silver and green tail feathers.
Kind: King of the Falcons
Claws: eight-inch talons
Distinguishing Characteristics: its Royal Purple Feathers, tail feathers, and its bright red eyes.
Pokedex Entry: Goshawkion is the only Flying type besides the Legendary Pokemon that has ever visited Mount Silver while the Wings of Council were in session. There is only one in existence at any one time.

Type 1: Psychic
Type 2: Titan
Height: 4’5”
Weight: 125 lb.
Eyes: Silver
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: light brown fur reaching back to its tail; the tail itself is a beautiful silver.
Kind: Titan Seer
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: It’s intricate star that is in between its eyes
Pokedex Entry: The Merlio are an ancient race that were once accustomed to luxury, and being waited on, but, after being brought under harsh subjugation by Lokrye, joined Team Titan in an effort to defeat him. It is said that on a dark night with a full moon, its tail shines with its own luminescence.

Type 1: Ground
Type 2: Titan
Height: 1’3”
Weight: 15 lb.
Eyes: Pink
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: It has light brown scales, that can shift colors to allow itself to blend into the dirt that it lives in
Kind: Mole Titan
Claws: 4 inch Digging claws
Distinguishing Characteristics: Its glowing eyes, its ability to dig four feet in two seconds, and its short, weasel-like shape
Pokedex Entry: The Terrai once lived deep under the earth, but sent their warriors to the surface to explore. They are the best Pokemon at keeping their sense of direction underground, and often are sent in to rescue lost spelunkers.

Type 1: Fighting
Type 2: Titan
Height: 3’4”
Weight: 225 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: It has light, gray hair covering its bulging muscles, and has a helmet made out of steel it always wears on its head
Kind: Muscle-man Titan
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: Is the only Titan Type besides Fleatink not to be dog-like
Pokedex Entry: The Mussone is the sole Human-type Pokemon of all the Titan-types, and continually destroys anything in its path. Most other Pokemon are scared of them, but they are actually the most sensitive Pokemon in existence.

Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Titan
Height: 0’8”
Weight: 3 lb.
Eyes: varies
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Fleatinks have thick ( for their small size) body armor, and complex grabber hands that can rip apart something three times its own size
Kind: Parasitic Titan
Claws: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: Is the only Titan that drinks blood
Pokedex entry: This small, beetle-like Pokemon can lift things ten times its own weight, and climb up vertical surfaces and walk upside down as easily as walking on the ground.

Type 1: Rock
Type 2: Titan
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 400 lb.
Eyes: Gray
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: hard, rocky shells that can move easily to permit the Strabyne to run easily.
Kind: Rock-solid Titan
Claws: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: It can regrow any lost body part, and its entire armor is an exoskeleton
Pokedex Entry: The Strabyne is found only on mountains in Tintia, most noticeably in the sourhtern, more unexplored region, and are very fierce if provoked. Beware its powerful Cave-in attack.

Type 1: Steel
Type 2: Titan
Height: 2’4”
Weight: 275 lb.
Eyes: Silver
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Skin that looks like mercury
Kind: Metallic Titan
Claws: 3 inch
Distinguishing Characteristics: Mercury-like skin
Pokedex Entry: The Fibray is the final titan, and can pass through almost anything unscathed. Despite its metallic looks, Fibray is actually the fastest of Team Titan, and is usually their messenger.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 1'0"
Weight: 20 lb.
Eyes: Orange
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales/Skin: Pale red skin, with a small tailmade up of fire, and a claw at the end of the fire, has a flaming top-knot on top of its head, which burns brighter or lower depending on whether it is happy or sad respectively
Physique: Humanoid, but with stubby paws and fingers; has small feet and stubby toes
Kind: Flame Helper
Claws: One on end of tail, One-inch claws at end of paws
Distinguishing characteristics: Its flaming top-knot, and its claw on the end of its tail
Pokedex entry: Physique: Humanoid, but with stubby paws and fingers; has small feet and stubby toes. This fast, rare, and shy Pokemon are normally found in Pokemon Centers, helping Nurse Joys run errands, they do not fight unless asked, and run rather than be captured or fainted.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Left eye orange, right eye bright red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: This Pokemon's bright orange, almost pink skin is smooth, with bright red patches on its cheeks, reminiscent of Pikachus, and its top-knot has formed more fully into long hair that drapes down its neck.
Kind: Flame Beauty
Claws: none
Other distinguishing characteristics: Has a rather developed hand in place of its claw, and its long, molten hair.
Pokedex entry: Taller than Lavore, Lagmorean has more fully developed hands, but its fingers are still relatively stubby. This Pokemon is composed only of females, and has won many beauty contests with its gorgeous appeal.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 450 lb.
Eyes: Bright Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Dark Red skin, with flames sprouting at its shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists, its top-knot has formed into a crest reminiscent of a waterfall.
Kind: Flame Warrior
Claws: Nine-inch retractable claws at fingertips, six-inch triple claw at the end of its flame-tail
Distinguishing characteristics: Its triple tail-claw, its crest, and its retractable claws, as well as its wrist and ankle flames
Pokedex entry: Foes beware, this Pokemon is liable to fly into an uncontrollable rage if provoked sufficiently, and has the strength of a young Machop. Magmorean is the best developed of the Lavore series, with fully developed hands and feet, and well-developed senses of hearing and smell


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 2’2”
Weight: 32 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Kind: Fire Puppy
Claws: 3 inches long
Distinguishing characteristics:
Pokedex entry: After an accidental mating between a Ninetails and an Arcanine occurred, this half and half creature was born, combining the power of the Growlithe with the beauty of Vulpix. They have been distributed to Officer Jennies in the small country of Tintia, and also in northern Kanto and Johto.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 147 lb.
Eyes: Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: The bushy tail of Arcanine, but divided into several different tails, the fox-face of the Vulpix/Ninetails, and the mane/things around the feet of the Arcanine
Kind: K9 Police Dog
Claws: 9 inches long
Distinguishing characteristics:
Pokedex entry: The more powerful evolution of Vulithe, they currently undergoing studies, but many have been distributed to the elite police of Tintia.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: Normal
Height: 2’6”
Weight: 54 lb.
Eyes: Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Aside from the normal Vulithe, it has the face of an Eevee, but still retains the Vulpix muzzle
Kind: Eevee Fire dog
Claws: 2 in.
Distinguishing characteristics: Its Eevee face, and its tail
Pokedex entry: Born when an Artail mated with a Jolteon. It will be interesting to see what will happen as it grows. Unfourtunately, there is only one in existence, and it had to be sold due to a budget cut in the laboratory’s budget.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: None
Height: 7’4”
Weight: 750 lb.
Eyes: Silver
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: This fiery Pokemon has the same basic build of the Artail, but its entire back is covered in flame, much like a Flareon.
Kind: Fire Wolf
Claws: 1 ft. long
Distinguishing characteristics: Back covered in flame
Pokedex entry: When evolved with a fire stone, the Eevulithe comes out as an Artailion, a super fire dog, with powers far superior to any Arcanine.


Type 1: Fire
Type 2: Electric
Height: 3’6”
Weight: 72 lb.
Eyes: (Left) Silver, (Right) Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Almost the same as the Jolteon, but its fur has sparks of flame that buzz over its skin from time to time, and under its chin there is a flame that doesn’t burn out as long as the Jarltion is alive.
Kind: Fire Lightning Rod
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: Neck Fire-patch, peculiar Fire current
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is gained by evolving an Eevulithe with a Thunderstone. It is thought that this Pokemon is roughly egual to a Growlithe in terms of its *Fire* power.


Type 1: Water
Type 2: Fire
Height: 4’0”
Weight: 47 lb.
Eyes: (Left) Blue, (Right), Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Sleek Blue body with mermaid tail. Has fire tipping the edges of the crest around its face.
Kind: Fire Mermaid
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: The Mermaid tail, and the fire around the edges of its crest, and its dual-colored eyes
Pokedex entry: Varption is a graceful Eevulithe Evolution, and is able to move as easily through lava as through the purest water. They are able to control fire through an attack called Tamed Flame.


Type 1: Grass
Type 2: None
Height: 2' 0"
Weight: 25 lb.
Eyes: Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Small, light green leaf-like scales covering its body over a dark green skin, which is shown the most on the muzzle, which is almost devoid of leaves
Kind: Vine Pony
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: Its tail and mane made completely of leaves and vines
Pokedex entry: On one Asfiriath in a million after the spring rains, a fruit appears that is said to evolve Pokemon to their next form without a specific stone or, if that isn't possible, greatly increases that Pokemon's abilities for its type group; a must-have for any Equine Trainer.

Type 1: Grass
Type 2: Water
Height: 8’4”
Weight: 175 lb.
Eyes: Left eye green, right eye sky blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: It still has the scale-like leaves, but now it has a streak of blue scales running down its back and one down each of its legs. It's mane is somewhat special as well, since there are strands of pure water tangled among the vines.
Kind: Vine Steed
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: It's mane of vines and water, its blue scale streaks, and its vine tail
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon can uses its tail and a rudder, and its ears for fine-tuning adjustments to its course.


Type 1: Water
Type 2: None
Height: 0'6"
Weight: 6 oz.
Eyes: Greenš š š š
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Turquoise scales swept over its back, and two large scales coming down over its eyes to help protects them from debris carried along in the air, with two small, clear wings on either side of body.
Kind: Flying Fish
Claws: 1/8 in.
Distinguishing characteristics: Its eye-guards, and its small wings.
Pokedex entry: This ultra-rare Pokémon is said to be able to control winds, and blow away even hurricanes from its small territory.


Type 1: Water
Type 2: Wind
Height: 3’6”
Weight: 100 lb.
Eyes: Red
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Dark blue, swept-back scales cover its snake-like body, though it has none on its head, and has the species’ distinctive eye-guards covering its sensitive eyes. The feather-like fins have muscles and arteries can be seen running through its fins.
Kind: Flying Serpent
Claws: 3 Inches
Distinguishing characteristics: The clear fins, the eye-guards, its scale-less face.
Pokedex entry: The more powerful, older version of Huey, Hoay is said to be able to summon storms, and even hurricanes as easily as performing a Rainy Day move.

Type 1: Wind
Type 2: Water
Height: 4’5”
Weight: 125 lb.
Eyes: Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Rich Purple Scales cover most of its body, and has a thick, almost rubber-like skin that protects its head. Its once feather-like wings now are dark green, and have a wingspan of three feet, and it still has the eye-guards that set the Huay away from other reptilian creatures.
Kind: Roaring Raptor
Claws: 5 Inches
Distinguishing Characteristics: Rubbery skin, its wings, its eye-guards, and being able to stand upright.
Pokedex Entry: Huay, the ultimate of the Huey family, is able to change the weather, merely by shifting the wind currents. This ultra-rare Pokemon is a huge prize for any Water-type trainer, and a very powerful Pokemon that is prominent in the island country Alto.


Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Flying
Height: 1’3”
Weight: 2 lb.
Eyes: Black
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Yellow, Black, and Purple alternating bands.
Physique: Its head is crowned by two antennae, which constantly move, trying to find the nearest flower, which is its only food source.
Kind: Bee
Claws: None
Distinguishing characteristics: Its antennae, and its bands.
Pokedex entry: These bug Pokemon are well-known for cultivating their massive berry pastures, and guarding them with their lives.


Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Flying
Height: 3’3”
Weight: 15 lb.
Eyes: Black
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Yellow and Black alternating bands around its body
Physique: Larger version of Polleen
Kind: Warrior Bee
Claws: None
Distinguishing characteristics: Its six inch long stinger, its black and yellow bands, and its antennae.
Pokedex entry: Honars are well-known for their aggression in taking over other berry pastures. Some scientists think that since the Honar has no purple band, that it is signified as a conquerer


Type 1: Ice
Type 2: Rock
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 450 lb.
Eyes: Gray
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: None
Kind: Boulder
Claws: none
Distinguishing characteristics: none
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon is only found high in the Alto mountain range. Their vast herds are often mistaken for massive debris fields.


Type 1: Ground
Type 2: Flying
Height: 1’6”
Weight: 15 lb.
Eyes: Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Almost the same as a Pidgey, but its wings are straighter, sharper, and longer, and has claws at the end of each wing. Its tail feathers are deep brown, and also razor-sharp. Its head-crest is a deep crimson.
Kind: Hybrid
Claws: 2 inches long-at end of wing.
Distinguishing characteristics: Its wings and tail.
Pokedex entry: An experiment to combine the Sandshrew and Pidgey that was cut short by a lack of funding. There are two Pishrews in existence, one sent to Camp Hope in Alto as a prize for quickly navigating a maze, and the other escaped.


Type 1: Ground
Type 2: Flying
Height: 3’5”
Weight: 66 lb.
Eyes: Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: The same as Pishrew, but its back feather are now sharp ridges that protect its back
Kind: Hybrid
Claws: 6 inches long at end of wings
Distinguishing characteristics: Back-shield feathers, claws, and sharp tail feathers
Pokedex entry: This Pokemon family has only one weakness: a severe Ice Weakness. Trainers are encouraged to use caution, since this Pokemon has never been studied, and only speculated about.

Type 1: Dragon
Type 2: Wind
Height: 1’6”
Weight: 45 lb.
Eyes: Sky Blue
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Light blue and white scales, depicting a blue summer’s sky.
Kind: Sky Dragon
Claws: none
Distinguishing Charateristics: the scale pattern that looks like a blue sky with clouds
Pokedex Entry: The Wenhir is found only in Tintia, on Dragon Isle, and is said to create the wind currents that make Dragon Isle such a paradise.

Type 1: Grass
Type 2: None
Height: 4’3”
Weight: 100 lb.
Eyes: Forest Green
Height: 3’9”
Weight: 175 lb.
Eyes: Light Green
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Grass-like hair covering entire body
Kind: Forest Monster
Claws: Six Inches Long
Distinguishing Characteristics: Grass-like hair, green eyes, legend about it.
Pokedex Entry: The Gratomere is a Legendary Pokemon that, in legend, lived in the Forbidden Forest in Tintia, and eats anything or anyone that goes into its forest realm without permission.

Type 1: Water
Type 2: None
Height: 3’7”
Weight: 190 lb.
Eyes: Black
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Brown scales that make it look like a log
Kind: Alligator
Claws: Four Inches
Distinguishing Characteristics: its brown scales, six-inch long teeth
Pokedex Entry: The Darentadile can stay underwater for up to an hour at a time, and travel faster than almost any other Pokémon in the water. It can easily be mistaken for a log when it’s floating in the water.

Type 1: Water
Type 2: None
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 250 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Green scales that look like algae
Kind: Moss-alligator
Claws: Six Inches
Distinguishing Characteristics: Green Scales, eight-inch teeth.
Pokedex Entry: The Crocogheno can stay underwater indefinitely, and is the fastest Pokemon in the water, with the exceptions of Suicuine and Tyfoner-it is also mistaken for a giant patch of algae very easily.

Type 1: Electric
Type 2: None
Height: 2’4”
Weight: 25 lb.
Eyes: Gray
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Spiky fur whose grain goes straight down its back
Kind: Electric Fox
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: Spiky, gray fur
Pokedex Entry: The Darnyen is found far from power sources, where it is shunned because it always picks up the opposite polarity than the area of the power plant where it is, thus blocking the effect of creating electricity.

Type 1: Poison
Type 2: None
Height: 3’5”
Weight: 75 lb.
Eyes: Yellow
Fur/Feathers/Hair/Scales: Only a thick, brown skin
Kind: Poison Slug
Claws: None
Distinguishing Characteristics: Thick, oily skin, with glands underneath that secrete large quantities of slime
Pokedex Entry: The Slote live in wet, humid areas, and congregate in large numbers for protection. They seem to have a complex system of organizing themselves for battle.

okay, I REALLY need to go bck and redo the Titan bios....

there are usually only a few of each type around, and no one ever sees 'em, contrary to the Terrai/Drgaolf/Dragone bios

EDIT: btw, the Titans are NOT Eeveelutions anymore. I've changed that.

heh...some of these are pretty bad, lol...
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Right, to actually do as RL said to stop this being an irrevalant thread, my fakemon and their actual point in New Lands, New Heroes V2, my fakemon fic. Plus a spoiler for Emerald Lands. Fakedex order , numbers whatnot are here as well.

Name: Teragon
Elements: Grass/Dragon
Type: Rainforest
Abilities: Levitate and Overgrow (in my fics, some Pokemon can and do access two abilities at the same time. So Teragon's immune to Ground Attacks and it's Grass attacks are boosted when weak)
Description: A seven foot tall green dragon, it is bipedal. It's hind legs are short and stocky, with immense claws to help it keep grip despite the thick undergrowth of the rainforests it lives in. It's arms are short as well but their claws are very long, almost scythe like. It's head has a thick green hlmet that forms a beak like ornament over the mouth, and two twin horns at the back, giving it an almost pterasaur-esque appearance. It has very thin wings, but they are immensly long, each one nearly seven feet. Instead of feathers or skin it has rows of leaves. It has a thick base to it's tail, which then branches into seven long serpentine vines.

It's main body is a light green, similar to lianas. The leaves on it's wings, it's tails and it's helmet are much darker green, more like variagated ivy. It's underbelly is deep purple, and the bit of it's beak that shows from under it's helmet is yellow. It's eyes are a bright emerald green.
Habitat: Rainforests, located mostly in the central part of Astra's main continent.(Astra is made up of a min continent an immense series of islands. Most humans live on the islands as the continent's very harsh in terms of habitats. Best place to find strong Pokemon though. Of course finding them and not being 'lost' is a necessary skill)
Usage in Emerald Lands:[spoil] Drake's father, Ricardo Vertia Dragonheart, has this Pokemon as his starter. The reason is Drake Sr., Drake's grandfather, found a Lile on a boat trip. Drake Sr. and Ricardo were arguing over Ricardo's starter, as Ricardo wanted a Grass type but the Dragonheart tradition was Dragon types. Lile was, in Drake Sr.'s opinion, the most draconic Grass type he was going to find, so he gave it Ricardo. Everyone happy. Lile was a new speciesto be seen in Hoenn though, so Drake Sr. had to fill in a lot of paperwork to give it to his son as a starter. Now Ricardo's 40 and ,as well as evolving twice from Lile to Ptereaf to Teragon, it's his best and most loyal Pokemon, but he doesn't use it much. Draws way too much attention.[/spoil]
Usage in The 31 Day Promise: [spoil]Get's a cameo in the tournament, it's used by Drake Jr. from Emerald Lands daughter, Cina.[/spoil]
Usage in New Lands, New Heroes: Eighth Gym Leader's Pokemon, among others.
Usage in future works:[spoil] Sieg get's one called Grat in Shadow Lands[/spoil]

Name: Purrn
Elements: Fire/Dark
Type: Kitten
Ability: Blaze
Description: A small kitten, it's bright red fur is striped with black bands along it's legs, back and tail. It's ears are flame shaped, and three yellow, flame shaped marks adorn it's face. Two are on it's cheeks, and one between it's eyes. It has a grin much like a Skitty's, with two small canines poking out. It has the usual 'cute Pokemon' black eyes which are designed to stare. It's whiskers are very fine, and it's tail ends in a black flame.
Usage in Emerald Lands: None
Usage in The 31 Day Promise: None
Usage in New Lands, New Heroes: Derek Hade's first, true starter Pokemon. A lot of trainers use it early on.
Usage in future works: Derek obviously keeps it for the Shadow Lands, but at it's full evo of Combuslion.

Flameevee(I forgot it's number)
Elements: Normal/Fire
Type: Mutation
Ability: Flash Fire

Description: NOT AN EEVEELUTION. It looks like Eevee overall, except it's fur's slightly messier and a darker brown. It's collar is red and yellow alternating, and it's tail is far bushier, spreading out into a wide red tip.

Little fact: A mutation of Eevee, found in volcanic habitat. It's DNA is more stable, but the amount of UV received on evolution is said to dictate what type it is upon evolving.

Usage in Emerald Lands: None
Usage in the 31 Day Promise: One of it's full evo's, Flammanator, makes a cameo alongside Sieg, who is also making a cameo.
Usage in New Lands, New Heroes: Sieg has one to start with called Mato, and he get's it's other two first evos, Inferna and Molta later.

Evolution(I know your curious):-
Flameevee(Fire/Normal) -> (LV20 Morning) -> Molta(Fire/Psychic) -> (LV42) -> Moltanator(Fire/Psychic)

Flameevee(Fire/Normal) -> (LV20 Day) -> Flamma(Fire) -> (LV42) -> Flammanator(Fire/Fighting)

Flameevee(Fire/Normal) -> (LV20 Night) -> Inferna(Fire/Dark) -> (LV42) Infernator(Fire/Dark)

The evos when I actually use them.


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