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Creating adoptables - need thoughts!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by AsheD, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. AsheD

    AsheD Member

    So I was planning to create a pokemon adoptables site. It would have a user login, (member features), trading, breeding, multiple outcomes, click to lvl system, etc. Of course, I'll be doing original art for each adoptable but I kind of want some input on what type of adoptables people would like to see.

    I knows there's already a bunch of "normal" pokemon adoptable sites. Which is why I want to make mine a bit more creative. Since there's "light" and "dark" pokemon cards, I thought of the idea where pokemon could hatch and lvl, becoming either light or dark. Their appearances would change slightly, but I don't want to change the pokemons design too much.

    Basically the stage is:

    1. Egg - don't know weather it will be light/dark
    2. First evolution - looks normal
    3. 2nd evolution - Slight modifications of the pokemon design so you know if it will be light or dark
    4. 3rd evolution - More modification of dark or light pokemon design.

    note: If there's only 2 evolutions, then you cancel out stage 3 and skips to 4.

    Here's a quick sketch I did of how Dratini's evolution would look. Not colored yet or final, just fast sketch. (except I didnt do dragonite yet)


    Think this would be cool? o.o I mean, I don't want to modify the pokemon so much that you can't tell what they are. Only slight changes to represent dark/light. (color changes possibly, accentuating certain design parts)

    Or you guys have any other theme you think would be cool for adoptables? Feedback appreciated :D
  2. rosierjay

    rosierjay Lillipup Trainer

    i think it sounds cool.
    i also think you should start with lillipup. (grin)
    they are very cute and you do a great job of capturing the style.
    looking forward to more!

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