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Creature Feature


There was a child here. They're gone now.
Another ~Neon~/Ze Cookie Fairy collaboration​

Reality TV shows dominated Prime Time, millions of viewers tuning in to watch an episode of Big Brother or their nation's Idol. The clashing personalities of the many participants provided hours of laughter from the viewers and tears and tantrums from the candidates themselves.

Unfortunately, over the years, the ideas have worn thin. Who can forge the controversy surrounding the show “Small Sister”, where it was evident that this show was a blatant copy of Big Brother. It, however, was apparently the opposite, having viewers vote out the people they really like, and bulldozing the house down when the five most hated people were left.

This caused the Small Sister company to nearly go into bankruptcy. The owner, one Michael Clark, developed an addiction to alcohol in his depression. He seriously thought he had an original idea! His money quickly fell through his fingers, and the sad man became homeless. He died in 2028, stark naked and screaming obscenities at an easily offended steamroller driver (why he was naked is currently unknown- people believe he had lost a poker game).

A truck lost control later that same day as it lost traction on the slippery body (or what was left of it) and ploughed into a nondescript wall. The truck driver was the former vice President of the Small Sister Enterprise. He sustained minor injuries as the wall came tumbling down. However, he diagnosed himself with brain damage as the first thing he saw was a small boy with a monkey tail. He was reported to be writing with all four limbs and his extra appendage. The little boy apparently stared the man down before crying in a British accent: “DO YOU MIND? I AM ATTEMPTING TO COMPOSE MY MAGNUM OPUS!”

Later investigation proved many strange creatures inhabiting the wall, each having some animalistic traits. The man owning the wall was a millionaire who had bought the creatures for his entertainment. This sparked a sudden brainwave in the former truck driver. Funny, animal like humans... On an island in the Caribbean... With CAMERAS...

A brand new reality TV show!

He stole the creatures at night, promising many things to the easily swayed monstrosities, including an alleged twenty-five million bananas. Using a semi-trailer he smuggled the creatures to the nearest dock and offloaded them there. With several camera people and other members of a film making crew traveling with the creatures on the dingy boat that had been hired, they kept the bizarre hybrids from jumping ship and eventually came to the small island.

Cameras were set up in the rundown house there, hidden cleverly to the smart creatures but in plain sight to the less intelligent with a distraction right beside it. The house is in a state of decay, the creatures have been told to live with it or to repair it themselves.

Of course, if they get hungry, there is a McDonald's inexplicably next door. A single acne-faced fifteen year old runs the place, so the quickness of the fast food may be slowed down a tad.

The host of the show is the over-dramatic Ezekiel Chez, commonly known as E.Z. Cheez. He was dubbed the best out the many (pathetic) hopefuls, despite his strange habit of switching accents at random. Most viewers think his loud, flamboyant personality somewhat resembles Duffman of The Simpson, to the delight of easily amused children and to the disgust of anti-plagiarism committees. He, however, tries to aim for an almost David Attenborough-style presentation (if David Attenborough was an obnoxious twenty-year-old who overused fake tan).

Like the show Survivor, the creatures are put up to challenges. They are placed in groups of five- one of each category which the show's producers sorted them in. The challenges are bizarre and varied, such as fitting lemons into one of the team member's mouths and smashing the lemons whilst still within their cheeks and seeing who has the best sour face. The ultimate goal is to prove their species' versatility in order to spearhead the creation of more of their kind- Well, that's what the viewers think. To the creatures it's been established that their goal is to escape to the mainland, and to the producers its to gather as many ratings as they possibly can.


The creatures come in a myriad of species, but all conform to a total of five categories in which they fit.

INTELLIGENT: These creatures' intelligence can easily rival those of the geniuses throughout the ages. They seem to speak with a posh British accent to heighten the smart-sounding factor. They understand everything, but are easily swayed with bribes. They may show some signs of PSYCHIC POWERS, but mostly limited to ESP. They are in no way CUTE or BEAUTIFUL. Their age ranges from five to twelve.

STRONG: These creatures have immense power packed into their muscles. They can hoist a semi-trailer filled with concrete above their head with ease. They may become corrupted with their power and become bullies, and they can be intensely gullible. They do not show any other signs of godmodding-ness, but they are in no way INTELLIGENT or BEAUTIFUL. Their age ranges from twelve to seventeen.

BEAUTIFUL: These creatures make no attempt, but are always beautiful in their own way no matter what. They can easily charm anyone into doing what they want. At times they may seem a little air-headed at times and are also somewhat wimpy. They may show signs of CUTE, but are not really that INTELLIGENT or STRONG at all. Their age ranges from fifteen to twenty, effectively the oldest creatures.

CUTE: These adorable little munchkins instantly make even the toughest person soften. They can be instantly forgiven for anything just by pulling the Bambi eyes. They have a tendency to be somewhat evil and clever, yet their ditzily cute facade causes most to overlook this. They show sings of INTELLIGENCE, STRENGTH if angered and will probably grow up to be BEAUTIFUL. They are jealous of those whom are PSYCHIC, for they can't seem to acquire those powers. Their age ranges from two to seven, most at the lower end of the spectrum.

PSYCHIC: These creatures are the middleman of all of the others, except they seem to have psychic abilities. Telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, minor pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, terrakinesis and aquakinesis: They are inexplicably endowed with these powers. They are level-headed and perhaps the most normal of the creatures. They are easily frustrated by the oddness of all the others and are prone to tantrums. Like the STRONG, their age range goes from twelve to seventeen.

Zeki Ph.D, the child monkey prodigy (Ze Cookie Fairy)
(Maybe Skeith)
NPC: Nagendra, the child repitillian business guru

Fred, the bear guy (~Neon~)
NPC: Flipsie Flops, the elephant girl

Dimitri (among other things), the flirtatous tropical fishman (The_Roxas_Says)
(Manaphy Mare)
NPC: Odette, the cygnet ballerina

Patrizia, the charming honey bee girl (Ventus3)
NPC: Axy, the scheming tiger boy

(Sir Forgets-A-Lot)
NPC: Pysea, the eerie angler fish... thing


The Rules. You don't read 'em, but we need 'em.

1- The NPCs are free to control, but player characters are not unless you ask the owner of whomever you need to use.
2- We (Ze Cookie Fairy and I), will control who wins and who loses any challenges. We will base luck-based ones on your creativity, believability, and overall quality of post. You know, like a forum beauty pageant. We'll show no favouritism. If we can't come to a conclusion, we'll let you guys know so you can PM us with your favourite post. If THAT proves inconclusive, we'll roll a dice.
3- When in a team, take all discussion up via PM to overcome the challenge at hand. You should probably elect one poster and let them write it up, but always stay in contact.
4- Stay to the guidelines with your characters. No uber-smart beautiful characters.
5- Godmodding? Go for it. Only as described above, though, so you can be as strong as... as a tree if you're strong. Don't go overboard with the secondary characteristic, though.
6- Don't spam. It tastes disgusting, and takes away from the fun.
7- Same with flaming, except flams taste like fire and not like spam, which is worse.
8- We like detailed posts.


Signup sheet ahoy!

Name: (The creatures chose names for themselves. Go wild, but pay attention to their intelligence levels- An idiotic character won't have a name more than six letters, really.)
Age: (See the above guidelines)
Gender: (You know the drill)
Category: (One of the five. No more than two per, though, ignoring the five NPCs)
Animal: (What your character is a fusion of. We allow anything visible, even fish)
Appearance: (Remember- human/animal hybrids. Some will be more human, some will be more animal. Have fun with this.)
Personality: (Though the catagories above do have a basic personality guide, don't let us crush your imagination. That's what TV is for.)
History: (Optional. If they did something astounding in life, do it. If they just stayed in that wall, disregard it.)
RPG sample: (Good signups do not necessarily equal good writing skills. Is your writing good enough to pass?)

Any questions? PM Ze Cookie Fairy or I. I'll have my SU up soon. The the signups roll!
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Really and truly
Guys, Appearance, Personality and History must each be a minimum of four lines long. There is an entire section in the Making a Sign-Up sticky on these sections, especially Appearance which you should really be putting much more effort into. Please read the sticky and use it to improve your SUs.



Fire and Ice Combo
Yayz another Neon and Ze Cookie creation, I would ask to reserve me a spot but I'm not sure which one I want to make... I'll probably make one of each and pick which one I like best XD I'll be back with my sign-up soon-to-eventually, cross my heart and hope to live.


Waiting for summer
I guess I'll try, I'm in the mood to take on another RPG xD. (Even though I'm doing two others I think I can manage this one. I'll put actual effort, even though I would probably be picked apart by critics who've seen much better from even a thirteen year old like me o_O I just scared myself but here I go!!)

Name: Patrizia, Flora, Mirabella, Paride (First name, then middle, then dad's last name, then mom's last name)
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Category: Cute, Smart (Is it okay, because you said that the cute people could show signs of being intelligent or strong, but you didn't say the same thing about the Smart typing able to be a little cute)
Animal: she would be a hybrid between a human and a honey bee
Appearance: Fortunately for the sake of the competition, Patrizia has a lot of human traits.Her complection is an olive color which tells of the mediterranean heritage of her human side. Her long and curly, which is a darker brown, with blonde highlights. Her nose is small and cute looking, her mouth being completely human. Her eyes are a light brown with a subtle hue of green which makes her eye color almost un-classifyable at times.

Her body is rather pathetic. Being rather small and cute looking, she can't really support for herself, her arms being short and the same going for her legs, she can't really do much with her physical body but adore her fellow contestants. Like her face, the rest of her skin is an olive tone. Since she has not entered puberty and has a few years to do so, she has small transparent wings which she can only use to sustain flight for thirty seconds at best.

Patrizia is normally seen in a cute looking soft yellow colored sun-dress which has two small holes for her petit wings to stick out from her back. The sun-dress is like a spaghetti strap, revealing her shoulders. Her shoes are black walking shoes which give a quality of an even cuter looking girl than she already is. If it becomes too cold for her body (under 55 degrees farenheit or 12.8 degrees celsius), she will wear a soft yellow hoodie which both has holes for her translucent wings to stick out.
Personality: She is rather smart, but she is slightly jealous that psychics can use the psychic powers to a full extent. Her intelligence is usually hidden with her appearances and age. A mentally gifted person, she can negotiate herself out of many situations okay, but she usually depends on her looks to soften the enemy up before negotiating. Besides that, in normal life, Patrizia would be nice to the contestants, but this forced situation has made her slightly more using of these tactics than normal.

But she knows that if she wins, it could probably come down to something that she can't even do, or maybe it will be of the quality that she does it. She is slightly anxious because of this. Acting around other people, she tries to be nice, but if something angers her greatly, she can't help but be mad about the situation, especially if somebody calls her small.

She finds it rather unfair to be measured on physical strength and has thus found relief in the world of mental stimulation. Of course, she knows that she can only go so far before she must make a choice between becoming beautiful and becoming an intelligent person. Of course, there are down-sides to her besides becoming angry about size and physical strength. She can be clumsy at things and thus can only create ideas, but not actually act them out at her age. That, and she is rather naive at times.
History: Her human DNA came from a famous Italian theorist who was actually rather beautiful for a person who was smart. The other animal DNA came from a honeybee which had been mutated especially for memory skills such as finding flowers and remembering where they were for the hive. She was born in the lab and then given to her mother to be raised for the first three years of her life where the home she lived in was an Italian house-hold, from this she got her name, Patrizia, which is a femenine, Italian variant of the Latin, Patricius. Her middle name, Flora, was taken from the Italian version of the Latin "flos" meaning flower since she was a honeybee which frequented the flowers it seemed to fit. Her supposed paternal last name was the nickname of the bee that had given the DNA for Patrizia's bee-like characeristics. They decided its last name, Mirabella, which is a variant of Mirabelle. The maternal last name was obviously the donor of the human DNA, her last name being Paride, an Italian variant of the Latin Paris, taken from the Greek mythological figure Paris.

She lived three years with an Italian maid of the wall, learning of Italy and its musical language. She did not learn much English, but she learned a slight bit when she was forced to stop talking to the maid and she was taken away to never be seen again. She was raised with them where she continued Italian, but started to learn English at a young age. She had learned to speak fluently in both languages by the time she was five. Eventually after two years of perfecting the languages, she started learning the language of Spanish when she was suddenly forced to finish and she was convinced by the people who were raising her to go to a competition. She obliged and went to the Caribbean island to see if the prize was any good. Of course, she does not really care about the prize. A secret deal was made that if she won that game that the group that's keeping her would give her back to her "mother" which she calls the miad that left and it got out pretty quickly around the facility she was being raised in.
RPG sample: ((I'm going to use one from a current RPG that is still going on))

This is a more descriptive post of mine so I may not post this much.

Naruto: Chance of Wars (Ventus3/me as Kashu said:
"Okay, I think it's time to go. But first, Yaiba-sensei, Rianu's not here right now because he tried to make a water clone, he did, but he ended up fainting and the clone carried him home," Merodii explained to her sensei. "Well, see you tomorrow," Merodii said as she took some time that she had to leave and venture to the weapons shop.

Merodii entered a quaint, little shop. It seemed like any other normal appartment to most customers. There were various microphones, grande fans, daggers from European nations, weapons which made Ryoko's jutsu seem easy, but Merodii was only here to look around at the pretty microphones that they had. She smiled admiringly at a pink microphone which had a pearl in the center. The pearl would vibrate to make the genjutsu almost twice as powerful as normal, but only a few people in even the Kashu clan have been known to perfect this. One of them used to be Merodii's grandmother, until she got sarcoma as previously mentioned.

The microphone was in a delicate glass case on display. It shined with a mysterious pink glow while the pearl reflected the sunlight coming in from the window. Supposedly when it was activated successfully, the user could actually transform, but Merodii did not really know much about it, she never bothered to ask the shop owner who was usually in the back. Merodii finished looking around and quickly walked back to the Hokage Faces.

A large flapping of wings was heard in the pink and orange sky as a familiar gigantic eagle landed in front of Merodii. Merodii boarded on it and then let the eagle take off into the sky. Merodii then stared at the pink and orange sky, the outer reaches of it starting to tone down to a comfortable dark blue. Soon, the sun tucked itself in as the indigo sky revealed itself; an infinite sea of sky and darkness, the sky was soon black and filled with stars over the mountain-side forest that surrounded the borders of the fire and sound nations. Soon, the eagle flew over a plateau which reflected the light blue moon's light, a sea of sand. Eventually, after flying over this sea of magnificently blue colored stone, the eagle neared Otogakure and passed it. A few miles to the north and Merodii's mansion came into view. The eagle landed in front of the luxuriously large front garden and let her down off his wing. The eagle flew off into the distant starry black night.

Merodii walked in to be directed to the table again by her twin sisters. They recited the usual family prair once more before beginning a dinner of yakitori along with a large plate of sashimi that was being passed around the large almost all female family as they chatted casually and ate. The smell of pork could be slightly smelled as bowls of tonjiru were passed out from a large pot along with spoons. Merodii was quiet, too busy enjoying the food to actually be talking. Merodii continued to eat as her sisters talked about what they did at the shrine and what missions they were getting. It seemed that Merodii really didn't have anything to talk about, besides her first mission being tomorrow.

Maybe I should tell them I'm getting my first mission tomorrow, Merodii nervously thought as she took another gingerly sip from her spoon which was filled with pork and carrots from the tonjiru.

"So, it's about time you got your first mission Merodii," Koko interrupted Merodii tasting the soup that she was trying to enjoy.

"Yes, I will have my first mission tomorrow," Merodii said humbly after swallowing her spoon full of tonjiru.

Eventually, dinner ended as Merodii cleared the table. Normally, this would seem rather short in a small family, but since three generations lived in this house, the amount of dishes to wash and put away was rather enormous. After taking about ten minutes to get all of these dishes in the sink, Merodii spent about fourty minutes washing the dishes and then walked over to her bed-room tiredly. She dragged herself into her room and then changed into pink pajamas which were made of silk. Merodii then collapsed on her bed and fell asleep without much thought.
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Whoo its up at last :3 but I can't decide what to go for. You see I'm torn between Smart and Psychic because of the character I have in mind as they will be a stereotypical british person (saying stuff such as Wut jew lookin at? Oos the ower bloke wif 'at fing!) and will be quite witty/cunning but not considered smart persay. I also am not too sure how well Psychic powers would work with him so... May I be reserved to whichever class you think would be best?

Thanks in advance


Sir Forgets-A-Lot

The Forever Amnesiac
Would it be possible to reserve me a spot as a Psychic team member? My animal part will be a horse and my power will either be pyrokinesis or cryokinesis (Ice manipulation). If you need a rpg sample with reservations then just let me know and I will post one.


There was a child here. They're gone now.
ZFXZFX and treespyro:

*Blinks. Blinks again.* Psychic's post was bang on the money. Please, check out the sign up thread and have another go when you're all clued up. Just to let you know, both of your characters are naked. They may be animalistic, but they are still humanoid and therefore required to wear clothes that cover up the indecent parts.


Innerflame: We look forward to your sign up =D

Ventus3: We were all kids once, so don't you worry about it. Heck, the both of us are only fourteen. Now, onto your critique...

Category: Cute, Smart (Is it okay, because you said that the cute people could show signs of being intelligent or strong, but you didn't say the same thing about the Smart typing able to be a little cute)
Yeah, it's all right. The extra attributes for cute were mostly to enhance little Axy's (the NPC tiger boy's) evilness. The Smarts aren't cute because not many highly intelligent people can be models.

She was born in the lab and then given to her mother to be raised for the first three years of her life where the home she lived in was an Italian house-hold,
Um... I don't think I made this clear, but they all lived in the wall and only let out when the owner of the wall saw the need (like university education for those whom are smart). The closest thing she's probably have to a mother is a maid to the owner of the wall. The father DNA is fine.

Now, we like you SU overall. We're gonna say Accepted~

Skeith and Sir Forgets-A-Lot: Reserved. Skeith, I'll whack you as a potential for both sections and wait until you're done.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Okay this was a close tie it was between my mischief intelligent character and my teary-cute one. I just happen to like the cute one just a little bit more and I even drew a picture of him looking all adorable :3 I hope my sign-up is okay.

Name: Pooh but is call Pooky as a nickname [though it longer than his actual name XD]
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Category: Cute
Animal: Bunny

Appearance: Imagine a cute little boy of small stature with a round childlike face and fair pastey color skin; with perfectly straight yet thick, flawless white hair that frames probably the prettiest pair of ruby eyes anyone will ever see. A dark-color birthmark goes across his little button nose is in the shape of a heart. Now that you have that in your mind add a pair of long floppy ears sprouting out of the top of his head occasionally falling across his face and covering his large eyes making him look even more adorably innocent, and small whiskers protruding off his chubby cheeks. All those features makes up the basic look of Pooh: the adorable, small bunny boy with an angelic appearance.

Pooh’s wears a dark blue t-shirt that goes just little below the waist and has ironically the head of a big blue-eye, white fur bunny printed at the top of the shirt. He also wearing a longer sleeved shirt under his that perfectly rests at his wrist. Since he regularly dresses himself the long sleeve shirt which is lighter green color doesn‘t match the shorter sleeved one. Normal blue jeans he is wearing are too long being kept up with gold buckle, soft leather belt as the bottom of the pants is rolled up. He has dark blue Nike shoes with a white checks on the sides and instead of laces it has two Velcro Straps. When his shoes aren’t on you can see his sock which there nothing really interesting about them other than they are a bright orange not matching any article of clothing he is currently wearing.

Personality: Pooh tends to act how he look like a cute innocent little creature, always saying pwease, thank-q, and oopsie which is translate to sorry (got it from playing Hamtaro games) when he does something he shouldn‘t have. He is very kind and often offers to play with someone when they are bored; he mostly does it because he is bored himself. Though he seems to be just a tad less kind to the psychic ones, just being slightly jealous of their powers but he still becomes friends with them. Because of his cute exterior, he has never been punish for anything, so he is extremely spoil and does whatever he wants. He has two main interests: eating and running around. Constantly snacking whenever he get the chance but when his energetic, hyperness comes into play there is nothing wrong with he eating so much. Giving him sweets before bedtime is not advise; he’ll be up until late into the night doing things to keep him entertain until the sugar boost wears off and he crashes off to sleep.

When someone tells him not to do something, it triggers something in his mind that makes him want to do it. When he is in trouble and people seems to be angry at him he goes teary eye and starts wailing as he apologizes over and over. The normal person would feel bad and comfort him; his little crying act will get he him out of receiving stern scolding. He does the same thing when he has problems doing something, it starts with slight tears, putting himself down, then he will compliment how well the person can do it and ask him or her to help him; this whole thing begins with them trying to show him and normally ends with the person doing it for him. If for some reason his method of crying to get what he desires fails, he will literally go one a crying rampage, thrashing around with strength unseen throwing things as a protest of being deny. The only way to calm him down is to give him what he wants, give something else that he likes or restrain him until he calms down enough.

History: N/A

RPG sample: [Ahem for this RPG I will write an entirely new sample of this character so that I can better show my character personality wise. Also I haven‘t been in a RPG on this site for ages…]

The cold air brush against the chubby cheek, making his hair and floppy bunny ears danced. A pair of ruby eyes ajar slightly, Pooh realized he was being carried off somewhere at night. Maybe it was out a sudden shock, the fair skin bunny boy began to wail loudly. The guy carrying him possibly more afraid that now he had a weeping 6 year kid with ears and whisker of rabbit in his arms. Like a parent of a newborn baby, he began to rock the kid back and patting him on the back to calm him down though all attempts failed he continued to try only method that he knew.

“Whewe awe you taking me mistw?” Pooh asked with a sniffle and he looked up at him with teary red-eyes. He curled his arms close to his chest wipes the tears off his cheek. “Your taking me away because I‘ve be delin-q, I‘ve been so delin-q that master is giving me away, why am I so delin-q! (Note: Delin-q is ham-chat for bad)” Tears streamed down the bunny boy face and the guy stood slightly confused at what the child was saying but by the listening he believed the kid was saying that he been a delinquent. The man just couldn’t bear to see the cute little bunny kid crying thinking he was something bad.

“No you’re not a delinquent you’re just… going on a little trip” he said kindly hoping it would soothe the weep kids and make carrying him off a little easier.

“I don‘t want go, I want to go back home!” With that phrase the will to cry was built back up and he went back bawling. The guy become frantic; frightful of being caught, feeling guilt for make a little kid cry, and confused of what he could do next.

“Ah… Um… I‘ll give you a lollipop if you stop crying…” He desperately bribed the kid, it was the only thing he could think of doing. It seemed to be working as the crying came to an abrupt halt.

“Lowipop fow me?” he questioned sniffling between his words, the guy nodded with a smile on his face. “You’we lying to me, aren‘t you…?” the tears started coming back.

“No-no-no” he said quickly before the full waterworks began once again, “I‘ll give you a lollipop I promise, I promise.”

“Weawy?” Pooh asked again as if to ensure it to his self. He looked up at him with the most innocent eyes that gave off a hint of hope that what he was saying was truly true. Needless to say the guy’s heart felt like it was melting as he looked at this adorable kid.

“Yes really but first you have to come with me.”

“Okay!!!” he squealed with happiness tears in his eyes disappeared and a big smile spread across his face. “Thank-q mistew.”

The guy smiled as well; glad to see a happy expression the cute bunny boy face. Thus he went on carrying the kid with him through the dark night and into his vehicle. Taking the kid off he ended up giving Pooh both a jelly-filled doughnut and a lollipop; regrettably the man was stuck with a super hyper kid who couldn’t stop messing with everything and fidgeting in his seat for one hellish long drive.

With that I bid you a good night I'm tired after working on this and other ones all day. *really had nothing better to do today *
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「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」
Animal:Dragon+Dragoon Combo

Appearance:A creature which has four legs, all dark blue, covered with armored spikes protecting it's whole body. two arms, which of course, as strong as ever, claws as sharp as diamonds. long, curved sabres protrude from it's arms, bones inexplainably protect the outer covering by getting displace outside the body. scales which shine in the light surround this monster. Two pairs of wings, one which glows as the blue sky, the other, which is almost as fearsome as the devils. a long tail slashes out behind the creature, with the most sharp and dangerious weapons explainable.
Zeranar doesnt wear anything, as a normal dragon.

Protective of everything, his faverote line is "You dont believe in Dragons?...Then die..." He usaily says that when someone somehow doesnt believe even thou he is real. He spends his day training his psychic abilitys to one day prove to everyone that even the strongest of all may be defeated by the mind. He usally eats alot but doesnt have to worry as he is always as fit as ever. Kind to everyone around him but acts like a Demonic soul benting to devour them when he meets a new person.

History:A secret to everyone, He even wants to keep it from himself...

RP Sample:
The Horns of Battle sounded, Almost all the Races, Night Elves, Orcs, Taurens, Trolls, Humans,Dwalves.
They all came, they all readied, The Legion was among us. "Demons! it is time to conquer this world! The time for Domination is nearing WE WILL RULE THE UNIVERSE!!!"Sargaeras roared. Kizmet, waiting for Orders, from The KIng, right above him, overseeing the operation. "Azeri...call forth them..."Gardosen said. "No...not yet..."Azeri said a he survayed the battlefield.

Kizmet stood at the side of the King. His blood was alive with energy, seeming to fizz like soda pop. He could tell that his own Blade by his side, Sir Windsor, was having the same feeling. Not every Blade got to charge into battle, defending his Ward. What a treat.

Kethry sat upon the back of her Shin'a'in Battle Mare, HellsBane. She and her horse wore Battle Armor, and Kethry was prepared for a hard battle as she surveyed her enemies. Beside her her She'Enedra, or Sworm Sister, Tarma Tale'Sedrin sat atop her own Battle Mare, IronHeart. She wore a grim but anxious expression, and her clothing was black as night, a deadly sign in a Sword Sworn. In her hands was clutched the enchanted sword Kethry had given her, able to cut down demons, elementals, and other super natural creatures while lending her some protection. In Kethry's hands was the magical sword Need.

Karina stood with some of the other ground fighters. Roan was on on side of her, Set on the other. Himiko, Silva, and Auron stood nearby, along with countless others. All held the enchanted weapons that Kethry had given them, the things that gave most of them a fighting chance. Behind Karina was an army of animals. All tht hse could muster with her call, all enchanted to be able to kill the demons and elementals and supernatural beasts. All ready to fight.

Azeri flew across the battle field, stunning all that saw him.Even the king bowed to Azeri's seemingly everlasting Aura. "humans, elves, Orcs, and all other races!"Azeri spoke humblely, but with the might of a god. "The Legion has finally come upon us! This is our land and we will fight tll they go back to their Nether where they belong!"Azeri roared as Gardosen flew down from the dark burning sky.He assembled the Elementals, witch were not yet corupted by the Legion's massacare and dark energys. Sargaeras watched the Horizon, roaring loudly "Bow down to us now and we will spare you, foolish mortals!" The Dragon Aspects flew in the sky without Nozodormu, of couse, was inside Azeri. "This day is fnally among us, there are to days for it...The Day Of The Dragon and the Day Of Dispair."Alexandra said in her voice with gave life into the race's hearts. "Kizmet! I have hopes for you...so i will give you this, Use it to cure all corupted Elementals, and others!"Maygyos said as he spread open his wings and gave Kizmet a Orb of Swirling Energy.


New Member
Name: Dimitri, Casanova, or Romeo. It changes depending on his mood.

Age: 15

Gender: Man

Category: Beautilicous

Animal: Some type of… Tropical Fish

Appearance: Despite being a denizen of the deep, he still retains many human characteristics. The first being that he has a human body, a particularly curvy one for someone of his gender; these seemingly large hips magnified by his abnormally thin waist. Pair this with a pale complexion, long, graceful legs, and you have a body that most human girls would kill for. He has flawless ivory skin, and elegant features. Dimitri (which I shall now be calling him throughout the sign-up) has cool, emerald green eyes, which seem to sparkle with an inner light. His hair is very unusual, a bright crimsony red that sticks up all over the place, nearly defying gravity at moments. He does have some rather unusual fishy aspects, the first being deep mauve scales. These scales cover all of his hands and feet, and a small amount frame his face. He also has a pair of workable gills, that when not in use, look like nothing more than three scar-like slits on the side of his neck. Dimitri also has something that could be considered fins; in all honesty they’re more like little flaps of golden webbing on the inside of his wrist.

As far as clothing is concerned, Dimitri is happy to go around stark naked, but for the sake of little children everywhere, he has been forced to wear something. This something taking the form of a pair of extremely skintight shorts. Sometimes he will be seen wearing a ridiculously bright purple Hawaiian t-shirt, preferably unbuttoned. He has a curious affinity for jewelry, wearing a bright gold anklet bracelet, along with a necklace that has a number of bright shiny things strewn through it. He likes going around barefoot…

Personality: Like most of his names; Dimitri is constantly searching for his “special” someone… Though he can’t tell the difference between love and lust at all. No, this fishy-man wanders about the house, flirting with just about every thing that moves, no exceptions. (Except for the very ugly…) He has mastered the art of bad pick up lines, and will not hesitate to use them. He doesn’t really remember people’s names, and instead will call them “Doll”. Dimitri’s world is ruled by only one thing; how beautiful a person is. And he is at the top, and everyone else is below him, and they should accept that. They will never get as beautiful or perfect as he is, and they should do whatever he says… Or at least that’s what he thinks…. He really likes to be the center of attention, and when he isn’t, he’s rather upset.

He is very overdramatic, almost comically so; merely raising your voice to him will cause a flood of crocodile tears. Dimitri never fully commits himself to anything, unless there is something for him to gain. But, as stated before, he does have something for jewelry, so if your willing to part with a earing or shiny something, he'll cooperate. (Or offer something cute as bait.)

History: N/A

RP sample: Sadly, I do not have one that I could provide without some form of trouble, seeing as how I am Broken_Hearted with a new face… But I don’t want people to think that I am… Lying about that…. If it would please you, you could as a personal question that only he would know… I do know what GoodBoyShipping stands for if that is helpful….

This is my first time ever describing something with animal features... and I think that I failed... I also believe that he may be... Too... Perverted..... I could do something else if you wish....

This is the result of too much fanfiction... And sugar....

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I don't have much time, so this will be short and sweet.

Innerflame: Accepted.Congratulations. You are part of another Ze Cookie Fairy/Neon collaboration. Our only suggestion to you at this time is to maybe check out a few grammar sites about your tenses. They're a wee bit off, that's all.

AzerWrath: Denied. I'm sorry, but we don't feel that your sign up was up to our standard. For starters, your description was a bit vague and very confusing. Plus, I know this RPG is meant to be about freedom, but we prefer if people use real creatures. I'm all for dragons, but this is a reality based RPG (*snort* Reality...) so, maybe he can be used somewhere else. Also, what do you mean by a “dragoon”? The only terms I can find for that are for pigeons and foot soldiers. (Incoming message from Neon) Hey, as I read your post it just exuded this aura of uberness... and though we do encourage uberness, your guy was Psychic, Smart, and Strong... and that's a bit too much. (Back to ZCF) And as a parting remark, your RPG sample kind of confused us. Oh well. Better luck next time.

*Nobody*: Sure. We'll reserve you. So, RESERVED.

The_Roxas_Says: Accepted. And it's awesome to see you again. Don't worry, we have no problems with your character (actually, we adore him). And perversion isn't that much of an issue here. Just don't let him hit on any five year olds (joke!). Congratulations on making it into another one of our RPGs!
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ZFXZFX and treespyro:

*Blinks. Blinks again.* Psychic's post was bang on the money. Please, check out the sign up thread and have another go when you're all clued up. Just to let you know, both of your characters are naked. They may be animalistic, but they are still humanoid and therefore required to wear clothes that cover up the indecent parts.


Innerflame: We look forward to your sign up =D

Ventus3: We were all kids once, so don't you worry about it. Heck, the both of us are only fourteen. Now, onto your critique...

Yeah, it's all right. The extra attributes for cute were mostly to enhance little Axy's (the NPC tiger boy's) evilness. The Smarts aren't cute because not many highly intelligent people can be models.

Um... I don't think I made this clear, but they all lived in the wall and only let out when the owner of the wall saw the need (like university education for those whom are smart). The closest thing she's probably have to a mother is a maid to the owner of the wall. The father DNA is fine.

Now, we like you SU overall. We're gonna say Accepted~

Skeith and Sir Forgets-A-Lot: Reserved. Skeith, I'll whack you as a potential for both sections and wait until you're done.

Lol, I'm actually only thirteen >_> just turned thirteen two months ago today ._. . Anyway, I'll get to editing the history don't worry. I was a bit rushed for time so I didn't read the entire thing as accurately as I should have, but thank you for accepting me =D!

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May I please reserve a spot under the beauty category?

Thank you!


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Innerflame: Accepted.Congratulations. You are part of another Ze Cookie Fairy/Neon collaboration. Our only suggestion to you at this time is to maybe check out a few grammar sites about your tenses. They're a wee bit off, that's all.

Okay, I will do and I'm glad to be in other of you guys RPG. That will be my next goal, stay in the same tense (I did that same thing in the rough draft of my research paper, I had to write in present tense and like writing in past tense for some reason). I'll look through my sign-up and try to fix it, thanks for pointing it out.

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1000 Words
Name: Junjou (also called Puck when on a sugar rush)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Category: Beautiful
Animal: Butterfly
Appearance: Junjou is tall and skinny with a semi-athletic build. At first glance, his eyes are a soft, gentle shade of green. However, if anyone were to look closer they would see a subtle crystal-blue color and a look of child-like innocence. His medium-short hair is straight and has a natural deep-emerald hue. His elegant wings are large and resemble four, white rose petals and are large and strong enough to hold him up in flight. His usual posture involves hin hovering over the groun with his knees slightly bent. His shin was a medium-light tan and his heart-shaped face has no acne whatsoever. His smile always shows teeth that are as white and luminous as pearls that are sometimes hidden behind semi-thin lips with a naturally soft maroon hue.
In the wardrobe department he looks even more like something from a maho shonen (magical guy) anime. His t-shirt is white with green sleeves and trim at the neck and four, small holes that he can squeeze his wings through. His emerald-colored shorts go to just before his knees. Wrapped around his head is a gold headband with a green, leaf-shaped stone in the center of the section over his forehead. His shoes are Kelley green with jade-colored accents. Adorning his hands are half-finger gloves that are as green as shamrocks.
Personality: Junjou is one of the wisest people anyone will ever meet, but he also has a child-like innocence. He cares about all life, and will often put someone else’s safety before his. His most obvious qualities are his extremely strong sense of justice and his piety. He is always kind and caring. His tendency to be emotional often gets annoying for anyone who doesn’t know him well; however this also makes him more sensitive to other’s emotions.
Some of Junjou’s faults are his tendency to be easily distracted and the fact he has a major inferiority complex when it comes to singing (despite his beautiful bass (or baritone whichever is the higher of the two) voice). He also can be a major klutz. He has also been known to be scatterbrained at times. He is often described as a dreamer, because he is so often hopeful. Junjou is often described as a calm crybaby but he can be very energetic at times. He is often shy around others and only feels comfortable talking to a select few. He is also a somewhat skilled botokinetic (plant manipulation) but not quite talented enough to be considered for the psychic team. He is also a tai chi master and can fight using the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon.
RPG sample: A young rabbit with off-white fur and wearing an orange dress with a turquoise dual-flap tie was sitting at the foot of a series of steps that led up to a massive emerald that was glowing with a mysterious power. Near her were several smaller creatures, they were sky-blue with a yellow pompom atop each head and a pair of butterfly-like wings that had a rosy-pink hue; however one of them had a difference, he wore a bright red bowtie. Amongst the creatures was a robot that had a similar appearance to the creatures however he had yellow feet and an orange propeller where the other creatures had pompoms.
Surrounding the emerald atop the stairs were seven pillars, five of which had smaller emeralds atop them. The first emerald was a lighter green than the one in the center, the second was a deep blue almost like a sapphire, after that was a grayish-white, the fourth emerald was a rich violet color much like that of an amethyst, and the last one was the same blue hue as the gemstone aquamarine; however all of the emeralds had the same glow as the one they surrounded.
The rabbit was playing with the other creatures and robot when, unbeknownst to her several monsters that looked like giant, robot-like dolls with black orbs that had an eerie violet glow to them appeared. They seemed to be carrying some type of bomb
Cream looked behind her and shrieked as the creatures lunged at her. Before the creatures could touch her the robot and the chao with the bowtie began darting from creature to creature until they were away from Cream.
“Cheese, Omochao, thank you.” she said with a grateful tone as she bowed.
“Fight?” Cream asked. She thought for a bit then said, “I guess there’s no other choice.” She then curled up into a ball and rammed herself into several other creatures.
As she did this Omochao saw a timer on the bomb showed less than two minutes and sais, “CREAM, GRAB THE EMERALDS AND RUN! REPEAT, GRAB EMERALDS AND RUN!”
With that warning Cream began flapping her ears as if they were wings and flew up towards the emeralds and, one by one put them into her bag. ‘Thankfully Tails made me this pocket dimension bag.’ she thought.
When she was done there were only fifty-nine seconds left on the timer. She began flying away as fast as she could with Cheese and Omochao close behind. The only thing they saw was the glow of the subspace energy that rushed out of the bomb and now encased the altar where the emeralds were once kept.
As Cream noticed the explosion, a tear fell from the rabbit's eye as she whispered, "Good bye Mr. Chaos..."
The young rabbit then looked towards the sky and couldn’t help but feel that there were others who were to encounter the same creatures, if they hadn’t already.
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Manaphy Mare: I like the character, but I have a few issues with your sign-up. Don't worry- these things are easily fixable. For starters, I would like you to review the paragraphing in your sign up. The only issue is a few things are smooshed together, which makes it hard for me to read. Another thing is I feel the description could be a bit more detailed, although you did quite well with Junjou's personality. Plus, I think you misspelled medium when describing his hair. But that's still easily fixable. Oh, and in Junjou's personality there are a couple of oxymorons/paradoxes. Either make him energetic or calm- unless he's bipolar, he shouldn't be both. Same with wise and naive. Do you get what I'm talking about? Anyway, if you fix these things up I think we can accept you. But for now, you are pending.
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1000 Words
I edited the description and personality. I hope they meet your standards.

Ze Cookie Fairy

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Sorry, Manaphy Mare. I still think the description is too short. Also, the paragraphing is still iffy. So, until you do a more thorough edit, you are still pending.

And now, my sign up, which I just spent all of three hours writing up. Neon will be pleased.

Name: Zeki Koios Scientia Wilde, Ph. D (he devised his own name, obviously)

Age: Five.

Gender: Male.

Category: Intelligent.

Animal: Monkey, although it isn’t certain exactly which breed.

Appearance: If (God forbid) Zeki was ever mistakenly placed into a preschool class, the first thought from his naïve teacher would be: “Wow, that little tyke is hairy!”. Due to Zeki’s monkey genetics, his arms, legs and torso are covered in a soft layer of reddish brown fur, the like only seen on the hairiest of full-blooded humans. Wherever this fur is not, it can be seen that Zeki’s skin is also quite brown. It is a mystery why his skin is this shade, since like most geniuses Zeki does not frequent the outdoors. Zeki’s hypothesis is that one of his “parents” (eg. Either the egg or sperm donor) must have been of an ethnic descent, perhaps Greek or Spanish. However, he has concluded that there is also a possibility of him carrying Asian genetics, seeing as his eyes are quite squinty (they are wide in width, but not in height) and slightly slanted at the corners. The colour of eyes, like his fur and skin, is brown. But unlike his fur and skin, this brown is murkier, and if one was to look closely, slightly greenish. His pupils are quite large and detract attention away from the irises. Because of this anomaly, he is quite sensitive to light. Underneath his strange eyes lies a severely upturned nose. In fact, one could argue that it is more of a snout. There seems to be no real bridge to the nose, more like a short flat expansion and then this little bump dominated by two large nostrils. Unlike most people, Zeki’s nostrils are almost shaped like diagonal letterboxes with rounded corners. Ironically enough, his sense of smell is still slightly below average. His mouth is quite wide, with lips that are too thin and uncoloured to be very noticeable. Inside his mouth lies an impressive collection of block-like teeth, all quite white and extremely large. The top row of teeth is accentuated by Zeki’s severe overbite. As a consequence of this unusual dental make-up, his chin is very weak. Overall, his face is shaped like a ball with a small point at one end, and crowned by an explosion of thick orangey-brown hair. In proportion to his lithe body, Zeki’s head is extremely large. If it weren’t for his gangly, long limbs and short torso, he would be in danger of being mistaken for a giant lollipop. However, even though Zeki’s limbs are longer then the average five year old, he is still very short (probably due to his bandy-legged stance, although he refuses to correct it). At the ends of his limbs lie Zeki’s unusual hands and feet. Unlike most monkeys, he does have opposing thumbs. But unlike most humans, he only has three fingers on each hand. His feet are just elongated versions of his hands, and can be used to do the same tasks. But the most noticeable feature of Zeki is his magnificent tail, which pokes out through a hole in the back of his pants. It is covered in fur and quite muscular- mostly due to the fact Zeki uses it to hang off places a lot of the time.

Compared to his appearance, Zeki’s clothes are not very special. He usually is clad in a faded blue Elmo shirt (not his choice- it is one of the only clothing items that would fit him without tailoring) and a pair of denim shorts. However, when he is working he prefers to wear a special tailor-made navy blue suit, accompanied by a crisp white shirt. He rarely wears shoes.

Personality: As a side effect of being immensely intelligent, Zeki does not have the patience nor skills for cooperative communication. If included in a conversation he will fight to dominate it, and will usually belittle the person talking to him in doing so. Zeki is not too fond of people, and prefers to be in his own company. The only people he considers worthy of befriending are either long-dead geniuses, or modern icons such as Steven Hawking (who is a pen pal of Zeki’s. They spend a lot of their time comparing theories on the universe). Otherwise, most people he finds too stupid or shallow for him to bear. A cantankerous five year old, he is usually grumpy and disrespectful, always certain that he is the only person that is intellectually capable of being right about something. If challenged on a subject, Zeki will always take it way too seriously. He has an extremely short temper, and will start climbing on furniture and throwing things if agitated too much (he blames his inbuilt monkey reactions for this). If upset or (in rare cases) frightened, he will climb up to the highest point of a room (say, the ceiling fan, for instance) and refuse to come down for hours on end. There is only one way to snap Zeki out of a sulk like that- bananas. Like the animal part of his hybrid status, he adores fruit and finds this long yellow variety particularly irresistible. In fact, the only way the producers could get him to take part in the show was to bribe him with a substantial amount of bananas. He is yet to receive them.

Another side effect of Zeki’s genius is his slight eccentricity. Often he will be caught conversing with himself, and is prone to quoting his favourite works of literature (usually Oscar Wilde, whom he is quite partial to) at strange moments. He also has a habit of talking quite loudly, even when muttering callous comments about his housemates.

History: Zeki, like his other companions, was artificially created in a laboratory by combining monkey DNA with a fertilized human egg. He was inserted into the womb of a cow and left to develop for nine months. At the end of his development, he was removed from said animal via Caesarean section (sadly, Zeki's surrogate mother was then made into beef patties to supply the facility's canteen with burgers). After his entrance into the world, Zeki was bought by an eccentric millionaire and was made to take up residence in said millionaire’s wall, then immediately enrolled into an accelerated educational program. By six months, he had already read Origins of the Species and numerous other tomes, could type coherently with all five limbs (tail included) faster then even the most able office secretary and replicated Einstein's theory of relativity with no knowledge of said equation (when the scientists visited and told him Einstein had already done it, he threw a tantrum of volcanic proportions). By one year of age he had successfully completed high school (he was schooled in a virtual reality program), graduating with the highest IQ in his class (ranked against other students taught via the same simulator). At age two, he enrolled in a high-profile university, earning a Ph. D in an amazing two years, by proving that plants could indeed feel pain and whenever hurt, emit a scream too high-pitched for human ears. This unfortunately concluded in a lot of hard-core vegans starving to death.

Once Zeki finished his tertiary education, he applied for a job in the same university. His old professors were only too glad to agree. After spending the last few years listening to Zeki cross-examine every theory discussed in class, it would be a blessing to have him out of their way. For six months Zeki terrorised his class with his mass knowledge and confusing theories (he would present the theories from the textbooks, and then completely contradict them using his own research). But Zeki quickly tired of teaching (coincidentally, this happened around the same time as the famed banana incident in his class). He applied for a sabbatical so he could work on writing a book on all his ingenious theories. Around this time, he was bought from the scientists who created him and sent to live in the wall of an eccentric millionaire. He lived there quite happily, working day and night on his revolutionary book. Well, at least until that fateful night when some idiot truck driver smashed right through the wall…

RPG sample: Since the only other moderator of this RPG knows quite well how I write, I will leave this. Plus, I’m not sure I’d have enough space. I went slightly overboard with the description…
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