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Crescendo (Advanceshipping, M)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Satoshi<3, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Satoshi<3

    Satoshi<3 Love thy Satoshi

    Rated M for Graphic Images and Language

    ATTENTION: This really isn’t a shipping, fluffy, oh how 'cute~!' Fanfiction. Hell no, this is straight up horror and suspense, which means there really is no lovey dovey shipping going on here. The only reason why this is here is because the characters are Ash and May were ONCE together but then something has come between that. This is also not a Pokémon Universe Fic, so sorry no Pokémon running around here. This is an apocalypse fic and…well you can figure out the rest yes?



    C r e s c e n d o​

    A raven haired man gazed deeply into the dark room, trying to make out silhouetted figures in the shadows. He could feel something in that pitch darkness as if it were beckoning him to come closer. A shiver went up his spine as he quickly cowered behind a broken bookcase, rubbing his palms together to gather warmth. He crawled underneath it, his breathing shallow and his heartbeat racing.

    The library in which he stayed had decayed and worn down from war and abuse, its once grand and gorgeous appearance now indelicate. Burnt books and rotting bodies contaminated the air, black splattered smudges decorated the moaning structure with filth, as the swaying light fixtures and clanking steel body promised no sign of life. The only source of light emerged from the demolished ceilings and shattered windows, making the large room glow with an eerie shade of navy and grey.

    Sniffling, Ash shakily pulled a cigarette from his pocket. He ignited a match, and balanced the cigarette between his cracked lips and eased into it. Pulling a long drag from the thin butt, his tongue lingered on the sweet sapor of tobacco. Then he exhaled it through his nose. His honey eyes followed the swaying smoke, observing it ascend and flutter. The muscles in his neck and back relaxed as the nicotine kept him at ease.

    Things had become different since the war officially ended, yet it felt as if another war was continuing on. For one thing he never smoked until now and that was one of things he promised he'd never do. But in a world like this he needed it to keep his sanity.

    No one could walk down the street anymore without their heads getting shot off. Food was scarce, living was extremely hard, and anyone who had the guts to walk outside ended up dead. The Infected roamed and claimed the city streets, tormenting and destroying anything within its way. Humanity had been divided and isolated, for only the infected to lead them to their fate. The world was finally coming to its end, and we only had ourselves to blame.

    Sucking in the last drag from his cigarette, Ash hazily glanced up again to the second story. He stared at nothing as he enjoyed the last bit of tobacco on his tongue, but from the cracked window just above a hanging lamp, something odd caught his eye.

    It was just for a second—a blur of black passing by the window—but it still alarmed him. Ash discarded his cig and crawled out from his hiding spot. His breath quivered as he advanced into the loitered room, eyes glued to the window, and hands griped tightly around his pistol slung to his belt. Ash’s body quirked as his senses modified, his sight and hearing becoming sharper. The hairs on his arms rose like the hackles of a dog in danger, his forehead grew clammy as he advanced more inside the grave space. The room was uncomfortably quiet except for the groans evading from the building, and the random scatters of rats dashing across the room. Ash’s breath hitched every time he heard them run, and it constantly kept him on edge.

    Continuing, the toe of his foot bumped into something soft, and Ash tensed against the sensation. He swallowed, and his hands clenched and unclenched by his sides. He looked down. Sunken black holes glared back at him, the corpse’s ripped, and decayed mouth overflowing with the maggots, as the side of the man’s webbed, purple cheeks pulsated with white ooze. Ash held his breath.

    Stepping over the crumpled corpse, the rotten stench of disease and melted skin infiltrated up his nostrils, almost causing him to gag. He tried to ignore the scattered bodies around him and kept his head up high, his mind racing with the horrid images of death surrounding him. Now standing in the middle of the room, the moon’s face dawned down on him as he squinted up to the window from a closer distance.

    The same swift of black fluttered by the window again, and timidly holding the gun, Ash aimed the barrel at it. Squinting one eye shut, his finger began to press the trigger. A loud cry came from the other side of the window, and the same black figure came into view, fluffing its feathers and trotting into view. Ash stared at the small being for a minute, and then lowered his weapon. With another screech from the raven, it expanded its wings and flew away.

    “Just a crow...” ​

    His shoulders slumped as he hung his head back and closed his eyes. With the pistol held loosely in one hand he used his other to thread through his sweaty bangs. The light brush of the moon’s rays felt soft on his face and the cool draft from outside, lifted goosebumps up his arms.

    He needed to relax.

    Sighing deeply, his hand hovered inside his pants pocket, ready to dispense another cigarette. In mid action of placing the cig in his mouth again, an ear splintering crash echoed in the silence.

    Ash’s blood ran cold.

    With each tinkling of glass that echoed off the dented walls, the sensation of alarm and dread flushed into his system. A million horrid thoughts flashed through his mind as his cigarette fell from his fingers. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe. Electricity spurted from the crown of his head, descending downwards, and he was once again met face to face with silence. He stood there stiffly in fear. His auburn eyes stared back into the pitch blackness waiting. The building moaned again, its rustic skeleton cracking, the rancid stench of rotten limbs and innards swirling in the midnight air. Ash gripped his pistol closer to him, swallowing stale saliva as he contemplated on taking a bold step forward. His heavy footsteps echoed against the granite tiles, the crunch of sand and debris rolling away from his stride. Eyes stuck to the source of the crash, his bones felt stiff, his ribcage throbbed, and the gun in his hands slid between his sweaty palms.

    The room remained silent as he advanced, stained pillars looming over him as claustrophobia lovingly embraced him. Ash began to question if maybe a part of the building had fell and caused the crash. Or maybe the wind blew a little too hard and popped open a window. Stopping where the light ended, he raised his gun. He eyed at a pile of ruble a few feet away suspiciously. His hands trembled making a loose piece in the gun to clink.

    “I-Is someone t-there?”​

    It was such a silly thing to ask. A draft of musty wind whirled around him causing his finger to ghost over the trigger, his chest heaved as he prepared for whatever was to come. The only thing that emerged from the darkness was a thin piece of paper, carried by the draft to be stuck against the man’s leg. Warily, Ash unraveled one hand from his gun to pinch a clean edge of the sheet. His eyes darted between the dark void in front of him, and the strange piece of paper in his hands. There was something written on it, something recent.


    Those files I found about Project Purity, it came from the library not from the Pentagon.
    I don’t understand what is going on here. I thought that the war was over. I thought the government ended Project Purity! I’m inside Tempanny Library where I found the files, and there are so many of those…those things running around. I have no way of getting past them. I tried calling the police but their lines are down. I want to leave. I want to go home. I miss my you. I can’t take anymore of this. The screams, the bodies, the blood…oh God, the blood. I don’t think I’ll make it out of here ali—“

    A bloodcurdling screech broke into the midnight air.

    Ash jumped and screamed as ghastly talons clawed at his face, missing him by mere inches. His back collided with ground painfully knocking the wind right of his lungs and his back arched from the agony. He lost the grip of his gun sending it sliding across the tiles. Rasping, his eyes rolled, and the room spun as he tried to focus on the stalking figure. Slowly the dark mass entered the moonlit room, revealing its grotesque form. Ash gasped.

    A woman bare and pale wavered under the silver light, her stringy midnight hair sticking to the sides of her waxy face. Underneath her greasy strands revealed her bright azure eyes entranced on Ash’s trembling figure. Her ribs intruded under thin skin, deathly arms swinging by her hips. Ash’s breath hitched as he noticed red lights glowing from under the woman’s cheeks and shoulders, the once pale skin now turning to a hard, silver. The sight was both inhumane and captivating.

    Ash swallowed loudly and focused in on those familiar blue eyes. So those things had gotten to her. She was so frail and deranged. It frightened him to the core.

    “P-Please...Stay back!” His hands and legs scattered as he attempted to crawl away from the entity, “Please May...don't come near me!”

    Metallic clicks reverberated off her tongue as she tilted her head with curious wonderment. This human behaved so interestingly, with his eyes so wide and his body shaking so violently, she had never witnessed someone who behaved so animatedly. Usually people froze in fear and even cried, which made feeding really boring, but this was something new. Sweat cupped around the man’s chin and fell, dotting the ground. Inhaling the man’s sweet scent the woman closed her eyes as she pleasantly lingered on the delectable taste on her tongue. Slowly peeking through her lashes, she excitingly landed her gaze onto the trembling man, her long slimy tongue running along her lips. This would be a satisfying feed.

    Quickly crouching low to the ground her eyes sharpened as her bones disjointed in her jaw, the horrifying sound of tearing skin and splatters of blood echoing in the silence. Large thick mandibles exposed from under the torn flesh, extruding out and clicking in a metallic harmony. Her silver skin hardened and plated over the other like armor, her nails growing into sharp thin knives.

    Ash widely stared back at the deranged entity. This creature that consumed all that was innocent was now the divine image of evil. Its being was so putrid and horrifying that it brought him to tears. Never in his life had he witnessed something so petrifying and dark. It was as if those scary stories by the campfire where coming to life, the passage of the Devil was real, and all his nightmares were coming true.

    Ash’s vision blurred and his lungs burst with sobs and pleases he lifted a hand to distance himself and the abomination. His back slid against bumpy tiles and his arms brushed against his discarded pistol. The woman cocked her head, her red lights flickering blue with curiosity. Ash’s eyes darted between his attacker and his gun, measuring his chances of escaping. A flash of anger appeared in the predator’s eyes, her juttered mandibles snapped and clicked with livid fury. Blood pounded loudly behind his ears and an electric spark ignited inside him. He snatched up his pistol and aimed it at her. She sprung, claws extended outwards to destroy him and sharp pincers exposed to devour him.

    The gun was faster.

    Ash fired numerous shots, screaming as the rush of adrenaline fueled his will to live. The lights and explosions from his gun illuminated the room, mixing with the bloodcurdling screeches coming from his attacker. She spat and gurgled as her body thrashed between shots, splatters of crimson spurting from her wounds. With two final shots the barrel clicked and the gun quivered in his white knuckled embrace. Wavering on her feet she gaped and rasped loudly for air, red streaming down her arms and legs. Ash lowered his weapon and watched the thrashing woman spit and gasp, lingering on her few seconds of life. With one last wheeze her crystal eyes rolled and she collapsed to the ground.

    Ash panted, dropping his gun to his lap, and slumped back against the tiles. For a few minutes he focused on regaining his breath, staring up to the broken ceiling and the moon that peeked through the cracks. He killed it. That monster was dead. He sighed shakily as his head bent to look at the broken figure upside down. It made him shiver just thinking about all those things that were just like her, where walking around in the cities, murdering helpless people with those ungodly teeth. Ash sat up and continued to stare at her, his brows crunched in an angry wrinkle.

    “Your kind makes me sick.” He spat, rising up to his feet and advanced to stand over the blood drenched corpse. “All those people you’ve killed, all the trouble you have cause us? All the pain and the suffering that we all had to endure because of you!” His hands balled into fist and his frame shook with rage, “You took away everything! You took away the one thing that mattered to me the most and I hop you burn in hell for that!” He lifted a boot to strike the body and a hand clenched around his ankle.

    Ash screamed in shock and tugged at his trapped ankle, his hands yanking and pulling at his leg for release. From under him, the woman’s head rose, her dangling hair dripping with clunks of blood and cartage. Her sharp nails dug into his skin and her bright blue eyes narrowed into his, again her mouth ripping apart to expose her vibrating mandibles. Yanking his foot, Ash’s back was reunited with the floor, and she pinned him to the ground. He screamed and begged and thrashed underneath her, eyes wide and stuck on the razor sharp mandibles just inches away from his face. The woman’s throat vibrated as her shrilling screech blared in his ears, the lights under her eyes flashing red to blue in a hypnotic pattern. Her blood and acidic saliva burned his face and neck, the flesh bubbling and sizzling with every drop. Ash’s back arched with excruciating pain, his fingers curled and his neck bent as the woman drew closer to him, her pinchers snapping in hunger. He tried to knee the woman in the stomach in hopes of loosening her grip, but was rewarded with a snap of his wrists. His shoulder blade popped out of place as he hurled himself upward from the pain and his broken hands dangled loosely on the ground. Ash cried and tore his throat apart, the pain becoming overwhelming to handle.

    He wanted it to end. He wanted it to just end.

    Glaring through blurry eyes the woman smiled down at him, “Let us burn together in Hell.”

    With one last scream for mercy, his ears were filled with the woman’s shrilling crescendo.


    In case your confused, the woman is May. An infected being had consumed her body and now she's a killing machine. Yeah didn't I say this wasn't a happy fic? Blame Halloween and awesome music~! Maybe I'll make up for this fic for making something fluffy I don't know. Welp, thanks for reading and leave a reply! I'd love to hear what you think of this horrible story!

  2. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Hm, there seem to a strange increasing rise with Advanceshipping war themed stories. lol. Anyway to your story.


    I honestly had to skip a few sentences because i wasn't able to cope with the violence. that doesn't mean its bad, its just me. I think i haven't read such a dark advanceshipping fic since a few years ago. There was a author who worte a sad ending but she writes coma now so i don't expect anything advanceshippy from her from her anymore. xD

    I was planning to write a Halloween fic as well but its too disturbing to share. I think i'll keep it to myself. xD Another lovely written story Satoshi.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Probally because it's an epic ship and do the war theme really well. I also really enjoyed this story and thought it would have been perfect Halloween reading. Because of the horror theme, I can forgive and understand the fact that Ash and May are not 100% in character, but the possession explained and described it well.

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