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Cresselia's Midsummer Night's Light! (1164)


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Serena's showcase ost in this episode was the best thing <3


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I'm curious as to why this mini-arc wasn't given to Yonemura, he was a big presence back during DP. #JustTomiyasuthings
If there was an assurance Dawn would return in the future, how would you rate this episode?
Also I really want subs man, want proper dialouges between the two


If there was an assurance Dawn would return in the future, how would you rate this episode?
Also I really want subs man, want proper dialouges between the two
I won't look at things in hind/fore-sight, I'll rate it for what it gave as of present. Overall arc: 4/10.

My perspective is unironic, given how this series has handled arcs/episodes in vacuums.


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Ash and Dawn didn't just not do a High Touch, they literally didn't actually interact.
I like what they did with her and Koharu, Dawn used to be almost as much as a protagonist as Ash, and they shared many parallels because of that, so giving Dawn a relationship that mirrors Ash and Go's is great.
But half of the point of and old character returning is watching them interact with Ash again, and they just completely skipped that in favor of the new relationship between her and Koharu. But the worst part is that Dawn was easily Ash's closest friend, even Best Wishes got that right when she returned there.
I like the way this series handles continuity, even in this episode there were some unexpected call backs, but they dropped the ball when I cared the most, and I think I lost any faith I still had in it.


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More importantly, why was the Matori Matrix even here when the three could have done all of this themselves? They're really proving themselves to be no better than even the TRio in their worse days.
That is the better question. The TRio have every right to be here, especially since Dawn is here.
Matori really is a worthless addition to the Team Rocket legacy, they should just bring back Butch and Cassidy. Does Matori even have fans let alone people that like her?


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Even the two parter feels rushed. Of course cause in this series even 4 parters are rushed.

This was normal, not bad nor good and I think that it should not be that way.


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I don’t understand why are people so surprised by Dawn don’t interacting much with Ash. I think that was already established, in DP even, that Dawn just goes to do her own things whenever she wishes, with whoever she wants. If anything, that should be a nod to her status as a previous co-protagonist.

But, I wasn’t waiting much about these episodes, so I’m not very disappointed.


Legends Arceus shall be a masterpiece
Sooooo there's a new Dialga/Palkia special announced for the winter
Yep we are definitely seeing Dawn again
Keeping that in mind
My rating for this episode is 8/10
The first part was absolutely fantastic and the second part was hype, but Matori Matrix was underwhelming to say the least and Trio were pretty darn useless
My problems with Dawn not showcasing more of her mons or the lackluster reunion of Ash and Dawn are also there but since I highly believe she's returning soon, I won't factor them in. If I had to I'd give this a 7