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.+ crick crack pop rocks [request shop] ;

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Lil Crickee, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    i need an image. what's 'cool form metagross'? :\
  2. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Pirouli, piroula, et voilà!

    banners & icons;
    .+i would like a banner;
    text: Hop, Skip and Jump ~
    font: Something cute as always haha
    size: 400 x 200
    image(s): Hoppip Skiploom and Jumpluff.
    background: One that matches the image.
    border?: Yes please. Not too thick though =p
    extras: Have fun making it and take your time. I'm in no rush, for once, haha. Can you please split the banner into two 400x100 banners?

    EDIT; changed size and extras.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2009
  3. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    well, i guess you're my last request, since the other member did not provide me an image.

    i'm closed. i have school and stuff, please be patient. >.<
  4. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    school is so weirdd lately! i got one request done, sorry it's not in order. ;-;

    my friends were over today and helped me sorta. just where to place things. xD
    hope you like? this was a small *** banner.


    nooooootebook. D:
    snap, soz i just realised i forgot your border! >__<; want me to add it in, or you like it as it is?
  5. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    Ooh, a border would be nice :)
  6. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    aiight. one white border.



    ugh..i messed up. the sizes are all different and weird! i made 3 copies. my final one diin't sit right, so i edited it..then i edited the edited version! it's my fault, i like did all this weird stuff to it and ugh! don't hate me for making you a crap banner. ;_____;



    grr. my spoiler of shame.
  7. 3lmi

    3lmi pimping aint easy

    Lil Crickee, all the work I see you do is so wonderful, I can't wait to see what mine is like. And don't worry I like waiting for very very very good art like yours!
  8. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    Thanks, it looks perfect :)
  9. glowing_light010

    glowing_light010 •chℓoε•

    I like this one the best! xD I'm gunna use it after my Gyarados banner gets old.

    Thanks Crickee! Don't doubt yourself so much, I love it! ;D
  10. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    I changed my size and the extras details as we discussed =D
  11. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    ok, got one request done...after my banner dry spell (lol).
    i really like it. i feel bad that this turns out decent while my other ones were...ick. ask me to edit if you like. i'm really not prouda myself...i feel like i ripped y'all other 2 requesters off. :x


    i tried a WHOLE NEW STYLE. it took a couple of hours...but i really like it. hope you do too? it's so different than what i normally make for you. sorry if it doesnt really fit your qualifications of...cute. more fancy like...heh. :x
    i tried to make the text kinda fit of the red line..but it was like UGH. so i left it as it. >.<;


    w/out the *'s.
  12. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    i love it crickee! Youre the best!
  13. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    Chaotic Tyrant;
    girly, dark yellow, and sparkly...lol. i still like it.

    remember, upload onto your own accounts!
  14. dream pray

    dream pray ho ho holy shiit!!!

  15. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    sorry. i'm not open yet. plus you didn't use my secret phrase and your image does not work. come back when you've read the rules please.
  16. Evilyn

    Evilyn _

    Eh, I would have rather had it not girly but it'll work. XD I'll update my sig with it once Serebii speeds up a bit, it's lagging pretty bad right now. Thanks.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2009
  17. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    sorry, i'll edit it if you like. just vm me what you want changed. n_n;
  18. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    Chaotic Tyrant;

    hard to find a repeating crescent moon pattern...but i kinda like this edit.


    obsessing with sparkles and glitters...x]

    i'm open, read the front page! i've edited it slightly.
  19. dream pray

    dream pray ho ho holy shiit!!!

    i don't want no romance
    hello lil crickee again:)
    I have some more pictures this time:)
    hope one of them works:)
    i would like a ; banner please:)
    -text: the naruto fan club
    -size: 350 x 150
    -image: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -colours/background: just normal colours and normal background thank you!
    -extras: nothing
  20. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    haku and zabuza, yay.

    accepted. :]
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