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Criminal Intent: A Villainous Organization One-Shot Contest

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Dragonfree, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    OK, got some good sleep, so COHERENT REPLY TIEM, complete with gratuitous abuse of my imgur reaction image folder (though hyperlinked rather than embedded because forum rules).

    Also spoilertagged because WALL OF TEXT

    Again: WE. FRIGGING. TIED.

    Though seriously, I really am that excited about it; solvino's a very good friend of mine who I really respect as a writer, so to tie with him smack-dab in the middle of the rankings when the last time we entered a contest together (the Interpretation contest) I placed 10th out of 13 where he placed third is a huge honor and means more to me personally than either of us individually placing first or close, so that's why I'm so giddy about it in addition to the mind-boggling coincidence.

    (Also, looking at the rankings and reviews for both our entries it really further drives the point home about how tough a time you guys had judging them all; I mean, the tie pretty much happened because you all had near-opposite rankings of our entries.)

    Alright, now for the PAIN TRAIN.

    ...Though, I feel I got less pain than expected, which is quite nice, but anyhoo...

    Yes, the addition of "Plasbad" was fun and summed up the story well. :p And looking at the other entry titles, it definitely seems like one of the sillier titles overall - though IMO American--Pi has me beat in that department; congrats there, American--Pi. :)

    Back on your end, bobandbill, glad how you liked how I presented the different aspects of Team Plasma and the whole of BW's story and how the protags reacted to both, especially since the whole fic's pretty much a perspective flip in that regard.

    Hrm, yeah, some more real intrapersonal conflict between them would help their story work better; Creepychu and especially Dragonfree had a bit more to say on that so I'll save elaboration for them, but glad you found ending sweet regardless.

    Thanks on Scraggy/Scrafty/Estragon and Golett/Golurk/Vladimir; their names are a bit of a nod to something tied to the premise, but I'll be elaborating on that with Dragonfree's note on the same subject.

    And glad you thought the recognition/reunion bit worked - that was certainly fun to write. :p

    Someone got the Myths of Unova reference! :D I'm not usually much of a Nuzlocke comic person but Kynim's are fun, especially that one, and she was wonderfully gracious in letting me make that homage.

    Though on a more feelsy note I assume you are also familiar with the agony of NOOOOOOO JORDAAAAAAAAAAAN WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

    Glad Simpsons reference was appreciated as well, especially since that one ballooned into a larger-scale joke more its own. Also the chainsaw gag (and don't worry, Dragonfree gave it a bit more context in her review. A bit.)

    Arrgh, tense and punctuation, always tripping me up. >_<

    Alright, thanks! Though assuming you meant "expanded upon from the games."

    Hrm... Yeah, looking at what else you said the story has a bit of a problem in terms of what it should and shouldn't focus on, but I'll get into more detail as you do. For now glad you appreciate my willingness to tackle a story like this head-on regardless.

    Glad my two protagonists were a strong point and their personalities/motivations/relationship/etc. were pretty solid in driving the story. They were certainly fun to write. :p

    Hrm... Yeah, given all that, I can see why you think I rushed the development of Tom and Roger's relationship with N and that there was a lot of missed potential there as a result, and you raise a good point with how Ghetsis would have tried to handle it with the high likelihood they found out, and I realize writing this the Shadow Triad's also likely a factor.

    Shadow Triad: -happen to be playing poker at the specific point of time Tom and Roger bust into N's room-

    (...Not entirely sure I want that to be explanation in revision.)

    But yeah, as I said before, drawing out the development of the protags' bonding with N and focusing more on it and the effects it has on the overarching plot will definitely be one of my biggest priorities revising this fic, since, as you said, it's a core part of the plot and could use some more love in terms of handling and exploring interesting possibilities. On the note of the latter some of the things you brought up are giving fun ideas for MOAR GHETSIS - he was fun to write the one point he appeared, but I grew disappointed I was only able to work him into that one bit, so your suggestions on giving him some more focus to address your concerns are very much appreciated.

    Yeah, I can see where you feel redundant stuff like that is redundant; will definitely try to trim down.

    Glad you felt the dialogue and body language were high points of this story, though definitely noted on the latter sometimes creating That Makes Me Feel Angry-ish redundancy with the former.

    Reshiram: -frowns- <Hey, I'm the goddess of truth. Being blunt's in the job description.>

    Creepychu's saying you were being Captain Obvious about something Roger logically should have known already, and the fact he acts like he didn't until you pointed it out kinda screws up the moment.

    Reshiram: <...Quiet you.>

    But yeah, as I just told Truthy McBurndragon I feel you on FURTHER REDUNDANCY there, and I'm actually already getting ideas for retools of that particular scene that both fixes that and helps improve the emotional impact with both characters involved.

    My loathsome tense issues strike again, will fix. (Though likely cutting that bit anyway; see my response to the bit of Dragonfree's review regarding the scene that line takes place in.)

    Hrm, yeah... I'm considering giving said Pokemon a somewhat expanded role - including translated dialogue beyond that final bit - so that might help.

    Glad you found the overarching story enjoyable even with your niggles on the handling of certain fine details, and again, said fine details you mentioned as particularly needing fixing for the fic to more fully shine will be high priority in revising.


    No, seriously, that was literally the only point in your review I didn't really get what you were talking about, since I never intended to deflect genuine criticism with those notes at all and am unsure and worried about why you think that way; that version of the Author's Notes was written specifically for you judges, and as I and solvino's PAIN TRAIN jokes may have implied I very much want you judges to give that criticism because it's the whole point of the contest (said jokes were made after you wrote that, but I still felt the same way). In the opening notes I was mostly just trying to give some context on what I was trying to do with the story (writing it a spinoff to previous stories that you all could still judge on its own merits without reading them, noting I was attempting to put more focus on comedy because I was personally dissatisfied with how some of other recent writing came off to me in that regard) plus a minor headcanon-y thing I was worried would throw people off unnecessarily; I genuinely never intended for it to read as trying to deflect criticism of how any of it was handed, and it genuinely really concerns me it read that way to you. That being said, since, again, that version of the Author's Notes was specifically for you judges and it'll be rewritten a fair bit for when the fic goes live, feel free to elaborate on why they came across that way so I can fix it ASAP.

    Ah, so you're familiar with the story's basis, good, good. :p Glad you got the parallels with Tom and Roger's personalities and the nod to the OTHER play that inspired the original (though will also note general plot was also a rather loose intentional parallel in the vein of "two clueless nobodies eventually realize something really sinister is going down", and N and Ghetsis were similarly loose stand-ins for Hamlet and Claudius, respectively). Funnily enough it wasn't meant to be a homage at first; I was initially just writing it as a silly spinoff story to both Green and White/Truth and the actual G5 games, but as it took shape I noticed it had some uncanny resemblances to the play and decided it'd be fun to just roll with it.

    As for name thing, it was due to what Roger mentioned near the beginning about assuming they'd be released after the whole liberation thing, but I should have made that more clear, so thanks to both you and bobandbill for pointing that out.

    Glad you find my protagonists likeable and adorable. :p The gradual toning down of Tom's quirkiness over the course of the story was intentional yeah, but I could still probably afford to tone down the bits that went too far from early on like the one you mentioned.


    that is so you i don't even-

    ...But seriously, since bobandbill noted the same thing and Creepychu alluded to it, putting more real intrapersonal conflict in with those two would help the emotional impact in a lot of areas, so that's another top priority in revising.

    Hahaha, yeah, as I've noted to you before I find N super-fun to write and I'm glad he came off as true to how he is in the game this fic's story is molded around; similarly, I'm glad Tom and Roger's slow, painful realization they're in on something far nastier than what they signed up for came off well.

    As a foreword, every bullet in this section had me realize "oh crap, why didn't I think of that when writing this damn thing?" so you did your job there.

    Yeah, them being told before the opening scene does make more sense when put that way, so I'll be tweaking to accommodate.

    Tom's Scraggy/Scrafty/Estragon was meant to particularly mirror his Trainer in personality, but the notes you bring up do offer some delicious opportunities for expanding on him and Vladimir in ways that enhance the story as a whole, so will definitely be pondering those on revising.

    ...Did not quite realize that within the context, will tweak accordingly.

    Hrm... I consume a fair bit of visual media and tend to imagine whatever I'm writing pretty vividly and visually in my head, so both can lead me to unwittingly setting something like that more visually than narratively. That said, I'm not quite sure what to do about it either, especially since you think the core gag is still solid, but I'll definitely think about it.

    I intended for them to be portrayed as believing pretty heavily in their "ends justify the means" mentality they mentioned, but... That clearly didn't come across well at all. Retooling.

    Hrm... Yeah, you're right. Cutting.

    That, admittedly, was a homage in a similar vein to the ones bobandbill noted, but yeah, it's a gag better suited to the story it came from rather than this one, so I'll be retooling how they found N. Though pity that of all the homages I snuck into the story that's a one that doesn't really gel with the whole, since I'm rather fond of where it came from hint: it's David Spade's best movie.

    Yeah, that ties pretty heavily into some stuff Creepychu said so definitely doing some fat-trimming there.

    Hm, yeah, your comments on body language are a nicely complementary to Creepychu's (though pleased you both found what I had well-handled), so will definitely kinda mesh both of your comments when it comes to tweaking

    (Also Tom looking like a heartbroken puppy in that scene is totally in-character and I am sorely tempted to use that in the revision.)

    I noticed I kept getting their names mixed up writing the thing (which strikes me as odd, considering how distinct they are personality-wise) and apparently I missed some, whoops. Also, damn you tense issues.

    Very glad you liked it so much, and I'll be sure to try and fix the things you noted.

    Glad my writing style came off as really smooth to you, and that it was a fun read overall.

    Noted on all counts, though ARGH MORE TENSE AND PUNCTUATION ERRORS WHY

    Considering my goals with this fic, I am super-pleased to hear that while not all the comedy hit its mark (and really, it takes a very skilled writer to pull that off, and I decidedly am not at that level), most of it did, and the dramatic bits all being spot-on definitely helped make up for the comedic bits that didn't further, so thanks a ton.

    Overall, from going through all that I've actually already gotten a decently clear idea of what I need to do to better emphasise what works in this story and try and fix what doesn't, which is very nice. So, one hell of a thank-you to all of you judges, and I'm very happy that despite the criticisms you all genuinely enjoyed my crazy attempt to turn a famous piece of absurdist theatre into a Team Plasma fic. In light of that and the FRIGGING TIE... well, I'll let one of the fic's more prominent characters illustrate how I feel here. Or, if I'm more directly aiming at how I feel toward you judges and solvino, here. :p

    (Though, argh, this took literally all day to write, especially with some holdups. Sorry guys. @_@)
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Are we allowed to post our stories in their own threads now?
  3. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Yup, you can post your entries wherever you like now! In fact, since your entry was just a smidgen too long to be posted with the reviews, we'd highly encourage you to post it in full soon so everyone can enjoy it.

    Pretty much. :p

    I think this is just a thing that happens if you write a lot of the same two characters. When I wrote The Fall of a Leader, which revolves around two characters and their exactly opposite worldviews, I kept on writing the wrong name in the dialogue tags, too (granted, in that case their names are a bit similar and both start with the same letter, but nonetheless). At least, since Tom and Roger are so different, it was pretty easy to tell when the name was wrong.

    I'm glad our reviews have been helpful to you in identifying changes you want to make! Good luck.
  4. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    -Further reaction image folder abuse-

    On that note... I've historically saved giving contest entries their own threads for when I revise them (or overhaul them into a brand-new spiritual successor story; hi there, Caging Destruction!) and I'll still do that here, but for the sake of being a good sport since my entry was way too frigging long to post with the results you all feel free to have a gander at the Google Doc of the contest draft and send me more PAIN TRAIN feedback via VM or PM.
  5. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Haha I'll have to do some grammar check first. But I'm keeping "ok" because unlike the other examples, it's not a proper noun (and if we go by that, it would be oK since the o just stands for old).


    Bah, I can't believe I made so many silly mistakes though. I'm glad people love the Charon chapter! That's my favorite too. And Saturn honestly...I didn't know what to do with him. I had no idea what to do other than having him obsess over hating Hareta, and that wouldn't have made for a good chapter (and yes I know that Jupiter's chapter is basically hating on Mitsumi but there at least she shows her grudging respect). The names of the chapters had me in a corner on some, since they DO have canon basis but that also left four of them without them. I went with the fan idea that Mitsumi would be Mercury, not only because of her name but because of her closeness with Cyrus. And B-2 is based on a joke that he'd be "Uranus"...you know why. Let's not beat around the bush, you know why.

    Though I'm most proud that it inspired you guys to read DPA. It's an incredible series and very underrated, even if it ends what seems like a full book early, but I blame CoroCoro for wanting to get HGSS stuff in.
  6. Venia Silente

    Venia Silente [](int x){return x;}

    In between activity and social life and the like, I expect to be posting "Overlord" in its own thread by Saturday. It will be basically the same version sent to the judges, plus some mechanical fixes (spelling, and a particularly annoying double full stop that I somehow missed).

    Will also include judge comments and response to them, just like for the previous contest.
  7. ASCIInerd73

    ASCIInerd73 User of the Internet

    Yay, forty points!

    In all seriousness, though, I was expecting something like that to happen because, between this being my first fanfic I ever wrote and real life events causing me to get too busy to finish the plot I had in mind or even proofread what I did get written down. I was hoping to not get last place, but I suppose that, given how it ended up turning out, it wasn't that reasonable. This isn't how I had hoped to enter, but it is nice to see that the judges' reviews weren't just fixated on how rushed my story was ("but his face" is not a good way to end a paragraph, especially an important one such as the first one, as I would have seen if I had time to proofread, and me avoiding all of the good plot ideas was another measure to try to get it in on time) and they actually mentioned things I wouldn't have otherwise known (Who knew that the plural form of Pokemon species was established? Not me!) or even thought about (like my tendency to summarize which I hadn't thought of before but is now obvious).
  8. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    Awesome! This wasn't really the story I wanted to enter for this contest, so I'm surprised and pleased that it ended up going over so well!

    Congratulations to everyone who entered, and especially to [Imaginative]:[Clockwork] and Dramatic Melody for placing! And many thanks to the judges for running a tight contest and getting such great feedback together in a short time. I don't think this is the fastest turnaround we've had on contest results, but it's gotta be close. This looks like it was a really fun contest to judge, too--I certainly had a great time reading all the entries (or what's been posted of them so far) and the judges' comments. Special shout-out to [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]; "Baton" is excellent, and definitely my personal favorite for this contest.

    Hey, thanks! I hope you like it when you read the full thing. (I don't know whether "enjoy" would be quite the word to use for that entry...) tbh TR is my favorite team, but since they feature heavily in Salvage and it would probably be too self-indulgent to turn in a spin-off of my main 'fic for this contest, I figured I'd go with something different. Thanks again for the shout-out, and I look forward to reading your story in full when you decide to post it! It looks like the excerpt represents only a tiny fraction of the actual 'fic.

    Annnd feedback-reply:

    I thought there was a lot going on in my entry and wasn't sure whether I'd managed to make it clear, so I'm really glad it looks like everybody picked up what I was going for. I also didn't think the emotional core was very solid, so it's great to hear it made some of you sad. >:D

    I actually took the idea for this story from a long chapterfic I wrote part of about a decade ago--which actually had a happy ending! However, I threw this story together rather last-minute, hence the shortness, and in turn the sad ending; there wasn't time/space to develop a positive character arc! So, I feel what Creepychu said about it turning out bleak, and am a bit disappointed by it myself, but it was straight-up easiest to go for the downer version. I'm also not sure how much I can do as far as showing a case of Houndour's conviction that shadow is the way to be; like you said, the story's framed as his reflections and thus will be influenced by his current state of mind. I'm sure at some point he was much more optimistic and wouldn't have agreed with his present self's view of the world, but of course any memories that come to mind that show that point of view are going to be accompanied by present-him's conviction that SUCH A FOOL I WAS, SUCH A FOOL. However, perhaps including a scene from his past that is more happy-go-lucky, as Dragonfree suggested, would provide some of the desired contrast the current getting-bullied version doesn't provide.

    wrt that, the flashback to when Houndour was wild was actually the latest and most hasty addition to the story since I decided to change his species at the last minute and the scene I'd previously had in that spot wouldn't work for a houndour. I'll see if I can't think up something more interesting for that section now that I have the opportunity to reflect on it a bit. I also agree that having a more positive scene in there would serve to heighten the tragedy a bit; in the current version Houndour is basically angsting the entire damn time, so it's a bit hard to appreciate the carefree, cheerful nature he lost because he's never that way within the actual text. And you're right, Houndour's trainer should definitely have some reassuring lie to regurgitate that explains why Murkrow's acting so weird all of a sudden.

    omfg, I tried really hard to make this line up with the game, and I CANNOT believe I completely forgot that. He lives with Professor Krane! Clearly that means Krane's his dad! Argh.

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! I'll definitely make some changes before I post up a final version of this.

    Also, as far as themes for the next contest go--I think I mentioned earlier in this thread that something to do with Pokemon GO could be fun, or a general theme of interactions between the real world/pokemon: whether a one-shot about a person who just enjoys the Pokemon franchise, where it's understood that pokemon are fictional, or a case of a real-world person getting bamfed into the Pokemon world or vice versa. Kind of an off-the-wall topic, but idk, I think it could be fun.

    Anyway, I'll get my story polished up for an actual post in the next couple weeks. One benefit of it being so short is that it won't take all that long to edit. :p
  9. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Bunch of review replies! Might spoiler.

    Understandable to be somewhat disappointed, but I guess that's only natural to be. Don't take it too bad - as Dragonfree said, it doesn't mean the story itself was bad either, and I doubt I'd do well in regards to placing writing outside of my comfort zone in a contest, as would many others. But it's a heck of a good way to practice.

    Key point also is what one person finds funny isn't going to necessarily amuse someone else. Some things have a larger audience than others, but to make everyone laugh is very hard to do.
    Comedy is certainly not an easy genre as well, so good to hear you learnt a bunch from our feedback, and that you'll keep at it. =) If you have any other questions about it do ask as well!
    Ties aren't that uncommon in contests. =p
    Hah, nice that you shared that! Years ago when I entered a contest myself (goodness this was 2007/2008, christ that's ages ago) a bunch of use had an IM chat when the contest results were announced, only we commented on them live. Good memories there. =)
    I see, interesting. I look forward to the rewrite version, and any other responses you mentioned you'll post there!
    Nah, it read fine to me. =)
    Haha, it can be a delicate balance at times!
    Oh, so there is. It... may have been meant to be moved to where I talked about the point of conflict earlier and had forgotten to do so.
    It's generally something that does appeal to me. But then I did write a whole fic once based on following a game's events with a different look. :V
    I certainly noted that nod, but perhaps throwing that aspect in earlier (rather than the end part of what had been the longest entry we received) would be better to get the reader used to the fact they were named that for beyond one more usage of the name as opposed to a lot more Scraggy/Golett/etc references.
    That's nuzlocke comics I suppose, they're no "fun" if nobody dies. =p Agreed that hers are better than most, and I can't say I read a lot myself. Neat she agreed on the homage! Bet she was pleased by it in fact. =)
    Yes. :V
    Glad to hear our comments were of use then even if you had been caught up with rl to be able to finish the plot. (And on that note, yes, plural form for Pokemon has been established canonically! E.g. 'group of Psyduck' in DPPt, or more recently horde of Pikachu, etc in 6th gen games rather than 'horde of Pikachus').
    It was indeed fun. =)
    Haha, it's okay. All the rest seemed spot-on to me (even the bit of using Umbreon to be a tough-to-beat Pokemon while Wes chucks Snag balls, that has some accuracy to how many played Colosseum thanks to how defensive Umbreon is, haha). But I couldn't let that one go. ;p[/spoil]
  10. Venia Silente

    Venia Silente [](int x){return x;}

    "Overlord", my entry for this contest, has been officially released into its own thread, with the mirror of the judges' reviews and my responses to them, as well as further commentary on the story and responses to inquiries or criticism by the general audience, to be posted as they happen.

    Here's hoping to read more of the other entries in full!
  11. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    For the record, I fully intend on posting my entry, "The T.R.A.S.H.", by the end of the year. I just need to take the judges' comments into consideration and make several edits that will make it better. :)
  12. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    In light of American Pi's post above, I felt I should note I intend for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Plasbad to be revised and live in its own thread by the first half of 2016; biggest factor there is if i want it up before or after the start of Heroes After All, considering latter is my first chapterfic in what'll be five years as of early 2016 but has been besieged by delays (it was supposed to happen late this year).
  13. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Now that this contest is over, is the sticky on this thread going to be removed?

    Also, I'd like to hopefully discuss future contests. I really hope for there to be one contest every year - I dunno, I think it would be fun that way. If that's the case, what would be the theme of 2016's fanfiction contest? If I remember correctly, some of you were discussing for the theme to be "Pokemon and Real Life", or something like that. I'm pretty okay with that particular theme - in fact, I have a fic in mind that I planned to write three years ago but never got around to writing it oops.
  14. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Well, not removed but unstickied, yep. Contest threads tend to hang out for a couple of months because they're a handy index to fics and whatnot. b)'')b

    Rest assured that contests are an annual thing! :D You can see it be an annual thing here (which is also gonna be a handy post for discussing future themes if y'all are gonna do that, just so we don't do something we've already done). Only time we haven't held a contest seems to be 2011, and that's just because 2011 was weird for everyone. (Not really. I have no idea what happened that year.)

    I will have to say, though, afaik, themes don't really get discussed until later on in the year, but having never organized a contest (and having never really had the will to do so anyway), I can't really say for certain what the process is. It tends to be done behind closed doors, more or less; that's why 2012's was actually kinda weird. But I'm not officially discouraging talk about it. Stuff like this gives mods ideas. ;D

    In the meantime, I will also say I won't object to a Pokémon/real world theme. It's very rarely done in a way that doesn't end with "and then the character got sucked into the Pokémon world" or "and then it turned out the game was ~HAUNTED~," so it'd be fun to see what people do with it.
  15. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    2011 actually didn't have a contest because 2010's contest was still going on. Like, the results of the Perspective contest were posted in December 2011. (It was an awkward time.) There would have been a week left of the year to pull off a 2011 contest. Needless to say, nobody tried to make that happen.

    Technically the contests weren't officially an annual thing at the start - we had four contests in 2006 and two in 2007 - but in recent years it's more or less become one, and we're generally planning to keep to that. We've gotten into a nice rhythm with the contest and awards (and Yuletide) sort of alternating, so that for most of the year there's something going on, which is cool.

    Generally the theme has been decided by the mods/organizers of the contest rather than by any kind of public process, yeah. I'm inclined to think that's ultimately the best way to go about it, because if it becomes a matter of public consensus, then potential entrants have a vested interest in championing whatever theme they personally would be good at or have an idea for; whoever has the most time on their hands to argue for their preferred theme starts to have undue power over the final decision; and people who are following the discussion can start to brainstorm or even write their entries before the contest formally starts. I'm definitely open to suggestions for potential themes, and have received a couple by PM already; I just think it's probably best if the final decision is generally made where would-be entrants can't influence it or see it until the contest is formally announced. I may be overthinking this, but.
  16. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    A variant on "Pokémon in the real world" would be an everyday life with them. Like, what do the people who AREN'T trainers and villains and all of them do?
  17. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    What the people of the Pokemon world do aside from Trainer-y things and the like would be an interesting spin on that one, actually; Spiteful Murkrow actually tackled that in two of his pre-Fledglings fics, namely Dragonspiral's Children and Context Switch.

    Speaking of something related to both that and this contest, the aforementioned Dark/Flying type got me this as a gift:


    Definitely gonna be "official art" when the revised version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plasbad goes live, thank you so much! For now if anyone wants a higher-res version just ask me.
  18. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Hah, I saw this elsewhere and thought it was for your fic! It's pretty swell. =)

    Reminds me of years back when banners were made for fic contest winners. Something to consider next time (if there are artists willing, that is).
  19. Umbramatic

    Umbramatic The Ghost Lord

    Oh, really? I assume a random place on Tumblr or something? :p But thanks!

    Because 20th anniversary, might be fun to do throwback in that respect this year, yeah; willing artist still a factor, of course.

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