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Crimson Fury

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by camerupt fiasco, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    • Introduction
      [*]Clan Ranks
      [*]Tournaments, Wars, and Other Information

    Welcome to....The Crimson Fury. We are an honorable clan that believes in the power of passion, and we channel it into our battles :3. Our clan is based around the heat and intensity of fire and red type pokemon and how they're the most threatening enemies for all to face. The objective of the clan is to train one to become a top of the line battler using techniques honed from many years of pokemon knowledge. Training to become a top-grade warrior in the clan isn't easy, but will have great rewards! You will probably be a boss at Pokemon once you make it to the top rank in this clan. And that's where we seek to help you! Your training in this clan will be rigorous, but each day you will see improvement, step by step. That is the goal of The Crimson Fury.

    **If you want to try your luck in this clan, fill out this form and hope for the best:

    [COLOR="#B22222"][U][B]Serebii Forums Username:[/U]
    [U]Pokemon Showdown Username:[/U]
    [U]Reason for Joining:[[/U]
    Serebii Forums Username: Your Forum Username
    Pokemon Showdown Username: Showdown Username
    Reason for Joining:[

    **Please note that we reserve the right to deny entry into the clan to anyone who is believed to have done very poorly in the test battle/initiation; hopefully that won't be a problem

    Rank Up System
    Your first rank will base on:
    Battle skills and overall attitude and enthusiasm towards the clan
    Ranking up will base on:
    Battle Skills, Strength in battle and activity.
    In order to see your Battle Skills and Strength,
    It is required to battle atleast 5 times against at least a few different Crimson Fury members.
    I'll collect your Win/Lose, and post it in the second post so you will see your progress.
    You must mention that the battle is a Crimson Fury battle.
    Winning war matches gives you more chance to Rank Up.​


    Before we start the fun, we want to establish a few guidelines:

    -Respect all the Serebii Forums Rules and the Clan Area rules
    -Respect your clanmates
    -Try and maintain activity
    -Show good character
    -And most of all, have fun!


    Leaders: At the top of the food pyramid are the clan's leaders. Handpicked and artisan crafted, the leaders are among the top battlers on serebii and not to be underestimated. Their critical thinking, common sense, and battling potential puts them at the top. This is a place that towel boys can only dream of, and major seniority is required in order to be considered for a placement here. Although leaders won't have that much effect on the war team, they assist the Paladins with their ace team building and battling skills.
    • Camerupt Fiasco

    Paladin: The highest rank that non-leaders can achieve, reserved for the strongest and most distinguished battlers; almost always a presence on war teams. The paladins will be the core members of the war team. Only the elite battlers that lack the critical thinking and political skills will be placed here. Although paladins are as good or better as some of the leaders, some do not have potential to lead the clan and will remain a paladin forever. You must show strength, endurance, and the ability to destroy the competition with gusto in order to be considered for placement in these high ranks. Some will become leaders and some will not, you decide.

    • AB2

    Knight: Tough battlers, will make up the trimmings of the war team and possibly be substitutes. To earn qualifications to become a knight, one must be able to hold their own against the paladins while beating all of the rest of the clan easily. Knights are the most flexible members of the clan and should be able to control the lower ranks when given orders. The Knights should have the ability to breed, train, and build teams at an efficient level in order to be considered for paladin. The core skills to becoming an excellent pokemon player will be learned in this rank. Good luck Knights, hop on your ponyta and ride on!
    • ElxlceL
    • xShayde

    Jr. Fighter: Trainers that are still going at it to become tough. These young bucks have shown potential in the ring but are still blossoming into the full fledged warriors that are in the higher ranks of this clan. The only possible places that these guys have in a war is a last resort substitute if a paladin or knight gets injured in battle and we need a quick replacement; "next man up", as they say in sports. Regular battles against clan leaders and paladins are necessary here in order to keep the progress up. A requirement to get into this rank is team building at a basic level as well as access to wifi as well as pokemon online and pokemon showdown.

    • Panda Hero
    • Nilla

    Trainee: The Jennys From The Block of the clan. New guys in town ready to be promoted quickly. They realize that they need work but are willing to put in time and effort in order to prove themselves as great clan members and as great community members in general. A quick requirement for this rank is that you must be somewhat versed in the art of pokemon as in ev training and iv breeding are must knows as well as being able to team build at a more basic level. There will be certain ladder requirements that a member must meet as well as doing well in intense Crimson Fury battles with the paladins and leaders.
    • Im_kn0wn_2_aLL

    Weakling: Ahhh, the weaklings. The young Ash Ketchums of the world making their way to the top. Just a fair warning, the journey to a paladin rank will not be easy and it will be a rough rode ahoy, but if you're up to the challenge, The Crimson Fury is more than willing to mold the lower ranked battlers into based freestylers that will have no business being messed with on the forums. Take notes kiddies, this is going to be a rough one for most of you, and some might not even make it through.
    • Weakling Members

    Towel Boy: The lowest rank of the clan. Although most people go to the Weakling Rank after initiation, if you have showed even less potential than a weakling, you will be placed in the towel boy rank. A long journey of battle tutoring, rough matches with leaders, and dedicated practice is right ahead of you. Don't be discouraged, Castelia wasn't built in a day and your battling techniques will take a while to perfect. Make sure to stay fresh and maybe just maybe you'll have a shot at the war team someday.
    • None as of yet

    Good luck and please don't be discouraged, anyone and everyone can move up in the clan if they put their mind to it!


    -Camerupt Fiasco // :553:
    -Panda Hero // ;005;
    -ElxlceL // ;212;
    -AB2 // :625:
    -Nilla // ;005;
    -Im_Kn0wN_2_aLL // ;213;
    -xShayde // ;212;
    -TherianForm // ???

    Hoping to add more, might put this in the second post if it gets too crowded x.x



    -None at the moment, but expect one in the future

    Clan Wars:

    -None at the moment


    -Clan Xat, includes tuff like tournaments, trivia and music nights-


    The Crimson Fury Emblem. Wear it with pride.

    -Finally, credit to Bulbapedia and Pokesho for the sprites in the opening post; long live the Crimson Fury!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
  2. Serebii Forums Username: Panda Hero
    Pokemon Showdown Username: Barkevious
    Reason for Joining:[ I have a strong passion for battles and I feel as if this association is the right place for me to hone my skills.
  3. Added, welcome to the brotherhood x)
  4. ElxlceL

    ElxlceL Xwisher Sweet

    Serebii Forums Username: ElxlceL
    Pokemon Showdown Username: KevinGarzuhSwag, Swagginlikekevingarzuh, Kevingarzuhthefearless, milfslovekevingarzuh, everyonewantstobelikekevingarzuh
    Reason for Joining:[ I'm the legendary Kevin Garza and I'm here to put a stop to bullies.
  5. tested ElxlCel and Panda Hero, the former got Knight and the latter is a Jr. Fighter yip yip
  6. AB2

    AB2 cake cake cake cake

    Serebii Forums Username: AB2
    Pokemon Showdown Username: DJ Sonic Freak
    Reason for Joining:[ I love the heat and ferocity of this clan combined with the extras and wonderful battlers. I would love to be molded into a based battler.
  7. Well we're up for warring whoever the wiseguy was that onestarred us, I guess they missed the part about not messing with the crimson fury x)
    Also congrats to AB2 on his paladinship!
  8. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Hey Camerupt good luck with the clan.
  9. Nilla

    Nilla Cresselia's Tea Cozy

    Serebii Forums Username: Nilla
    Pokemon Showdown Username: Bro Nerd
    Reason for Joining:[ moi
  10. Im_Kn0wN_2_aLL

    Im_Kn0wN_2_aLL New Member

    Serebii Forums Username: Im_Kn0wN_2_aLL
    Pokemon Showdown Username: FinestHour
    Reason for Joining:[ Viva Excelsior!! Also with the members already present this clan is already super stacked.
  11. ahhhh new users, ight ill add yall in a minute
  12. ElxlceL

    ElxlceL Xwisher Sweet

    We already earned our second star?!
    This clan rocks!

    I think a War is in order.
  13. Yeah we are obviously among the lofty serebii elite.
  14. xShayde

    xShayde Banned

    FAMINE or Shaydeh
    I am the pants
  15. ElxlceL

    ElxlceL Xwisher Sweet

    Glad you survived the hurricane bro.

    The crew is almost complete.


    User Mulder & Psilo should be perma banned from this thread as well as xat. They tried to merge with us and poached me. I'll notify sena of this atrocity.
    Additionally they expressed some interest in joining but after reviewing this video I think they would only bring us down:


    loling right now.

    EDIT 2:
    As part of my duty I will be heading to NY for a bit to help with hurricane Sandy's aftermath. Not sure how active i'll be or if I will even be getting internet.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
  16. Cy3o

    Cy3o Member

    Goodluck to this clan ^.^
  17. TherianForm

    TherianForm King of TM87

    Serebii Forums Username: TherianForm
    Pokemon Showdown Username: Don't use it, only do Wi-fi battles
    Reason for Joining:[ This clan has a great theme to it, and I like the ferocity of red pokemon, especially Blaziken.
  18. Added Shayde as a Knight, I'll put you in TherianForm, but you should really try and use Pokemon showdown. You literally have to click a link, make your team and then you can play.
  19. I feel as if we shouldn't let him in yet because he has to prove he is capable of using the very powerful simulator, Pokemon Showdown.
  20. xShayde

    xShayde Banned

    Im back from my trip to behead the follies that have one starred us, don't worry I'll be in battling form soon fellow crusaders.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2012
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