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<<Crimson Infinite>> Online ~PG14~

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Black War Dragon, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    <<Crimson Infinite>> Online
    By: Chaos War Reborn (GM)

    *Jean Grey* (coGM)

    PG14 for violence, language and sexual suggestions​

    Hi and welcome to CIO! I have but one request during your stay here in the world of CIO: Please RP with the respect towards others in mind! If we all chip in, this will undoubtedly be a fun experience for all!

    I have the pleasure of introducing the awesome *Jean Grey* as coGM. This RP is a big undertaking and I will need her help. She has as much power as I do so respect that.

    ~Chaos War Reborn


    The year is 20xx. The world’s most complex virtual reality system, the EX – Reality Breaker, consisting of a wireless headset and visor, has just been introduced to the world. The system was made with one idea in mind, to support the first ever VRMMORPG, <<Crimson Infinite>> Online, popularly referred to as simply “CIO”.

    The EX – Reality Breaker truly pushed the boundaries of virtual reality, successfully creating a seamless gaming experience via the nervous system. The aerodynamic headset and visor sent encoded electric signals to the brain, effectively emulating all five senses within the virtual world. The visor read the game’s data and projected the entire experience to the user; it “transported” them into the game or so to speak.

    Problem with virtual reality systems of prior was that in-game movement was limited to the area where one played. For this very reason, the EX – Reality Breaker shut off specific areas of the brain to avoid this problem; players could “log in”, lie down on the couch and walk virtually millions of miles in-game without ever moving an actual muscle.

    CIO was a fantasy MMORPG fan’s dream. Marketed as rated “E” for everyone made the game that much more attractive to audiences of all ages. The game took place in a magical realm called Helia. It was unknown just how big the virtual world of CIO was which made gamers everywhere excited to explore the “uncharted”.

    The game was heavily anticipated by gamers all over the world since it was first announced. Mere seconds after Pre-Orders went live, both the EX – Reality Breaker and CIO were sold out to several thousand lucky players.

    Neither game nor system would be having second shipments. The EX – Reality Breaker and CIO would be sold out indefinitely which baffled even the most experienced industry leaders. The company behind everything, Dark Portal, refused to comment.

    Equally perplexing was the privately owned company’s background. Dark Portal was never a video game developer or even publisher. The company dealt in astrophysics and at one point there was an unnerving rumor floating around that Portal’s founder was a cult leader. The accusations were made by a young female journalist of a highly reputable news source.

    The rumor was later dismissed; the journalist lost her job and was never heard from again. Many assumed the damage done to her reputation drove her away from the public scene.


    Second before Dark Portal’s servers went live, thousands across the world prepared for <<Log In>>.

    And then it began.

    “ … “

    <<Crimson Infinite>> Online initiated.

    Please say desired character name.

    The game will now scan via the visor and create mirror avatar.

    Calculating exact polygon match … Complete.

    Take a minute and customize your attire.

    Now entering world.

    " ... "



    Starting Hold:
    The Starting Hold consists of the City of Pear Des, which is surrounded by Heartfelt Meadows. Venturing deeper to the south beyond Heartfelt Meadows is Deep Blue Lake.


    - Pear Des (Starting City): Pear Des is easily the most populated city in all of Helia due to it being an initial <<Log In>> spot. The entire city is protected by a great wall. Also a low level city, most items found and sold in town are basic.

    - Heartfelt Meadows
    o Monsters: Lvl: 1 - 3
    Wolf [ Wolf Pelt/Wolf Tooth ] ... Horned Bison [ Bison Meat/Horn ] ... Lesser Serpent :Effect: Poison [ Antidote ] ...

    - Deep Blue Lake
    o Monsters: Lvl: 1 - 3
    Rock Crab [ Crab Claw/Crab Meat ] ... Big Fish [ Blue Scale ] ... Electric Eel :Effect: Paralysis [ Deep Blue Pearl ]

    These are the only visible areas on the world map. The rest is covered in a mysterious fog.

    World Rules:
    - Cities and towns are PK protected
    - Duels are permitted within cities and towns
    - Towns and cities are non-destructible environments
    - Teleportation Crystals will take you back to a previously visited city or town
    - Activated Beacons spread across Helia allow for fast travel
    - Beacons are activated by Quest or Boss Battle
    - Max Party size is four PC
    - You may accept/reject other players' requests
    - Max 4 Potion Slots

    Marriage System:

    - Shared inventory
    - Gold stays separate

    Crime System:
    - Robbery
    - Assault
    - Murder
    - All of these offenses will place your PC name on the Book of the Tainted (Available for every player to see and will allow others to bring you to justice)

    - You must be minimum LvL 10 to create a Guild
    - You may recruit other PCs including Serebii RP players or your own made up NPCs acting as PCs

    Non Combat Skills:
    (I'm open to suggestions so speak up!)

    WARNING: The RP will start off sandbox mode but that will soon change ... !

    Lastly, I don't want this RP to become a grind fest so I choose to avoid using exact numbers as far as HP and EXP. I will leave it to you to play responsibly. Please do NOT overpower or god Mod!


    -All Serebii rules apply
    -Be mindful of the context of where events are taking place as far as how you interact in the world (ex. Chances are NPCs will not bow down every time you walk past them)
    -If you have an issue with a RPer please let me know so the issue may be resolved as peacefully as possible
    -PvP battles will be decided by a "council" (I'll explain that more once it becomes necessary)
    -Extreme inactivity will result in removal
    -Have fun!
    -No bunnying or godModding!
    -Jean and I will periodically LvL you up accordingly!


    System announcements will be posted here so check back regularly ...

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    OoC: Swimming would make a nice non-combat skill, seeing that there's water.

    Pear Des

    Silence Dogood had finally activated his latest system, the EX - Reality Breaker. He was ready to venture into a virtual realm he had never seen before. The effeminate young man was ready.
    "Nirvana," he spoke, for he believed that was a nice username for his character. He then proceeded to modify his attire in many ways. He tried to ensure that it looked like his desired class - the Priest.

    "Now entering world," a virtual voice spoke. He started to see the world around him change in appearance...


    Nirvana opened his eyes. He found himself in some fantasy-based city. He looked around for signs of the city's name, before finally figuring out that it was known as Pear Des. Nirvana's emotionless face may have remained emotionless, but deep within, he was smiling. He looked at his arms and felt them. It felt... a little realistic.

    He decided to check the his inventory by pressing a few buttons on a virtual screen. He gazed upon it. What's this? All he saw was a red staff and an egg. He presumed that the red staff, <<Holy Rose>>, was his weapon, thus equipped it, then he kept the egg, wondering what it could do. He felt that he would learn on the journey and thus proceeded towards the Heartfelt Meadows to slay a few mooks and bring back some coins to buy some equipment and basics. Before that, he ensured that he used part of his starter money to buy a few mana and health potions.

    He had played a Priest before. Solo-playing will probably only become a problem much, much later in the game, so after taking a short tour around the town, he proceeded into the meadows in order to slay mooks and perhaps gain some money.

    When he had arrived, he decided to check on his spells. For now, all he had was <<Revive>>, <<Cure>> and <<Punishment>>. Only one of them was a combat-based spell and it was obvious which. He then proceeded to strike a nearby wolf with a <<Punishment>>, provoking the lupine beast and thus initiated a battle which ended up in Nirvana winning. He tried to use a <<Cure>> and thus revived his lost health points. He presumed <<Revive>> did what it did.


    Pear Des

    The twenty-five year old mother of none had entered the virtual city of Pear Des. Feeling rather excited, she decided to take a look around town. It was so surprisingly realistic compared to regular MMOs, truly a work of art. In this world, she was no longer Mio Tachibana. She was known as Morningstar.

    She looked through her new inventory and summoned her weapon, a silvery morningstar known as the <<Silver Spoon>>. It was rather spiky, and those bloodstains made it look used, although she personally felt that it was a great touch.

    Before she decided to proceed to buy supplies and head to the meadows nearby, she decided to rest on a nearby bench. She was curious what kind of people she would meet. After all, this was a whole new world.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012
  3. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Mason Hunter Crux
    Lvl 1 || Pear Des City​

    Along with thousands of other players, I spawned in the Pear Des City square near a fountain. I held both hands out in disbelief, carefully examining the detail on my leather gloves. This was me, a real Dark Knight. Well, not entirely real but convincingly so. It's all data, I thought. Looking up, still incredulous, I saw as hundreds of players were <<Logging In>>. I lifted the hood that covered most of my face to just above my eyes, permitting me a more reliable look of the place. It all looked so real despite being no more than millions, perhaps billions of polygons. So many people in one place ... I felt overwhelmed. Judging by how some players approached others, I could tell that many were friends in real life. This was a completely new experience for me; I wasn't new to MMOs by any means, in fact I was a veteran but nothing could prepare you for a living, breathing world like Helia was. Helia was even more extraordinary than the countless teasers revealed so much that for a second I lost sight of why I was here, PvP. I was here for the thrill of competition; it was more than a game to me. I didn't care to become the best player nor the strongest, my goal was to dethrone those worthy enough. In the real world, I was Mason H. Crux, a 19 year old with not much ambition but here I was more than that. A knight of vengeance, a seeker of power and more importantly a Solo Player, I was a Dark Knight.

    Helia's Dark Knight...

    I checked my <<Gold Pouch>>. "15 Gold", I counted as I made my way to a nearby shop, Bore's Items, walking past dozens of players. They all seemed eager to explore the outside walls.

    <<Open World Map>>

    I commanded which instantly pulled up a virtual map of Helia directly in front of me. Eh? ... Whats this?, I thought; it was bizarre that only three areas appeared and the rest was all fog ... Perhaps the rest was under construction? It was odd but not worth giving it much thought, my mind was set to head down to Deep Blue Lake. I figured not many players would venture so far this early on and so a good place to LvL uninterrupted.


    Now inside the shop, I pulled out my Gold Pouch and dumped all my gold on the counter. "How many potions will this get me?" I asked the shopkeeper. "What are you mad?" He answered, surprised I'd do away with all my coin so easily. I had no use for money alone; money was used to acquire certain items, it was the items I needed. I didn't bother answering, simply I signaled to the back of the counter with my eyes. The man headed back and brought back three <<Lesser Potions>>, setting them on the counter. "15 Gold gets you three Lesser Potions. 5 Gold a piece." I grabbed all three Lesser Potions and headed to the exit, stopping myself as I turned the knob on the door. Almost forgot, I turned my head slightly to the side and looked back off the corner of my eye, the word <<NPC Bore>> flashed in light blue like a small LED right above the shop keeper's head.

    I opened the door and stepped outside. I headed south toward Deep Blue Lake, of course first I'd have to pass by Heartfelt Meadows, no problem, I thought.

    " ... "

    Lvl 1 || Heartfelt Meadows​

    I walked past the city gates and into the wild. There were endless fields almost as far as my eyes could see.

    <<Game Menu>>
    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Dual Great Lances

    I marveled at the sight of the Dual Darkness Soul Eaters materializing in the palm of my hands. I rotated my Great Lances, inspecting the black gloss and detail of the curvature as it peaked to a deadly point. Armed with the ruthlessness of my soul, the cold bloodedness of a destroyer and the little knowledge I had, I walked across the fields holding my Lances like I'd hold dumbbells, ready to strike.

    It was truly impressive how accurately the EX - Reality Breaker emulated all five human senses. I felt the light breeze as it swayed the tall grass, I could smell the scent of foreign plants and I could certainly hear the cry of beast off in the distance. Then, the cries became clearer and suddenly turned into a snarl. As I turned a <<Wolf Lvl 1>> jumped right at me, paws first to my fortune. I was knocked back into the ground suddenly fending off a Wolf with no more than the cross of my Lances. I forcefully pushed the Wolf back and quickly checked my HP bar, 85%.

    I held my right Great Lance directly in front of me and kept the left one to my side. I swayed my weapon in a round motion waiting for the opportunity to strike. This was unreal, the rush I felt was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. The wolf charged directly at me, jumping and ready to pounce once more. I quickly used my right Lance to keep it in motion mid-air, lining up the beast for the perfect blow. Using my left Lance, I smashed it brutally into the ground. I stepped back and held my guard up. The HP bar, displayed right above the Wolf dropped to 75% but the animal was right back up on its fours. The vicious Wolf charged once again as I waited in anticipation but I wasn't able to react in time. The Wolf bit right into my right arm dropping my HP further to 65%. I shook it off with a blow from my Lance.

    <<Wolf HP: 50%>>

    Its bar was in yellow. I was going in for the kill now. I leaped into the air and smashed my right Lance straight on the Wolf's head, rapidly stabbing it with my left Lance. <<Wolf HP: 10%>> I took it down to red, the smallest hit would finish it off now. I let the Wolf come to me and stabbed it one last time as it jumped in front of me, baring its teeth. The Wolf disintegrated into data and was no more. I continued walking until I found a tree with shade. I lay down on the grass to catch my breath. I actually felt tired. It was expected due to my HP being so low but I refused to use up any of my Lesser Potions for now... I closed my eyes. I wouldn't doze off simply rest a minute.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012
  4. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Level 1 | Heartfelt Meadows

    Nirvana continued to continuously battle the lupine beasts. While he knew that these creatures were equivalent to slimes in terms of power, their animalistic, constant body style made their attack patterns rather predictable after taking a few down. He was now familiar on how to fight wolves.

    Despite having fought with great persistence, her <<Cure>> did have a cooldown time, and he obviously didn't get the chance to use <<Revive>> yet. His only offensive spell, <<Punishment>>, was rather weak, only enough to deal with these wolves. He still hasn't reached a level 2, but he hoped he did soon.

    Nirvana felt quite tired after all that brawling with those animals. His hands, too, were tired, and his feet all wobbly. With that, he decided that he deserved a little rest for a short time. The priest looked around, only to notice a large, shafy tree suitable to rest on. Nirvana proceeded to sit under it to lay. He checked his inventory while he was at it, noting the sad lack of hats. At least he still has an egg.

    As Nirvana lay down, he noticed a young man beside him, possibly a few years older than him. Nirvana looked at the lancer. Above the lancer was an HP bar that seemed quite low. Nirvana's <<Cure>> was ready to be used after a considerable cooldown time. He then selected the player beside him, noting that his name was <<Aries>>. He then proceeded to perform <<Cure>> on the lancer, curing his HP by quite a bit, although it was not exactly full. Presuming that the cure woke him up, Nirvana questioned, "heading to the lake?"
  5. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Red Athena
    Alexis Roma
    Lvl 1 || Pear Des City

    <<Red Athena>>
    <<Log In>> Successful

    A gorgeous white haired damsel with bright blue eyes stood motionless with but a balled-up fist over her glossy pink lips. Just second ago she had spawned into the now busy Pear Des City Square and hadn't moved an inch since. A couple passersby pointed and scratched their heads in confusion at the sight of the peculiar <<Player Character>> or "PC". Her name was Alexis Roma but here in Helia she was, as the tag directly above her head indicated, Red Athena, a Holy Knight. Her apparent shock was due to her initial reaction upon spawn. She could not believe how beautiful [The World] looked. Alexis had just recently started playing MMOs but she, like many others here, was deeply intrigued by the announcement of the world's first VRMMORPG and so without hesitation she pre ordered the VR system and the game. Alexis had a difficult time fitting in with players in other MMOs. Her clumsy nature was constantly a challenge for party members to deal with. She hoped to change all that in Helia. CIO was her chance to become a productive member of a team; she longed for friendship and dreamed of taking on a role of admiration. It wouldn't be easy but Alexis was determined to make things work.

    " ... "

    I could not believe my eyes! <<Helia>> looked so ... beautiful. The homes built of wood looked so comfy and the many stone trails reminded me of scenes from The Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road ... I was hesitant to take my first step. It felt so strange being here but then not really ... I just couldn't think straight. I took a deep breath and told reassured myself, "This is it Alexis! from now on you're the brave Red Athena!" and with that took a step. Nothing happened. I was still here! I managed to take my first [in world] step without anything blowing up. "Yay!" I claimed victory, smiled and threw a peace sign at no one in particular. "Eh?!" I realized people were staring and whispering. With my face red as could be, I jolted off in no specific direction. Maybe I should've been paying more attention where I was running or maybe try running with my eyes open because I ran and tripped into a fountain. "Ooooh..." I moaned. "How will I ever live through this...?"

    Just when I thought all hope was lost, someone extended me their hand, "You okay?" he asked. "Uuuh ... ... Yeah, I'm okay," I mumbled as he helped me up. The player introduced himself as I hopelessly tried to dry myself. His name was Maul and boy what an impressive size he had, he was practically shading me from the sun! "I'm Red Athena!" I said, extending my hand to formally shake his but was taken by surprise when he gently gripped my arm and proceeded to kiss it. Yes, he kissed my hand. I could feel my face slowly getting hot. I slapped the guy, "You creep!" I yelled and once again ran off in no specific direction this time with my eyes wide open.

    Just when I thought I had ran far enough, I stopped to catch my breath. I ended up right outside a shop. Without a second to lose:

    <<Game Menu>>

    <<Block User: Maul>>

    [Are You Sure?]


    I then took a seat on a stone bench right outside the shop and opened the world map.

    "Uhhh ..." <<Open World Map>>

    "Oh jeez, where the heck am I? ... Hmm ... no that's not it ... Aha! Bore's Items! Hm ... Wonder who that is." I struggled with the stupid <<Game Menu>> until I finally found my Inventory. Girl needs her weapon, I thought to myself.

    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Andromeda's Chain

    My eyes widened at the sight of my weapon forming before my very eyes. The chain fit comfortably in my hands. I was also happily surprised at how light-weight it was. I walked into the shop, mindlessly flailing Andromeda's Chain, showing off how strong I was. I must have almost hit some girl because she yelled at me to watch myself. I walked up to the shopkeeper and asked to take a look at his wares. "Oh my gosh! That bracelet is the cutest ever! I want it!" The shopkeeper didn't so much as smile at my enthusiasm. What a meanie, oh well, some people simply had a hard time looking to the bright side of life. Thankfully I was not one of them ... "Hello!!! Earth to strange PC!"

    "Ooop! sorry sir I must have been day dreaming ..."

    "Right, so I'll repeat myself, that will be 50 Gold, do you want it or not?"

    "50 Gold?" Placing my index finger on my chin I asked, "How much do I have?"

    "I don't know! Check! You're holding up the line!" It was obvious the shopkeeper was losing his patience. "Uhhh ... Okay gimme a sec ..." I hadn't noticed that three people were lined behind me. "Hey hurry up lady!" one of them yelled. I turned and smiled, "Sorry! I'll be quick!" I opened my Gold Pouch and dumped it all on the counter, slowly I stared counting by one ... "15!"

    "Congratulations, you don't have enough! Now get lost."

    "Awww man ..." Totally bummed out, I stepped outside and took a seat back on the bench and then I realized something that had totally slipped my mind. "Oiii ... I left my Gold inside ..." I went back in to a shouting shopkeeper. This was gonna be a long day ...
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012
  6. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Pear Des, City Square
    Level 1

    <<Log In>>

    There was a whoosh of data and polygons streaming across my face, as the game linked up with my cerebral cortex through the visor. I was no longer lying in my bed. I was in the game, and felt everything. The first thing I felt was a slight chill. I wondered if this game had weather.

    I had assumed the identity of the avatar I created yesterday on pre-launch day, when the server would only allow character creations but not logins. I looked down. She was absolutely gorgeous. I had the enormous rack hanging from my chest, felt their weight. They were not as heavy as I heard large chested women describe. Maybe it was the game physics, but I could actually stand up without toppling forward. I couldn't see my belly button without a mirror, but I actually felt the piercing in it. I knew I didn't have a piercing IRL, but I could still feel it in my body. I also felt an emptyness between my legs, and the "bump" women had there instead. I wondered if I could turn myself on by touching the virtual body, but decided this was not the place nor the time for that. Touching myself would look awkward to passersby, and I wasn't the only person spawning at the spawn point by the fountain.

    Many of us were standing there, some were talking to each other, obviously friends IRL. I walked over to a bench to sit next to a lady nonchalantly. This body walked in an interesting way, not at all like I was used to. The lady seemed to be just sitting there watching all the noobs spawn. My HUD told me that nobody in the immediate area was over level 1. We were all noobs, and I wondered how long I'd stay at this level.

    While it looked to everybody else like my character just sat there with her legs crossed, I was actually reading the ingame help menus. Yea, I'd read the instructions but I figured it would help to read the help as well. All the game menus worked by thought commands, and only we could see our own HUD. Nobody else could. I spent what felt like an hour just sitting there and staring into space, reading the supplemental ingame manuals and setting up my user settings. I then proceeded to rearrange the HUD to my liking, which took all of five minutes.

    I saw that many of the other noobs were running off outside town. I was in no hurry. I decided to familiarize myself with the town and get used to my avatar. After summoning Fang, I got up and walked off with him at my side, then paused a second.

    <<Open City Map>>

    Uhuh, I see. Four exits, one at each compass point. Some shops, some Inns, and the rest NPC housing. I wondered what the point was of so many NPC houses. How well designed was this game? How detailed? I would find out later, and I'd probably be returning to the fountain later. It was time to explore the city. I still had the map up, but I'd shrunk it so it didn't fill my entire field of vision. Gotta love resizeable menus. I flicked the map over to the top right of my field of vision. I'd close it later, maybe.

    So there was an Item Shop to the south, a Weapon/Armor Shop to the east, and a Spell Shop to the northwest. I made a note to visit the Item Shop later when I finally decided to leave the city, but now was the time to check out that Spell Shop.

    A short walk later, and I was at Morgana's Spells. Fitting. Opening the door and walking in, I met my first NPC. <NPC Morgana> was over the lady proprietor's head in blue text. The place was devoid of players. She was draped in a purple cloak and all I could see was that she was indeed a lady, and that was about it. The rest of her body was covered by the cloak. Pfffft, magic types.

    <<Gold Pouch>> Bleh, 15 gold. They don't give noobs much to start with, do they? I walked over to Morgana. "Show me your inventory please." I said, and she waved her hand, stepping aside.

    Scrolls appeared behind her with blue text signifying their prices and names. These seemed to be basic spells that any class could learn, for the right price. I could only assume that magic wielding classes could learn advanced spells by leveling up. They could probably even learn these just by leveling up, as well. Ah, there it is. I pointed to the Cure [Generic] spell. That would come in handy.

    "Five Gold." Said Morgana, as I handed her the money and she handed me the scroll. It automatically went into my <<Inventory>> to be learned at my leisure. I left the shop and headed off to the Weapon/Armor one next.
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  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Level 1 | Pear Des City

    The silver-clad warrior sat on the bench. She wondered about what she was going to do apart from sitting on the bench. She looked at the <<Silver Spoon>>, her primary weapon. It possessed great power and durability that was yet to be tested. Perhaps she could go into some NPC's house to break a few vases, but it's wiser not to. She didn't even know if that was possible. She felt quite lost.

    She then proceeded to wander about town, not knowing what to do next. She then looked at a store, known as <<Bore's Items>>. She looked around. Hmm, pretty impressive. She looked around, and saw a nice pair of retractable handblades. She tried them on for a while, retracting and summoning blades. "Oh yeah, now we're talking..."

    She looked at the side and noticed the NPC <<Bore>> growling at her. "You don't have enough gold to buy that."

    Morningstar blushed out of embarassment, before putting them back to where they were. Those cost 200 gold. It'd take a while before she could afford that. She looked at a few more pieces of equipment. Retractable spike shoes she already had, and a bunch of other things. Most of these items were built for combat.

    She sighed and simply bought two <<Potion>>, before proceeding to the nearby meadow...

    Level 1 | Heartfelt Meadows

    Morningstar pondered. What skills could she learn, what did she have? She pressed a few times on some virtual screen in front of her. "My skills.. my attacks... what do I have?" She gazed upon her <<Attack List>>. She had quite the arsenal. <<Foot Smash>>, which was practically a kick, using her default equipment <<Silver Retractable Spike Boots>>, <<Bandish>>, which was basically a strike of the <<Silver Spoon>>, and finally <<Rampage>>, which was her ultimate attack that could literally blow one away, although it required cooldown after use.

    She saw a nearby <<Horned Bison>>. With that, she proceeded to tip it over with a simple <<Foot Smash>>, which was painful when coupled with those spikes. She did just that just like how people in the country tipped cows. She then proceeded to hit the herbivore with a barrage of <<Bandish>>, ultimately defeating it, causing the badly injured being to disappear into pixels. She had a great future in this world.
  8. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    (OOC: Yes, the first thing you hear will be bouncing ball sounds when Nightshade approaches. Her breasts will make sound effects...got inspired by Hetalia's Ukraine. They're Ukraine-sized too. XD Gives the angry girl some comedy I must say and to warn anyone when she's coming. So, you don't have to notice her coming, you just have to insert that you heard noises. Should everyone go "WTF"? I find it funny if the main source of comic relief comes from someone who isn't even funny. BTW, Chaos...the city's name reminds me of Sephiroth's "Shall I Give You Dis Pear?" BTW, since this is supposed to be a game, I just described Nightshade as taller than quite a number of male avatars...I think I'll put her at Aries' height.)

    Level 1 | Pear Des City

    <<Log In>> Successful

    boing boing boing boing

    I spawned near Pear Des City's fountain, my incriminating breasts (which are legitimate too, back in the real world), only partially bound by a black leather bra, still making their noises while I walked, causing a number of people to look at me as I did so. So many others were spawning, forcing me to scowl. I expected about seventy-five percent of the horny male population running to the most attractive females they could find, just as usual in real life, where they couldn't control their damn hormones. My name is Lovina Castiglioni but in this game, I am simply "Nightshade". I am an Assassin, and I stand alone.

    I crossed my arms, rolling my eyes before moving away. I was not going to waste my time here when anyone could just take advantage of me. Feeling for my <<Gold Pouch>>, I counted how many coins I had. 15 Gold, not so much. Debating on whether I should head for the shop or not, someone tapped my shoulder.

    boing boing

    I turned to face the imbecile, seeing that he was a Paladin dude, wearing oh-so-shiny golden armor and had this stupidly huge grin on his face. Instantly, I glared at him.

    "Hey, you're a pretty one. I'm Aureus. You? Wanna join me?" He greeted, still wearing that stupid smile on his face. I growled, before holding out my khopesh.

    "Suck it, cazzo, and run away. Now." I replied. The guy stayed in place, annoying me even further. Such an idiot. Taking care of him, I punched his cheek and turned away, looking back and giving him the finger before heading to the shop. Perhaps, there were less annoying people in there, which included lovesick, stupid girls and egotistical alpha males.

    Bore's Items

    This definitely was the store I was looking for and from the looks of it, obviously much less crowded than near the fountain. Looking at my bag of 15 gold however, I did not know how far it could get me. Peeking inside, there were about seven people, enough to help me execute this. I activated my <<Sneak>> skill and slipped into the shop, quietly eying the various stuff they had. Potions, accessories...Tomatoes! Just what I needed. I moved quickly to the basket containing the healing item. Potions were good and all, but Tomatoes had their uses too, being easier to carry around and less likely to be noticed. I immediately took three and as swiftly as I could, headed out of the door, my 15 gold still intact and three Tomatoes on hand.

    I slipped my booty into my bag, walking as casually as possible. Only the guilty ran after all. I had to leave this place though, if I wanted to get away from all of this and start getting stronger.

    <<Open World Map>>

    I saw the closest exit, which was the South Gate, and headed for it.

    boing boing boing

    <<Game Menu>>
    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Atrum Nox

    Exiting the gate, I took one last look behind me. No shopkeeper, no guard...as if that mattered.

    boing boing boing
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  9. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Crimson Flame
    Leo Silverstone
    Level 1 Red Mage
    Pear Des City

    After putting on the VR Helmet, and connecting to the game, Crimson opened his eyes, and found himself in a standard fantasy starting city. He smiled as he took everything in. "Neat! This VR stuff is amazing. Everything seems so real!" As he'd always had a preference for magic over melee weapons, he had chosen to be a Red Mage, a practitioner of White and Black magic. Because why choose between them when you could have both, right?

    First, he went into his inventory, and equipped his rod, Luce Solare. His Rod of Sunshine. He also took note of what else he had on him. 15 Gold, one Red Potion, which restored HP, and one Blue Potion which restored MP. Next, he checked his list of spells. The first two were generic spells, Cure and Fire. The last one was interesting. Charm - Has a chance to Inflict CHARMED status on target. Crimson giggled at the thought of using this on a Zombie or some other monster, and having it fall in love with him.

    He saw that other players were starting to move along. So, Crimson did the same. He didn't have a particular goal in mind, something would get his attention eventually. As he went along, he noticed he was being looked that by a few female players. Crimson smiled and waved hello to them, then continued on his way.

    The girls looked happy. "OMG, he is just adorable!"

    He eventually came across the Generic item store, Bore's Items. Well, he only had 15 Gold, so it's not like he'd be able to afford to buy anything. Something else caught his attention though. A sad lokking girl sitting on a bench outside the store. She had the words <<Red Athena>> her username, on top of her head. Crimson decided to take this opportunity to brighten someone's day. So, he took a seat on the bench next to her. "Hiya Red! I'm Crimson." He greeted her with a smile. He also giggled at the fact both their usernames had shades of red in them. "How's it goin'?"
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  10. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Mason Hunter Crux
    Lvl 1 || Heartfelt Meadows​

    What's this? My HP went up to 85% but I didn't use any Lesser Potions. Someone had just healed me, albeit partially. More surprising was the sight of a Priest, Nirvana, laying next to me. "Heading to the lake?" The Priest asked almost as soon as I opened my eyes. I didn't answer, I simply opened my game menu and accessed my inventory as I got up.

    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Gift: Nirvana>> Lesser Potion x1
    [Are You Sure?]

    Kid looked younger than me, couldn't quite tell if they were male or female. Judging by their class alone, I assumed male but it wasn't my business. "Listen closely because I'll only say it once, you shouldn't be quick to assume allies; this could have gone horribly wrong ... " I turned to the direction of Deep Blue Lake, I couldn't see anything but meadow. The path to the lake seemed fairly straightforward with PCs here and there struggling with area monsters. He wouldn't have a problem reaching it but why did that matter to me? He'll only drag me down, I thought. I wouldn't admit but the real reason I didn't want him following me was because soon I'd make powerful enemies in high places, I wished not to ruin this boy's experience ... Any affiliation to me would bring attention, the bad kind: PK. "Deep Blue Lake isn't too far, if you're quick you should arrive soon enough," I told him as I lowered my hood and walked away deeper into the meadows, Lances in hand.

    " ... "

    A <<Horned Bison Lvl 2>>. I was steps away from an area monster. I needed more experience with this VR battle system before engaging in PvP. The core mechanics of battle functioned similar to other MMOs but here, factors such as low health, low stamina and the like really weighted in because they affected you literally. Information was crucial in MMOs, those with access to information could make quite a coin. Me? I used information to get to places and get to players, my PvP targets. In short, only one way to find out just how much damage this beast did. Two Lesser Potions, HP at 85%, my best chance is to land a surprise attack and get in some bonus damage ... I held dual Great Lances, individually that was all they were but in unison, I wielded the Darkness Soul Eater. I gripped my weapons in reverse and charged the Horned Bison, slashing at it with my right Lance. [Surprise Bonus Damage] I was momentarily relieved that my plan worked but then watched in disbelief as the monster's HP bar dropped to merely 85%. Damn ... this thing is even bulkier than it looks ... Without giving me time to react, the Horned Bison rammed straight into me, knocking me back and lowering my HP to 50%. The Horned Bison attacked me with [Stampede] but I managed to roll to the side before it completely trampled me. I got up as it paraded past me and managed to stab it twice. <<Horned Bison HP: 65%>> My stamina was low so I'd have to make my next few attacks count. The beast charged once more, I jumped out of the way but still it managed to connect with my right leg, causing me to swing violently. My HP bar then dropped into red, 35%.

    <<Lesser Potion>> Use x1!

    <<Aries HP: 60%>>

    I quickly charged the beast; I slid to a side just before colliding with it head-on and stabbed it violently with both Lances dropping its HP down to 45%. Just when I thought my attack was clean, the beast managed to [Stomp]. I was down to 40% and with one Lesser Potion left I needed better strategy. The monster tried [Stomp] once more but I was able to counter and stab it two more times, I had its attack pattern down. But I'd still take a gamble with my next attack. 25% is what I need, I calculated in my mind as the beast charged. A fraction of a second before it could ram its horns straight into me, I flipped over the Horned Bison and viciously stabbed its temples with my Shadow Soul Eater. I landed on my feet and turned to the sight of my prey disintegrating into data.

    Received <<Bison Meat>> x1

    I planned to go after some Wolf when a dark haired female PC ran past me and then I heard voices. "Thief! Stop!"

    Three <<Guards Lvl 3>> fast approached and they pointed at me.

    The hell were they blabbering about?

    " ... "
  11. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Level 1 | Pear Des

    The effeminate young man acquired the <<Lesser Potion>> from Aries. I guess he could use an alternative to <<Cure>> once in a while.

    <<Gift: Lesser Potion>>
    From: Aries
    [Are You Sure?]

    With that, a Potion appeared in his hands. He kept the <<Lesser Potion>> in his inventory. He listened to the words of the lancer and watched him leave. Whatever the lancer meant, he probably didn't want support. Nirvana sighed. He then proceeded to rub his bare stomach, before sliding his finger over it a bunch of times. He then wondered what he was going to do next. He was skilled in this class due to playing it in other MMOs, but lacked someone to support. Ah well, perhaps a Priest can go solo if it's still early in the game.

    Nirvana then checked the underneath of his butt-cape. Oddly, while he could feel it, there was no bulge. Well, that sure disguised his true gender well enough. Nirvana then decided to proceed towards the direction of the <<Deep Blue Lake>> by continuing to venture through the <<Heartfelt Meadows>>. With that, the Priest rose, before heading for the other side of these endless plains.

    He then proceeded to head towards the entrance of the <<Deep Blue Lake>>. He noted how there were a few PCs a little further ahead fighting a <<Lesser Serpent>>. He selected them and noted their condition.

    So, he learnt that these Serpentine beings inflicted a special kind of status known as <<Poison>>. He checked his <<Spellbook>>, which was basically all the spells he had learnt from the beginning. Just three, how sweet. None of them could cure <<Poison>>. Now what.

    He gazed at a <<Lesser Serpent>>, and released a <<Punishment>> at the viper. As the viper began to slither, he once again conjured a second <<Punishment>>. This one did just a little more damage as compared to the previous attack. Nirvana figured something out.

    The serpentine creature then proceeded to slither up his legs, causing Nirvana to moan. The serpent then proceeded to slither onto Nirvana's curvacious body, its tail playing with Nirvana's bare stomach and bare back. Nirvana continued to erotically moan, however, he wanted anything but more.

    As he was finally bitten, he let out a greater moan akin to the others. He now had the <<Poison>> status. He then proceeded to cast <<Punishment>>on the serpent that continued to fondle with his body. The serpentine being was 0 metres away, thus making the attack a lot stronger. The loot the creature dropped included <<Gold>> and an <<Antidote>>. He then gulped down the <<Antidote>> to cure his <<Poison>> status. With that, he then continued to slay <<Lesser Serpent>>. He recognised how they fought, so he was required to run before they got onto him and attack from afar. For the next battle with a <<Lesser Serpent>>, it didn't attempt to molest him. That's a relief. He remembered what the lancer said. Of course, so he didn't add any <<Party Member>> yet.

    Just then, he felt a finger going down his spinal area, before a palm smacked his butt. Why was he so molested today? He then looked behind to see a lady who looked like she was of the <<Berserker>> class. She was known as <<Morningstar>>. His face turned rather red, looking away in minor anger.

    "Now now, want to team up? I tank, you heal. Once we clear the <<Deep Blue Lake>>, I have a reward for you..." Morningstar flirtatiously winked at the petite young child. One glance and you could tell she was quite a paedophile.

    Nirvana's face turned even more red.

    "Now now, don't be shy little one. It'll be fun..."

    With that, Nirvana recieved a request

    <<Morningstar>> invites you to her <<Party>>

    With that, they proceeded to slaying more <<Lesser Serpent>>. Their next opponent, <<Lesser Serpent | Level 3>>. With teamwork, nothing could go wrong. While continuously healing her with <<Cure>>, he also saw her <<Rampage>> in action. A move that was capable of hitting multiple opponents and caused massive damage. It was basically thrashing around with that gian weapon of hers.

    Yep, she slayed one, but she provoked a small pack of five. In the end, Nirvana had to cast <<Punishment>> on the excess serpents to slay them.

    <<Health remaining: 30%>>

    With that, Nirvana and Morningstar lay on the ground, laughing.
  12. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Count DVB
    Diego Vendrix
    Level 1 Monk
    Pear Des City

    Diego finished making his character and sighed. He was still having doubts about thing. Not surprising though. While he was impressed by the technology to put you in the game, this blurring between illusion and reality was frightening as it meant more deception and trickery. Furthermore, so many things could go wrong it isn't funny.

    Not to mention the rumors of the cult... When the reporter disappeared, that just made the situation more suspicious.

    Diego sighed as he looked at his character. He still had his doubts, but he liked his character...

    Well, at least he won the thing and didn't have to pay for it...

    He placed the helmet and said a quiet prayer before getting a determined look...

    <<Count DVB>>
    <<Log In>> Successful

    Diego Vendrix, now the monk Count DVB looked around the area. He was amazed by the landscape and such of the area. He recovered his bearings from awe and looked around before looking at himself.

    He based the ourfit off fo Samurai Jack's along with his own idea. A simple dark gray tunic with a black lining on the sleeves and outer edge of his clothes tied together. On the back of his tunic is the symbol for Void. However, he also wears dark gray cargo pants with pockets to carry things in and moccasins so he can travel around comfortably while keeping flexability for his feex. He wears prayer beams around is neck, all black orbs with different symbols in white enscribed on them. He also carries a black cloak with a hood in case of cold weather or rain.

    <<Open City Map>>

    He looked at the map and decided he would head South. He would need to befriend some people. It was not like he could go at this alone. He then decided to arm himself. While a monk meant he could fight unarmed, he thought this would be best for now.

    <<Game Menu>>
    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Taiji

    After examining his inventory of one health potion, one magic potion and 15 gold, he was trying to think of his next move. He then remembered that Leo was also playing this game.

    They did tell each other's usernames and class. As if by chance, Diego saw his Red Mage friend. He decided to go over and see how he was doing.

    "Hey 'Crimson'," Count DVB said as he greeted his friend. Diego did nothing to change his appearance and the voice was also there. He high-fived his friend. He then saw the sad-looking girl.

    "You all right?" Count DVB asked her as he bent down a bit,
  13. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Red Athena
    Alexis Roma
    Lvl 1 || Pear Des City

    I was sulking on the bench right outside Bore's Items when a guy, who looked around my age, decided to take a seat right next to me. He introduced himself as Crimson. "Whoooa ... " I awed in amazement. "My name is Red Athena, we totally are both shades of red!!! Eeeek!" I smiled back at the boy, fists balled-up, resting on my lap.

    "How's it goin'?" He asked genuinely concerned but I already had to [Block] someone who I thought meant well ... "Oiii ... You're not gonna try to kiss my hand are you?" Yes, that was my real concern right now, never mind the potential dangers outside these walls ... Hey, I wondered what exactly was outside these walls. I mean, there could be anything out there like ... chimpanzees and dogs, really mean dogs! There was no way I'd go out there by myself, yet. Then, after I realized I was completely out of it another boy approached, "You all right?" He asked. I hadn't quite recollected my thoughts and simply stared at him, "Uhhh ... Yeees?" Breaking into a warm smile I returned the gesture, "And how are you?" Then I pointed at myself and made it clear who I was, "I'm Red Athena and this is my new friend Crimson! He's sooo cute right?"

    But then I gave the boy, Count DVB as indicated by his user name display, a sharp look and asked, "You're not trying to kiss me are you?"
  14. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    The Hawkeye
    Alleline Hawke
    Level 1 | Ranger | Pear Des City

    Alleline sighed irritably, it had been another boring day of people pronouncing her name wrong (It’s “Alley-line” not “Ale-line” she didn’t really see what was so bloody hard about pronouncing a simple name wrong. Idiots.). She walked home, her backpack swung lazily over one of her shoulders. She had stopped at the store and picked up that rad new game everyone was talking about; CIO? Yeah. That was it. CIO.
    She was pretty excited to get to playing it, and her teachers seemed to be feeling charitable today, allowing her a day of no homework for once. She opened her houses front door, finding a note from her mother, it told her that she had to work late and Alleline would have to cook for herself.

    Aw radical! Screamed Alleline’s mind, as it realized she could play this game for hours on end without being told to stop. She ran to her bedroom, throwing her backpack onto her bed and putting the game into the console. She sat back in her computer chair, making her character to look pretty close to herself (other than the hair, she loved blue hair too much to refuse.). She grinned to herself, giddy like a schoolgirl and pulled the helmet over her head, entering the game world.

    <<The Hawkeye>>
    <<Log In>> Successful

    Alleline, or… now as she refereed to herself; the ranger, The Hawkeye, eyed her surroundings. God, this game was brilliant! It looked even better than a game, it was almost… real. She looked down at herself, amazed by how she still looked like herself but also her replication of an oc of her own.

    She was wearing armor, armor that was coated in brilliant wings of copper (a reference to her name of course.), even a helmet that gave space for her two blue ponytails. She moved her arm, the armor was flexible as well… excellent; although that was probably due to the tunic separating her joints from armor.

    <<Open World Map>>

    Aw geeze, this place is huge! She mused, deciding she would head towards the meadows through the nearest exit. She was about halfway there before thinking, weapons, god I need to equip my weapon. She tried a few combinations before finally getting it right.

    <<Game Menu>>
    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Windlass

    Oh man. This is a nice crossbow… She mused to herself before heading in the direction of the south gate, ready to head out and explore. She practically ran to the gate, ready to get out there and meet some people.
  15. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Theodore Christian
    Level 1| Ninja/Bounty Hunter| Pear Des City

    Theodore quickly finished up eating his ramen noodles before putting on his VR Headset. Even though he was still at level one, he had already joineda Bounty Hunters guild, but not a lot of people have joined it. Still, it was fun getting quick gold by hunting those who have done wrong deeds, though they also do assassinations... For a price. He quickly sighed as he let the light engulfed him as he entered [The World] once more. Helia was his domain, as he worked it strings from the shadows to enforce the law, and let chaos reign, but he had not actual power over [The World] itself.

    Setting his noodles down, he flicked the switch on his Head-set on once again, and was ready to eliminate all who forbade the law.

    << Log In>> Successful

    Yuki looked around his surroundings, the familiar feel if the guild, located high in the city walls. He looked around and didn't see the others, so he went outside and perched on a steep that overlooked the city. He looked over the city, seeing the swarm of n00bs coming in. They were bound to do something, he knew it. Most of them seemed to be new to MMOs, so it was bound some of them thought they could steal and get away scotch free. it disgusted him, as that's what his last MMO was infested with. They were the reason why he wanted to move to a new one, but Yuki always had to be stuck with them. He heard the sounds of footprints, and saw his party logging on

    "Hey Yuri!" A girl in a Kimono stated

    "Any targets?" A mage asked him

    "Hmm... Let me check." Yuri responded to them. The girl's name was Amagi, and she was the group's leader and healer. The mage's name was Taiyo, he specialized in fire magic.

    <<Game Menu>>
    Access <<Book of Tainted>>
    List of Players:
    Nightshade: Assassin LvL 1 [Imprisonment] Reward: 10 Gold
    Sabre: Warrior LvL 1 [Imprisonment] Reward: 12 Gold
    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Snowflake

    Yuki quickly checked through the book, and found two different ones. THey were both wanted for imprisonment, and the lower the gold, the newer the player. At ten, it was their first time into the game. Yuri equiped his Shurikan while he was there, which covered his entire back. He then looked at his party

    "Yea, we got two. We have a n00b, shall we go after them?" He asked the other two

    "A n00b. I bet the stole something, why not? I do need to level up some spells." Taiyo chuckled before grabbing his stave.

    "Alright. Imprisonment, right? I'm sure your weapon alone will be enough to scare them into not committing crimes." Amagi responded with her usual cheerful smile. It was hard to believe she got to leval ten with healing magic alone.

    She must of been party hopping. It's the only way for them to level until they learn some light elemental spells. Though, she is a good tactician, despite her bubbly personality. Well, it's hunting season. Yuki thought as he opened the mini-map

    Access <<Mini-Map>>
    Now Tracking <<Nightshade>>
    Options>Tracking>Color of tracked>Red
    Options>Share Map with party
    Mini-Map sent
    Mini-Map accepted

    "Alright then, let's go." Yuki told his group before disappearing out the door. He was already at the top of the wall, and he looked at his mini-map. He saw a red dot moving, and he looked ahead to see a girl with big breasts that seemed to be living on their own. He thought he heard boinging as well, but he could be imagining it.

    "Amagi, we should give her a warning to give it back. If not, should we go full on?" Yuki asked his leader

    "That's what I'd order you two. Yuki, you know what to do. Taiyo, prep a spell just encase we do meet resistance." Amagi ordered

    "Got it!" Taiyo yelled while Yuki pessimistically agreed. He aimed his Shurikan to land right in front of her, and he hoped that it worked.... The first time he tried it, he accidentally killed the mark. Well, they said dead or alive, but the group of three preferred to keep their pray alive unless specified. He threw Snowflake, and it didn't even make a sound. It was all up to fate now...

    (OOC: Jean, you can do what you want... War and I did some talking before I posted it...)
  16. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    (OOC: Jean, as you know I'm stealing your sounds a bit. Well, kinda. Also I saw those, and that's not as big as I had envisioned. If that's even possible, my character has bigger ones lol. I would show a pic for size reference, fully clothed, but I'm not sure if even that is appropriate)

    Pear Des, Walking East from Morgana's
    Level 1

    I finally realized why it felt like I was walking funny. I couldn't figure it out before, but it seemed like the breasts I designed for my character jiggled and jumped from even the most basic of movements. There also seemed to be a subtle toy-like spring sound FX associated with them. Not to the point of being annoying, but it was definitely noticeable if you were close to me. They had looked great at character creation in third person, but now looking down while walking past the north Inn with boys staring as I passed by, I could see I might have gone a bit overboard on them. Still, I was really enjoying having a body like this. The personal enjoyment I was getting, on a scale of 1 to 10, was an 11. Yes, really. It just felt fun. The stares I was getting as I passed by, not so much. Regardless, this character was for me. Me, and nobody else to enjoy. Me.

    Numerous stares later, I arrived at the Weapons/Armor Shop, called Grendel's Emporium. From the looks of things, all the players around me were no higher than level 2 or 3, but this shop's sign said they sold stuff for levels 5 and up. Nobody was putting gold on the table, and if I had to guess I'd say that everybody was either too low level to get anything or couldn't afford it. When it was finally my turn in line, my suspicions were confirmed. The short and stout <NPC Grendel> sold Weapons and Armor of level 5 or higher. From when he stood aside to show his inventory to the previous customer, I had seen that all his items were too high level and too expensive for me. I simply shook my head and stood aside, not speaking to the shopkeeper. So far nobody was high enough level to wear anything, even if they could buy it. This continued for a couple minutes and I finally got bored looking at everybody getting turned away.

    Time to check out that Item Shop. I decided to save that for last because when I was at the spawn point before, it had looked like almost everybody was running off in the direction of the south exit, and were all visiting that shop on the way out. As I walked up to it I saw literally a line a mile wide. Jeez, it was longer than when I first logged in, and that was hours ago. Oh well, there were some people gathered by a bench. I walked up closer to them, my chest bouncing along as usual. I was getting used to it now. If I could get the courage to talk to them, maybe I would make some friends. It was always hard for me to make friends at first.

    A girl and a couple boys. "Um, hi. My HUD is telling me that there is a boy here at this store offering a quest. Would you guys like to come with me and accept it together?" I sat down next to the girl, making sure my waist cape was below me as I sat down. Fang sat down on the floor in front of me, panting.
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  17. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Terra- Earth Elementalist
    Level 1
    Pear Des City

    <<Log In>> Successful

    When he spawned he was in Pear Des City. Terra was amazed by the sights he saw and how realistic it was. He looked down at himself, or his avatar, and saw the attire he was wearing. Just like what I created! He was by a nearby fountain, and in disbelief he stuck his hand in the water. He was shocked to feel the dampness and cool of the water, taking his hand out in shock. He shook it around to dry it off and felt the sprinkles of water hit his face. This is amazing... Now, time to get into some action!

    He continued to explore his surroundings and began walking south from the fountain. He came across a shop and the sign indicated that it was "Bore's Items". Outside the shop was a young man who's username was <<NPC Ralph>>. "Can someone help me?", he was shouting, "I lost my puppy, Lucky! I'll give you a reward!"

    Hmm, a reward? That sounds intriguing. What do I even have anyway?
    <<Gold Pouch>> 15 Gold. Hmph, I could always use more...

    He walked over to the Ralph and offered to help retrieve his puppy. He saw others out front for the quest, but didn't bother to join.
    "What reward did you have in mind if I bring it back?" asked Terra.
    "I have 25 Gold and 2 Lesser Potions to offer, kind sir. He was last seen near the Deep Blue Beach!"

    "Alright, I'll bring him back, just get that reward ready for when I get back." Ralph began thanking Terra graciously, but he just walked away.

    <<Open World Map>> Ah, that's where it is, I better get ready.

    Access <<Inventory>>
    <<Equip>> Geo Dudes

    "Now this is what I'm talking about!"

    Deep Blue Beach

    "Lucky! Oh, Lucky!" Terra was stepping around the sand, he bent down and grabbed a handful of grains. He picked it up and let it run through the openings of his gauntlets. Feeling curious, he attempted to bend the sand . He opened up his arms and motioned his hands upward. To his surprise, the sand began to levitate into the air. As long as he had his hands were raised, so was the sand. He let go of his position, and as soon as the sand hit the surface a <<Rock Crab Lv. 2>> jumped out and pinched Terra straight in his right arm. He gave it a forceful punch and looked at his HP Bar, 80%.

    <<Rock Crab HP: 90%>>

    Damn it! I already lost some health, and I barely did any damage to it! He quickly raised his arms and motioned a horde of sand towards the Rock Crab. It's HP only dropped to 80% and it didn't seem to slow down. It lunged towards Terra and he could only react by bringing his hands upwards, sending an eruption of sand from the bottom of the Rock Crab and sending it upwards. It landed on it's back, 65% health left to it.

    The sand is too weak, at this rate it might get me. Interrupting his thoughts, the Rock Crab scurried from side to side and snapped at Terra's left leg. His health fell to 70%. He raised a wall of sand to protect himself. He knew the crab would not give up at that moment and began to furiously jab at the wall of sand. It sent handfuls of sand at a high speed and impacted the crab as if it were a bullet. It's health was decreasing, 65%... 60%... 55%, by the time he was tired the crab's health was at 15%.

    Terra was panting heavily, the last attack took a number on him. His arm and leg still had the gashes on the,. Sand was getting in the wounds and was irritating him. The crab slowly got up, it was weakened, but it still had some fight left in it. In a surprise burst the crab leaped into the air and prepared it's pincers for Terra's face. He couldn't react in time and didn't prepare a defense. The crab got to his nose and swung its claw. It was tackled mid-air by Lucky. Terra was shocked that he was saved by a puppy. The crab still had 10% of it's health left. Embarrassed and furious, Terra clenched his fist and punched straight forward. The sand formed into the shape of a fist as well and hit the crab straight on. It was done for, it's health dropped to zero and it vanished. Terra was left at 65%.

    Received <<Crab Meat>> x1!

    He fell to the floor, exhausted. All this for a crab. He turned to Lucky, happy with its tongue out and tail swinging. "Let's go boy. We should take the nearby beacon to get home."

    <<Add to Party>>
    <<Lucky>> Added.

    Pear Des City

    Terra transported back to the city and went straight to Bore's Shop. He brought Lucky to Ralph and acquired his rewards.

    Received <<25 Gold//x2 Lesser Potion>>!

    Completed my first quest... and I had trouble with a crab. I'm gonna have to work harder to prevent something like this from happening again.
  18. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Level 1 | Heartfelt Meadows

    "Well, I guess my <<Rampage>> could definitely use a little work, eh kid?" Morningstar questioned the child behind her. It was a little girl who joined her party as a temporary member, a Priest who mainly healed. Being an utter paedophile, she had previously sexually harassed the child and asked her if she wanted to join her party. She even mentioned to give the young girl by the name of <<Nirvana>> a little 'reward', whatever that could possibly mean. While she was only interested in younger people, boys or girls, she had never raped a child in real life, thankfully.

    She only noticed the little girl sighing as she nodded. Morningstar petted the little girl on the head. "Don't talk much, do you? Ah well, there's something I almost forgot about, so let's return to town for a while, alright?" The little priest nodded. With that, they decided to head back.

    Level 1 | Pear Des City

    The duo arrived at <<Bore's Items>> once more. They saw a young boy, an NPC named <<Ralph>>. The child simply stepped up and began conversing with the NPC. Morningstar could briefly hear the conversation, but she couldn't hear Nirvana at all. The little girl returned with a new <<Quest>>

    "So you realised too, huh? You do realise it's essential to take quests in MMOs, do you?" Morningstar smiled as she petted Nirvana's head once more. Nirvana simply nodded, before pouting and looking away.

    "So, let's see... Find Lucky. How hard can this be?" Morningstar shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I think an melee-based warrior is slightly too fast for you to handle. Well..." Morningstar grabbed onto Nirvana's left arm, before she began to dash.

    Level 1 | Heartfelt Meadows

    Morningstar continued to dash with human-level agility. She was rather fast, but obviously not even half as fast as the fastest man alive. While she dashed, she crashed a few snakes with that humongous morningstar of hers called the <<Silver Spoon>>.

    Level 1 | Deep Blue Beach

    "Now that we're here, why not we do a little skinny-dipping in the sea..." Morningstar gazed at Nirvana's eyes with a flirtatious look. Nirvana began to blush. "Just kidding, just kidding. Ah yes, we were here for something, weren't we? Ah yes."

    They began to approach the beacon. Just then, they were blocked by a <<Rock Crab | Level 1>>. Morningstar proceeded to use her ultimate attack <<Rampage>>, which was simply to continuously plummet the <<Rock Crab>> with continuous strikes from the <<Silver Spoon>>, and a few more kicks from her <<Silver Retractable Spike Boots>>. Did they?

    <<Rock Crab HP: 75%>>

    Thus, the two then began to plummet the crab together. The crab's HP began to reduce gradually. Overtime, it diappeared into pixels, leaving behind 1 <<Crab Meat>> that Morningstar insisted Nirvana have. Nirvana proceeded to cure Morningstar before they both proceeded to plummet more <<Rock Crab>>, this time they were Level 2. They crashed two, and the path was finally clear.

    They proceeded to acquire the dog and add it to the Party, before heading back.

    <<Lucky>> added to Party.

    Level 1 | Pear Des City

    "Thank you for finding my dog! I was so worried..." The NPC <<Ralph>> proceeded to hand over the reward.

    Recieved <<25 Gold>> and <<Lesser Potion>> x2!

    Obviously, Nirvana got the same. With that, Morningstar proceeded to speak. "Well, I think it's time for your reward..." Morningstar, once again, gazed into Nirvana's eyes flirtatiously.

    "Pl... please be gentle..." Nirvana began to blush with redness.

    Morningstar simply smiled as she gave Nirvana something.

    Give <<Lover's Destiny>> to Nirvana?

    In Nirvana's hand generated a hairclip with a heart-shaped symbol on it. Morningstar, on the other hand, gazed at a pair of cool-looking handblades on display.

    Accept <<Silver Retractable Handblades>> from Nirvana?

    Morningstar smiled. She kissed Nirvana on the cheek as a form of thanks. She then spoke a 'goodbye' to Nirvana, looking around town for more quests to fulfil. She disbanded the party and watched Nirvana wave a goodbye. She equipped her <<Silver Retractable Handblades>> and proceeded to continuously retract and expel them.
  19. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    Literal Growth
    Level 1 Body Mender
    Pear Des City

    The first thing that came to Literal’s mind was surprise. While he had been expecting a lifelike experience, the actual experience of it was shocking. After standing in place for about half a minute he decided to his Inventory, there he found his weapon <<Judgement>> which he promptly equipped. The extra weight of a piece of metal on his back didn’t seem to hinder him as much one might expect, surprising him again.

    Opening the World Map he found that for now there were only three areas accessible for now. I’ll check those later. Let’s look around here for a bit first, he thought. Walking around a bit he came across Bore’s Shop, deciding it could it never hurt to see if he could buy anything he entered. Looking around a bit, he saw the potions. Picking up one of the <<Lesser Healing Potions>> “Hello sir. Mind if I buy this?”

    Heartfelt Meadows
    “Well, that wasn’t too bad. I suppose you were right,” Literal said to his party member, a rather buff looking Priest called Saint.

    “I told you it’d work out,” Saint replied. “Though looking at what can do to yourself I wonder if you really need me.”

    “The only thing I do is buffing myself up. But, ehh, shouldn’t we get going to find that puppy?”

    Deep Blue Beach
    “Now, where’s that dog?” Saint asked.

    “It should be around here. I’m not sure where, though,” came Literal’s reply. Looking around he spotted something standing out from the monsters and players. “I think I found him.” Walkinging in the direction he saw the puppy, something moved in their way. Luckily it moved along without seeming to notice them and they quickly found the puppy. However just as he was about to add Lucky to his Party, the puppy walked off with another player. That sucks. Now we have to wait until it respawns. he thought. “Guess we might as well train a bit while we wait, huh?”

    Pear Des City
    Overjoyed, Ralph ran up to his puppy. “Thank you, thank you so much. I started thinking I might never see him again. Here have this. I think it’s the least I could do to thank you for your help. Thank you.” With that he offered both players two <<Lesser Potions>> and 25 Gold.

    “No problem, kid. I didn’t mind. Just make sure not to lose sign of him again, okay?” Literal said even though he knew it’d be in vain as Ralph’d just keep on losing Lucky.
  20. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Crimson Flame
    Leo Silverstone
    Level 1 Red Mage
    Pear Des City

    "Uh...Not unless you want me to?" Crimson while laughing nervously.

    Conveniently enough, Leo's friend Diego, who had chosen to be a Monk, and the username Count DVB, and stopped by. He high-fived Crimson, and said hello before talking to Red.

    "Aw, hey DVB. How ya' been." Crimson answered when returning the high five. Then Red introduced herself to him, then pointed out Crimson. The Red Mage blushed a little bit, and laughed nervously when she called him cute. "Heh, you don't need to introduce me to him Red. We know each other IRL."

    And then a second girl came out to joined the party. Leo thought he heard a slight bouncing noise as she walked, but did his best to ignore it. "Um, hi. My HUD is telling me that there is a boy here at this store offering a quest. Would you guys like to come with me and accept it together?" She took a seat next to Red.

    Crimson looked at her for a second and tilted his head. "HUD?" Then the realization of what that meant hit him, and he facepalmed. "Oh right, duh! I totally forgot this was a Video Game for a second. Technology is amazing isn't it? Anyway, sure, I'm game!" He said witn a grin, while making a V sign with his fingers. "I think we've got a pretty good group right here."
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