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Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!! (1030)


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Crisis in Alola! The Darkness that Eats Radiance!!

The adults in Alola have started to act all lethargic and sleepy. To investigate this mystery, the Ultra Guardians head to the Altar of the Sunne to investigate, joined by Gladion. However, soon after they arrive an Ultra Wormhole opens up and Lunala exits, closely followed by the mysterious Ultra Beast, Necrozma. What does Necrozma want?

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btw, do you guys watch it subbed or raw? I usually watch it subbed, but it's usually out around 9 pm where I live

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So, episode ends with Ash & Co. using their Z-Move on a machine created by AF to dispel the dark clouds over Alola, and later Lunala coming through a Ultra Wormhole followed by Necrozma who is chasing it.

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Great to see Gladion join the Ultra Guardians. It was a great setup to the arc with the further information on Necrozma and the arrival of Team Rocket. Nice abrupt ending of Lunala being chased by Necrozma.


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Didn't feel like anything else major or interesting happened except that.

Well if you consider the part were while training, Ash and Kiawe used Z-Moves which turned out pretty weak and pathetic, as major or interesting, then that's one i guess.

I'll say it's interesting now probably going to be something major later on during this arc.


For a first episode of this arc, I think it was fine for what it was since we needed a small buildup. The OST was amazing and I think it ended in the best way possible.

And Faba was actually playing with a Gameboy Advance? :eek:

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And Faba was actually playing with a Gameboy Advance? :eek:
I thought it looked like one because of the purple colour. But then I thought it looked too thin to be one.


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Ah, this is what can be termed as a solid opening to a plot heavy arc!!! :)

Everything looked really intriguing in this episode with first of all the adult people becoming less energetic and sleepy (due to Necrozma's influence of course). The Pikachu/Marowak Z-move clash...was something I didn't quite understand but it definitely looked like it had strong reasoning behind it. Gladion the edgelord's entry into the episode with Noivern(yeah I know that he was shown once before with Silvally in the episode but that was just an one-off clip scene) was absolutely in a badass manner. Necrozma definitely looks like a power hungry monster chasing behind Solgaleo and Lunala like crazy in order to absorb all of their power for itself, yeah I can bet that thing is gonna be a hell of a tough opponent for Ash and co. in this arc. Poipole interactions upon seeing glimpses of Necrozma....well, more than evident that it has got some serious backstory with Necrozma (likely even more that what we currently know), without a doubt it's gonna have a really strong involvement in this arc. Ash and co. together combining their Z-moves into Faba's machine in order to dispel the darkness in the sky; that part was awesome for sure. And lastly, the episode ending with Necrozma and Lunala entering the place fighting via an Ultra hole....perfect way to set up the hype for the next episode! :D

Great episode, a really solid and hype-inducing opening end to a plot heavy arc like this, plus the slapstick part, most importantly, was kept quite low as well. 9/10.
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Well, it wasn't really clear but the shape and colour kinda gave me that impression. :p
True though. He's just being sidetracked as usual :p I loved it when Wicke yelled out 'Sauboh!' ('Faba!') like three times to get him on track.


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One thing that slightly put me off here that Gladion still hasn't gotten any significant upgrades in his team? If that Noivern is his own Pokemon and not a Ride Pokemon, then that's fine, but....still Continental Crush as his go to Z-move, really? I would have expected him to get either Splintered Stormshards or some other Z-move by now.


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I watched the episode myself and it felt more like a built-up. Ages since Lana used her Z-Move. It was fine,a bit too slow, but it was nice.


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As expected, this was a build up episode. Next week will be the real battle.

My highlight of the episode was the scene of Necrozma breaking free of the Ultra Wormholes. Both of them, in fact. The animation of it forcing its way inside was amazing. Really made Necrozma look like a terrifying force of nature.

And that guitar at the end.

Also, hi, Lana's dad! Didn't expect you to appear here...or at all, honestly. I know they mentioned him offhandedly once, but why not show her mom, aka someone we actually saw before?
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Lana’s dad appeared in this episode and we only see an arm and a leg. That’s the wrong
Well he's covered in a large blanket so we don't get to see most of him unfortunately. It's pretty cute to see Lana's little sisters jump and play with their sleepy father while he's just... sleeping. They're definitely thinking it'll be a lot of fun even though they're too young to comprehend the whole situation.


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Wow, this episode seemed good from the summaries and previews, but it actually went beyond my expectations.

Seeing Ash be genuinely confused on why the Professors are not themselves was nice.

I love how Kiawe & Mallow walk in pissed because their parents aren't helping with the work load (I'm assuming based on their actions and body language)

Kukui walking in just to walk out was funny. Ash points at him in disgust lol

The tale of Ultra Necrozma seems interesting. Poipole's reaction as well.

The food scene with both the humans and Pokémon was one of my favorites. Ash being optimistic while everyone looks down is why I like his character.

TRio wasn't in your face, but you know they're effected. I wonder if they know of Matori & Gozu's arrival to Alola.

The friendship with Joy and Jenny + several people being at Oranguru's bar made me appreciate the continuity.

The entire conversation between Faba, Wicke, Burnet, and Lusamine was also on my favorite parts. They get serious after seeing a UW but immediately fall back from exhaustion:p

Alola Meowth appears! I wonder what it'll do or if it's just there to look menacing

Why are Gladion & Silvally in a hole? Nice seeing the underused "Beast Killer" mentality of Silvally isn't forgotten.

The scene with the SM Legendary trio was tense but Nebby's face to try and intimidate Necrozma made me laugh. Do this specific pair of Solgaleo/Lunala know who Necrozma is?

Gladion being confused (as per usual) of Ash with him giving UBs the benefit of the doubt. Weird we didn't see Silvally react to Poipole, however.

Wicke yelling at Faba caught me off guard and had me laughing.

Z Move thing was meh imo. Oh look, did you guys remember Lana had a Z Ring? Could've showcased Grassium Z with Rowlet.

The cliffhanger had met excited and I can't wait for next week


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The adults in Alola have started to act all lethargic and sleepy. To investigate this mystery, the Ultra Guardians head to the Altar of the Sunne to investigate, joined by Gladion. However, soon after they arrive an Ultra Wormhole opens up and Lunala exits, closely followed by the mysterious Ultra Beast, Necrozma. What does Necrozma want?

I love how this is basically the entire episode. Yet the question at the end remained unanswered. The only thing that I'd add would be: Team Rocket sends Matori and Lillie tells a story, that's all what happened.


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If you look closely Gladion now has a Z Power Ring insead of the Z ring. You can see the P on the ring