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CRMT Archive Index


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Descriptions written by Gamefreak and Blue Harvest.

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5th Gen

BW Ubers Team TrollFreak is very sexy by TrollFreak - Team TrollFreak is very sexy demonstrates TrollFreak's extensive knowledge of the Ubers metagame. This team showcases an excellent Rain core of Scarf Kyogre, bulky LO Dialga, and offensive Palkia, which is enough to give many solid Uber teams trouble with the raw offensive synergy. Scarf Terrakion glues this core together by checking a ton of faster threats. The underrated Flying Arceus is also utilized for the excellent neutral coverage of its STAB Judgement, and TrollFreak even uses Substitute Darkrai to lead the game off well or sweep late game. TrollFreak has taken this team to the top, landing at a #4 peak in Ubers, demonstrating its true potential.

BW OU Steel Gym team final retirement by Blue Harvest - Rain Stall was a relatively new concept when this team was originally created which helped it maintain the highest Official Serebii League gym leader W/L record in history. Though largely standard and outdated now, at the time it was extremely effective at checking or countering most threats in the metagame. It was unusual because of its usage of Sub Toxic Gliscor as a late game sweeper, an underrated threat capable of destroying most teams on its own.

BW OU Playing With Fire by D.Gray Man - Sun teams are not a new concept but D.Gray Man manages to use some underrated sets such as Power Herb Ninetales (which manages to demolish Politoed and Tyranitar with a full powered Solarbeam even in Rain / Sand), Earthquake Venusaur and Flame Charge Heatran. He managed a respectable rank on Smogon's OU ladder with 1450, at the time #22.

BW OU Can't Stop the Tigres by dragonuser - Conkeldurr, a Pokemon that was hyped at the beginning of BW, has been hanging at fairly low usage lately. However, dragonuser seeks to unleash this underrated beast in Can't Stop the Tigres. Between the wall breaking power of CB Dragonite, the raw stalling power of SubProtect Gliscor, and the Stealth Rock + Roar support of Heatran, dragonuser does an excellent job of softening up the opponent's team for an easy Conkeldurr sweep. The underrated Expert Belt Jirachi also makes an appearance as a lure for plenty of Pokemon that would normally give itself and Conkeldurr trouble, and NP Celebi helps round out the team through power and synergy. This team truly exemplifies a team that makes the most of a true dark horse.

BW OU Levi Tran is a Goddess by Dragonuser and Theebay - A team built around a CM Latias with every member of the team helping to lure in and exterminate its counters. It is also uses the famous volt-switch combo of Scizor + Rotom Wash to rack up damage, or in some cases utterly demolish unprepared teams. At the end of the day many teams rely on Scizor to counter Latias, something eradicated by HP Fire.

BW OU Pivot Magic by EpicEevee - Pivot Magic is a unique take on the standard sand team. Unlike the Sand teams inspired by Franky's team "Wolfgang," EpicEevee chose to use a faster, much more offensive team. This team is great at keeping momentum at your side with U-Turn, while having the ability to play much more aggresively with the multiple choice users. With unexpected anti metagame pokemon such as Band Infernape, and Choice Scarf Tyranitar, this team will keep even the best players on their toes. Solid leaderboarding achievements also support this.

BW OU ~Rain Stall by Eranu - Eranu is one of the more established stall players in BW on Serebii, and was a member of Team Benelux in Smogon's World Cup. He built this team while being tutored by Delko, one of the more well known team raters at the smogon community. His rain stall was well executed, covers most threats well, and has some unique quicks like Knock Off Sabelye which can spinblock. Scarf Toed and CM Latias sweep late game with hazards, provide offensive presence when needed, and speed to revenge kill. Blissey, Skarmory, Tentacruel spread status, hazards, and wall the opponent's team to submission. Eranu's team proves while Rain stall could be standard or boring, there is definitly room to make changes for personal preference.

BW OU Salute to Team Monkeyfish by jesusfreak94 - A bulky offense team which was one of the early pioneers of Choice Scarf Terrakion. The team attempts a defensive core of Jirachi, Gliscor and Gastrodon while abusing the stunning damage output of Expert Belt Hydreigon, BalloonTran, and Scarf Terrakion. In a weather dominated metagame, jesusfreak94 utilizes BalloonTran, SpD Gastrodon, and SubTaunt Gliscor as an anti-weather core, while also having Hydreigon, Terrakion, and Jirachi as secondary checks to many weather-based threates. A solid team that proved its worth by peaking at #10 on the Smogon OU ladder.

BW OU It's hot outside, but not as DU by Makaveli - BW OU is commonly known to be weather dominated. Sun aren't as common as Sand or Rain teams. This usually gives the belief that Sun is not as good as such teams. Makaveli disagreed, and decided to give Sun a try. More creative sets such as Timid Venusaur, Chesto Rest Ninetales, and Flame Charge Heatran make it a great example for people who want to try a lesser used weather and with style as well. Successful team, as D.Gray Man hit top 10 on the leaderboard with it. A nightmare to fight for weatherless teams, and it shows the benefits of thinking outside the box.

BW OU Lotus Sutra by Puretrainer - Lotus Sutra is a great example of a top tier spike stacking offense team. These kind of teams have been very popular in the metagame relevant at the time of his post. Meaning before the banning of Excadrill and Thunderus, and before rain stall became popularized. With nearly every threat covered snugly, plenty of offensive pressure, solid resistences, and great presentation, this team makes a great example for other similar Sand teams.

BW OU Whatever-you-do-DON-T-USE-TOXIC-STARMIE! by Ragnarok - Prior to the archiving to this team, we had two Rain Stalls but none of the more common Rain offense teams. Not a very good thing for a new player, because it gives them a false vision of what the more generic form of the team looks like. Ragnarok decided to go a slightly less conventional route with this team. Using the less common Gyarados who gets enhanced by Rain, and Dragonite a more common site on rain teams. The problem with this strategy is they are both weak to Stealth Rock, which makes switching difficult. Ragnarok using LO Rapid Spin Starmie with Thunder to beat the spinblocker Jellicent, to ensure a successful Rapid Spin. Ragnarok took advantage of this with the considerably lower Scarf Tyranitar usage at the time when this team was built. Ferrothorn is a common site on teams of this style as an excellent pivot and utility pokemon. Gliscor a less common pokemon on rain, makes a great pivot into Tyranitar, can break sand stall, and provides a defensive core with Ferrothorn. He used a less common bulky offensive Politoed, where Politoed was normally Scarf or Defensive. He used this set because he runs Starmie, which is faster than Modest Scarf Toed. While having enough defensive backbone to not actually need the Scarf from Timid Scarf Toed. Preventing set-ups is a good strategy. While the team has no notable accomplishments, it was well received, and should be acknowledged.

BW OU Can-t-touch-this by Rairyan - As the first BW OU2 team in the RMT archive, Rairyan provides a good example of a Sand offensive team. He built it with his tutor Skynet, who happened to tutor many established players. Rairyan won the BW2 tournament on Serebii with this team, so it is definitly proven and highly competitive. An underrated Scarf Jirachi takes place over Genesect on this team with its access to Trick, and base 100 speed. Choice Band Terrakion to blow holes with its nigh uncounterable STAB moves. CM Keldeo to sweep late game, or lure pokemon like Latias and Jellicent to weaken them for Terrakion. Sand for winning the weather war, or catching sweepers by surprise with Focus Sash. Sub Acrobat Gliscor to sweep and hax most/all teams without Skarmory, and even Skarmory is beatable by the rest of the team or if you Trick it with Jirachi. Slap on a Scarf Mence to clean up late game, apply pressure, or supplemented revenge killing and you surely have a versatile and winning team.

BW UU UU in the Days of Chansey by d0nut - UU was a new tier at the time of this team's posting but d0nut does a great job of checking many common threats with a very defensive but-not-quite-stall style team. It sets up Stealth Rocks and Toxic Spikes then sweeps with SubRoost Zapdos. It keeps the whole team healthy by running Chansey, a controversial Pokemon who is capable of walling virtually everything on its own.

BW UU You're Never Over by EpicEevee - In a completely new UU metagame, where Drought was predicted to completly dominate the leaderboard, and every other playstyle, EpicEevee proved these claims wrong. While deciding not to jump onto the Drought bandwagon, he created an exceedingly successful Hail offense team. With Toxic Spikes shredding the bog standard Drought teams, Scarfed Abomasnow revenge killing Chlorophyll sweepers, Spec'd Kingdra switching into Victini, Espeon giving stall trouble, and abusing a now BL pokemon Kyurem, it is no suprise to see EpicEevee achieving such a high leaderboard ranking of #5.

BW LC Fly Me To The Moon by KingTorterraXIV - With Fly Me To The Moon, KingTorterraXIV proves himself as a great competitor in the LC metagame. The team is based around LO Abra, one of the most underrated yet effective offensive Pokemon in the metagame. KT supports his primary Pokemon with one of the most dangerous Pokemon in all of LC, Mienfoo, which along with Substitute Misdreavus and Scarf Murkrow help round out the primary offensive core. With Lileep supporting its team through its bulk and Stealth Rock, as well as Dwebble pulling off sudden Shell Smash sweeps, this team is truly a tough nut to crack. KingTorterraXIV has proven his worth with an impressive #1 rank on Pokemon Showdown!, a ranking of over 2000 points.

4th Gen

DPP OU Another team! by Blue Harvest - Originality was rare late into 4th generation, but Blue Harvest has succeeded in creating a solid Spikes offense team using sets most people have never seen. Using things such as Lum Rest Tyranitar, Specs Kingdra, Shuca Berry Lucario and bulky Flygon the team checks the majority of the late Platinum metagame. Its Pokemon put huge amounts of pressure on the opposing team once several layers of Spikes are down. It also highlights bulky Shuca Berry Lucario, a set capable of decimating its common counters like Gliscor, Zapdos and Salamence.

DPP OU This is it by Fried Rhys - An interesting team combining the best qualities of offense, and defense. While it may not have any notable accomplishments, it is a great example of a spike stacking team. With plenty of suprise factor with an amazing 4 attack lead Metagross, an underratted, advocated lead by Blue Harvest. Sub Pain Split Rotom, a pokemon which can even beat Blissey with Toxic Spikes. Specially Defensive Heatran who can take Suicune's Surfs while checking threats like Zapdos and Rotom. Crocune, a long forgotten threat, which can dismantle entire F/W/G core teams with Toxic Spikes. Alongside threats like those, with great standards like Flygon and Forretress, you have a non standard, powerful team. Wins with style, especially since he doesn't use a F/W/G core.

DPP OU A team built by Gamefreak and Victoria by Gamefreak - A great team built by an OSL Champion and former OSL Gym Leader Victoria. Gamefreak tends to take on students from time to time, and since Victoria was in a slump she decided to build a team with him. She really wanted to build a team around Offensive Trick Room Bronzong because she saw Gamefreak kick a lot of *** with it. They decided to use less common anti-metagame threats like lead Starmie, Choice Band Tyranitar, and Offensive Trick Room Bronzong to keep people off balance while mixed with more tried and proven sets. With plenty of people on Smogon having great success with it, hitting number 1 on leaderboard, and making semi finals at least in several smogon tours - it is a great example of a unique team. Covers offense with OTR Bronzong, then runs a bunch of wallbreakers.

DPP OU First RMT by JRCxyz - An amazing team from a past era. While it may not be relevant today, it is a great example of a successful team from a previous metagame. It is a good example of early Platinum offense using lead Infernape to start the game off strong, cripple walls mid game with Mixed Salamence and finish with a late game Swords Dance Lucario. It also used Rain Dance Kingdra on a team with Tyranitar which was considered somewhat unusual.

DPP OU To be forgotten is worth than death by Kebilito - Though outdated this is a great example of Platinum era balance. It runs a core of Skarmory / Blissey / Gliscor while also running bulky Pokemon like Latias and Jirachi who can take hits, but also sweep if needed. The team supports a Jirachi sweep by running Infernape to sweep through things like Swampert and crushes many common stall combinations.

DPP OU Dance Dance Revolution: Tyranitar Edition by Wobbufett - A great example of 4th gen bulky offense. Leads with Metagross, a very reliable lead to get Stealth Rocks on the field on turn one, most of the time. The team uses a powerful, if forgotten Dragon Dance Babiri Berry Tyranitar to deal with the extremely common Choice Band Scizor that was everywhere at the time.

3rd Gen

ADV OU Team what's a blue harvest??? by Fried Rhys - In a metagame very new to many players, in a totally new world for suspect test voters, Fried Rhys created a team which has gotten multiple people voting rights. With Specially Defensive Skarmory setting up against many more things it did in DPP OU due to the lack of Life Orb and Choice Specs, Fried Rhys took advantage of it with this team. Screech Flygon was an underrated threat, which forced a ton of switches. The team was also tailored to destroy Baton Pass with Perish Song, and Skarmory.
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