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Cross Forum Tournament Event with Pokécommunity: Summer Glory Festival

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G1- 0-1 L
G2- 4-0 W
g3- 3-0 W


Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
Opponent: MetalSonic
GAME 1 W/D/L: L 3-0
GAME 2 W/D/L: L 3-0

GGs crit in the first turn pretty much ruined the game for me but never the less it was fun


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Working on the seedings now. I created a channel in the comp discord for the team members who made it though :) Let me know if I missed you and what your name is


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So we kinda tried our best with seedings, it didn't completely match the final standings since not everyone got to play each other, but ultimately it won't affect too much since you aren't trying to beat serebii users...you'll be playing community! So onto the main event!

6 - 6

1. Lugia-sama VS 1. Choice Specs
2. MetalSonic VS 2. Kevin Garrett
3. M.Orea VS 3. Noa
4. Rocxidi VS 4. gimmepie
5. Zold VS 5. Sam1994
6. Saph~ VS 6. Aurora
7. Archangel VS 7. Rabinov
8. ger9119 VS 8. Dragon
9. NeohopeSTF VS 9. wolf
10. ptz VS 10. Decidueye
11. Naoto Shirogane VS 11. Nah
12. Ðew™ VS 12. Fire Snow

These are the matchups with community, whose thread is here. The deadline for completing your match is August 6th at 11:59 pm EDT. These matches are best of one, so bring your best out of the gate! I have posted a link to their discord server on the team channel of the competitive discord. Good luck, and remember to be considerate and represent Serebii well :)
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Serebii Champion x.x
Lost 0-1 ggs


Lost 0-2 but it was a p good match


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So we decided to just let this end in a draw at 6-6 since the tie breaking would be a bit dicey to figure out. Still, good job dudes! Hopefully we can do it again next year!
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