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Crossing Paths (541)


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Farewell, Dustox!

As they travel towards the next town, Jessie's Dustox becomes infatuated with a Shiny Dustox. It seems that it is now mating season for Dustox and as Dustox begins to find happiness, Jessie becomes conflicted on whether to keep Dustox, preventing it from being happy, or letting her old friend go...

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I loved Jessie's face when she cried. What a perfect moment... Oh well! By the way, Dustox left. : D
Hmm.. I don't really mind. I liked Seviper a lot better, even Cacnea. I wonder now though who will join Team Rocket? At first I predicted Gligar, but then Ash got it.


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Hi Serebii,
Anyway, does this remind anyone else of the episode ''Bye bye Butterfree''? when Ash's Butterfree found a shiny pink Butterfree and left Ash?
I wonder what other Pokemon Jessie will get???
Hi Serebii,
Anyway, does this remind anyone else of the episode ''Bye bye Butterfree''? when Ash's Butterfree found a shiny pink Butterfree and left Ash?

Of course.

I've noticed that some of the episodes where a character catches/releases a Pokémon, in this season, are similar to the episodes in the Kanto season. s:

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Well i am sorry that i couldn't post this pics before because the forum was not loading up properly for me. So here are some pics from the episode,


Also it seems that Jessie released Dustox by breaking its pokeball into bits (thats a new thing).

Well though this episode was similar to "ByeBye Butterfree" from the first season, i felt upon seeing the pics that it is still a bit different. In "ByeBye Butterfree" the episode was about Butterfree trying to impress the Shiny Butterfree, but in this episode it feels like it is about Jessie's past.
Please tell me really what happened & is the girl really Jessie.
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Oh my 0.o. I like those sparkles. Anyway, thanks, Lucario At Service. You're always there for us.


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I can´t believe it!! The opening is updated finally! Eteboth and Gligar are in and Shinji´s new Pokémon are there as well.

Took them long enough.
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Oh yeah, together was update. Can't post the pics here though.

And Jessie crushed Dustox's ball, because it really didn't want to leave her, but I guess Jessie knew what was best. We got a nice flashback to when Dustox was a Wurmple, then Cascoon, then it winning Jessie a ribbon. Really sad stuff. :(
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Damn, this episode made me cry...

Today was the day when [spoil] Nico Robin decided to live in One Piece in German television[/spoil] and now this...I cry too much ^^

So, after all, the girl from the flashback WAS Jessie after all. The green-haired girl reminded me of her rival from the TR office, but...well,...this is pokemon character design after all.

I really liked this episode, even with terrible animation and art style it was very emotional too me.

Funny when Manene mimiced Mimirol´s jumping or all of TR pokemon helped building the damn.
Funny as well when Joi explained everything while our favourite breeder was knocked out in the background for the second time without anyone noticing.

The flashback felt very anime-ish too me. Might have been the clothing, the setting and all, but it didn´t felt very pokémon like to me. Which is, sometimes a good thing. ^^

Damn, Kaze To Isshoni really was a nice addition as well. I felt really bad for Dustox...it never had this much text like in this episode but I really liked its screechy voice at the end when it didn´t want to leave Jessie.

As always, TR episodes are never bad, so I am more than satisfied.

Farewell, Dustox! ^^
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*swoons for Noland*
I can't believe they gave Jessie such a great episode! This is probably the first time I ever felt anything other than apathy towards her, and I really liked her as a human being (in an anime mind you).


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Together pics.

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Figured that the girl in the Flashback was Jessie. It looked exactly like her. I'm guessing the geeky guy with the glasses might've been somewhere in there as well.

Team Rocket centric episodes are pretty high up there in emotional content. Even if it wasn't the usual victim out there getting his feelings hurt (James) it still had that same type of impact. Jessie acted pretty dramatically about her past before in passing, but at least here we know that her outpouring is genuine. Before it was kind of debatable. We knew she was tragic but we also know she's a liar. *shrug*

Oh yeah, together was update.

Here's to another year of Together. :|
Forgot to mention something. I'm quite happy that Ash, Brock, & Dawn actually feel the same emotion as Jessie and James when they see the water falling from the ice.
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Alright, just saw it, I didn't see the first 7 minutes so I have some confusions, but it was a great episode.
Okay, the thing that bugs me is when they are rebuilding the dam, all of everyone's pokemon, Team Rocket included, were out, infact, between the entire main five humans, only two pokemon were not sent out, Gligar and Staravia. That's right, the only two pokemon in the whole main cast that got shafted were Ash's two fliers. Something tells me that if Dustox can lift a big rock, Staravia and Gligar could too.
Mime Jr. imitating Buneary was great

Dustox's Departure was sad, especially the Pokeball crushing. Its voice sounded so sad, I bet the English VA is gonna have some difficulty pulling it off.

Now for my confusion, was the boy with the Shiny Dustox the boy from the flashback or just a look alike, cause if it was the same guy wouldn't he have aged, at all?
Also, what was the plot of the whole flashback, cause the only one I saw was the one where he gets on a bus, then Jessie chases after him, then trips, it didn't make much sense to me.